How To Clean a Diamond Ring: Tips From the Pros

Your wedding band is one of your most cherished possessions. This band has accompanied you through many seasons with your partner, all while sparkling next to your engagement ring. Even if you've had your wedding jewelry for as little as ten years, it may have lost its luster along the way without you realizing it. Let's talk about how diamond experts suggest you clean your jewelry so you can admire it for longer. 

Why You Should Clean Your Diamond Ring 

You may be thinking that cleaning your ring routinely sounds like extra work. Think of it as an investment. When you take time out of your week to clean your jewelry, you can enjoy your sparkling diamond rings to their fullest potential. Let's look at a few other reasons to prioritize cleaning.

To Keep Your Prized Possession Looking Brilliant 

Have you been married for 20 or more years? When you glance at your engagement ring and wedding band, you might see a flashback of all the nostalgic moments between getting engaged, getting married, and now. Though your bands have endured for this long, they can still wow you when you set aside time to clean them intentionally. 

To Avoid Paying Cleaning Costs Down the Road 

Think of the range of activities you do in one week. From scrubbing your bathroom to attending outdoor soccer games and gardening, your hands get exposed to dirt more regularly than you might think. If you avoid cleaning your rings regularly, you may later realize that months and years of grime have accumulated around your diamond ring. 

Consider making time to wash your bands regularly to combat this silent build-up. You may save money in the long run if you can dodge intense professional cleaning with at-home care.

Pro Tips for Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

The Gemological Institution of America is a non-profit diamond authority. They focus on providing you with knowledge, industry standards, and education on diamonds and other precious stones. 

They've listed a few tips to help you keep your diamond jewelry as radiant as it was when you first put it on. Let's check out a few of their ideas and other good practices you can adopt for maintaining your favorite diamond bands.  

Use Dish Soap for a Gentle Cleaning 

You don't have to purchase an expensive solution to clean your diamond rings properly––the cleaning agent that may work best is likely in one of your kitchen cabinets. Dish soap can provide your diamond jewelry with a thorough cleaning that's gentle and non-abrasive. 

Avoid Harsh Chemical Solutions 

Should you choose to forgo dish soap, you may select another alternative to get your diamond rings back to sparkling condition. If you have another formula in mind, ensure that it's gentle on your jewelry. 

Household items such as bleach, acetone, and chlorine might be beneficial for some cleaning projects, but they're detrimental to your diamond jewelry. Avoid these harsh products to preserve the life of your jewels and keep them from losing their brilliance. 

Opt for Cleaning Your Diamond Jewelry Once Per Week 

Follow these steps for your weekly cleaning and enjoy your sparkling rings after. 

  1. Fill a large bowl with warm water.
  2. Squeeze one teaspoon of dish soap into the water, then agitate it slightly.
  3. Soak your rings and other diamond jewelry for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, brush your rings gently.
  5. Rinse your jewelry, then let your beloved rings, earrings, tennis bracelets, and necklaces air dry.
  6. Enjoy your refreshed jewelry.

It's easy enough to remember. Whenever you take your trash to the curb for the week or start a load of laundry, set aside time to wash your rings. While they soak, you can read a chapter in your new favorite novel, practice your French, or take an evening stroll under the stars. 

More Ways To Keep Your Diamond Jewelry in Excellent Condition 

What you do with your jewelry between washes matters, too. Do you have a habit of leaving your pear-shaped diamond ring scattered on the bathroom counter? Perhaps you store your tennis bracelet in an old jewelry box that has accumulated dust over time. Let's look at how you can keep your prized pieces in the best condition between wears and washes.

Handle Your Diamonds With Care 

Your diamond jewelry is valuable. Not only does it contain beautiful gemstones, but it's also a representation of the memories behind it. Your diamond ring may represent a treasured marriage anniversary. 

Perhaps you have a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings that remind you of a birthday spent on the French Riviera. Treating and storing your jewelry with care allows for those moments to live far beyond their beginnings.

Replace Fake Diamond Jewelry With Fine, Handcrafted Pieces 

Perhaps you have a few pieces of inauthentic diamond jewelry. While you might have enjoyed them for a while, eventually, you will see signs of wear. In this case, consider replacing synthetic diamond jewelry with authentic pieces that will endure. When it's time to upgrade synthetic diamond rings, we're happy to offer you the highest-quality diamond jewelry that will sparkle for years.

Let's take a look at some of our favorite diamond bands.

An eternity band is an age-old symbol for endless adoration. The Oval-Cut Diamond Eternity Band Ring band features rare oval-shaped diamonds cut to perfection and hand-set in the metal of your choice. The ring sparkles with 2.4 carats of oval diamonds surrounding the entire band in 18-karat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. If you enjoy prominent diamonds in your jewelry, this ring is the choice for you.

Perhaps you'd like to replace a dated piece of jewelry with something nostalgic yet modern. Our Noémie Chevron Diamond Ring displays gorgeous round VS clarity diamonds in a minimalist chevron shape. 

This band is available in 18-karat rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. It's beautiful on its own or paired next to an engagement ring. As a bonus, you can personalize your chevron ring with an engraved message at no extra cost. 

We all lose things that are valuable to us. If you're missing a family heirloom piece of jewelry that was dear to you, we know nothing can adequately replace it. Though your beloved ring may be lost, you can still adopt a new piece that holds similar elements and reminds you of the same style.

One band you might consider is our NoémieVintage Diamond Band. This style is reminiscent of the art-deco jewelry period with its whimsical shapes. Beautiful F/G color diamonds line this band, bezel-set in 18-karat gold or platinum. If you'd like, you can order this band as an eternity band to see brilliant diamonds surrounding the entire vintage band. 

Our Final Thoughts 

Every diamond ring holds unique significance. Whether yours reminds you of an elegant wedding anniversary, a personal milestone, or the spark of young love, it's essential to take care of it. It's a great idea to clean your rings regularly and store them carefully. When you find new Noémie diamond jewelry to fall in love with, you'll want to keep it shining, too, so you can enjoy it for a lifetime. 


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