The Importance of Getting a GIA Certified Diamond

Diamond jewelry is one of life's more refined treasures. Whether you're a diamond novice or an experienced collector, each new piece is an exciting investment. 

When you have the opportunity to treat yourself or a loved one to diamonds, it's crucial to know what kind of quality you're receiving with your purchase. Not everyone is honest about the specific details, and it's an appropriate choice to have a third party evaluate your piece for authenticity.

Purchasing jewelry with GIA-graded diamonds is one way you can be confident in your jewelry purchase. Let's explore more about GIA, and then we'll look at certified and graded diamond jewelry for any life event.

What Is a GIA Diamond? 

The Gemological Institute of America makes up the reputable GIA acronym. This institute's mission is to connect people to understanding gems and protect diamond buyers with their International Diamond Grading System. 

GIA is an independent, non-profit organization that focuses on conducting gem research and setting standards for determining diamond quality. One of their primary functions relevant to our discussion today is their diamond grading. 

Have you heard of the four C's? Color, cut, clarity, and carat weight are four standards that are now universally known for evaluating diamonds. GIA created this standard that so many use today. Let's look more at what they do for grading diamonds.

The GIA Grades Diamonds

It's essential to note that the term "GIA-certified" is technically a misnomer. To be accurate, the GIA grades diamonds based on set criteria. While many people use the word "GIA-certified," remember that this refers to a grading process, not a certification.

When jewelers or individuals submit a diamond to GIA for grading, these stones undergo rigorous examination and receive a document detailing their specifications. When you purchase a diamond with a GIA report, you're getting a thorough description rather than a certification.

You Can Test Whether Your Diamond Is a GIA Diamond 

Jewelers can submit the diamonds they source to GIA for grading to ensure they sell you quality stones. This measure helps them to be confident in their pricing and their guarantee to you as a buyer.

Did you know that you can also test jewelry of your own? If you've received an heirloom piece of jewelry, you can send it to GIA to have it graded. When you receive your report, you'll have a better idea of its worth and specifications.

GIA Ensures Anonymity for Unbiased Results 

You might be wondering how retailers can submit their diamonds for evaluation and grading without an amount of bias involved. Thankfully, GIA uses an anonymous process to ensure fair, objective results in their grading documents. It's one more factor that can help you feel secure as you consider buying diamond jewelry that's perfect for you. 

Why To Prioritize a GIA Diamond 

Perhaps you'd like to know a few reasons why you might benefit from choosing a diamond that has a GIA grading report. Let's look at a few possible scenarios.

To Make a Wise Wedding Purchase 

Are you getting engaged or married soon? When it comes time to purchase the engagement ring for your partner or select your wedding bands, you'll probably have a budget in mind. 

If you've budgeted a moderate-to-high amount for your bands, it might be because you prefer an elaborate diamond with an exquisite cut and premium color and clarity. A GIA report can help you confirm that the diamond ring you buy from a retailer is the real deal. 

To Ensure a Diamond's Four C's Are as Advertised

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Perhaps you want to recognize your partner's recent promotion or milestone within their job. If you buy diamond jewelry to commemorate the occasion, you may look at the four Cs to judge whether a piece is valuable. When you receive the GIA report with your jewelry, you can be sure you chose an excellent article.

To Evaluate a Piece of Heirloom Diamond Jewelry 

If you've recently received an heirloom diamond necklace from within your family, you may be wondering what it's worth. Sending your necklace to GIA to have it graded can help determine how valuable this family artifact is.

What Is IGI Certification?

The International Gemological Institute is another organization that grades diamonds based on strict international standards. At Noémie, we proudly offer you engagement rings that are GIA graded and fine handcrafted diamond jewelry that is IGI certified. Simply put, ordering the diamond jewelry of your dreams from Noémie means you can feel confident in your purchase every time. 

IGI and GIA Diamonds for Every Occasion 

We know your life holds multiple momentous occasions that are worth celebrating. You can commemorate these milestones with quality IGI and GIA diamond jewelry from Noémie. Let's look at our favorite options for each event in your journey. 

GIA Graded Diamond Engagement Rings 

If you're approaching engagement with your significant other, you may be starting to look at rings together to find the perfect band for your relationship and tastes. Here are some of our top GIA engagement rings.

The Halo Pavé: This style features a brilliant focal stone with elegant pavé diamonds surrounding the stone and accenting the entire band. You can customize your carat amount to get the most out of this thrilling engagement ring. 

The Solitaire: Our Noémie Solitaire Band is a timeless option for those who love traditional engagement rings. This ring features a stunning 1.5-carat focal stone set in high-quality 18-karat gold. 

IGI Certified Diamond Jewelry That's Perfect for Anniversaries 

Celebrate the milestones all around you with exquisite diamonds. Maybe you've met a personal goal and want to revel in your journey, or you want to recognize your partner's hard work. These pieces can help you turn those dreams into reality. 

Emerald-Cut Diamond Band: Emerald-cut jewelry is well-loved for its unique symmetrical style. This option is ideal for those who enjoy uniquely cut gems and geometric motifs. 

Custom Letter Necklace:  Give your loved ones a custom letter necklace to celebrate their hard work and recognize their individual charm. Pavé diamonds surrounding their initial will warm their heart.

Diamond Eternity Band Ring: Celebrate a wedding anniversary with our Diamond Eternity Band Ring in a one-carat size. It's a perfect upgrade to accent your partner's engagement and wedding bands. 

Certified Diamonds for "Just Because" Occasions 

Maybe you have a friend or relative with a birthday coming up. Perhaps someone you love recently had a baby, and you want to honor them with a gift that's just for them. These Noémie IGI pieces can help you celebrate. 

Five Diamond Necklace: If you're looking for a piece of diamond jewelry that's understated and remarkable simultaneously, this necklace is for you. Each stone is bezel-set to create a delicate piece of jewelry perfect for everyday wear.

Tennis Bracelet: We think everyone should get to experience the magic of wearing a tennis bracelet at least once. When you choose a Noémie IGI tennis bracelet, you're guaranteed to receive a quality diamond line bracelet worthy of its legacy. 

Trois Hoop Diamond Earrings: This earring set is unique in its design. If you have singly-pierced ears, each stud can provide the illusion of multiple piercings. With three diamond-studded hoops attached to one post, this earring set is one-of-a-kind. 

Quality Certified Diamonds for Life's Romantic Moments 

Are you ready to make things serious with the person you've been seeing? Maybe you want to surprise your beloved with a diamond necklace as an expression of your love for them. These diamonds can help make your romantic moments memorable. 

The Composite Emerald Cut Necklace:  This brilliant diamond necklace displays a handcrafted, expertly cut emerald stone on an 18-karat gold chain. Surprise your soulmate with this necklace when you're feeling grateful for them.

The Single Baguette Ring: Do you want to promise your love to your partner? Perhaps engagement is something of the future, but you want to let your partner know how much you adore them in the present. Our Single Baguette Ring can help you express your affection and devotion. 

You Deserve Trustworthy Diamond Jewelry 

When momentous occasions come up in your life, you may want to celebrate them with diamond jewelry. When it's time to buy jewelry for yourself or your loved one, you can be sure you're buying quality diamonds through a GIA grading report or IGI certification. 

At Noémie, we're happy to source and craft exquisite diamond jewelry that's always VS clarity and F/G color grade. Our GIA grading reports and IGI certifications can help you feel confident in the diamond ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelet that will help you celebrate life's memorable milestones. 


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