Why the Pavé Diamond Is Such a Classic Style

There are a few luxuries in life one should get to experience at least once. For some, that luxury may be exploring different cultures through an all-inclusive cruise. Others may prioritize trying authentic caviar or truffles at a world-renowned five-star restaurant in Paris. 

In our minds, everyone should experience what it's like to own fine, handcrafted jewelry. That experience only becomes more elegant when you add in pavé diamonds. 

How To Pronounce Pavé 

You may be saying the word "pavé" out loud to yourself right now if you've never heard it before. When pronouncing it, think of the vowel sounds and intonation in the word "parfait." You'll stress both syllables, with the letter a sounding like it would in the word "car" and the letter e sounding like it would in the word "latte."

What Is a Pavé Diamond?

Now that you've learned how to pronounce the word, you may be wondering more about what a pavé diamond is. The word is French for pavément, which gives you a picture of the functionality of this kind of diamond setting.

In a pavé diamond band, each diamond is paved into the metal band all the way around the ring. It creates an extra-luxurious feel to any ring, which is one reason why this setting style is so classic.

Jewelry That Looks Superb With Pavé Diamonds 

Beauty is all in the details. Pavé diamonds are one detail that turns a basic diamond ring into a brilliant piece of jewelry. You can see for yourself why pavé diamond bands are so well-liked. Let's take a look at a few pieces of fine handcrafted jewelry that look magnificent with pavé diamonds throughout the band. 

Micro-Pavé White Diamond Earrings 

If you like hoop earrings and elegant jewelry, we've got a treat for you. Our Noémie Micro-Pavé White Diamond Earrings are encrusted with three rows of shimmering micro-pavé diamonds. Each earring boasts 86 diamonds part-way around the band to turn an 18-karat gold hoop earring into an accent that elevates the rest of your look. You can wear them on each ear or pair two together on one ear for a striking look. 

The Three-Row Micro-Pavé Diamond Band 

Here's a diamond band that is simply stunning. One variation of the pavé diamond setting is the micro-pavé. Micro-pavé bands feature tiny glimmering diamonds set into the band in rows to make the entire band appear as if it were made of diamonds. Our Three-Row Micro-Pavé Diamond Band is the epitome of understated luxury that you can wear every day. Customize it in 18-karat white gold, yellow gold rose gold, or black gold, and then indulge in your new favorite diamond ring.

The Halo Pavé Engagement Band 

When you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, every detail counts. So if you're looking for an engagement band that delights your beloved, you'd be well-served to consider a halo pavé engagement ring. 

Our Halo Pavé Band displays glowing white pavé diamonds surrounding the center stone and around the band. The pavé diamonds equal a half-carat, and you're able to customize the carat weight of the focal stone. 

The Trois Hoop Diamond Earring 

Why settle for one hoop when you could have three elegant diamond hoops that hug your ear? This illusory piece was designed for your right ear so that you can display multiple hoops with just one piercing.

Our Trois Hoop Diamond Earring features an 18-karat gold post customizable in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or black gold. In addition, we hand-set each pavé diamond displayed in these hoops, so you can ensure this earring was made with care. Try out this earring to see how it can transform your jewelry.

The Petite Diamond Band Ring 

Remember when we talked about life’s luxuries that everyone should try at some point in their lifetime? When it comes to owning gorgeous diamond jewelry set with pavé diamonds, you can't go wrong with a petite diamond band. Wearing diamond jewelry couldn't be easier with our Petite Diamond Band Ring, which possesses an everyday charm. This petite band displays seventeen luxurious pavé diamonds part-way around the band. You can easily pair this ring with others or wear it alone for a more simplistic allure. 

The Criss-Cross Engagement Ring 

Some enjoy simplicity. Some enjoy all the luxuries life has to offer. If you're someone who prefers bolder, more luxurious styles, you have no reason to hold back. Be as stunning as you wish. 

Our Criss-Cross Engagement Ring may be a perfect match for your bright spirit. This diamond band features a bold focal diamond accented by three crisscrossing bands. Each of these bands displays pavé diamonds for even more vibrancy. Customize the carat weight of your focal stone for an engagement ring that will sparkle through anything. 

The Hoop Family Earrings

Earrings can give any look a distinct personality. Our Hoop Family Earrings are a pair of diamond earrings that depart from the traditional earring hoop design to present a style more impressive. Each earring features four delicate hoops joined together at the top to join to one post. 

These hoops are hand-set with glowing white pavé diamonds, which radiate a petite elegance. They're romantic enough to wear to dinner and subtle enough to wear on a stroll near the ocean. 

Other Diamond Settings To Love 

Do you love the way pavé diamonds can add luxury to any band? There's more to love in the world of diamond settings. Within our collections, we feature several gorgeous diamond settings for you to enjoy in your jewelry. Let's look at a couple of other setting styles we adore.

Channel-Set Diamond Jewelry​ 

The channel set features two metal strips that form a channel where sparkling diamonds can be set in a row. One piece that features this beautiful setting is our Emerald Cut Eternity Band, which displays emerald cut lab-grown diamonds lined in a channel setting. 

Bezel-Set Diamond Jewelry​

This setting is unique in its own right. A bezel setting displays a strip of metal, rather than prongs, that completely encircles a diamond that holds onto it. A lovely example of this setting is our Bezel Diamond Ring, which displays a half-carat of beautiful white diamonds that are bezel-set with hand-etched detailing. 

Noémie's Quality Diamonds 

When you choose Noémie fine jewelry, you can be assured that your diamond earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets display the best quality materials. While other retailers cloud their selections with low-quality metals and diamonds, we have a very high standard. 

Each of our pieces will always feature F/G color grade and VS clarity diamonds. In addition, we'll always use 18-karat gold or platinum for your metal base, meaning your Noémie jewelry is valuable and long-lasting.

In Summary: Pavé Diamonds Are the Elegant Choice 

Life's luxuries are worth pursuing. Perhaps today is the day to consider choosing a Noémie ring with gorgeous pavé diamonds for your next piece of jewelry. These hand-set accents can add even more beauty to the styles of jewelry you already love to wear. Just don't be surprised when you receive compliments while wearing them.


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