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What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding Band Ring?

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What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding Band Ring?

If you're planning on getting engaged soon, you may start to think about the potential costs of various factors involved in your engagement and wedding. When you're deciding your wedding budget, it can help to know the ballpark cost of your wedding jewelry. 

While wedding bands are only one of many details to consider, knowing their typical cost can help you determine what you'd like to spend and find an exquisite ring for exceptional value. 

The Average Cost of a Wedding Band 

Just like every love story varies, every wedding band will vary in cost based on its different features. Ultimately, you can expect to spend anywhere between $400-$12,000 on your band at either extreme. The most comfortable price range you may expect to find in 2021 is around $1,000-$3,000.

Enjoying the wedding band of your dreams starts with understanding what goes into its value, so we'll look at that in just a moment. 

Cost Factors To Consider 

Have you ever shopped for wedding bands before? When you're trying to determine your price range, there are several cost factors you may want to consider. Understanding your priorities on each of these topics can help steer you toward the ring of your dreams for a price that works for you.


Although it may not be the most glamorous detail, determining which metal is ideal for you is a significant part of your cost estimate. For example, a 10-karat gold band will cost significantly less than a 24-karat gold band. In a moment, we'll learn more about gold quality to help you find the best metal for the value. 

Carat Weight 

Another determining factor is your wedding band's carat weight. You can expect to pay a bit more when you want diamonds included in your wedding band. The total cost will depend on the carat weight of all the diamonds in your ring, which is something to keep in mind as you imagine yourself wearing this kind of jewelry.


Have you always dreamed of purchasing a luxurious diamond wedding band from a famous jewelry retailer? Although that option might sound fascinating, it's essential to go with the retailer that offers the best quality jewelry for the price, especially if you're on a budget.

Four Things To Consider When Purchasing Your Wedding Bands 

With all of that information in mind, here are the four things you'll want to have in mind when selecting the rings you'll exchange as a sign of your love. 

1. How Durable Will Your Wedding Ring Be? 

The durability of your ring can play a part in how long-lasting it is. Do you want precious jewelry that will show signs of wear more quickly, or would you prefer wedding jewelry that endures for decades? 

Selecting a high-quality metal such as platinum or 18-karat gold is best when you want your wedding band to last. Both metals offer a beautiful finish while maintaining their shape over time. 

2. Do You Want To Include Diamonds in Your Band?

Some people prefer more simplistic wedding jewelry, which can sometimes result in a less expensive band. If you'd prefer diamonds in your wedding band, that's an excellent choice. Planning for diamonds in your budget can help ensure that you look within the correct price range. 

3. Do You Want To Spend Time Upkeeping Your Band?

Sometimes, choosing durable metals comes at a price. If you opt for a sterling silver band, you'll pay less money up-front, but you may expect to pay more, in the end, to have it polished and cleaned regularly. Choosing a high-quality, durable metal such as platinum can help you ensure your band will keep its shape and color much longer.

4. What's Your Budget? 

One way to eliminate cost surprises when shopping for luxury jewelry is to go in with a specific budget. With this budget in mind, you'll be able to find a band that shines with elegance. As a bonus, sticking within a budget can help you start on the right foot financially in your marriage. 

Ways To Reduce Wedding Band Costs 

If you're someone who prefers to reduce costs however possible, we have a few guiding tips for you. Here are the best ways to get stunning jewelry for the best price:

  • Purchase from a responsible retailer. Some jewelry retailers can offer low prices because their quality isn't up-to-standard. In other cases, retailers may raise their prices because of poor product assortment, sales commissions, and shipping costs. When you purchase your wedding jewelry from a responsible retailer like Noémie, you can be more sure that you're getting the best quality for your money.
  • Don't spend extra on shipping. Some retailers may ask you to pay for shipping on top of the cost of your bridal jewelry. You can find better value by going with a retailer that offers quick, free shipping.
  • Choose lab-grown diamonds for a discounted price. If you're looking to cut your budget further, you don't have to go to extremes. You can enjoy exquisite quality diamonds at a more affordable price point by selecting lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are like earth-grown stones in every way, but they're usually much more affordable. 

Five Wedding Bands To Fall in Love With 

Are you ready to find the wedding band to represent your commitment to your loved one? Here are five Noémie bands to accent your engagement ring beautifully.

1. The Diamond Eternity Band Ring

Perhaps you're interested in a classic wedding band that will always look terrific. Our Diamond Eternity Band Ring features delicate diamonds around the band's entirety, making it a timeless piece that will accentuate your engagement ring.

2. The Open Band Ring 

Your engagement ring may have been the piece of jewelry that you and your partner decided to prioritize. In that case, you may have a more prominent diamond displayed, such as a solitaire diamond, that you want to be the center of attention. Our Open Band Ring makes the perfect addition to a larger engagement ring, as the opening makes room for the engagement ring's stone to shine brilliantly. 

3. Chevron Diamond Ring 

This piece of wedding jewelry is ideal for those who love modern minimalistic designs. Our Noémie Chevron Ring's design creates a subtle space, making it a terrific pair to show off an engagement ring. Gorgeous white diamonds display across the band's face, simultaneously making it a unique and elegant option. 

4. Three Diamonds Stacking Ring 

Perhaps you're looking for a simplistic wedding band to highlight your engagement ring. You can choose a classic Three Diamonds Stacking band in your selection of 18-karat gold accented with three petite diamonds to add luxury to your band.

5. Bezel Diamond Ring 

You may be a fan of bezel-set diamond jewelry. If so, you can include this style in your wedding band. In our Bezel Diamond Ring, we handset each delicate round diamond in a bezel setting to create a ring that's glamorous alone or paired. 

Noémie Offers the Best Value

You deserve glamour and excellence in your wedding jewelry. These things can be yours, even on a budget. When you're ready to find a perfect timeless wedding band that fits your budget, we're here to help make that a reality at Noémie.


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