Your Buying Guide for the Perfect Wedding Diamond Necklace

Preparing for your wedding can be exhilarating. From trying on gorgeous gowns to tasting wedding cake samples, the entire process can be an exciting adventure. 

When it comes time to select your wedding jewelry, do you know what you'll choose? Today, let's look at the traditional wedding jewelry that many incorporate into their bridal looks. Then, we'll show you our favorite Noémie wedding necklaces you can wear to look classic on this unforgettable day.

Why Wear a Necklace on Your Wedding Day? 

Not every dress requires a necklace. Some gowns might have ornate stitching across the neckline that would look crowded with an eye-catching necklace. 

Nonetheless, some wedding dresses leave a bare area across your neck and shoulders, creating the perfect placement for a lovely diamond necklace to elevate your bridal look. Whether your wedding band is cushion-cut, princess-cut, or another stunning shape, consider going with timeless and radiant pieces to accent your diamond band on your wedding day.

Traditional Wedding Accessories

You might be wondering what some of the most common accessories are for brides to wear on their wedding days. Let's look at some of the most popular pieces that many choose to incorporate for their bridal ensemble.

  • Veil: You're probably most familiar with this bridal accessory. It's not mandatory, but many brides enjoy this piece for its traditional value and elegant look. It can add a vintage feel that looks beautiful in photos.
  • Necklace: Many brides prefer to add a timeless necklace to their look, especially if the neckline on their dress is lower. It’s one detail that can add some luxury to your big day.
  • Earrings: Whether you wear your hair up or down, delicate earrings can be a striking detail to add to your bridal apparel on your big day.
  • Garter: Here's another traditional accessory. It's entirely up to your choice if you'd like to include this lace band under your dress, but it can make for an exciting touch.
  • The four 'somethings': You've probably heard to include "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue" in your wedding day look. You get to decide whether to incorporate this custom, but the tradition can be fun to keep.

What Should You Look for in Luxury Jewelry? 

When you're searching for jewelry to wear on your wedding day, you could be wondering what qualities to prioritize. While it might be tempting to go with the first pieces you see online, we recommend searching for diamond jewelry with an ethical diamond jeweler. It's also an excellent idea to choose pieces that come with a GIA grading report so that you know every essential detail about your wedding jewelry.

Our Favorite Noémie Pieces To Wear on Your Wedding Day 

When it comes time to fasten the necklace clasp on your favorite day, you'll want the pieces you choose to excite you with every dazzling diamond. Here are our favorite necklaces (plus some earrings, bracelets, and rings to match) to add a luxe look to your bridal apparel.

1. Diamond Crescent Necklace

Do you prefer minimalist pieces of jewelry? Our Noémie Diamond Crescent Necklace makes a terrific accent for any classic bridal gown. Seven brilliant stones graduate from either side to meet in the middle in a crescent shape. In 18-karat rose gold, this is a piece for those who love simplicity and romance. 

2. One Carat Diamond Necklace 

Here's another piece for those who love minimal luxury. You might be the type of person who enjoys displaying one delicate statement diamond in your jewelry. If so, our Kathe Mera Diamond One Carat Necklace is perfect for you. In rose gold or black 18-karat gold, this diamond necklace shines as a symbol of eternal beauty that's fit for your wedding day. 

3. Rumba Dancing Diamond Necklace 

Do you enjoy jewelry that moves as you do? If so, we've got an excellent piece that will accent your reception dress as you move throughout the night. Wear our 18-karat gold Dancing Diamond Necklace for a delicate detail that moves fluidly and sparkles as the light touches it.

4. The Five Diamond Princess Necklace 

Do you want to feel elegant and royal on your wedding day? Our Five Diamond Princess Necklace displays five elegant diamond stones bezel-set in 18-karat gold settings. Each delicate stone maintains a small distance from the others so that each stone shines independently throughout your wedding day. 

5. 18-Karat Gold Diamond Hoops 

If you're someone who wants to keep the attention on your dress, you might opt for wedding earrings that are more subdued. In that case, perhaps you'd choose elegant, dainty hoops lined with small diamonds. Our 18-Karat Gold Diamond Hoops are an attractive option to accent your dress with impeccable clarity.

6. 1920's Split-Hoop Earrings 

Are you planning a vintage wedding that draws from historic, timeless styles? Consider wearing our 1920's Split-Hoop Diamond Earrings for a classic touch to your bridal ensemble. This pair boasts Parisian inspiration, with each diamond possessing superb clarity and color.

7. Emerald-Cut Diamond Studs

The emerald-cut diamond is a wonder to behold. With impressive parallel structure and a hall-of-mirrors illusion, this stone shines with a unique elegance. If you enjoy this cut, consider adding a pair of 18-Karat Noémie Emerald-Cut Studs to your wedding day look. It's a small detail you can cherish for years and wear during anniversaries to come. 

8. Tennis Bracelet 

The tennis bracelet is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in modern fashion. Previously known as a diamond line bracelet, this piece has become more beloved over the past century and is now a timeless jewelry element to enhance any look. If you love diamonds for their eternal essence, you can wear a Noémie Tennis Bracelet on your wedding day to display fantastic-quality diamonds around your wrist. 

9. 2-Carat Diamond Eternity Band Ring

Perhaps you're still on the hunt for the perfect wedding band to compliment your engagement ring. Some people enjoy simplistic bands, but others prefer luxurious eternity rings showing each brilliant diamond with elegance. 

If you're the kind of person who likes sensual stones, our 2-Carat Diamond Eternity Band is perfect for you. This piece makes for the perfect bold accent to your engagement band in 18-karat rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Exchange this piece with your beloved on your wedding day and enjoy the memories it represents throughout your marriage. 

How To Look Timeless on Your Wedding Day 

Trends come and go. While some prefer to incorporate current styles into their wedding look, others may choose to embody a timeless elegance that looks classic for years to come. 

When you select your wedding jewelry, consider opting for cuts and shapes that have stood the test of time. Still, it's most important that your pieces represent your personality and relationship.

How Noémie Offers You the Best 

At Noémie, we have the pleasure of offering you fine-quality jewelry at affordable rates. Each diamond boasts a VS clarity and F/G color grade so that you can relish your Noémie wedding jewelry's brilliance. 

As you prepare for your wedding day, you'll likely have a thousand details racing around in your mind. When it's finally time that you try on your Noémie jewelry for your wedding, savor the moment, knowing every luxurious detail celebrates you and your beloved.


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