Our Favorite Gold Wedding Band List

Choosing your wedding jewelry is perhaps the most exciting and meaningful part of your wedding planning process. You're making decisions surrounding one of the most long-lasting details of your marriage. The rings you pick will be with you for a lifetime, too. As you and your partner discuss the bands you like, you'll learn more about each other's personalities and create memories to last through your marriage. Here are a few questions to ask when you're deciding on the band style that will be perfect for you.

What's Your Budget? 

Everyone has a different budget, and that's okay. Did you know that you can still buy fine handcrafted jewelry even on a budget? Whether you're seeking a 2-carat diamond band or an eternity diamond band with a slim profile, you can buy the fine jewelry styles you like at surprisingly affordable prices. We'll show you how.

Are You Bold or Understated? 

The first question you may want to ask yourself is whether you prefer simpler styles or more dramatic jewelry pieces. Why should you deny yourself the bright and striking wedding band you've imagined if that represents who you are? You can choose the Five-Carat eternity band if that's what you like. Once you narrow down how eye-catching or minimal you'd like your band to be, you'll have a better idea of the styles that make sense for you.

What Gem Shapes Suit You? 

After you think about the profiles and silhouettes that might suit you and your partner best, you can move on to shapes. Your narrowed self-imposed guidelines should help you more easily choose what diamond cuts and band styles will be appropriate for your taste. Let's explore a few of the styles you may enjoy:

Geometric:  Maybe you find geometric shapes fascinating, and you want to incorporate this aesthetic into your style and decor. Rectangular gems and attractive square settings are beautiful choices for wedding jewelry. 

Round:  Round-cut gems are a tried-and-true option for those who enjoy simple luxury. They're a style you'll love today, tomorrow, and on your fiftieth wedding anniversary. Choose round-cut diamonds in your band to contrast or accent the stones in your engagement ring.

Whimsical: Uniform jewelry isn't for everyone. Your unique spirit delights in choosing jewelry that excites you. Choose a vintage diamond band that will highlight your engagement ring while providing a unique essence. 

What Kind of Gold is Right for You? 

As you choose between different styles of wedding bands, you'll want to know which kind of gold matches you the most. Rose gold may look exceptional with your skin tone. Yellow gold may accent the fashions you typically wear in your everyday clothing. Ultimately, you get to decide the metal that will stick with you through your marriage. If you're not sure which is right for you, here are a few of the highlights of each gold color. 

Yellow Gold is Classic 

The first option available to you is yellow gold. This warm, rich gold color is a classic option for jewelry. No one looks bad in gold. When deciding if this is right for you, think about the clothes you wear each day. Do you lean toward earth tones and neutrals? A yellow gold wedding band could be a beautiful, warm addition to your typical loungewear or street style. 

Rose Gold Provides a Feminine Flair 

If warmth is what you enjoy, rose gold is another gold color that may be perfect for you. Its peachy rose undertone is an attractive option for those who like warm gold that isn't yellow. If you prefer softer, feminine jewelry, rose gold is a fantastic choice for your wedding band

White Gold is Timeless 

Maybe you especially appreciate lighter-colored jewelry. Your skin tone may contrast beautifully with light, cool metals. If that's the case, white gold is a valuable choice for your wedding band. Pair it with your white gold engagement ring for a set that looks timeless and stunning. 

Our Seven Favorite Wedding Bands 

Determining your budget and style are the most challenging steps. Now that you know more about yourself, your budget, and your preferences, you can easily choose the wedding band style that will highlight your engagement ring. There are many attractive options to combine well with your wedding jewelry, making it easy to find a band that's perfect for you. 

Noémie's wedding band collection features striking, simplistic, and intriguing styles, so you can select the band you fancy the most. 

1. Bezel Diamond Ring 

If you decided you prefer round stones and shapes in your wedding jewelry, this band is a fantastic choice for you. It's an eternity band, meaning it features sparkling diamonds around its entirety. These high-quality diamonds comprise a nearly one-half-carat weight, making this a beautiful pair for your engagement ring. 

2. Baguette and Round Diamond Band

Do you love geometric styles? Perhaps you enjoy putting a modern twist on jewelry of the past. This Baguette and Round Diamond Band is a terrific option for those who love antique styles with a hint of modernity. Its slim profile inset with round and baguette diamonds will accent your engagement ring stunningly. 

3. Chevron Diamond Ring 

Understated, angular silhouettes can provide dimension to your wedding jewelry while maintaining a luxurious feel. This Chevron Diamond Band is the perfect example of that. The band displays premium white diamonds laid in a chevron shape curve. It's the ideal band to wear alone or paired with your engagement ring. It's understated and unique all at once. 

4. Baguette Diamond Band Ring 

Did you like the baguette band listed above? Maybe you enjoyed its timeless feel, but you'd prefer your band to be lined primarily with baguette diamonds rather than round stones. Our Noémie Baguette Diamond Band features premium baguette-cut diamonds in VS clarity and F/G color set in 18K yellow, rose, or white gold. It is also available in platinum and black gold if either of those metals is your preference. 

5. Vintage Diamond Band 

Do you enjoy whimsical, dreamy shapes and styles in your wedding jewelry? Minimalist shapes and silhouettes aren't for everybody. You can draw inspiration from historic art-deco fashions throughout history with this Vintage Diamond Band. You can pair it with your engagement ring or wear it alone. 

6. Petite Diamond Band Ring 

Are you someone who prefers wearing low-profile jewelry? There is something special about petite jewelry that represents the intimacy of your relationship. As you look to your hand to see your diamond band throughout the day, you'll be reminded of the special bond you share with your partner. Precious diamonds line half of this band, making it a classic option that offers allure through delicacy. 

7. 2 Carat Diamond Eternity Band Ring 

You deserve a wedding band that compliments your engagement band with luxury and charm. Our 2-Carat Diamond Eternity band displays stunning white diamonds around its band in VS clarity and F/G color grade. A piece of fine jewelry is the perfect way to memorialize your wedding, your journey, and the relationship you treasure so dearly. 

In Conclusion 

When you're searching for ideal gold wedding bands, there will be many factors for you to consider along the way. Would you rather have a princess-cut wedding band or a floating diamond band? Is 14K or 18K gold the better option? What's important is that you stay true to who you are and the details you prefer. It's your story, and you're free to choose wedding bands that reflect your taste and your unique journey with your partner. 


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