How Much To Spend on Engagement Ring: What You Should Know

Your story is one for the books. Only you know the hills and valleys you and your significant other have traversed this far. Perhaps you've seen each other through the good and the bad, and it's become clear to you that you want to spend forever with your person.

When you're considering engagement, there are a million details you may start to dream about. We can guess that one of the most important questions on your mind is, "what kind of ring should I choose?"

Whether you're the person proposing or the person receiving the ring, you may want some insight into this process. Today, let's talk about how much you should expect to spend on an engagement ring—the current trends may surprise you. Then, we'll show you pieces of fine jewelry for your proposal and wedding that you'll both treasure.

What Should You Budget For? 

You might be wondering what factors influence a diamond band's price. Before you know how much to spend, it might help to review the quality factors that influence the cost of engagement and wedding bands. Let's briefly explore these, and then we'll introduce our favorite engagement rings. 

The Four C's 

Do you need a brush-up on the four c's of diamond jewelry? You might think it's hard to discern how valuable a diamond is. The four C's have become the universal standard that makes it easier for you to judge the quality of diamond jewelry before you decide to purchase it. Read these descriptions for a quick reminder of each category.

Clarity: Within diamond grading, a diamond's clarity refers to how many inclusions exist in its makeup. A diamond with excellent clarity will have very few inclusions visible to experts, while a low-quality stone will include several visible imperfections.

Color: A diamond's color refers to the way it interacts with light. A diamond with excellent color will refract a beautiful mixture of dark and light with virtually no detectable hue. A low-quality diamond may refract a yellow-ish shade. 

Cut: A diamond's cut is one of the most significant factors in determining its quality. The quality of a diamond's cut can influence how it interacts with light and how many inclusions are visible. 

Carat Weight: When purchasing a diamond engagement ring, the carat size will directly influence its cost. Essentially, greater carat weight will be more expensive, while a diamond with a lower carat weight will be more affordable when all other factors remain the same. 

Is the Three Month Rule Still Applicable? 

Many wedding traditions have changed over time, but has the engagement ring budget stayed the same? For a long time, the standard advice for engagement preparation was to save three-to-six months of income. This income amount was the suggested dollar amount for a diamond ring suitable for a proposal. Is this still the expectation?

Average Prices Say No 

Diamonds are no less valuable today than they were years ago, yet the expectations for the price of an engagement ring are different today. In recent years, most people buying engagement rings have only spent around one-to-two months of their income, on average. 

When you're preparing to buy an engagement ring, you can customize your band to fit your budget. We'll show you how in just a moment. 

Where To Find Affordable Fine Engagement Jewelry 

You don't have to compromise high quality for an engagement ring that fits your budget. At Noémie, we make it possible for you to select the best fine diamond jewelry for less than you'll find anywhere else. You deserve premium pieces at attractive prices.

Noémie's Engagement Rings Your Budget Will Love 

Let us introduce you to a few of our favorite engagement ring styles. You'll find multiple ways to adjust each ring selection to fit your engagement budget within these designs. When you finish customizing, you'll end up with a ring you and your partner will cherish.

The Solitaire Ring 

The solitaire band is a time-tested design showcasing a single mesmerizing diamond in its center. Our Solitaire Band is available to you in fine 18-karat gold, and you can specify whether you prefer white, rose, or yellow gold. We've hand-set the brilliant diamond in a four-prong setting, making it an eternally elegant design that's ideal for timeless weddings. 

The Halo Pavé Band 

Those who enjoy luxury will find our Halo Pavé Band exquisite. Like the solitaire, it features a shimmering round diamond in its center. The allure of the halo pavé band lies in its diamond halo that surrounds the center stone and the ring's band. These pavé stones make for a remarkable engagement ring. 

The Solitaire Pavé Band 

If you enjoy pavé diamonds and classic details, our Solitaire Pavé band might be the best fit for you. This band displays a brilliant center stone in your choice of carat weight. Around the band, fantastic pavé diamonds shine, making this ring a beauty to behold.  

The Lab-Grown Halo Pavé Band 

Perhaps you and your partner have chosen to allocate more of your budget to your reception than your wedding jewelry. If so, you might be looking for creative ways to find fine premium jewelry at a more attractive price point.

Our Lab-Grown Halo Pavé band allows you to have a glamorous engagement band at a lower cost. In every way, this band's diamonds are identical to our naturally-grown halo pavé band. The difference is that we grew this ring's stones in a lab instead of sourcing them from a diamond mine. You'll enjoy the same high-quality for less. 

The Criss Cross Engagement Band 

Do you and your partner enjoy bold, glamorous designs? If you want to propose with a unique engagement ring, our Criss Cross Diamond Band is a perfect fit for your tastes. The distinctive twisting band displays gorgeous pavé diamonds surrounding a beautiful center stone. It's a terrific choice for symbolizing a love that's grand and eternal.

Noémie Wedding Bands To Exchange 

After selecting the diamond engagement ring of your dreams, you may wish to look for wedding bands to exchange. Let's explore a few diamond wedding bands that will accent your engagement ring to create a striking set. 

The Diamond Eternity Band Ring 

Let's start with a classic option. A diamond eternity band is one selection that will never expire. The eternity style has represented unending love for thousands of years, making it a superb option to exchange on your wedding day. 

Our Diamond Eternity band features glowing white pavé diamonds hand-set into 18-karat gold or platinum. They make for the perfect wearable wedding ring, and they hold a wealth of significance. Have one engraved with a personal message to imagine an even more sentimental band you can exchange. 

The Baguette Diamond Band Ring 

If you or your partner loves interesting cuts, our Baguette Diamond Band may interest you. It's a ring that's perfect for everyday wear. Each baguette-cut stone sits in an 18-karat gold or platinum setting to create a dazzling eternity band. You or your partner can wear it alone or pair it with a glowing engagement ring. 

The Chevron Diamond Ring 

Perhaps you're looking for a wedding band to wear next to your brand new engagement ring. If your style leans more toward modern or geometrical motifs, our Chevron Diamond Band may be perfect for you. 

Within this band, miniature pavé diamonds line a chevron-shaped band to create a sleek, minimalist silhouette that pairs excellently with an engagement ring. 

How Noémie Offers More for Less 

By now, you probably realize that fine diamond jewelry doesn't have to cost your entire savings; you can enjoy fair-priced premium diamonds and precious metals that leave you inspired.

At Noémie, we make this possible by cutting unnecessary costs from our production process. Other retailers markup their prices for sales commissions and excess assortment, but we wanted to create a better system for you.

We've made it our priority to cut out the middleman; as a result, we handle designing, sourcing, crafting, and producing each piece that ends up in your hands. By using quality materials, responsible production, and a thoughtful product assortment, we can offer you the finest quality wedding jewelry at the fairest price. 

Enjoy Valuable Noémie Rings for a Lifetime 

Your engagement only happens once, but the engagement ring you choose may last decades into your future. You don't have to sacrifice your honeymoon plans for a ring you adore; you can keep them both. When you choose Noémie wedding jewelry, you can relish the fact that your rings will endure many more seasons with the love of your life. 


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