Custom Diamond Necklace Types and Where to Buy Them

You've searched diligently for the perfect diamond necklace to match your taste and budget. Option after option seems ordinary to you, and you wish there were a way for you to dream up your perfect piece. 

Perhaps the color of gold isn't quite right on one chain you're considering. You might adore a diamond pendant necklace that doesn't have the option for engraving that you'd like. Fortunately, there are many selections of customizable diamond necklaces that provide you with the freedom to choose styles that fit you best.

Types Of Customizable Diamond Necklaces

A few primary types of custom diamond necklaces are worth your consideration. If you'd prefer a chain that features your name or your loved one's name, you would opt for a custom personalized necklace. This kind of piece is flexible. If you don't wish to feature a name, you could alternatively choose to display a word that is inspirational for yourself or someone you love. A customizable diamond necklace is a perfect choice for recognizing a significant milestone in your own life or someone else's. 

Perhaps you'd enjoy something more dainty in nature. You might be interested in a piece featuring one customizable initial or symbol. A custom diamond pendant is perfect if you'd prefer a simple but timeless piece. Finally, if you're looking to customize just the materials used in your diamond necklace, there are many excellent choices available to you. Let's take a look at where to buy some of these options.


Noémie stands apart from the rest with our selection of custom diamond necklaces. While the others present the option to design your own necklace as a standard pendant, we offer the ability to customize and personalize your piece to your exact liking. While you may not have the opportunity to select the exact diamonds that will accent your necklace, we proudly display F/G color and VS quality diamonds in our custom diamond necklaces. 

Other websites don't necessarily have an option for personalization, or the options that they do offer are overwhelming and difficult to use. Why not make things easy for yourself and ensure that you’re getting the best quality jewelry that’s exactly what you want, rather than settling for what you don’t?

Which Jewelry Retailer is the Best?

A few factors are paramount to choosing jewelry that is right for you. If you're not a jewelry enthusiast, it may be challenging to know which diamond is right for you, and you may not even care to choose for yourself, so long as it’s high quality. The options, while vast, can be overwhelming. It simply isn’t worth it when you have so many other customization features to worry about. 

Noémie makes things much more manageable and emphasizes personalization. When you're searching for a custom diamond necklace, you likely desire a piece of jewelry that will represent something rare and special to you. Instead of asking you to choose a specific stone, we consistently offer high-quality materials for an affordable rate so that you can focus on the customizations that matter. 

Noémie's Personalized Options

Custom Name Necklace

Whether you're looking to give a gift to someone else or you're shopping for a meaningful gift for yourself, Noémie's custom personalized name necklace is a fantastic choice. Many people hold a name close to their hearts. Perhaps it's the name of a pet or a loved one who has since passed away. This necklace is a way to treasure those names on an everyday basis. You can even get your own name for a necklace that’s right on top of all the trends right now. 

When designing your necklace, we provide a 3D visualizer so that you can conveniently imagine how your name will look in gold cursive. Should you like this necklace, you're able to choose 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Additionally, if you'd prefer the chain's name to be solid gold instead of gold lined with white diamonds, that option is yours to choose. 

Custom Word Necklace

If you'd like to wear a word daily that inspires you rather than a name, you have that option with Noémie. Perhaps you went through a season that was challenging, but one word encouraged you through it all. Maybe there's a catch-phrase you're known for repeating to friends that you'd like to have on a piece of fine jewelry. Using the same 18 Karat gold custom necklace builder, you're able to make this desire a reality. 

18-Karat Gold Custom Necklace

If you'd like a piece of jewelry that is simple yet remarkable, there is another piece of jewelry available to you. Noémie's 18 Karat Gold Custom Letter Necklace provides you the choice of rose or white gold for your chain and pendant. Dainty white diamonds encircle the pendant for a luxurious touch to this piece. What's best is that you can engrave the initial or symbol of your choosing in the center for personal detail. We provide this engraving at no extra charge.

If you'd only like the pendant, we gladly offer you the charm alone at a discounted rate. Another benefit to this piece is that the chain is adjustable to either 16" or 18" for your comfortability. If you should have a size other than those two, we also provide custom accommodations to those who reach out to us with a special request.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

If these amazing custom design options aren’t enough for you, or if you have a specific idea of exactly the necklace that you want to gift someone, we can help there too. Unlike other online jewelry retailers, Noémie has a full-on custom design team that can bring your dreams to life. We want you to have exactly what you want, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get there. 

Other Customizable Options

Besides Noémie's easy-to-navigate personalized options, our necklace selection also features options that you can customize. You may wish to have something unique and personal without explicit personalization. Noémie's pieces are creative enough to stand out but timeless enough to endure changing trends and seasons. Let's consider two great diamond necklaces.

Single Star Diamond Necklace

This piece might be perfect for the dreamer in your life. Noémie handcrafts this necklace in 18 Karat gold with quality diamonds throughout the star piece. You're free to customize white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. With many 5-star reviews, this necklace is sure to be loved by whoever wears it. 

The Zodiac Necklace

You might be looking for the perfect gift to give your aunt, who is a Taurus. Maybe you've always loved her unique energy and want to recognize that by gifting a necklace that reflects her light in the world. We offer our diamond zodiac pendant in rose gold and white gold with any zodiac sign displayed in the center. You can highlight the strengths of the person in your life with a piece they enjoy wearing. 

How Noémie Offers Exceptional Quality

You deserve exquisite jewelry at an affordable price. Other stores will charge you for their retail markups and sales commissions. One of the reasons our jewelry holds its value so well is because of our dedication to eliminating unessential costs. By owning our own production house and committing to responsible jewelry production, we can minimize costs for you. Your dream diamond necklace made with high-quality materials can be yours without extending your budget. 

In Conclusion

The choice is yours for what type of customizable diamond necklace you'd like. If you're the sentimental type, then owning a stunning necklace with a meaningful name spelled out in diamonds would be perfect for your essence. If you're someone who enjoys a simple statement piece but wants it to be personal, then Noémie's diamond pendant necklace looks like the right fit for you. Lastly, if you're looking to customize materials, you are free to peruse Noémie's collections for necklaces and customize the gold color based on your taste.

Ultimately, customizable jewelry is about you. Choosing which color gold best matches you and which word represents your life are choices that matter to us. Your personality and life hold complexities that are worth celebrating with the perfect piece of jewelry. It delights us to offer you options to find a necklace that will suit your style and journey with you for a lifetime. 


How Long Does It Take to Have Custom Design Wedding Bands Made?

Your wedding is going to be a one-of-a-kind event. The story that you and your beloved share is one that belongs only to you. Your relationship is unique because your story is unique. You deserve a wedding band that represents your commitment without compromising your tastes. A custom design wedding band celebrates your bond and mirrors the unique nature of your upcoming marriage.

The History of Wedding Bands

Rings as a symbol of love date back well into the historical past. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were the trailblazers for incorporating rings into a wedding and exchanging them to represent a devotion that would be eternal. 

Rings began to incorporate gold around the 2nd century B.C. and feature precious gemstones in medieval times. By the 8th century, rings became a staple in the typical wedding, establishing their place in marriage ceremonies for the centuries to come.  

Noémie's Exquisite Wedding Band Collection

We find joy in offering you a variety of options in our wedding band collection. Whether you'd like something dainty and minimal, or something more geometric or whimsical, we'd love to provide something for your taste. 

We are pleased to present our fine, handcrafted rings without the traditional markups of other brands. Let's peruse some of the wedding band choices that might fit your desires before exploring our custom diamond ring builder.

The Eternity Baguette Diamond Ring

This timeless style draws from the past while honoring your future. With geometric- shaped diamonds set into 18 Karat gold, it's a fantastic option for the old soul who loves the sentiment of decades past. It features remarkable VS clarity diamonds in F/G clarity with a 0.84-carat weight. This band offers nostalgia with modern brilliance. 

3-Row Pave Diamond Band

The 3-Row Pave Diamond Band is another non-traditional option for those who desire a ring that is as unique as they are. This stunning band dazzles in three rows of diamonds equaling a carat weight of approximately 0.78. The band features 18 karats of either rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or black gold. It's another piece to set you apart from the rest with extra personality and glamour.

The Princess Diamond Halo Half Band Ring

If you're interested in a band that will stand out with striking stones and high visibility, the Princess Diamond Halo Half Band Ring may be the one for you. It features bright diamonds in a half-band halo design totaling a minimum carat weight of 0.72 Carats. Pair this exciting piece with an engagement ring for a modern style to represent your bold personality with six elegant princess diamonds set in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. 

Noémie's Custom Wedding Band Builder

The former three options are just a few of the bold wedding band selections we offer, but perhaps you're still looking to have an intimate role in the design of your wedding band. That is entirely reasonable. A custom wedding band that you'll love for ages is within your reach. Our custom wedding band builder is user-friendly, but let's explore your options at each step of the process. 

Quality Materials Used in Your Ring

We want to provide you with a band that is as high-quality as it is mesmerizing. It's our pleasure to use first-rate materials in producing your ring with none of the traditional markups you'd encounter from other retailers. What's more, Noémie handcrafts our signature rings to ensure your band receives care and attention throughout the production process. Like all of our designs, the custom ring builder features 18 Karat gold and VS clarity diamonds to make your band remarkable.

Step-By-Step Ring Building

Throughout building your ring, you'll be able to choose the diamond shape, the metal used for forging your band, the pave length you'd prefer for your diamonds, and in some styles, the carat weight of your diamonds. As always, Noémie offers you the best value no matter how glamourous or modest your ring turns out to be. 


The first step in the process of building your ring is choosing the diamond shape. This step is where you can let your tastes shine through to select a diamond shape that represents your personality and your unique relationship with your partner. Your options for shape are round, oval, princess, pear, and baguette. Notably, each diamond shape features diamonds that have conflict-free origins for your conscience.


Next, you have the freedom to choose between 18 Karat solid gold in the following colors: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. For those who would like a cooler tone, platinum is also available. 

While style is paramount to consider, some metals are softer than others, meaning they may be scratched more easily. Similarly, harder metals cannot be re-melted in the future if you should wish to do that. It may be in your best interest to refresh yourself on the benefits of each metal before you finalize your selection with our ring builder. 

Pave Band

Your next option is to determine which pave length you'd like to feature your diamonds across the band. A traditional eternity pavé band displays diamonds encircling the entire band, symbolizing unending eternity. A 3/4th pave band goes most of the way around, and a 1/2 pave band displays stones around only the front half. 

Opting for a smaller pavé could bring the ring's price point down to your budget, and choosing diamonds lined in a full eternity band would give your ring a more luxurious feel.


Three of our diamond shapes for the custom diamond ring builder offer you the ability to select your preferred carat weight. These shapes are round, princess, and baguette. Choosing a higher carat weight increases the ring's value, but those who prefer a lower carat weight will love their flawless ring all the same. Regardless of carat weight, your diamonds maintain an average VS clarity and a beautiful F/G average color. 

The Custom Opportunities Don’t Stop There

If you don’t feel that even our custom ring builder is giving you exactly the ring that you want, our full custom design team can create whatever it is that you have in mind. There are truly no limitations when it comes to creating your custom design, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way. 

How Long Will It Take My Custom Band to Arrive?

For rings in stock made with our custom diamond ring builder, we suggest allowing 1-2 business days to process before shipping. We proudly offer complimentary overnight delivery after your order is processed. You can start your new adventure with the one you love soon after placing your order. For your convenience, you can also email us at help@hellonoé to ensure your band arrives in time for your wedding or elopement date.

Perhaps you're interested in ordering another custom-made piece of jewelry from Noémie. We happily offer additional custom necklace selections. Our custom personalized diamond necklace features a word or name of your choice, and our custom diamond pendant displays an engraved initial or symbol in the center of the pendant. These customizable items can ship in a few weeks after we carefully handcraft them with your personalization. 

Great Benefits of Ordering a Custom Wedding Band With Noémie

1. We're The First Luxury Fine Jewelry Brand to Offer Free Returns

Your convenience is our priority. As mentioned, we gladly offer complimentary overnight shipping for in-stock pieces of jewelry. Did you know we also offer you free returns, for any reason, within 30 days of receiving your ring? You don't have to parse out all the risks and benefits of purchasing the custom ring you think you'll love. If you don't fall in love with it, you can return it to us, risk-free. 

2. We Offer Convenient Financing

Another advantage we offer you toward flexibility is the option to finance your ring and pay it off over time if you qualify. These choices exist to provide you with the best plan to begin this chapter in your life.

3. We're Proudly Supported by Thousands of Five-Star Reviews

A wedding band is a thrilling purchase to make. With such an investment, you'd surely like to see reviews of those who have purchased custom bands from Noémie to feel assured in your purchase. We proudly host over 5,000 five-star reviews. With risk-free shopping and reviews to boost your confidence, you are equipped to make one of the most meaningful decisions of your lifetime.

In Summary

The ability to customize your diamond's shape, carat weight, metal band, and pavé style all mean that the wedding band of your dreams can be yours. Both our website and ring building tool are user-friendly so that you can have the clarity and support to choose what you like. All you have left to do is to design the ring that tells your story best. 

Customizable jewelry is not only a convenient option but is also deeply meaningful. Every choice you make with your partner is one that helps you to know their tastes and their soul a little bit better. Choosing which color gold suits one another best is not just another decision. Deciding on wedding jewelry together is a memory you'll recall in the future and a bonding experience you'll treasure in the present.


Why Personalized Jewelry is a Perfect Gift

Think back on the sentimental moments of years past. Many of those moments are instances in which you received a gift. Perhaps you lifted a box on Christmas morning to reveal a brand new puppy with a red bow on her collar. Maybe you realized one of your loved ones purchased a one-of-a-kind piece from your favorite artist. Extraordinary gifts share an essential quality — they are especially personal. 

Some moments call for added luxury to celebrate those we love. Giving fine handcrafted jewelry is a fantastic expression of adoration. You want to demonstrate your affection for someone special in your life, and fine jewelry is a perfect gift that lasts a lifetime or longer. Personalized jewelry is that much more meaningful; it shows your loved one how well you know them and how much you care.

What Makes Personalized Fine Jewelry The Best Gift?

Let's be honest—the options for meaningful gifts you could choose to give someone are nearly endless. Each additional memory you've experienced with that person inspires a personal touch that you could incorporate into a gift. With so many options, it isn't easy to know where to start. If you want to give a gift that holds high value while communicating how well you know your loved one, Noémie's personalized jewelry is the perfect idea for your meaningful present. Here are six reasons why:

1. Personalized Jewelry Communicates Value

Gifts that hold high value are often very memorable. Buying something extravagant that your loved one wouldn't buy for themself is one way to leave them speechless and feeling important. While money isn't everything, saving up to purchase something extraordinary for your beloved is an act that won't go unnoticed. 

Noémie's fine customizable jewelry pieces are a great way to go the extra mile. What's even better is that Noémie offers supreme value at affordable prices by cutting unnecessary fine jewelry retail markups.

2. Noémie's Fine Jewelry Offers Supreme Quality

Spending a little extra on a piece of fine jewelry is worth it when the quality is high. Noémie provides both a quality shopping experience and quality pieces of handcrafted jewelry. Our diamonds are conflict-free, which means you can enjoy the value and quality of your jewelry while knowing it was ethically sourced. 

We offer pieces made with superior materials at an affordable price point, so you receive the most quality for your gift. Let's explore a few options for personalized jewelry that use fine materials for high quality. 

Noémie's Custom Personalized Necklace

Does your best friend have a catch-phrase they're known for adding into conversations? Do you and your wife have a sentimental word that marks your relationship through the years? Perhaps you'd like to remember a loved one or a pet's name in your everyday attire. There are so many words that are dear to us, and displaying them in a personalized word necklace is the perfect way to memorialize them.

We make our custom personalized Necklaces with 18 karat gold for quality. You can choose from white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold to accent your piece with a color that will match the wearer. For added luxury, you may select 18 karat gold lined with white diamonds. These diamonds come in F/G quality and an average VS clarity. 

Noémie's Easy-To-Navigate Custom Diamond Ring Builder

Are you searching for the perfect engagement ring but want to customize some features? Are you looking for a ring that expresses your affection for a family member? 

Rather than purchasing an already-designed ring, you may wish to have one made custom instead. Building a unique ring is the perfect way to make sure you can include all the features your loved one will enjoy. Our custom diamond ring builder gives you the tools to easily dream up the perfect ring for your beloved. 

Your custom ring represents the special bond between you and your beloved, which means it deserves to be handcrafted using premium materials. You can choose between 18 Karat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum for this ring's band. You have five choices for the diamonds' shape in this ring, including round, oval, princess, pear, and baguette. After choosing the shape, you may select whether you'd like your pavé band to be a full eternity band, 3/4 eternity, or 1/2 eternity. You can also customize carat-weight with some ring shapes, making it easier to opt for higher value or lower price. 

All Noémie diamonds are conflict-free, meaning we source them ethically. Whether we grow them right here in our lab or purchase them from diamond buyers, we do our part to maintain that our diamonds are clean. "Conflict-free" means a host of things, but most importantly, it means keeping people and the environment safer with the mining and buying of diamonds.

When you buy a custom diamond ring or any of our diamond jewelry, you can rest assured that your diamonds are both beautiful and responsibly sourced. 

Noémie's Custom Pendant Necklace

If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that packs value into a signature personalized pendant, we've got the perfect gift idea. This piece features the initial of your choice engraved in an 18 Karat gold pendant. It displays stunning miniature white diamonds encircling the initial in the pendant's center for an elegant look. Your loved one can wear this pendant necklace on its own as a simple but bold finishing touch to their attire, or they can choose to layer it with other necklaces. 

Available in white gold or rose gold, this pendant is sure to delight the person you love when they receive this personal, valuable gift. If you'd like to give the pendant alone without the 18 Karat gold chain, that option also belongs to you for a reduced price. The diamonds featured on this piece are in F/G color and VS clarity totaling a .40 carat weight. With Noémie's fine materials, you're ensuring the gift you give is not only personal but holds supreme quality.

If none of these customizable options seem exactly right for you, we can work with you to design the piece of your dreams. Our full custom design team can create whatever it is that you’re looking for, so the sky's the limit. Better yet, even custom designs that you make with us can be returned, meaning that if you don’t love it, you’re not stuck with it. 

3. Your Customizable Jewelry Piece Is Long-Lasting

Another great benefit of buying quality jewelry is how long-lasting your piece will be. When you choose to build a custom diamond ring for your sweetheart, you invest in a piece that will withstand years of memories. That ring may become an heirloom to be admired by those who will enjoy your legacy. 

Not only does your personalized jewelry include unique features for your loved one, but it will also accompany them through their unique experiences and remind them of your long-lasting admiration for them. 

4. Unique Fine Jewelry Makes A Wonderful Gift

Many people find a gift more enjoyable knowing there are very few, if any, like theirs. When your beloved receives their unique piece of jewelry, they will delight in remembering how special they must be to you. 

Perhaps you're considering our personalized word necklace. The one you love will see the word or name that is unique to their story and treasure it all the more. You'll both enjoy the way this gift represents the one-of-a-kind bond you share.

5. Noémie's Fine Jewelry Pieces Add A Touch Of Elegance

We make our pieces with high-quality materials. We use those high-quality materials to handcraft pieces that are as valuable as they are stunning. Perhaps you'd like to gift our customizable diamond pendant necklace to someone special. 

Wearing a piece of Noémie jewelry can elevate their everyday style as they pair it with other elements. They will enjoy wearing something elegant that was given by someone who adores them. 

6. Personalized Jewelry Indicates An Intimate Bond

The hallmark of an incredible gift is its intimate nature. Intimacy doesn't always indicate lacy articles of clothing or romantic gestures (although fine jewelry pairs well with such things.) A close-knit bond is priceless, and your gift should be one that reflects it. Personalized jewelry will set your present apart in a brilliant way. Each time they look in the mirror or tell the story of their jewelry piece to a friend, they'll remember how dear they are to you.

In Summary

Throughout the year, many occasions call for luxurious gifts. You'd do well to select any piece of jewelry from one of our collections when searching for one of these gifts. If you're looking to purchase something brilliant for a usual milestone, consider our tennis collection or timeless collection. These maintain endless elegance that extends far past the occasion when the wearer receives it.

Some occasions are unique and call for a personal touch. Personalization is the best way to give something of worth that communicates the deep history of your relationship. It's our pleasure to present three brilliant choices in our Personalize Your Own collection so that you have the options you need to choose a gift that will delight them. 

The relationship between you and the one you love is unique and remarkably beautiful. Giving personalized fine handcrafted jewelry is a perfect way to encapsulate this special bond in a timeless piece your loved one will enjoy wearing for years to come.


What You Should Know About Ethical Diamond Rings

Choosing a diamond ring under any circumstance is exhilarating. You're comparing channel set diamonds versus bezel set stones. Perhaps for the first time, you're considering whether you prefer VS clarity or SI clarity diamonds. The choice between a dainty ½ carat total weight and an exciting 2-carat stone is yours. 

At the pinnacle of those little decisions, one question emerges as the most crucial of them all: "is this ring the one?" You shouldn't have to worry if that ring used ethical diamonds or not.

Weighing all of those factors and then deciding on a ring is supposed to give you feelings of assurance and excitement for the future. The unfortunate truth is that with some jewelers, that feeling of confidence is smoke and mirrors. The diamond you so carefully selected for your band could be unethical. You may be having some questions about what that means. It’s our pleasure to answer those questions for you today and offer you options for buying an ethical diamond. 

What Is An Ethical Diamond?

A diamond can be ethical in three ways:

  1. A reputable diamond buyer bought it and can trace its history back to an origin to ensure it wasn't used in any unsavory currency exchanges.
  2. Miners harvested the stone in a diamond mine with practices that are acceptable under the Kimberley Process.
  3. Jewelers carefully created the stone in a lab. Manmade diamonds possess every bit as much quality as earth-mined stones while giving a spotless conscience to those who will buy them. 

Kimberly Process

Simply put, the Kimberley process is an agreement between governments to eliminate the production and use of conflict diamonds. In 2003, world leaders agreed to a trade regime that would utilize the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Through this, States put safety regulations into place to ensure shipments of rough diamonds were 'conflict-free.' Those who participate in this certification scheme vow to be transparent in their practices from mining to sharing statistical data, trading, and certifying shipments are conflict-free.

The Kimberley Process is open to all countries who would willingly enter into this trade regime and currently has 56 participants representing 82 countries. These countries each produce, export, and import rough diamonds, making them eligible for participation. Ultimately, the Kimberley process seeks to make the trade of rough diamonds safe and legitimate for everyone involved.

What Are Ethical Mining Practices?

The typical wedding or engagement ring buyer is most likely preoccupied with sentimental details and romantic feelings. Most probably wouldn't think to stop and evaluate the quality of the mining practices that went into the diamond they're purchasing. Even so, it's a good practice to be informed about these matters as a consumer. Let's look at a few mining practices that satisfy an ethical standard:

  1. Providing fair wages to workers: A portion of diamond mining occurs in impoverished countries where miners rely on their work to eat. Ensuring that miners are paid for their effort and provided safe mining equipment is essential to caring for fundamental human rights. 
  2. Working with local economies: One dangerous aspect of mining diamonds near an established civilization is its damage to local economies. Mining companies should carefully preserve natural resources and the way of life of the people who first lived there. 
  3. Keeping the Earth in mind: Diamonds are one of the world's most precious resources. When miners harvest diamonds from the earth, it's paramount that they are diligent in reducing their environmental footprint for the world's benefit. 

There's More Than One Way To Be Ethical

Now that we've taken a look at what it means for diamonds and mining to be ethical, let's talk about you. Where do you fit into this grand scheme? Once a diamond has been mined, traded as a rough diamond to buyers, and cut and polished by jewelers, it's ready to go to you. You play an essential part in the life of ethical diamond rings, too.

Buying From A Reputable Jeweler

Thankfully, many fine jewelers care about ethical diamonds. At Noémie, we are committed to ethical practices from stone to shipping, and we only buy diamonds from reputable diamond suppliers who cooperate with Kimberley Process standards. Whether you're purchasing our custom personalized necklace or our stunning diamond chain link ring, you can be confident that you're receiving excellent pieces from a jeweler with a high ethical standard in mind. 

Repurposing an Heirloom Diamond

Another ethical option available to you is repurposing an heirloom diamond. Perhaps you were given a piece from a loved one's estate. Maybe you have diamond jewelry you no longer wear from a previous time in your life. You can provide these diamonds with new life by having them repurposed by a jeweler into a unique piece to last your lifetime. 

Choosing A Lab-Mined Diamond

Finally, one way you can be absolutely sure that you're choosing the most morally conscious choice is by purchasing a diamond that has been lab-mined. Not only is this option better for ensuring conflict-free diamonds, but it also helps reduce greenhouse emissions as well. Best of all, a lab-grown diamond is identical to a mined diamond in every way. The only difference is the fact that it was purposefully grown to meet ethical standards.  

Noémie's Ethical Diamond Options

We want to provide you with every opportunity to buy an elegant, ethically-made piece of jewelry. Although our mined diamonds are certifiably conflict-free, we gladly offer you the choice of purchasing lab-grown diamonds, too. It's up to your personal preference. Whether one of our stones has been naturally-mined or lab-grown, we promise you will receive a luxury diamond with excellent cut, color, and clarity. 

Does This Apply To Wedding Bands?

What about your wedding band? As we mentioned, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether the diamond ring you're considering was mined ethically. With that in mind, you're free to peruse our entire diamond wedding ring collection with a clean conscience. Our 100% conflict-free diamonds ensure that you're free to keep dreaming about the wedding ring details that matter to you. 

The Benefit Of A Lab-Grown Diamond

Did you know our lab-grown diamonds offer a lower price point on our already affordable pieces? You can select the "lab-grown diamond" option when customizing your diamond wedding ring for a percentage off your total. By cutting out the middle man, we're able to achieve low prices so you can purchase luxury diamonds with ease. What's better than an affordable, ethically-sourced diamond wedding ring?

Beautiful, Ethically-Sourced Diamond Wedding Rings

If you are still new to our diamond wedding band collection, allow us to accompany you on your journey to explore some of our highest-reviewed pieces. 

  • Chevron Diamond Ring: This subtly-curved band consists of 18k gold with VS clarity white diamonds. The chevron style is simple yet makes a statement, so you're free to wear it alone or pair it with other bands. It's a highly-favored option with 85 five-star reviews for its quality. 
  • Bezel Diamond Ring: Lined with petite, circular bezel settings, our Bezel diamond ring is available in platinum and 18k rose, white, yellow, or black gold. The band contains a 1/2 carat total weight of gorgeous diamonds in F/G color. It's a petite take on the classic eternity style.
  • Baguette Diamond Band: This exceptional piece is perhaps one of the most well-loved rings in our collection, with 429 five-star reviews. It includes 18k gold and platinum, with F/G color diamonds cut in a classic baguette shape. This piece may be for you if you like to incorporate vintage styles into your lifestyle. Additionally, our baguette ring features the option to choose a lab-mined diamond for a lower rate.
  • Diamond Eternity Band Ring: Finally, with an astounding 792 five-star reviews, this beloved band offers timeless elegance at an excellent price. Our eternity band is handcrafted using top-tier quality conflict-free stones. The band features diamonds all the way around to symbolize endless adoration and commitment. Like the baguette band, this diamond eternity ring offers you the choice to order this style with a lab-grown diamond for an even better price. 

Affordable Fine Jewelry Meets Peace of Mind

Now that we've peered behind the curtain to understand what makes diamonds ethical, you can rest assured knowing you have the facts that you need to make an informed decision. As you look for fine jewelry, you're looking for a piece that will be a part of your journey and your story. With that in mind, purchasing a diamond with pure origins is the best way to begin a new life chapter. 

When shopping Noémie’s conflict-free diamond ring selection, you can go back to dreaming about which setting you prefer and the cut of diamond you'll choose for your perfect ring. By choosing one of our lab-grown options, you're able to select a ring you love for less. Whether you choose a lab-grown diamond or a naturally-mind stone, we've done all the work to ensure any ring you choose displays completely ethical diamonds. m uy7ht


Why You Should Gift Handcrafted Jewelry

You might be okay with your cell phone case or socks being mass-produced. These things face a lot of wear and tear. What does it matter if no extra special attention was given to their production? Companies have to use mass production to keep up with demand, right?

That may be something you’re able to overlook concerning things like kitchen accessories, hair ties, plastic cups, and lipstick. But your jewelry is worth so much more. Mass production is all about using as little effort as possible to produce a passable result. Is that good enough for you when it comes to your jewelry?

Think back on the gifts you have given and received over the years. Which were more valuable to you – the gifts that came from a store shelf or gifts that were made with care and attention for one person only? Every piece of jewelry you receive or give represents a story. We think that story is immensely important, and that’s why your jewelry deserves to be handcrafted. 

What Is Handcrafted Jewelry?

With all the specific terms of the jewelry world, the word ‘handcrafted’ might be a little unclear to you. That’s okay. We’re going to explore together what it means to offer the best quality through handcrafted pieces. For now, remember that handcrafted means that a piece of jewelry was made with care and attention.

Marks Of Handcrafted Jewelry:

Made By Hand, Not Machine

The alternative to handcrafted jewelry is mass-produced jewelry. This way of producing jewelry has only the bottom line in mind. That’s because mass production means a product is made more quickly and can be sold more frequently. This is great for retailers but doesn’t really keep the consumer’s interests in mind. 

Machine-made jewelry retailers may be able to offer a better price to consumers because speed and quantity are the top priorities. Because they don’t employ dedicated craftsmen and artisans to create your jewelry, they may be able to charge you slightly less than their handcrafting counterparts. 

You might be tempted to go for a retailer that offers a lower price point, but ask yourself what prices represent with your jewelry – quality or a product that was quickly made en masse

‘Handcrafted’ is so much more than a label for a piece of jewelry. Being made by hand means every piece of jewelry has a human connection to it. A machine might be precise in its own ways, but people can catch mistakes that machines can’t. People can add subtle nuances that can only be done through a living person’s creativity. 

Choosing handcrafted jewelry means your story suddenly collides with the maker at the other end of the diamond necklace or engagement ring, and you get to reap the benefits of their years of skill and dedication to their craft. 

Attention To Detail

Jewelry, and especially fine jewelry, is marked by precision and excellence. Some think that by taking human error out of the equation with machine produced jewelry, mistakes will be more easily avoided. But that’s not the whole story.

How often have you received a package containing only 2 of something instead of three, or a certain stowaway piece of candy end up in an entirely different package of candy? This is because machines make mistakes, too. Often, these mistakes are simply a result of the sheer speed at which machines operate to mass-produce a product. Simply put: machines are not void of error.

Handcrafted jewelry relies on a real human being to carefully look for mistakes and create designs with the wearer in mind. There’s a certain empathy to handcrafted jewelry if you think about it. The maker sacrifices their time and care to make a beautiful piece through attending to every bezel, prong, stone, and band. 

One At A Time

One more mark of handcrafted jewelry is that it is made one at a time instead of a multitude at once. Each material component deserves an individual moment to be formed into the piece your loved one will wear for ages. You can take pride in knowing the piece you gift them was always individually made, just for them.

Sustainable Practices

Because handcrafted jewelry is often made in much smaller quantities than mass-produced jewelry, it uses more sustainable practices. Humans are clearly capable of error, but they generally know about how much material to use when crafting a piece. This means that resources don’t become over-used like they might with the practices of mass-production.

Affordable Pieces

One more benefit to this mode of crafting jewelry is that retailers can usually keep expenses down since they are not using as much energy to power machines. A lot of the designing, crafting, production, and sale can be done in-house with retailers that make jewelry by hand. Of course, this means the best quality for the best price.

Additional Benefits Of Noémie Handcrafted Jewelry

At Noémie, we deliver exquisite quality in the jewelry we make, from the jewelry itself to the production practices we model. Not only are our handcrafted pieces made with attention and care, but they’re also made from fine materials, with ethically-sourced diamonds. Let’s explore and expand what it means for Noémie to use these quality materials.

Why Aren’t All Diamonds Ethical?

If you didn’t know, the diamond mining industry has been problematic and even fatal at times. Diamonds are a precious resource sought by many. The result of this high-value resource occurring naturally in the earth is seen in a few different ways. 

First, diamonds can be similar to money in many regions, seen as a kind of high-value currency. As such, they have been caught in the cross-fire as wars break out over the stones. If the wars were not started over the stones, they became a dangerous leverage point for one side to get the upper hand over the other. 

This is a contrast between the beauty of this naturally-occurring gift from the earth and human beings’ affairs. Because of this terrible occurrence, these kinds of diamonds are often referred to as ‘blood diamonds.’ 

Second, sometimes artisanal diamond miners in communities are unequipped for the ethical production of such a valuable resource. Since production in these areas sometimes becomes about survival, working conditions can become quite rough on miners and their families. This includes long workdays, poor tools, extreme weather conditions, and even child labor used in the mining process. 

Another source of conflict with mining diamonds is a mining group’s consideration of the earth, environment, and local economy. Without regard to sustainable mining practices, the local region surrounding a diamond mine may begin to suffer as their resources begin to be depleted. 

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Noémie provides conflict-free diamonds in two ways. First, Noémie has a lab-grown diamond option for many pieces of jewelry. When a diamond is lab-grown, it uses the same natural processes that occur in nature to create a stone that is traceable and free of conflict. 

While some think a lab-grown diamond is less valuable, this is simply not the case. A diamond is the pinnacle of value and beauty, no matter if it is grown in the ground or in a laboratory. 

Next, diamonds that are not lab-grown are purchased from reputable sources. These diamonds have to be able to be traced to a source to ensure they haven’t been used for unsavory purposes. They come from legitimate mining practices. Your conscience can rest assured when you purchase a handcrafted piece of diamond jewelry from Noémie.

Final Thoughts

At Noémie, our commitment to handcrafted jewelry means we design, source, create, and then sell our pieces directly to you. As you research the market for all kinds of pieces you could gift to your dear one, keep in mind the heartbeat of a piece that has been handcrafted. 

The legacy of a piece of jewelry begins with materials used and is strengthened by the time it receives as it’s carefully forged into a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earring. That legacy is fully realized once it’s worn by one special person, and that person can enjoy their gift even more, knowing it was made with such care.