Where Can You Buy Fine Jewelry Online?

In the modern era, the way we do life has changed. 30 years ago, there was no online fine jewelry market. If you were searching for fine jewelry, you'd have to plan for a road trip on a Sunday to go to a large city (such as New York City or Los Angeles), depending on where you lived. Shopping for an engagement ring or diamond ring was a luxury experience, though simultaneously difficult. Now, you can hop on your computer Monday morning and buy a piece of jewelry in minutes.

After arriving at that store, you'd walk inside and need to speak with a jeweler about each piece that caught your attention. You might be in the market for diamond studs or other gemstones (such as opals, topaz, or amethyst). Then, if you weren't ready to purchase anything on that particular day or didn’t see anything in your price point, you would have planned to make the same trip again on a later date.

Thankfully, online shopping makes this process a breeze in the current age, depending on where you shop. Online stores have similar items (if not the same items) as what you’d find in jewelry stores. 

Today, let's talk about the online buying experience versus the traditional in-store experience regarding fine jewelry. Then, we'll show you why Noémie makes your online jewelry buying experience seamless and enjoyable. 

Can You Buy Fine Jewelry Online? 

You could probably guess that the internet is full of low-quality jewelry. But you deserve to wear valuable necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets that last. Whether it’s jewelry for special occasions or everyday pieces, the perfect jewelry can be yours with the click of a button. That's why it's essential to find the most qualified retailers where you can purchase fine jewelry made of precious metals and the best quality diamonds.

Perks of Searching Online for Fine Jewelry 

There are a few significant perks to shopping online for fine jewelry, compared to a storefront. If you enjoy shopping solo and taking your time browsing, you'll enjoy the experience of looking online for fine jewelry. You’ll have plenty of options! When you look online, you can also avoid some pressure to decide before you're ready. You have all the time you need to compare diamonds and prices without obligation, which isn’t always the case when you shop in person.

Benefits to Exploring Fine Jewelry Options at a Storefront 

If you're more traditional, you may prefer browsing fine jewelry options in a storefront. One of the benefits of looking in a store is seeing pieces that catch your interest right before your eyes and seeing tester rings. You may also like that stores have a jewelry consultant to talk you through everything. 

However, when shopping at a storefront that doesn't have an online presence, you risk paying markup fees for the cost of the building, paying employees, and other expenses. You might only be able to shop for consumer brands/brand names that are super popular and expensive. When shopping at primarily online stores, you may be able to escape this kind of upcharge.

The Best Option for Finding Quality Fine Jewelry Online 

Noémie creates the most effortless experience for browsing selections of fine handcrafted jewelry online. While we have a storefront, our most significant presence is online, meaning we can reduce storefront expenses on our end and costs on your end. Plus, we provide top-notch service and conflict-free diamonds. 

Other stores rely on markups to make a profit, so you'll pay more with them. We decided to optimize our production to offer you high-quality fine jewelry at affordable prices. We source, design, craft, and sell each piece directly to you, and you can trust that we put care into each step. We consider ourselves to be artisans of fine jewelry. 

The Noémie Fine Diamond Jewelry You'll Love Wearing

What are you waiting for? Your life doesn't need a special occasion as a reason to purchase a dainty diamond necklace. Treat yourself to a holiday by the sea and fine jewelry that excites you. 


Are you looking for more straightforward jewelry details to enhance your daily attire? Try a fine diamond bracelet.

Tennis Bracelet: The tennis bracelet is a piece of jewelry as spectacular as its name is famous. Our Noémie Tennis Bracelet features an excess of VS clarity diamonds with an F/G color grade. 

We hand-set these gorgeous stones in your preference of 18-karat yellow gold, rose gold, or black gold. It's the perfect everyday accessory for loungewear after yoga or a romantic night out on a boat under the stars. 

Sapphire Tennis Bracelet: This variation of the well-known tennis bracelet design is perfect for those who love filling their lives with color. Sections of white diamonds offset a majority of sparkling pink sapphires that line this bracelet, making it a unique piece to add personality to your wardrobe. 


Necklaces can add a subtle charm and creatively share your personality. See which might look best on you. Whether you’re into pendant necklaces or want something simple, we have options.

Five Diamond Necklace: You deserve to experience more simple beauty throughout your days. Our 5 Diamond Necklace is a delicate piece that accents your apparel with a straightforward charm. The necklace features five brilliant miniature diamonds bezel-set in an evenly-spaced arrangement, creating a pleasant symmetrical effect. If you desire a necklace that you can wear night and day, our five-diamond necklace is ideal. 

Zodiac Necklace: Your zodiac represents all the elements of your essence that make the world brighter. Why not celebrate that? Our Zodiac Necklace is excellent for daily wear. It displays a unique zodiac image in the center surrounded by glittering diamonds around the pendant. Wear it proudly to embrace who you are. 


Do you need a few more rings in your go-to collection? Adding timeless bands can refresh your typical wardrobe.

Vintage Diamond Band: Buying fine jewelry is one way to make your wardrobe more timeless. If you enjoy celebrating styles from throughout the decades, Our Vintage Diamond Band is an excellent choice for you. In your choice of 18-karat gold or platinum, this band has a whimsical touch that won't ever expire. 

Baguette Diamond Band: Baguette-cut diamonds are rare and excellent. If you've been searching for the perfect addition to your diamond collection, our Baguette-Cut Band is a terrific choice. Each stone displays excellent clarity, reflecting parallel rays of light. These baguette-cut diamonds encircle the entire band, making it a breath-taking piece of jewelry from any angle.


There's nothing so elegant and romantic as diamond earrings. Here are some options you might enjoy wearing.

1920s Split-Hoop Diamond Earrings: If you delight in styles from the past, these earrings may suit you well. This design draws inspiration from the city of Paris in the 1920s. Each parallel hoop connects to a cluster of miniature fine diamonds in the center. These are classics for an evening at dinner or an awards show. 

Huggie Baguette Earrings: If you can't get enough baguette-shaped diamonds, here's an earring for you. Our Huggie Baguette Earrings are an excellent option for everyday wear. With stunning diamond clarity, each baguette-shaped stone lining the hoops is a masterpiece. Wear them for yourself to find out how elegant they feel.

Custom Jewelry 

Buying fine jewelry doesn't mean you have to purchase pre-made pieces. You can opt for custom-made jewelry that's of the same caliber. 

Why should you choose custom-made jewelry when there are so many brilliant Noémie pieces to enjoy wearing? There are a few reasons you might opt for jewelry that fits your needs:

  1. Custom jewelry is inherently personal. When you elect to purchase custom-made jewelry, you can feel even more connected to your purchase. Not only will it be a valuable, long-lasting piece of fine jewelry, but its unique nature gives it the potential to be an heirloom one day. You can choose the material (14-karat gold, 18-karat gold, platinum, etc.).
  2. Custom jewelry makes an excellent gift. What makes a better gift than fine jewelry? The answer is custom-designed fine jewelry. If you have a special occasion coming up, you can make it a day to remember. Think of their style and preferences for diamond jewelry, then customize a piece that's perfect for their personality and daily apparel. 
  3. Custom jewelry puts creativity in your hands. It's not every day that you get to have a voice in the creative direction of a piece of fine jewelry. You can take advantage of this opportunity to make something that suits you well. You'll love wearing it and feel proud of yourself for customizing each element.
  4. Custom jewelry is ideal for wedding jewelry. Making your day unique to you is crucial. There are so many wedding elements that you'll share with the millions of other newlyweds in the world. Why not have a brilliant detail that's only for you and your partner? By designing your jewelry together, you'll have bands that are as extraordinary as you are. 

Noémie's Storefront Experience 

If you'd prefer a storefront experience, Noémie can provide that for you. Our Bleeker Street location in New York offers a selection of our favorite pieces for shoppers to peruse up-close. 

Get to know fine diamond necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings at a leisurely pace, and we'll be nearby to help you decide on a selection if you'd like. 

Find Your Next Favorite Piece of Fine Jewelry at Noémie

You deserve to have a seamless shopping experience while searching diamond jewelry selections for the best pieces. At Noémie, it's easy to browse our collections to find elegant jewelry displaying time-tested diamond cuts. Fine jewelry should be high-quality and special; that’s why fine jewelry is made of real gemstones and metals, not cubic zirconia and sterling silver.

Perhaps you're looking to get creative and customize your own fine diamond band to wear daily. Or, maybe you want a pair of sophisticated diamond earrings to enhance your date night ensembles. Regardless of the occasion, at Noémie, we're happy to help you find the jewelry you desire both online and in person.


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Our Nine Favorite Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Designs

No two couples are the same. Despite this, many choose wedding jewelry based on historical customs. There's nothing wrong with desiring a traditional diamond engagement ring if that's who you are; many diamond ring shapes are timeless for a reason.

Still, you might dream of something different. Perhaps you feel that a distinctive design, stone, or setting might symbolize your unique relationship more authentically. Let us introduce the idea of non-traditional engagement rings. Then, we'll explore nine of our favorite Noémie ring options for you and your partner to adore. 

What Is a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring?

There are a variety of ways to execute a non-traditional engagement ring. Ultimately, the sky's the limit when it comes to dreaming up potential alternatives for the typical white diamond stone that many choose. Here are a few markers of a non-traditional band.

Unique Shape 

Within the varieties of gemstone cuts, there is room for some customization. Still, you might desire an even more unique cut, opting for one of the following:

  • Asprey Cut: This cut may appear similar to a cushion-cut diamond, but it involves a unique hand-cutting process that uses no machines. 
  • Ashoka Cut: An Ashoka-cut stone is a modification of the cushion-cut diamond, opting for a rectangular shape with 62 facets.
  • Jubilee Cut: Typically, jewelers only cut this style into larger-sized gemstones. This cut debuted in the early 1900s to honor Queen Victoria of England.
  • Bead Cut: This infrequent cut resembles a disco ball with its spherical appearance. 
  • Eighty-Eight Cut: One belief native to Chinese culture is that the number eight holds significant symbolism for good fortune. Appropriately, this cut features eighty-eight facets in an octagon shape. 

Uncommon Band 

Usually, a diamond ring includes a singular plain gold or platinum band. If you're looking for something personal to you, you might opt for something most people haven't seen before. 

Perhaps you'd choose a stone surrounded by crisscrossing diamond bands. You might select a band that has unique designs carved into the sides. You can be as creative as you like with this element or go with the tried and true band options. 

Alternative Stone 

Essentially, an engagement ring is considered non-traditional when a couple opts for a diamond alternative or unique gemstone to be the focal stone in the band. Some may also choose to have several smaller gems rather than one central stone. 

Talk with your partner about what you both desire. You may opt for one of the four primary precious gemstones, or you might choose a semi-precious stone that better expresses your tastes.

Reasons You Might Choose a Non-Traditional Ring

Are you considering going with a non-traditional engagement ring or wedding band? Here are a few common reasons you might choose something one-of-a-kind over the usual selections:

  • You want to customize your wedding and engagement. You want these events to clearly represent your style and tastes.
  • You enjoy other gemstones over diamonds. Perhaps you've always wanted vivid amethyst or sapphires over white diamonds. 
  • You're prioritizing a smaller budget. Some semi-precious gemstones are available at a fraction of the cost of diamonds.

Nine Noémie Rings for Non-Traditional Romantics

Are you ready to explore a few options for non-traditional engagement rings? We're happy to show you nine favorites in our assortment of Noémie rings. 

1. Half White Diamond, Half Sapphires 

Some people pick a favorite color, but what should you do when you love them all? Our Half-White Diamond Half-Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band offers a mixture of precious colorful stones and classic diamonds. On one side, we've included pink, blue, green, and orange sapphires with round white diamonds on the other. It's an incredible choice to represent a relationship that bends the status quo.

2. Gold Heart and Diamonds Ring 

Maybe you have a traditional engagement ring, but you're searching for a wedding band that feels like your personality. Our Gold Heart and Diamonds Ring features gold hearts in between a grouping of pavé-set diamonds. It's a precious symbol of pure love.  

3. Diamond Chain Link Ring

Choosing a band in your design style is essential for some people. If your tastes lean toward more glamorous, bold choices, you may want a ring to match. Our Diamond Chain Link Ring is a perfect selection. Although it features traditional white diamonds, the band's chain-link shape makes for a gorgeous complement to an engagement ring.

4. Princess-Cut Multi-Sapphire Eternity Band 

Perhaps you love multi-colored stones, but you desire a traditional cut. Our Princess-Cut Multi-Sapphire Eternity Band is a delightfully bright choice that combines a timeless shape with non-traditional sapphires. Customize your band by selecting 18-karat white gold or rose gold, and you'll have the multi-colored band of your dreams.

5. Open Heart Sapphires Ring 

Want to go for an unusual shape with uncommon stones? Our Open Heart Sapphires Ring serves as a valuable reminder that love begins with an open heart. The brilliant sapphires make it a unique, colorful band that can help you treasure your one-in-a-million relationship. 

6. Black Diamond Eternity Band Ring 

Some prefer to walk on the darker side. If that's the case in your relationship, our Black Diamond Eternity Band Ring could be the perfect ring to exchange during your proclamation of love on your wedding day.

7. Sapphire Eternity Band 

Are you looking for a band that displays your favorite colors? Our Sapphire Eternity Band allows you to select gorgeous pink, blue, or orange sapphires with your choice of 18-karat rose gold or black gold. 

8. The Bohemian Dancer Ring 

Here's a genuinely original band. Our Bohemian Dancer Ring displays diamonds in an eternity fashion, along with dangling white diamonds staggered throughout the band. It's a perfect choice for those who enjoy enchanting styles.

9. Custom Diamond Ring Builder 

We know you want a ring that you feel is perfect for you. No one wants to spend their marriage wearing a band they don't thoroughly relish. At Noémie, we make it possible for you to navigate our easy-to-use Custom Diamond Ring Builder to create a diamond ring design experience that's individual to you. 

You can select your desired cut, along with carat size, metal color, and pavé style. As a bonus, you can also have your ring engraved with a personal message at no extra cost. 

Ways To Personalize Your Engagement and Wedding Band 

Some people enjoy searching for new, unusual styles to reflect their tastes and personalities within their partnership. Others may wish to choose more timeless, traditional engagement and wedding bands but still desire some amount of personalization. Let's look at a few ways you can customize your wedding jewelry without going entirely non-traditional. 

Play a Part in the Design Process 

If you have a diamond cut or design in mind that you don't see in our selections, we're more than happy to talk with you about your desired style and vision for your wedding jewelry. Using our custom design experience, our experts will consult with you to help you navigate your preferences with no strings attached. 

Select a Metal Color That Matches Your Tastes

Selecting wedding jewelry that you love doesn't have to mean making extravagant changes to traditional styles. You can personalize your band by choosing a metal color that most closely matches your tastes. At Noémie, we offer platinum and the best quality 18-karat gold in rose, yellow, and white gold. Within these choices, you may find a metal color that's perfect for you. 

Go for an Unusual Style 

There's nothing wrong with round-cut diamonds. However, you may find yourself daydreaming about marquis-cut stones and pear-cut diamonds. You can personalize your diamond ring by opting for a cut that's timeless but a little less common than typical engagement ring cuts. In the end, you'll be thankful you did.

Have Your Band Engraved 

Let's explore one more simple way to make your diamond ring more personal to your relationship. Perhaps you have an inside saying between you and your beloved. Maybe instead of expressing the common "I love you," you both exchange a phrase like "forever" or "you're my favorite." With most of our Noémie rings, we offer complimentary engraving to help you make your band one-of-a-kind. It's a personal touch that can make exchanging rings that much more memorable. 

Your Band Should Be as Singular as Your Love

At Noémie, we believe every journey is singular. In the end, your engagement and wedding day will become a part of your treasured memories, and the eternal promises you made to one another will remain. You don't have to choose the jewelry everyone else expects. You can honor your relationship by choosing exciting bands you'll both adore for years to come.


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How To Wear Wedding Rings the Right Way

When you're getting married, there are a host of wedding traditions you'll consider incorporating into your ceremony. From flower arrangements to your wedding party, you'll find yourself making a hundred decisions that will impact your wedding day.

With each new detail, you might opt for a more non-traditional approach, or you may be the type to follow historical customs to a T while planning. Before you figure out your preferences for the ceremony, it's a good idea to know a bit about wedding ring customs.

How should you wear your wedding ring? Should you wear a wedding band by itself? Will your partner wear a ring throughout the engagement period? Let's look into the traditions of wedding bands. Then, you'll have the information you need to make choices that suit your relationship and your story. 

Where Do Wedding Ring Customs Originate? 

If you live in the western hemisphere, you're more than likely aware that the left ring fourth finger is where married couples wear their wedding bands. You're also probably familiar with the engagement process wherein the ring giver bends to one knee to ask their partner to marry them.

Where did these traditions start? Why do couples signify their love with a ring? Do you have to wear your wedding band on the left hand? Let's explore historical traditions to learn the background of these conventional practices. 

Egyptian Tradition 

Egyptians are said to be the first group of people to exchange rings in a meaningful way. Thousands of years ago, Egyptian people deemed rings as a symbol of affection, but why?

The design of a ring is simple, yet it holds a wealth of symbolism if you look closer. Egyptian people loved the way a ring's unending design mirrors eternity. They thought that one continuous band was the perfect symbol to represent eternal love. 

Greek Tradition 

After Alexander the Great ruled over the Egyptians, Greek people also began incorporating this symbol into their romantic relationships. They would give rings to their lovers to represent long-lasting devotion. At this point in history, many rings began to feature Greek mythological symbols such as eros and Cupid, the god of love. 

Roman Tradition 

In Roman culture, both members of a couple would wear rings during their engagement period. During their wedding ceremonies, the groom would lay his hands on top of the bride's hands, joining each ring to unite the set. 

Different Fingers Hold Different Meanings

Why do lovers wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of their left hands? The Egyptians believed that a vein ran from the left ring finger directly to the heart. Though we know this isn't the case, the tradition remains.

Palmistry is a mystical practice that associates the fingers of the Greek gods with different qualities. If you're planning on making your own customs for your wedding jewelry, it may interest you to learn each finger's symbolism and supposed metaphysical properties

Thumb: This finger is marked by willpower and self-assertion. 

First Finger: The first finger, or index finger, represents self-confidence and ambition. It can also symbolize spirituality. In some cultures, lovers wear wedding bands on their right index fingers. 

Middle Finger: The concepts of law, justice, duty, and balance mark the middle finger.

Ring Finger: In western tradition, the left ring finger is where partners wear their wedding jewelry. In Russia and India, the betrothed couple wears rings on their right hand's ring fingers. It can also represent creativity and a love of beauty. 

Last Finger: Wearing jewelry on this finger can symbolize intuition and communication. 

Western Traditional Wedding Ring Placement 

Now that you've learned about ring traditions throughout the centuries, you might like to know what modern ring customs couples still practice. When it comes to engagement rings, typically, only one person wears this band until the wedding day. When exchanging wedding bands, that person will wear their wedding band on their ring finger first, then slip the engagement ring back over it. 

Nine Noémie Wedding Bands To Exchange on Your Wedding Day

Are you ready to dream up a wedding jewelry suite that fits your relationship? At Noémie, we use only fine materials: 18-karat gold, platinum, and GIA-graded diamonds in VS clarity and F/G color. When you choose the band of your dreams, you can have full assurance that its quality will continue to last through all the seasons of your relationship.

Let's explore nine options for wedding bands you can exchange with your partner at the celebration of your partnership.

1. The Three Row Micro Pave Diamond Band 

Do you enjoy jewelry that boasts sophisticated glamour? If so, our Three-Row Micro Pavé band may be a suitable wedding band for you or your partner. Three rows of sparkling pavé-set diamonds encircle an 18-karat gold band to make an excellent accent for an engagement ring. 

2. The Princess Diamond Halo Half Band 

Some people choose to forego the engagement ring to wear a more extravagant wedding band. If you've considered wearing a singular diamond band, the Princess Diamond Halo Half Band is a terrific choice. This option displays six expertly cut princess-shaped diamonds encircled by halo pavé stones. Wear it alone, or you can pair it with a traditional engagement ring.

3. The Criss Cross Engagement Band 

Perhaps you'd prefer to wear an engagement ring alone in place of a wedding band set. In this case, our magnificent Criss Cross Engagement Band might fit your taste; this ring is one for the individualist. Diamond-paved crisscrossing bands mark this design and surround a brilliant focal diamond. It's one that you can wear alone or pair with a classic wedding band. 

4. The Bezel Diamond Ring 

Do you prefer wedding jewelry that's romantic and unique? Our Bezel Diamond ring features seven premium-quality round diamonds placed in an 18-karat bezel setting. Each gleaming bezel-set stone will complement the engagement ring you wear with it beautifully. 

5. The Lab-Grown 2-Carat Diamond Eternity Band Ring 

Some people prefer to allocate their budget toward serving refined delicacies at their reception or spending extended time at their honeymoon destination. If you'd like to stay within a budget with your wedding jewelry, choosing a lab-grown stone might be of interest to you.

Lab-grown stones are identical to naturally-grown diamonds in every way, down to the chemical composition. Only expert jewelers can tell the difference between lab-mined stones and earth-grown diamonds. Opting for lab-grown diamond jewelry is not only more affordable, but it's a way to guarantee that your diamonds are ethical, too. 

If lab-grown diamonds interest you, our Lab-Grown 2-Carat Diamond Eternity Band may be the wedding band for you. The eternity style is timeless, representing eternal commitment and devotion. Each glowing lab-created diamond boasts excellent quality that will match your engagement ring's elegance.

6. The Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Do you prefer princess-cut diamonds to other cuts? Imagine a Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Band with your engagement ring. We've handcrafted this band with incredible quality to create an elevated wedding jewelry experience you can enjoy for years to come. 

7. The Vintage Diamond Band 

Do you enjoy design styles from past decades? If so, our Vintage Diamond Band can accent your engagement band perfectly. Its design displays whimsical shapes complete with brilliant diamonds in miniature clusters and impressive bezel settings throughout the band. 

8. The Baguette and Round Diamond Band

Baguette-shaped diamonds are a luxury fit for a wedding jewelry set. For those who enjoy this exquisite cut, our Baguette and Round Diamond Band will be the band of your fantasies. This eclectic design features stunning baguette-shaped stones offset by glowing round diamonds.

9. The Custom Diamond Ring

With all the details of your wedding day, it's crucial to leave some things for yourself. You deserve to indulge in the wedding jewelry your heart desires. After all, these rings will last throughout your lifetime. 

Make your wedding your own by customizing your wedding band. You can choose our Custom Diamond Ring builder to personalize a classic diamond band or utilize our custom design experience for a band that matches your ideals perfectly. 

Your Wedding Rings Tell Your Story 

Your wedding should be a celebration of your relationship with all those who are dear to you. Any customs, traditions, or rules that don't fit your essence are not worth keeping. All that matters is that you love the life you're creating together with your beloved.

With that said, your wedding jewelry should represent you, too. At Noémie, we're happy to partner with you to help you find the fine diamond jewelry that suits your unique journey. 


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How To Figure Out Ring Size Without Your Significant Other Figuring Out What You're Up To

Every love story is unique, and yours is no exception. Whether you're considering engagement or you merely want to surprise your loved one with a diamond ring, knowing their size is essential. If you’re going to a jewelry store or ordering a piece from a jeweler, you want to make sure the ring fits before you make a purchase. Resizing isn’t the end of the world, but getting the size of the wedding ring right the first time makes things easier. 

How can you find out their size without giving yourself away? Is there a way to keep your surprise hidden while ensuring you have the correct measurement? Figuring out a ring size can be more difficult than, say, figuring out someone’s shoe size.

First, let's talk about why having the right size is crucial for purchasing rings. Then, we'll discuss several ways you can easily find out your partner's ring size. Once you have their proper measurements, we'll show you a few of our favorite fine diamond bands that are perfect for all your romantic surprises

Why To Measure Ring Sizes Properly 

You might be wondering if you can estimate when it comes to ring sizes. Do you really need to know their exact size? With other jewelry, you may be able to get away with more loose sizing. However, you'll want to find the proper ring size for your partner for a few reasons. Getting a larger size will allow the ring to slide past the knuckle. If you have a tighter fit, it might be uncomfortable. The size of the ring matters!

Many People Wear the Wrong Size without Knowing

The first reason it's a good idea to find your partner's ring size is that many people wear the wrong size and don't even realize it. Perhaps your significant other has told you their ring size before, but you continually see that their rings are too loose. Obtaining their accurate measurement can allow you to pick a ring that doesn't slide off. That’s where ring-sizing tools come in. 

So You Won't Have to Have Yours Resized Later

Let's say you guess their ring size and go through with purchasing an engagement ring that's the wrong size. After your one-in-a-million moment of getting engaged, you'll have to go through the trouble of having the band resized. Discover your girlfriend’s ring size (or significant other’s) so they can wear (and stare at) their new engagement ring without having to take it off. 

To Feel Comfortable Wearing Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry 

No one likes having to adjust their jewelry all day long. When you buy the right-sized jewelry, you can ensure your beloved will be able to wear their diamond ring without having to fidget with it throughout the day. Plus, in cold weather or warm weather, your fingers might swell, so you should take that into consideration when it comes to comfort. 

Ways To Figure Out Your Significant Other's Ring Size Without Them Knowing

So how can you find out your partner's ring size in a subtle way? If you have a surprise planned, you'll want to be stealthy about it. The perfect ring size is important! Here are a few ways you can get an accurate size to make sure your surprise gift works out perfectly. 

Sneak One of Their Rings Away and Measure It

Does your partner often wear rings? If so, consider grabbing an existing ring and taking it with you (just for a day or so). When it's in your possession, print out a ring sizing chart and align the band with the chart. Just make sure it’s a ring they wear on their ring finger!

You can also use a ring sizer, or take a strip of paper (or piece of string or dental floss) to wrap around the inside of the ring to find the circumference or inner diameter. You can also use a ruler and measure in millimeters how long the paper or string is. When the string end meets the other end, make a mark with a pen. This is an accurate way to get a perfect size ring because you now know their finger size. 

Once you see the correct size, you can return their ring to its original spot as soon as possible. Try to pick one they don't wear every day, so they don't notice. 

Have Them Try on One of Your Rings and See How It Fits 

Here's a way to find out ring sizes for those who have similarly-sized hands. One day when you're watching a movie together on the couch or snuggling up by the fireside, try slipping your ring onto their finger in a playful way.

If it almost fits, you'll know that you probably need to size up or down a half size. However, you may want to use one more measurement of the diameter of the ring before ordering, just to be sure. 

Pretend You're Ordering for Someone Else 

One way to complete this surprise is to act as if you're purchasing a diamond band for someone else in your family. Try mentioning to your partner that you'd like to buy a ring for your mom or aunt for an upcoming holiday. You could say something like, "Your hands seem about the size of my mom's. What's your ring size?" 

If you try this method, you'll need to be committed to answering any follow-up questions they may have, so be prepared with a backstory. 

Have One of Their Close Friends Ask Them

One sure way to get an accurate size for them is to have someone who knows them ask outright. When a close friend asks, they'll guess some kind of jewelry is coming to them, but they won't know all the details. Your meaningful gift will be just as surprising. 

If All Else Fails, Ask Them Directly 

Are you planning on purchasing an engagement ring for your partner? Preparing for a proposal is one of the most exciting events in a person's lifetime. 

If you and your significant other have discussed marriage, you might want to ask them directly for their ring size. They may want to have a say in the jewelry they'll wear for a lifetime, and you'll get an accurate measurement from the most reliable source, which is definitely easier than tracing a ring on a piece of paper.  

Noémie Engagement Rings You'll Both Love 

When you're ready to get engaged, you'll want to find the ring that helps create a perfect proposal. As you search for diamond rings for your partner, know that Noémie is the best source for fine handcrafted jewelry. Let's explore a few of our favorite Noémie engagement rings. 

Halo Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring 

Our 18-karat gold Halo Pavé Diamond band is an excellent engagement ring choice for those who love distinguished diamond jewelry. It displays a gorgeous focal stone surrounded by gleaming pavé diamonds around the stone and band. Per your taste, you can adjust the carat size of the focal stone in the center to have a band that's perfect for you.

Lab-Grown Solitaire Ring 

The solitaire band is one engagement ring style that has proven its value over time. This band features one single lab-grown stone that's as brilliant and high-quality as its natural-grown counterparts. 

Our Lab-Grown Solitaire Ring looks beautiful with any wedding band. In addition, the lab-grown diamond ensures you'll have an excellent-quality piece of jewelry at a fraction of the natural-grown cost.

Noémie Rings for Enchanting Moments 

Where are you on your journey with your partner? Perhaps you've been married for 15 years, and you're looking for a lovely diamond band to celebrate the treasured time spent with your spouse. 

Alternatively, perhaps you and your partner have recently had a baby together. You can surprise them with a ring that celebrates who they are in the midst of this new season. Let's look at unique Noémie diamond rings. 

Pear Diamond Spiral Ring

Why go for well-known styles when you could choose a band that's a rare find? Our Pear Diamond Spiral Ring is ideal for any jewelry wearer who enjoys glamorous, exciting styles. The pear-shaped diamonds contribute a unique, excellent feel, while the twisting shape makes for a one-of-a-kind band. 

Graduate Spiral Ring 

Give your partner a gift that recognizes who they are to you. Our Graduate Diamond Spiral Ring is the perfect piece of handcrafted jewelry to celebrate your loved one throughout life's milestone moments. Customize the band with your choice of 18-karat gold for a piece of jewelry your partner will adore wearing. 

Why Custom-Made Jewelry Is Meaningful 

When it's time to choose jewelry your partner loves, how can you ensure that the ring you choose has meaningful value? By customizing and personalizing your band, you'll know this gift is one that they'll cherish. 

How can you personalize Noémie jewelry? Many people choose to use our custom ring builder. When you select this option, the design power is in your hands; you get to choose the diamond cut, carat weight, metal type, and pavé diamond amount. 

As an extra-personal measure, we can also engrave your band with a personal phrase or message that you two share. When they observe all the intricate, thoughtful details, they'll know how much you care. Wider rings are best to fit an engraving in. 

Additionally, you can have a ring custom-made using our custom design experience. Show us your inspiration, and we'll be your in-house consultants to design and craft the band of your dreams. 

Noémie Helps You Find the Perfect Ring

In summary, we know you're going to find a creative way to find your partner's ring size without them guessing. Some people even get so creative, they take a ring and push it into a bar of soap to get a ring mold. You can keep it simple and just look up a ring size guide as well. 

Or, you might elect to break your silence and include them in the ring design process to share this extraordinary experience. 

Regardless of the route you take, good luck; we hope you know we're on your team. If a wedding is your end point, we want to help you find the most charming diamond ring to fit this celebration in your journey. 


How to Determine the Perfect Engagement Ring Size | Brides 

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How Much To Spend on Engagement Ring: What You Should Know

Your story is one for the books. Only you know the hills and valleys you and your significant other have traversed this far. Perhaps you've seen each other through the good and the bad, and it's become clear to you that you want to spend forever with your person.

When you're considering engagement, there are a million details you may start to dream about. We can guess that one of the most important questions on your mind is, "what kind of ring should I choose?"

Whether you're the person proposing or the person receiving the ring, you may want some insight into this process. Today, let's talk about how much you should expect to spend on an engagement ring—the current trends may surprise you. Then, we'll show you pieces of fine jewelry for your proposal and wedding that you'll both treasure.

What Should You Budget For? 

You might be wondering what factors influence a diamond band's price. Before you know how much to spend, it might help to review the quality factors that influence the cost of engagement and wedding bands. Let's briefly explore these, and then we'll introduce our favorite engagement rings. 

The Four C's 

Do you need a brush-up on the four c's of diamond jewelry? You might think it's hard to discern how valuable a diamond is. The four C's have become the universal standard that makes it easier for you to judge the quality of diamond jewelry before you decide to purchase it. Read these descriptions for a quick reminder of each category.

Clarity: Within diamond grading, a diamond's clarity refers to how many inclusions exist in its makeup. A diamond with excellent clarity will have very few inclusions visible to experts, while a low-quality stone will include several visible imperfections.

Color: A diamond's color refers to the way it interacts with light. A diamond with excellent color will refract a beautiful mixture of dark and light with virtually no detectable hue. A low-quality diamond may refract a yellow-ish shade. 

Cut: A diamond's cut is one of the most significant factors in determining its quality. The quality of a diamond's cut can influence how it interacts with light and how many inclusions are visible. 

Carat Weight: When purchasing a diamond engagement ring, the carat size will directly influence its cost. Essentially, greater carat weight will be more expensive, while a diamond with a lower carat weight will be more affordable when all other factors remain the same. 

Is the Three Month Rule Still Applicable? 

Many wedding traditions have changed over time, but has the engagement ring budget stayed the same? For a long time, the standard advice for engagement preparation was to save three-to-six months of income. This income amount was the suggested dollar amount for a diamond ring suitable for a proposal. Is this still the expectation?

Average Prices Say No 

Diamonds are no less valuable today than they were years ago, yet the expectations for the price of an engagement ring are different today. In recent years, most people buying engagement rings have only spent around one-to-two months of their income, on average. 

When you're preparing to buy an engagement ring, you can customize your band to fit your budget. We'll show you how in just a moment. 

Where To Find Affordable Fine Engagement Jewelry 

You don't have to compromise high quality for an engagement ring that fits your budget. At Noémie, we make it possible for you to select the best fine diamond jewelry for less than you'll find anywhere else. You deserve premium pieces at attractive prices.

Noémie's Engagement Rings Your Budget Will Love 

Let us introduce you to a few of our favorite engagement ring styles. You'll find multiple ways to adjust each ring selection to fit your engagement budget within these designs. When you finish customizing, you'll end up with a ring you and your partner will cherish.

The Solitaire Ring 

The solitaire band is a time-tested design showcasing a single mesmerizing diamond in its center. Our Solitaire Band is available to you in fine 18-karat gold, and you can specify whether you prefer white, rose, or yellow gold. We've hand-set the brilliant diamond in a four-prong setting, making it an eternally elegant design that's ideal for timeless weddings. 

The Halo Pavé Band 

Those who enjoy luxury will find our Halo Pavé Band exquisite. Like the solitaire, it features a shimmering round diamond in its center. The allure of the halo pavé band lies in its diamond halo that surrounds the center stone and the ring's band. These pavé stones make for a remarkable engagement ring. 

The Solitaire Pavé Band 

If you enjoy pavé diamonds and classic details, our Solitaire Pavé band might be the best fit for you. This band displays a brilliant center stone in your choice of carat weight. Around the band, fantastic pavé diamonds shine, making this ring a beauty to behold.  

The Lab-Grown Halo Pavé Band 

Perhaps you and your partner have chosen to allocate more of your budget to your reception than your wedding jewelry. If so, you might be looking for creative ways to find fine premium jewelry at a more attractive price point.

Our Lab-Grown Halo Pavé band allows you to have a glamorous engagement band at a lower cost. In every way, this band's diamonds are identical to our naturally-grown halo pavé band. The difference is that we grew this ring's stones in a lab instead of sourcing them from a diamond mine. You'll enjoy the same high-quality for less. 

The Criss Cross Engagement Band 

Do you and your partner enjoy bold, glamorous designs? If you want to propose with a unique engagement ring, our Criss Cross Diamond Band is a perfect fit for your tastes. The distinctive twisting band displays gorgeous pavé diamonds surrounding a beautiful center stone. It's a terrific choice for symbolizing a love that's grand and eternal.

Noémie Wedding Bands To Exchange 

After selecting the diamond engagement ring of your dreams, you may wish to look for wedding bands to exchange. Let's explore a few diamond wedding bands that will accent your engagement ring to create a striking set. 

The Diamond Eternity Band Ring 

Let's start with a classic option. A diamond eternity band is one selection that will never expire. The eternity style has represented unending love for thousands of years, making it a superb option to exchange on your wedding day. 

Our Diamond Eternity band features glowing white pavé diamonds hand-set into 18-karat gold or platinum. They make for the perfect wearable wedding ring, and they hold a wealth of significance. Have one engraved with a personal message to imagine an even more sentimental band you can exchange. 

The Baguette Diamond Band Ring 

If you or your partner loves interesting cuts, our Baguette Diamond Band may interest you. It's a ring that's perfect for everyday wear. Each baguette-cut stone sits in an 18-karat gold or platinum setting to create a dazzling eternity band. You or your partner can wear it alone or pair it with a glowing engagement ring. 

The Chevron Diamond Ring 

Perhaps you're looking for a wedding band to wear next to your brand new engagement ring. If your style leans more toward modern or geometrical motifs, our Chevron Diamond Band may be perfect for you. 

Within this band, miniature pavé diamonds line a chevron-shaped band to create a sleek, minimalist silhouette that pairs excellently with an engagement ring. 

How Noémie Offers More for Less 

By now, you probably realize that fine diamond jewelry doesn't have to cost your entire savings; you can enjoy fair-priced premium diamonds and precious metals that leave you inspired.

At Noémie, we make this possible by cutting unnecessary costs from our production process. Other retailers markup their prices for sales commissions and excess assortment, but we wanted to create a better system for you.

We've made it our priority to cut out the middleman; as a result, we handle designing, sourcing, crafting, and producing each piece that ends up in your hands. By using quality materials, responsible production, and a thoughtful product assortment, we can offer you the finest quality wedding jewelry at the fairest price. 

Enjoy Valuable Noémie Rings for a Lifetime 

Your engagement only happens once, but the engagement ring you choose may last decades into your future. You don't have to sacrifice your honeymoon plans for a ring you adore; you can keep them both. When you choose Noémie wedding jewelry, you can relish the fact that your rings will endure many more seasons with the love of your life. 


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