Our Ten Most Popular White Gold Wedding Band Designs

Your mind has likely been racing ever since you said "yes" to your partner's proposal. Questions like, "Should we have a live band?" and "Who's doing the catering?" have been on your mind for some time. From flowers to guest lists, there are so many decisions to make in your wedding. 

Have you chosen your wedding band? You may have been intimidated by the beautiful choices you might like to wear. Perhaps all you're certain about in your wedding band search this far is that you want a white gold wedding band. Let us show you ten of our white gold wedding bands for you to envision yourself wearing.

Why White Gold?

Everyone has their preferences in jewelry. You admire cooler colors in pieces you wear, and you have every right to do so. What makes white gold the right option for you? Compared to stainless steel, it's more valuable, and when it's compared with yellow gold, it's tougher. When compared to platinum, it's more affordable. It's a high-quality, high-purity precious metal. When you choose an 18K white gold piece of jewelry from Noemie, you can be sure it's the highest value for the price. 

How to Choose the Right Band for You 

Though you know white gold is your style, you may still be wondering how you can narrow down your options to a few bands you adore. Consider your dress, pantsuit, or tuxedo that you're wearing on your big day. Does your dress have a particular motif? If so, consider bands that complement your look. 

You'll also want to consider your personality. If you're someone who enjoys understated jewelry and minimalist fashion, you may not want to choose an overwhelming wedding band. Instead, look for more delicate designs that reflect your spirit. Trust your gut to lead you in picking a style you'll enjoy throughout your marriage. 

Ten White Gold Wedding Bands Others Love 

You may be the kind of person who needs descriptive inspiration. That's completely understandable. Let us show you ten white gold wedding bands that might be a perfect match for your essence. 

1. The One-Carat Eternity Band 

We'll start our exploration with a brilliant classic: the eternity band. This kind of band symbolizes unending devotion and affection for your partner. Noemie's One-Carat Eternity Band features glamorous stones around the entire band. Wear it alone, or pair it with your engagement ring for a delicious combination. 

2. The Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Band 

Are you searching for a wedding band that would be fit for royalty? Our Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Band in 18-karat white gold is a fantastic choice. This elegant ring is handcrafted with the most attention and care for you. Each piece of our Noemie Diamond jewelry comes with an IGI certificate so that you can trust the diamonds you receive are of excellent quality. 

3. Three Diamonds Stacking Ring 

Do you enjoy less traditional styles? Maybe you've paved your own way in life, and you feel your soul stands out from the crowd. Choose a white gold wedding band that's unique. Our Three Diamonds Stacking Ring provides simplistic luxury. Pair it with your engagement ring, or stack it with another band.

4. The Five-Carat Eternity Band Ring 

Perhaps you've never shied away from the spotlight. You enjoy glamourous vacations, home decorations, clothing, and wedding jewelry. If you enjoy bold diamond jewelry, our Five-Carat Eternity Band Ring in white gold is a head-turner. As a bonus, the diamonds we use in our jewelry are always VS clarity and F/G color grade. Your diamonds will sparkle brilliantly for a fair price. 

5. The Petite Diamond Band Ring 

Your white gold diamond band can exude glamour even with a delicate profile. If you prefer dainty silhouettes and modern minimalist styles, you'll enjoy our Petite Diamond Band Ring. In 18K white gold, it's sure to accent your engagement ring beautifully. 

6. The Bezel Diamond Ring 

If you enjoy unique jewelry with intricate detailing, you might fall in love with this Bezel Diamond Ring. Each round-cut stone is bezel-set with beautiful etching into the white gold base. This band is a terrific accent to your engagement ring, or you can stack it with another band.

7. Chevron Diamond Ring

You can choose a conventional wedding band or choose to infuse your tastes into your band's design. If you like geometric shapes in your jewelry, our Chevron Diamond Ring in white gold can accent your dress and show your uniqueness. This modern design is a gorgeous pair for any engagement ring. 

8. Open Band Ring 

In keeping with unconventional styles, here's another band you may not have considered before. An open band ring gives you the ability to showcase your engagement ring while symbolizing your open heart. Our Open Band Ring in 18K white gold will blend with your engagement ring to show off its sparkling central stone. It also features a 1/3-Carat-weight of white diamonds for added allure.

9. The Baguette Band Diamond Ring 

Round diamonds are exquisite in their own right, but there's something decadent about baguette-cut diamonds. Whether you're merely looking for an alternative style or you adore geometric shapes in your jewelry, our Baguette Band Diamond Ring is one to behold. These glowing white baguette diamonds will look as classic as ever in an 18K white gold band. Stack it with another band or pair it with your engagement ring at the altar. 

10. The Vintage Diamond Band 

Do you enjoy historical jewelry that tells stories of past glamour? Perhaps your engagement ring is a family heirloom from the 1940s, and you're looking for a band to match. One option you can consider is our Noemie Vintage Diamond Band. This ring calls back to the art-deco era with a brilliant shine in its fourteen white diamonds. In white gold, this band will exude elegance. 

Noemie's Exceptional Quality 

How can you be sure you're getting valuable fine jewelry when you choose Noemie pieces? We aim to create stunning handcrafted pieces that endure throughout your story. We offer you the finest quality jewelry at the fairest price. How do we do it? Here are a few of the ways.

No Sales Commissions: Other stores may take a significant percentage of sales, meaning the actual price of the piece you're buying should be less expensive. We sell directly to you, so there are no unreasonable markups.

Responsible Production: Rather than sending hundreds of jewelry styles to an off-site production house to be made carelessly, we carefully choose our products and handcraft them in-house.

Quality Materials: Noemie Jewelry pieces are made to endure through your journey. We aren't interested in creating sub-par pieces that will break and have to be replaced. We want your fine jewelry to last you a lifetime. 

In Conclusion 

Wedding planning may be tiring, but planning your wedding band doesn't have to be. You'll look exquisite in a white gold Baguette-Cut Eternity Band or Pavé Diamond band. When you choose Noemie, you can wear your wedding band without fear, knowing it was diligently handcrafted to last through your marriage journey. You'll love the way your white gold diamond band continues to sparkle long after the honeymoon.


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