Why Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry Is on the Rise

A diamond's quality has been historically judged based on four central characteristics: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. There's a fifth C-word to consider in the modern era: "conflict-free." It's no longer satisfactory for one to cross their fingers, hoping that their jeweler opted for ethical diamonds when crafting their piece of jewelry. Instead, those who celebrate and wear diamond jewelry are beginning to prioritize compassion and best practices as they opt for ethical diamonds only. 

What Is Ethical Jewelry? 

While diamonds mined from the earth are glowing testaments of nature's miraculous beauty, the way that humanity has retrieved and used natural diamonds has been destructive at times. This unfortunate by-product of diamond production led to the creation of a better solution: ethical diamonds. 

The primary reason for ethical diamonds to exist is to create a solution for diamond production that does not include worker exploitation or environmental harm. Ethical diamonds also refer to diamonds whose origins can be traced back to a clean beginning, meaning diamond sellers never used them for harmful trading.

In short, ethical diamond mining prioritizes fair labor conditions for diamond miners and seeks to minimize the environmental impact of mining. In addition, ethical diamond mining attempts to support the local communities surrounding diamond mines and to curtail the trading of blood diamonds. 

The Kimberley Process 

Although their popularity is growing, ethical diamonds aren't an entirely new idea. The Kimberley Process is an agreement signed in 2003 that upholds the eradication of conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. 56 countries participate in this trade agreement. 

Under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, participants must uphold transparent trade practices and trade only with other members of the KPCS. Noémie jewelry holds to the requirements of the Kimberley Process to ensure our jewelry is high-quality and conflict-free.

There's More Than One Way To Be Ethical 

One way to ensure a diamond is ethical is by implementing earth-friendly mining practices and tracing a diamond to its origins to ensure its purity. This practice means that you can enjoy the splendor of authentic earth-mined stones without worrying about how free of conflict you may be. 

With this in mind, earth-mined stones are not the only ethical option. Now more than ever, diamond lovers are considering lab-mined diamonds as a conflict-free alternative for earth-mined stones. 

Why Ethical Lab-Mined Diamonds Are on the Rise 

Are lab-mined diamonds the less genuine alternative to earth-mined diamonds? Lab-grown stones are relatively new to the jewelry scene when compared to earth-mined stones. Because of this reality, you might be skeptical of a lab-mined diamond's value. Let's look at the reasons why lab-mined diamonds are on the rise. 

They're Guaranteed To Have Clean Origins 

Diamonds mined from the earth are often exchanged between a few hands before reaching you, the wearer. As such, it can be hard to tell whether your diamond was always conflict-free, and you may be forced to take someone's word that it is. On the other hand, those who opt for lab-mined diamonds know their gems are squeaky clean from unethical mining practices and trade history. 

Lab-mined Gems Are Cost-Efficient

There's more to enjoy about lab-mined diamonds. Another attractive feature of these gems is their cost-efficiency. Lab-grown diamonds tend to be less expensive than their natural-mined counterparts. This factor makes them a favorable option for those seeking diamond jewelry at more comfortable prices. 

Lab-grown Diamonds Are Just as Genuine 

You may be wondering how authentic lab-grown diamonds can be. The truth is that there is no chemical difference between a lab-mined diamond and one grown beneath the earth. 

Although they're sometimes referred to as "synthetic" or "man-made" diamonds, these precious stones undergo the same diamond-forming processes involving carbon, heat, and pressure. As a result, you can be confident that a lab-created diamond is as valuable and attractive as its earth-mined counterpart. 

Lab-Mined Stones To Fall in Love With 

Are you beginning to see the benefits of ethical jewelry? Perhaps you're starting to consider a lab-mined stone for your beloved's next gift. After all, its origins are completely clean, and it boasts an attractive price point with a beauty that rivals a natural gem. Let's discover the Noémie lab-mined diamond jewelry that's perfect for your next gift. 

The Lab-Grown Eternity Band Ring 

An eternity band historically symbolizes eternal commitment through its unending shape. This beloved symbolism is one reason this design has been a timeless staple throughout jewelry history. 

Our Lab-Grown Noémie Diamond Eternity Band Ring displays glowing conflict-free diamonds around a durable 18-karat band. You can customize your band by selecting your ideal metal and having a personalized message engraved into your band at no extra cost.

The Lab-Grown Solitaire Ring

Once you and your partner decide to pursue marriage, the engagement and wedding planning begins. As you discuss engagement rings, consider a lab-grown stone. Our Lab-Grown Solitaire Ring features a design that has withstood the test of time. 

Personalize this band in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum with customizable carat weight. Our lab-created diamond jewelry is crafted carefully under lab-controlled conditions, so you can be sure that your jewelry is of the highest quality.

The Lab-Grown Halo Pavé Band

When searching for engagement rings, a variety of questions may come up. The bride may ask herself if she'd prefer to wear a wedding band that compliments her engagement band. She may ponder whether she'd like to wear one sole engagement band in the place of two rings. She might also wonder whether she should include pavé diamonds in her band.

Pavé diamonds create an accent for any engagement ring that elevates it from a stunning piece of jewelry to a divine one. Our Lab-Grown Halo Pavé Band exhibits white pavé diamonds surrounding the center stone and accenting the band all the way around the shank and gallery. You can choose to wear it alone or pair it with a stunning lab-grown eternity band. 

The Lab Grown One Carat Diamond Eternity Band 

If you liked the lab-grown diamond eternity band, there's even more to love. The One Carat Diamond Eternity Band offers a more impressive, bold shimmer with its lustrous diamonds. In addition, this eternity band features ethical and sustainable diamonds crafted with care under lab-controlled conditions to glitter with all the authentic charm of natural-mined stones of the highest quality.

Noémie's Quality Standard 

Part of what makes fine jewelry high quality is its origins. You should know that every Noémie diamond ring is outfitted with ethical gems, whether they're natural-mined diamonds or lab-created gems.

As you shop for the ideal diamond pieces for yourself or others, you deserve fine jewelry with uncompromising clean origins. For what it's worth, we're happy to handcraft our Noémie pieces with only the best quality 18-karat gold and conflict-free diamonds in F/G color and VS clarity. 

In Summary 

Diamonds are one of the most beloved treasures of our planet. When you try out a piece of Noémie fine diamond jewelry, you add a priceless treasure into your story. As you purchase diamond jewelry, remember that selecting ethical diamond jewelry is one way to respect diamonds for the purity and beauty they contribute to the world. 


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