Your Guide on How To Choose Wedding Jewelry (2021)

You deserve to feel radiant on your wedding day. As you’re preparing your bridal look, every worry about your budget, the itinerary, and the planned details should melt off your shoulders. 

When you get ready to meet your soulmate and exchange vows, you should feel confident in your dress and your jewelry. As you search for the best romantic jewelry to include with your bridal look, you’ll want to find pieces that match your taste and fill you with excitement. 

Let’s talk about the tips to help you select the best wedding jewelry. Then, we’ll show you eight excellent pieces of jewelry to help inspire your wedding jewelry.

Tips for Selecting Wedding Jewelry

When searching for typical jewelry, you might let yourself pick whatever pieces call out to you, whether it be bridal bracelets, silver wedding dress jewelry, or a perfect jewelry set for your big day. 

When it comes to your special day, you might feel additional pressure to choose something perfect to meet the celebration of the day. Let’s talk through a few tips that can help you select pieces that you adore.

Stay True to Your Style 

Each year welcomes a host of new wedding trends that brides and grooms include in their ceremonies. While these decorations, colors, ceremony elements, and accessories might be popular at the moment, you don’t have to feel pressure to partake in trendy details. You can select non-traditional elements, decorations, and wedding jewelry if that’s your style. Maybe you are all about the latest trends, a glitter lover, or someone who would rather keep it simple with a pendant necklace or chokers. Regardless, stick to what you like by thinking about your favorite jewelry piece and looking out for similar items.

Select Timeless Pieces You Can Wear in the Future 

Along with choosing something that you love, try to go for pieces that might keep their allure for decades. You can never go wrong by incorporating classic jewelry into your bridal apparel. Try keeping a balance of unique and timeless jewelry designs to ensure you enjoy your look for years to come, and consider speaking with a jewelry consultant if you are struggling to find something made to last. 

Treat Yourself to First-Rate Jewelry 

Your wedding is extraordinary. It’s not a typical day, so why would you opt for typical jewelry? Understandably, many people plan their weddings on a budget and don’t have much wiggle room for non-essentials. However, if you can, allocating some of your budget to your wedding jewelry is a decision that can have positive returns for decades. 

When selecting your wedding accessories, keep in mind that this is an occasion to treat yourself. It’s one way to add to the excitement on your big day and celebrate your journey.

Choose Materials That Will Look Great for a Long Time

You’d hate to treat yourself to accessories that don’t include quality materials or craftsmanship. One crucial part of choosing wedding jewelry is selecting pieces made with fine precious metals and exquisite diamonds. 

When you take the extra measure to confirm your jewelry’s high quality, you’ll be able to rely on your favorite accessories long after the honeymoon. You never know which pieces might become heirlooms for future generations.

8 Wedding Accessories To Complete Your Bridal Look 

You might be the kind of person who knows exactly what they want in their jewelry. On the other hand, you might benefit from looking at a few pieces in order to gain inspiration for your wedding jewelry. Let’s explore our favorite pieces of Noémie jewelry that can enhance your bridal look on your favorite day.

1. A Tennis Bracelet 

Some prefer to keep things simple. Others might enjoy making an entrance with noticeable diamond accessories to accent their gown, hair, and other elements. 

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys eye-catching details and excellent diamond jewelry, you might want to add an iconic tennis bracelet to your bridal jewelry. Our Noémie Tennis Bracelet displays classic round-cut diamonds along with a flexible bracelet that will move fluidly as you do. Wear this piece with your wedding dress and other details for a piece that you can enjoy for years after you exchange your vows. 

2. Trois Hoop Earrings 

Some people have multiple ear piercings where they can display fine jewelry. If you’re someone who enjoys more of a bohemian look, you might prefer to wear our Noémie Trois Hoop Earrings. With only one piercing, you can wear multiple miniature diamond hoops on your ears for a piece that looks stunning with your hair up or down. 

3. A Gorgeous Wedding Band 

Perhaps you and your partner are still searching for the perfect wedding bands. There’s no reason to complicate your search if you love simplicity. 

Our Diamond Eternity Band is a delicate wedding band that makes an excellent pair for any engagement ring in 18-karat gold or platinum. Select your preferred precious metal for the band and you’ll have a gorgeous ring that sparkles in every direction. 

4. A Crescent Diamond Necklace 

Are you searching for an elegant necklace to add to your wedding jewelry? Bridal necklaces make for charming additions to wedding gowns and other accessories. You might forego this piece if your dress’s neckline is especially ornate. However, if you’re hoping to add a bit of charm to a bare neckline, a diamond necklace is an ideal bridal accessory that will wow each guest and relative.

Our Crescent Diamond Necklace features seven petite round diamonds in a crescent shape graduating in size toward the center stone. Each diamond shines with VS clarity and F/G color grade. You can enhance your dress by adding this delicate detail, then enjoy it long after the wedding.

5. Emerald-Cut Earrings 

Wearing classic earrings is another way you can add elegance to your bridal assemblage. Perhaps you’re searching for the perfect excellent-cut diamond studs to add a subtle luxury to accent your hair. In that case, adding our Noémie Emerald-Cut Diamond Studs could contribute the geometric luxurious detail you’re hoping for. 

Wear them alone or pair them with a stunning tennis bracelet for coordinating diamond elements. 

6. A Multi-Color Sapphire Wedding Band 

Maybe you’re the kind of person who has paved your own way in life. Perhaps you and your partner have a relationship that looks different from traditional couples. 

Whatever your story, you deserve to celebrate it luxuriously in a way that highlights your bold essence. If you prefer alternative options for wedding jewelry, you might consider our Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band. This delicate ring features brilliant sapphire stones in blue, green, orange, and pink with diamonds patterned throughout. 

It’s far from traditional, but this band can help illuminate your engagement band in a way that’s exciting to you. You might also opt to wear it without an engagement ring as a sole element that represents your commitment to your soulmate. 

7. Elegant Split-Hoop Earrings

If you’re someone who appreciates inspiration from the romantic eras of the past, you’ll enjoy our 1920s Split-Hoop Diamond Earrings. In yellow gold, these Paris-inspired hoops create a structured look that is understated and unique. Wear these with your hair up for a classic appearance that looks elegant in all your photos.

8. A Bezel Diamond Necklace

What kind of dress will you be wearing on your wedding day? Will it fall off your shoulders to reveal your shoulders? Will you have a sweetheart neckline that highlights your collar bones?

Adding a petite bezel diamond necklace can help you accent your features while completing your bridal look at the same time. This necklace displays five miniature glowing diamonds in bezel settings, evenly spaced for visual symmetry. Select your choice of 18-karat rose gold or white gold for a piece you can wear over and over again with everyday wear.

Noémie Can Help You Make Your Wedding Day Personal

Your wedding day is anything but ordinary. Out of all the people in the world, you and your beloved found each other, and that’s something to celebrate.

As you plan your wedding jewelry, hairstyles, photographs, and other ceremonial details, know that your wedding day should be personal to who you are. At Noémie, we’re happy to help you find wedding jewelry that fits who you are so you can look and feel radiant while you say, “I do.”


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