What Is Cryptocurrency?

Perhaps you've overheard friends discussing cryptocurrency recently. Maybe you've seen a news network discussing blockchain technology, volatility, digital ledgers, how cryptocurrencies work, the cryptocurrency market, and bitcoin mining. If you're unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, all of the terms involved may sound Greek to you. 

Today, let's look into what cryptocurrency is. Then, we'll talk about its popularity and how you can get into it and buy your favorite jewelry with crypto coins in your digital wallet. 

Let's Talk About Cryptocurrency Questions

We know you may have a few questions you'd like to understand better regarding crypto. Let's look at common questions others have about cryptocurrency to answer some of your curiosities. Then, we'll talk about the consensus for cryptocurrency's usefulness in your life. 

How Many Cryptocurrencies Are Out There? 

Just like there are various forms of currency with physical cash, there are also different types of cryptocurrency. By now, you might have heard of some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in the United States, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a reputation for being the first cryptocurrency to host decentralized digital currency. 

Some internet brands even have their own crypto coins, which function as chips or tokens at a casino. Because of the novelty of this medium of exchange, some also offer cryptocurrency rewards for joining their platform.

Why Do People Enjoy Using Cryptocurrency? 

Some people enjoy crypto for its novelty. Others revere it for its security and elimination of third-party banking hassles. Still, another group of crypto admirers enjoys it more for its investment opportunity. These investors willingly put their stake in crypto in hopes that it will continue to rise in value and return a favorable investment in the future. 

Is Cryptocurrency a Wise Investment? 

Many people are incorporating crypto assets into their investments because they may replace the banking system as we know it. Rather than depending on third-party financial institutions for asset storage and lending, crypto may very well replace the modern bank account. The absence of transaction fees adds to crypto's attractiveness for many.

Cryptocurrency provides customers with more financial options, independence, and opportunities.  Another benefit is that its decentralized, open-source structure helps to address the contemporary banking system's weak spots by delivering access directly to customers.

How Do People Mine Cryptocurrency? 

Where do crypto coins originate? Bitcoin mining is the mechanism by which new bitcoins enter circulation; it is also the method by which the network validates new transactions, and it is an essential component of the blockchain ledger's management and development.

Essentially, people worldwide with special computers compete to have their machines solve complex equations through an algorithm. The first miner computer to correctly solve the equation receives a crypto reward. Their solved equations then become a part of the blockchain technology that keeps the exchange of digital assets secure. 

How Is Cryptocurrency Legal? 

The government does have some regulations on cryptocurrencies. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a federal body that governs the securities markets in the United States. 

Suppose authorities decide that a cryptocurrency is an investment contract and thus a security. In that case, it is subject to SEC regulation and must either be registered or be exempt from registration.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

When you're thinking about getting into crypto, you'll want to know how everything works. Essentially, crypto coins are a digital currency that anyone can buy or transfer. For every cryptocurrency transaction, digital ledgers record the data and keep a database of how many times that particular coin has been bought or traded in circulation. 

Within those same transactions, a security measure called blockchain technology verifies each transaction for legitimacy. There's comforting transparency about blockchain code; anyone can see how it works so that anyone can audit it for security. 

What Can I Buy With Cryptocurrency? 

How can crypto benefit your life? Essentially, many retailers accept crypto today, making it as easy to use as debit or credit cards. How does it work? 

When you make a transaction with a retailer that accepts crypto directly, you'll enter a private key that helps confirm your purchase at checkout. You’ll use the coins in your crypto wallet to make the purchase, and blockchain technology will confirm your transaction before rewarding you with your purchase. 

What can you buy with crypto? The list of commodities and luxuries you can purchase with your cryptocurrency wallet is ever-growing. Here are a few things you can buy today with your crypto assets:

  • Vehicles
  • Vacations
  • Home furnishings
  • Tickets to an event
  • Electronic equipment
  • Art
  • Coffee
  • Food
  • A college degree
  • Jewelry

Of course, you won't be able to purchase all of these at any retailer just yet. Still, crypto's widespread usage is only growing, and it may be as common as cash one day.

Fine Jewelry Pieces You Can Purchase With Crypto

When you're searching for the perfect new accessories to adorn your wardrobe, you may be wondering which retailers offer their pieces in exchange for cryptocurrency. You deserve the finest diamond jewelry coins can buy. Let's explore several timeless jewelry pieces you can add to your collection today.

Baguette Stud Diamond Earrings 

Elegance doesn't have to be overstated. Some of life's most divine delicacies come in small packages. Our Baguette Stud Diamond Earring is no exception to that rule. With brilliant clarity, this baguette stone offers a radiance that can make for a striking statement look on its own. Alternatively, you can choose to pair it with other studs for a multi-pierced look.

Pear Spiral Diamond Ring 

Do you enjoy luxurious diamonds in your jewelry? Perhaps a loved one has a birthday or another significant milestone coming up in their life. Consider gifting them our Pear Diamond Spiral Ring

This exquisite band offers 2.5 carats of glowing white pear-shaped diamonds. Each stone sits in an alternating pattern along the spiral band to create a perfectly eclectic look for those who love bold, glamorous jewelry.

Five Diamond Necklace 

Perhaps you prefer dainty elegance. If you are looking for more understated pieces to add to your jewelry collection, you don't have to look far. Our Five Diamond Necklace is the perfect blend of elegance and simplicity. 

Within this piece, five gorgeous princess diamonds sit in round bezel settings. Each setting remains in an even spacing from the other diamonds, creating a symmetrical look. It's heavenly on its own or paired with other necklaces for a layered look. 

Tennis Bracelet 

Perhaps you're looking for a gift for someone that means something special to you. If your loved one enjoys classic diamond jewelry, there's nothing as iconic as the tennis bracelet. In the 1980s, this piece changed its name from the former "diamond line bracelet" and ushered in a new era of popularity and demand for its wear. 

Our Noémie Tennis Bracelet is a flexible, close-set diamond bracelet that clasps closed. The design of this bracelet means it can move as fluidly as its wearer does while remaining securely attached to the wrist. 

Huggie Earrings

If you're someone who enjoys dainty hoop earrings, these Huggie Earrings are for you. Each delicate hoop sits perfectly next to the lobe in 18-karat gold

You can customize these earrings to fit your tastes, too. Select your preference for rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or black gold. If you prefer a multi-colored look, you can also select black gold or rose gold with delicate multi-colored sapphires along the front of each hoop. 

The Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Band 

Are you getting married soon? If so, you may be looking into wedding jewelry and wondering about your options. Ten years ago, you might not have pictured yourself purchasing wedding jewelry with digital currency, yet it's a genuine possibility today.

If you're on the lookout for the perfect classic wedding band, consider our Noémie Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Band. In your choice of rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, this band boasts nearly one carat of stunning princess diamonds. It’s the perfect piece to wear alone as an anniversary band or as an accent to a remarkable princess engagement ring. 

Crypto Can Make Your Favorite Purchases Better 

Cryptocurrency is one of the more exciting technological developments in recent years. What’s more important is that its current widespread popularity has made it possible for you to incorporate this digital asset into your spending habits.

Whether you choose to invest in new furniture, splurge on a vacation in France, or indulge in delicate Noémie diamond jewelry, cryptocurrency is a new medium of exchange that can make your dream purchases a reality in a brand new way. 


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