When Should You Take Off Your Engagement Ring?

We can guess that your engagement band is likely your favorite piece of jewelry. Your hand may even feel exposed whenever you slip it off your ring finger momentarily. 

We know you adore this symbol of affection and want to wear it every moment you can. Still, you should know which activities might be harmful to your engagement band and when to take this piece off your finger temporarily. Here are seven moments when you should consider putting your ring aside safely. 

When You're Going for a Swim 

Whenever you book your honeymoon, you and your partner may have decided that a trip to a classy resort is in order. If so, you may find yourself staying in luxurious rooms with breathtaking swimming pools. The unfortunate fact is that pool chemicals aren't ideal for your jewelry, and you could lose your jewelry in such a vast area. As you go for a refreshing dip with your spouse, remember to set your ring in a safe place.

When You're Getting Ready for the Day

Applying cosmetics and styling your hair can be energizing activities that help you feel prepared for your day. As you select your favorite diamond necklace, touch up your makeup, and mist on hairspray, consider taking off your engagement ring. The chemical ingredients in your cosmetic and hair products can create a film on your diamond jewelry that removes some of its shine. 

When The House Needs to be Cleaned 

You may have guests coming to vacation at your cottage house, or perhaps you're hosting an intimate dinner with friends. As you prepare for their stay, you may wish to make the interior spotless with the help of scrubbing brushes and cleaning supplies. If you choose to wear your engagement ring while you clean, consider wearing gloves to protect it and your hands. Without gloves, it's a good idea to remove any precious diamond jewelry while you use harsh cleaners.

When You're Preparing a Tasty Meal

One activity many couples enjoy is cooking together. It can be exciting to experiment with new spices and family recipes, not to mention that you finally get to use all your new cookware. However, wearing your diamond ring while preparing food can lead to the buildup of bacteria within your ring's prongs. Whenever you wash your hands to begin cooking, you may want to set your engagement ring in a safe place. 

When You're Rinsing Off in the Shower 

Showering off during your day may seem like a natural activity that would allow you to wear your engagement or wedding band. While the water from the showerhead may not be harmful to your ring, you never know when it might come off and fall into your drain. To be safe, set your ring in a safe spot before you rinse off each day.

When You're Training at the Gym 

Working up a sweat is natural. Your bodily oils aren't detrimental to your band, but engaging in gym activities might be. If you often lift weights, you will want to remove your band before doing so. Such heavy weights could damage your band, especially if it's hand-set with pavé stones. For this reason, opt to keep your engagement ring in a secure place while you improve your personal records.

When Using Hand Sanitizer 

As you're on your honeymoon, you may visit lots of public places. To stay protected, you may wish to use hand sanitizer often while traveling. While you apply your hand sanitizer, consider handing your engagement ring and wedding band to your spouse. Your ring will retain its sparkle much better without interacting with these chemicals. 

How Can You Maintain Your Ring's Luster? 

Your engagement ring holds precious memories. This band has accompanied you throughout your engagement and will always remind you of the love you share with your partner. You might be wondering what measures you can take to prolong your ring's uniquely beautiful shine. Here are a few manageable ways you can enhance your favorite band's luster.

Wash It Weekly With Gentle Soap 

You don't need a complex ring cleaning solution to maintain a beautiful band. Your ring can stay beautiful with weekly cleaning using a gentle soap. Once a week, set aside twenty minutes to soak your favorite diamond jewelry in sudsy water, then brush each piece carefully with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Let each piece air dry, then return them to your hand or your jewelry box.

Choose High-Quality Wedding Jewelry 

Maintaining excellent jewelry starts with investing in high-quality pieces. Your engagement band and wedding ring should retain their beauty for your entire life. Instead of settling for low-caliber metals or sub-par diamonds, go with a jeweler that chooses only the best. We want your jewelry to last. That's why we only use high-caliber 18-karat gold and diamonds that are F/G color grade and VS clarity. 

Four Noémie Diamond Rings for Your Wedding Jewelry 

Are you still searching for the perfect wedding jewelry? Let's look at several diamond ring options you'll adore.

1. The Lab-Grown Halo Pavé Ring 

Our lab-grown Halo Pavé Ring displays brilliant hand-set pavé stones surrounding a focal stone. The band includes these gorgeous round diamonds set around its perimeter, making it an eye-catching piece for those who desire an engagement ring with unmatched sparkle.

At Noémie, all of our jewelry is conflict-free and ethically sourced. Lab-grown diamonds are another ethical, affordable option that allows you to choose the ring design you want at a more attractive price point. Our lab-grown Halo Pavé Band features stunning quality lab-grown stones that are in every way identical to earth-mined stones. Go ahead and choose remarkable wedding jewelry and save a little bit extra for the honeymoon.

2. The Criss Cross Engagement Ring 

Our Noémie Criss Cross Engagement Ring displays a twisting band design complete with round white diamonds around its entirety. A brilliant center stone takes center stage, completing this gorgeous engagement band. This is a ring you'll want to keep safe so that you can enjoy it for your entire marriage.

3. The Solitaire Pavé Ring 

A solo diamond displayed on a high-quality gold or platinum band is perfection. Our Noémie Solitaire Pavé Ring adds even more glamour with white diamonds surrounding the band. Wear it alone or pair it with a stunning Chevron Diamond Band when you exchange vows. 

4. A Custom Noémie Ring

You may desire a wedding band that's extra personal. Perhaps you've been dreaming of an emerald-cut wedding band or a pear-cut diamond ring. You can show us your design dreams here or build a perfectly personalized band with our Custom Diamond Ring Builder. Choose an impressive 2-carat diamond weight or go for a petite band; the choice is all yours. 

A Final Word 

At Noémie, we're proud to offer diamond jewelry that endures. Still, you'll want to take a few simple measures to ensure your favorite ring stays safe from harsh chemicals, unsafe conditions, and accidents. Know when to keep your wedding jewelry safe from harm. That way, when you look down at your hand years from now, you'll see your rings sparkling like they did the day you said, "I do." 


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