Cushion-Cut vs. Princess-Cut

When you're dreaming of engagement, you'll likely start to theorize about which shapes and silhouettes would be perfect for a ring. Whether you're searching for diamond cuts for your engagement ring wishes or for your partner's, it's best to know about each kind before committing to one. 

Let's examine the unique elements of cushion-cut stones versus princess-cut diamonds. Then, let's survey a broad selection of Noémie engagement and wedding rings that feature exceptionally cut diamonds.

The Details of Cushion-Cut Diamonds 

Where did the cushion-cut diamond originate? Some experts say this cut is a revival of the historic mine-cut diamond—a shape that enjoyed fame from the 1700s well into the 19th century. 

There are several distinguishing qualities of an old mine cut diamond: a square form, high crown, small table, deep pavilion, and big culet. This cut was one of the most efficient for maintaining a rough diamond's weight within its historical setting. Remarkably, it's an excellent, romantic shape that has stood the test of time.

The Essential Elements of Princess-Cut Stones

What is a princess-cut diamond? For starters, it's a relatively young shape compared to the cushion-cut; its debut was in 1981. 

The shape of a princess-cut stone is similar to an upside-down pyramid, and a majority of its weight rests in the pavilion. The pavilion and crown can feature numerous different facets and faceting arrangements to create a variety in scintillation. This silhouette can be tapered or rectangular. 

Ultimately, this cut is ideal for those who enjoy more geometric classic stones. Its symmetry and mesmerizing light and dark patterns create a one-of-a-kind diamond shape.

Which Cut Suits You More?

Do you enjoy the historic, romantic feel of cushion-cut diamonds, or do you prefer the masterful symmetry found in princess-cut stones? One of their differences at face value lies in their corners. Princess-cut diamonds tend to be sharp, while cushion-cut ones maintain a rounded edge. 

An additional factor to consider is the table. Princess-cut diamonds usually display a more expansive table in comparison to cushion-cut diamonds.

You should know there is no correct decision. Each of these cuts offers outstanding visual excellence, and the one that suits you is whichever you prefer more. Looking at a few examples might help you to confirm your decision. 

More Diamond Cuts To Love 

Perhaps you'd like to brush up on a few other cuts before looking at rings. Let's survey a few other popular options.

  • Round-cut: This cut features a timeless shape that has been loved by many for centuries. Originating in the 1700s, round-cut diamonds have proved to provide long-lasting beauty for many.
  • Baguette-cut: This shape of diamond offers geometric excellence. It has gained historical reverence for its hall-of-mirrors effect, and it is a stand-out choice for those who love nostalgic diamond cuts.
  • Pear-cut: Pear-cut diamonds offer something to those who enjoy eclectic excellence. This kind of gem offers supreme individuality along with impressive historical notoriety. Since the 1400s, this has been a stone many choose for their engagement rings.

12 Expertly-Cut Noémie Diamond Rings

Maybe you want to look over some options for diamond engagement rings and wedding bands to help inform your decision. Let's look at 12 expertly-cut Noémie diamond rings you may enjoy. 

1. The Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Band 

Perhaps you have an interest in princess-shaped diamonds? Our Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Band is a perfect option for those who adore this shape. In your choice of 18-karat gold or platinum, this band displays nearly one-carat of finely crafted princess diamonds around its entirety.

2. The Oval-Cut Diamond Eternity Band 

Our Oval-Cut Diamond Eternity Band is a remarkable rare variation of a round-shaped stone. Fine, high-quality oval diamonds surround the entire band to give it the eternity name. It's a timeless option for a wedding band you'll adore for decades. 

3. The Floating Diamond Ring 

Are you a connoisseur of round-shaped diamonds? Our Floating Diamond Ring is a terrific option with a unique setting. This ring displays seven sparkling white diamonds set in an 18-karat gold or platinum band. Consider this handcrafted piece if you prefer unique round-cut jewelry.

4. The Criss-Cross Diamond Engagement Band Ring 

Are you getting engaged soon? This engagement band is an eclectic shape that's perfect for those who enjoy boldness and glamour. Our Criss-Cross Diamond Engagement Band is available in a one-carat or two-carat size. It features a beautiful focal stone surrounded by criss crossing bands hand-set with white round diamonds. 

5. The Baguette-Cut Diamond Band

If geometric shapes amaze you, this diamond band may suit your preferences. From every angle, our Baguette-Cut Diamond Band displays a lustrous shine that many adore. Bright baguette-cut stones encircle the entire band to make for a unique geometric wedding band option. 

6. The Multi-Shape Diamond Eternity Band 

Here's an option for those whose relationships are one-of-a-kind. Our Multi-Shape Diamond Eternity Band displays an array of diamonds in multiple cuts. These diamond variations include emerald, marquis, round, and pear-cut stones surrounding the band with an eye-catching sparkle. Why choose just one cut?

7. The Solitaire Ring 

Your engagement is an event you'll remember for life, so choosing a design you and your partner can enjoy for years is essential. As far as engagement rings go, our Solitaire Ring is a classic selection featuring remarkable symmetry in a timeless round-cut stone. 

8. The Halo Pavé 

Many people relish in halo engagement rings, finding that the additional shimmering diamonds provide elegance and harmony to the center stone. Our Halo Pavé band not only displays round diamonds surrounding the brilliant focal stone, but it also includes miniature diamonds around the entire band, making for an exceptional engagement ring.

9. The Solitaire Pavé 

Pavé stones only add to the solitaire's simplistic charm. Our Solitaire Pavé Band features outstanding quality round diamonds pavé-set in an 18-karat gold or platinum band. It's an elegant, romantic choice for those who love timeless diamond jewelry.

10. The Baguette and Round Diamond Band

Perhaps you have plans to get engaged soon, but you can't decide on just one diamond cut. Instead of sticking to only one, you could opt for a combination of classic diamond shapes. Our Baguette and Round Diamond Band is an excellent choice for those who appreciate more than one style. It features the best of two timeless cuts, making for a unique band you'll both love for years. 

11. The Princess Diamond Half Halo Band 

If you love princess-cut diamonds, this band is an ideal option for you. 10 brilliant miniature diamonds surround each princess-cut focal stone to form an impressive band fit for the most momentous occasions. Personalize Our Princess Diamond Half Halo Band by selecting your preference of 18-karat gold or platinum. It's a perfect band for those who enjoy both glamour and geometric shapes. 

12. Custom Diamond Ring

Are you an individual? Some people prefer to customize their engagement rings or wedding bands to represent the one-of-a-kind nature of their relationship. We want you to feel that your engagement ring fits all your dreams. For that reason, we make it possible for you to customize your diamond band with the shapes you prefer.

Choose from pear, baguette, round, pear, or princess shapes to craft the diamond that's perfect for you. Our Custom Ring Builder makes it stress-free to find the band you'll love for decades. 

Why Noémie Diamonds Are a Cut Above the Rest 

When it comes to quality, we don't compromise. At Noémie jewelry, we're proud to offer you fine handcrafted jewelry that will see you through all life's delightful moments. 

Part of our journey includes creating a jewelry experience for you that removes the middlemen from the buying process. We design, source, create, and sell our jewelry to you directly. This intention allows us to offer you the best quality diamonds at the most affordable price. 

Affordable in no way means sub-par. We're equally committed to high-quality materials. For that reason, we use reclaimed 18-karat rose, yellow, white gold, and platinum. You can also trust that your Noémie diamonds are all conflict-free, so your conscience is free to celebrate your beautiful new diamond jewelry.

All of these factors lead to a singular point: your journey deserves the best quality affordable diamond jewelry that you can love throughout your lifetime and pass on to those who follow you. 

Choose a Diamond Cut You'll Enjoy Eternally 

Hopefully, you feel more informed about the nuanced differences between princess-cut diamonds and cushion-cut stones. Your engagement and wedding are ultimately events that you should treasure most out of everyone involved. For that reason, go with your gut and choose the Noémie diamond ring that will delight you for decades to come.


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