How To Shop for Big Diamond Rings

Birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, and graduations are only a few of the milestones worth celebrating in our lives. These life events deserve far more than a card or confetti. Some achievements and milestones merit a grand token of commemoration, like glowing diamond jewelry. 

As you search for the right diamond ring to celebrate the person you cherish, there's no need to be modest. Go with the big diamond ring that exemplifies how enamored you are with them.

Guiding Tips as You Find the Perfect Big Diamond Ring 

How should you shop for a large diamond ring? You'll want to ensure you receive the highest value for the best price as you buy this token of affection. Let's walk through a few practical tips that could guide you in finding the ideal diamond ring for your person. Then, we'll explore some of our favorite diamond rings together. And remember, you can always use our custom design tool to design the ring of your dreams.

1. Determine Your Budget 

At first, you could be intimidated by the options for large diamond rings. You want to buy the very best for your beloved, and it's easy to get carried away. One way to ensure you're getting a favorable deal is to consider your budget for this diamond ring. Although you may wish to prove your adoration with a highly valuable ring, you can still do so within a reasonable price range. 

2. Settle on Your Ideal Carat Weight 

Perhaps you've caught onto the hint that the person you adore is fond of large diamonds in their jewelry. You may wonder what carat weight is appropriate for their taste. Some women may enjoy a moderate two-carat diamond ring. Others may have a bright and spirited personality that they accent with bold jewelry. In this case, a five-carat diamond ring would be the ideal gift to surprise your loved one.

3. Go for High Quality 

When you're shopping for diamond jewelry online, numerous jewelry retailers will offer you options for lower-quality diamonds and 14-karat gold. However, when you're buying a large diamond ring, you'll want to ensure your ring contains high-quality components so that it endures. 

Low-quality jewelry may sound tempting, but there's no reason to settle for less-than-ideal materials. You can purchase a diamond ring made with the best quality materials at an attractive price.

4. Choose Only Certified Diamond Jewelry

Authenticity matters just as much as quality. When you're choosing to buy jewelry that features larger diamonds, you'll want to be sure those diamonds are genuine. For this reason, it's a good idea to limit your shopping to diamonds that are IGI certified. 

This certification can help you feel more comfortable about your purchase since it indicates that an independent party has verified your diamonds' quality. When you buy Noémie jewelry, you'll always receive high-quality, IGI certified diamonds.  

5. Choose Your Eternity Band Style 

What kind of ring are you hoping to buy? Diamond rings are gorgeous in several variations, and different ring designs can showcase beautiful diamonds in unique ways. You may prefer a glowing engagement-style solitaire ring to gift to your beloved. 

On the other hand, perhaps you're looking for an eternity band that showcases diamonds around the entire band. If that's the case, you can customize the eternity band to either show large diamonds around the whole band or only halfway.

Other Tips To Keep in Mind as You Shop 

As you search for the ideal large diamond ring, here are a few other ideas to keep in mind. These tips can help make the shopping process easy and straightforward. 

Choose a Band That Matches Your Style 

Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, it's important to choose jewelry that reflects that person's personal style. Are they prone to daydreaming? Are they loud and outgoing? Perhaps the person who will wear this ring favors minimalism in their personal life. Consider your beloved's personality and temperament when selecting jewelry they'll adore.

Consider Matching Jewelry 

Are you shopping for yourself? Maybe you've always desired a large diamond band that reflects your hard work and resilience in life. Consider selecting a ring in a style that would match other pieces you wear. Practically speaking, this may look like choosing an 18-karat rose gold base that would match a pair of lovely rose gold earrings you already own. Coordinating your jewelry ensures it will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and elevate the jewelry you wear already.

Keep Lab-Created Stones in Mind 

Perhaps you'd like to buy a large diamond ring, but you have a tighter budget. Did you know that lab-created stones are as authentic as earth-mined diamonds for a reduced cost? Chemically and physically, lab-mined diamonds are identical to their natural-mined counterparts. Consider choosing a lab-mined stone to stay within your budget while supporting ethical diamond mining. 

Large Noémie Diamond Rings for You To Adore

Now that you know a few principles to keep in mind, let's explore your selection of bolder Noémie diamond rings. 

Two Carat Diamond Eternity Band 

Our Two Carat Diamond Eternity Band displays larger diamonds while being perfect for everyday wear. The eternity band is a timeless style that has been well-loved by many. Ours displays two carats of round white diamonds around an 18-karat diamond band. 

This band makes a terrific gift for monumental life events that deserve celebration. Customize it in your choice of metal and gift it to someone who deserves to be honored. 

Round Diamond Halo Half Band Ring 

Perhaps you're interested in a band that presents itself with all the glory of a large diamond ring. Our Round Diamond Halo Half Band Ring displays seven large round diamonds surrounded by clusters of smaller diamonds to equal seventy-nine stones in total. Though it looks like a two-carat diamond band, it totals under one carat in weight, making it a terrific choice for those seeking an impressive diamond band to wear with confidence. 

Lab-Grown Two Carat Diamond Eternity Band 

Perhaps you adore the two-carat diamond eternity band, but you want to ensure your diamond jewelry stays within a specific budget. If so, our Lab-Grown Two-Carat Diamond Eternity Band alternative could be an ideal choice for you. This band features all the elegance of a typical two-carat diamond eternity band with lab-mined stones. 

It's virtually identical to a natural-mined diamond band with the finest quality stones handcrafted into a pure 18-karat band. Your loved one can wear it alone or next to a sparkling engagement ring. 

Five Carat Diamond Eternity Band 

Here's the most illustrious large diamond ring of all. When you're craving show-stopping diamonds, our Five Carat Diamond Eternity Band is your ideal choice. This ring is sure to attract compliments and radiate luxury in 18-karat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. 

Our diamonds are always VS clarity and F/G color to ensure the finest quality at an attractive price. Gift this eternity band to celebrate someone that's dear to you. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you're commemorating a silver wedding anniversary or choosing a sparkling wedding band to pair with an engagement ring, Noémie has the large diamond jewelry that's ideal for you. You can be confident that our diamonds are always the best quality gems for your band, no matter the carat size. We're happy to offer large diamond jewelry for all your occasions that merit celebrations of grandeur.


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