Cubic Zirconia Vs. Diamonds: Key Differences

Spring cleaning can reveal some unexpected finds. Let's imagine you're voluntarily cleaning out a relative's vanity when you find a jewelry box in a drawer's back corner. The dusty box reveals a stunning diamond ring inside, much to your surprise. As you pick it up, you wonder if it is an authentic diamond ring or if the stone is merely cubic zirconia. 

Should you ever find yourself in this situation, you might like to know a few essential guidelines that could help you to determine what kind of stone you have. While cubic zirconia may look convincing at first glance, several factors separate it from a diamond. Let's examine each of these stones to determine if that ring in the vanity drawer is real. 

How Can You Tell Which Is Which?

There's a reason some people opt for cubic zirconia jewelry. Diamonds and cubic zirconia look somewhat similar where clarity is concerned. If you're not a trained gemologist, you may not realize what makes a diamond more valuable, and you may mistake the two for one another. After we talk more about cubic zirconia, you'll better understand why diamonds are the famous choice for fine jewelry. 

Cubic Zirconia 

Cubic zirconia is lab-created, meaning that these stones cannot be discovered on the earth naturally. Don't mistake these for lab-created diamonds. Technically, these stones are diamond simulants, signifying that they have very little in common with diamonds, although they look alike. At the core level, diamonds are comprised of carbon, while zirconium oxide is what makes up cubic zirconia. 

How Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia Differ 

What factors separate these look-alike stones? Primarily, diamonds and cubic zirconia differ in durability, color, density, and value. 

Diamonds Are More Durable 

If you scratched a cubic zirconia stone on a hard surface, it would scratch far more easily than a diamond. Diamonds are more durable than their simulant look-alikes; in fact, only another diamond can scratch a diamond. Because of their extreme durability, diamonds are the perfect option for the jewelry you'd like to wear daily and still last a long time.  

The Two Stones Differ in Color 

When selecting diamond jewelry, you might look for nearly colorless stones since they're more valuable. When it comes to diamond grading, color is judged on a scale of D-to-Z, with D being the most colorless. 

Cubic zirconia is lab-created, meaning some aspects of its appearance are under the control of the manufacturer. One such aspect is color. Most cubic zirconia is nearly colorless and appears similar to a D color grade.  

Cubic Zirconia and Diamonds Have Different Clarity 

Perfect doesn't mean authentic. A typical, valuable diamond stone is judged on a clarity scale of "flawless" to "included," indicating that the stone includes notable imperfections. Although flawless diamonds are the most expensive stones, flawless cubic zirconia is not equally as valuable. Since cubic zirconia is manufactured, it appears to be flawless. This factor may make it a passable look-alike, but it doesn't warrant authenticity or value. 

A Diamond Is More Valuable

While cubic zirconia makes fun costume jewelry, it doesn't have much actual worth. Though it appears similar to diamond jewelry, it gradually loses clarity and becomes foggy over time, revealing its authentic value. Diamonds, by contrast, have unrivaled natural worth. 

The Difference Between Cubic Zirconia and Lab-Created Diamonds 

Though cubic zirconia is created in a lab, it's much different than a lab-created diamond. What gives a stone its value is composition. Cubic zirconia will always be zirconium oxide, and it will always have a low value since that material isn't in high demand. On the other hand, diamonds will always be carbon, whether they are naturally-mined diamonds or earth-grown ones. Because of this, lab-created diamonds are as valuable as earth-grown stones for a fraction of the price. 

Timeless Diamond Jewelry

When you're ready to purchase authentic and valuable jewelry, diamonds are the ideal choice. At Noémie, we're pleased to curate the best pieces of fine diamond jewelry for you to wear or gift to your loved one. We make each ring, bracelet, earring, and necklace with high-quality diamonds and metals, so you can be assured your piece will endure throughout your many seasons. Let's explore pieces and find one that fits your style most. 

Diamond Eternity Band Ring 

Have you been looking for the perfect diamond bands to gift your sweetheart on your next anniversary? Our Diamond Eternity Band combines luxury with a timeless charm. Each diamond band features glowing pavé white diamonds that encircle an 18 karat gold band. You can pair this ring with other petite bands or let it stand alone. 

Compass Diamond Pendant

Your journey is uniquely yours. Your essence is what guides you on your path, and no one knows that better than you do. Our Compass Diamond Pendant in 18-karat yellow gold is an expertly handcrafted piece. 

It displays gorgeous petite white diamonds around an engraved compass center with an adjustable chain. Wear this pendant with others to curate a look that attracts compliments, or you can wear it solo as a personal reminder of your values. 

Tennis Bracelet 

When you're searching for classic diamond jewelry, you can't find a more quintessential piece than a Tennis Bracelet. This piece of jewelry has become an iconic staple over the decades, making it a go-to everyday choice for many. Choose 18-karat white gold, rose gold, or black gold to accent the diamonds in your bracelet. 

We're happy to customize your tennis bracelet to fit your wrist perfectly, so you can be sure it's a perfect match. Our tennis bracelet boasts 1.8-carats of stunning diamonds, making this a piece that will add a touch of luxury to any look. 

Custom Diamond Ring

Whether you're looking for an engagement ring or searching for a terrific anniversary gift, our Noémie Custom Diamond Rings put you at the center of your ring design. Use our Custom Diamond Ring Builder to select your desired diamond shape, carat weight, metal, and pavé band. 

You have the power to create a ring that best suits you or your partner. As always, our jewelry features 18-karat gold and F/G color diamonds with VS clarity, because you deserve fine jewelry that uses the highest-quality materials. 

Consider a Lab-Created Diamond 

Though cubic zirconia is lab-created, it's far less valuable than a lab-created diamond. Still, there are several benefits to lab-created stones that you should consider. First, they're guaranteed to be conflict-free stones because they're lab-grown rather than mined from the earth. 

Second, lab-grown diamonds tend to be less expensive while retaining every bit of authenticity as an earth-mined diamond. For these reasons, when you're considering your next piece of diamond jewelry, you may want to opt for a lab-grown stone that shines just as brightly.  


Perhaps the ring you found in the corner of the vanity is an authentic diamond ring, after all. Diamond jewelry is valuable and timeless. Now you know the differences between diamonds and cubic zirconia, which will help you figure out what your jewelry really is. Whenever you're ready to add more diamond jewelry to your collection, keep Noémie's fine jewelry and exceptional craftsmanship in mind. 


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A Beginner's Guide to the Types of Diamond Cuts

If you're new to the world of diamonds, you might find yourself lost in the maze of different jewelry terminology. You can undoubtedly appreciate gorgeous diamond jewelry without knowing every diamond cut in the book, but you may want to gain a better understanding of your favorite diamond cuts. Let's look at the diamond cuts throughout the history of jewelry that have endured into modernity. 

What Were the Earliest Popular Cuts?

In the mid-fourteenth century, the point-cut diamond emerged. If you don’t know much about this kind of diamond cut, don't worry. It's one of the most straightforward diamond cuts, appearing like two pyramids stacked bottom-to-bottom. Next, in the 15th century, the table-cut ring started to gain popularity. In fact, it was the first widely recognized diamond cut. 

Soon after the rise of the table-cut diamond, the heart-cut diamond began to circulate. The romantic shape was especially attractive to the wealthy and royals in the seventeenth century. Another historical diamond cut is the pear-cut diamond which emerged in the fifteenth century. This cut was made possible through the polishing wheel that allowed the diamond cutters to cut facets into diamonds precisely. 

In the sixteenth century, the rose-cut diamond emerged on the scene. Its cut was intentionally designed to match the appearance of a closed rosebud. After the sixteenth century, it became a favorite diamond cut up until the 1800s. A rose cut's main distinguishing feature is that it is flat at the bottom and dome-shaped at the top. The subtle beauty of this cut is that the 24 facets provide a gentle illumination rather than the intense light of a current brilliant cut.

More Popular Diamond Cuts​ 

In the Victorian Era, diamond cutting made incredible progress through the invention of the bruting machine. This machine made more precise and beautiful cuts possible. After this invention, the cushion cut diamond started to make waves. This diamond cut featured a gently curved border that produced a soft square with a shallow table, a high crown, and a bigger culet.

Another famous cut that has withstood the test of time is the Asscher-cut diamond. This style was one of the first patented cuts of diamond in the world. Classic Asscher cut diamonds are square in shape and resemble rectangular emerald cuts. 

Next, we'll look at the baguette-cut diamond. This diamond did not become fashionable until 1912, when Cartier reintroduced it to the modern world. Its extended, table-cut, rectangular design was popular during the geometric frenzy of the Art Deco period.

What Are Some More Modern Cuts?

While history inspired several gorgeous diamond cuts, the more recent history of diamond cuts has produced some incredible shapes. Let's look at some of the best diamond cuts of recent times.

While point-cut and table-cut diamonds were first to display faceted diamond cuts, the emerald-cut diamond was not far behind. This cut, which provides a stunning hall of mirrors appearance, became popular in the 1940s. The oval-cut diamond is a modern fancy cut that features 58 facets. This ring emerged in the 1960s and is still loved today.

In today's market, the contemporary princess cut diamond competes with the round brilliant diamond. Its shape is square, and it has an entirely distinct facet pattern, though some believe it to be a variation of a radiant-cut diamond.

Our 6 Favorite Diamond Cuts 

Dozens of diamond cuts have emerged throughout the history of jewelry. So far, we've listed some of the most prominent cuts that have endured the test of time. Do you want to know how you can try out some of the most distinguished, elegant diamond cuts? Let's go through our top six favorite diamond shapes and the jewelry you can wear to show them off.

6. Pear Cut 

A pear-cut diamond is a hybrid between a round brilliant diamond and a marquise-cut diamond with a curved and pointed end on either side. This cut displays a glimmering 58 facets, making it a cut that displays luxury like almost no other. It's the most brilliant of all the fancy diamond cuts, meaning it's a terrific choice for a center stone.  

Pear-Cut Jewelry: Our Custom Ring Builder gives you the option to select stunning pear-cut diamonds lining an 18-karat eternity band. Customize the carat weight you desire for a beautiful pear-cut diamond ring that's all yours. 

5. Round Cut 

Round cut diamonds are unique in maximizing the proper light reflection. Brides often choose this diamond cut for solitaire engagement rings because of their minimalist charm.

Round-Cut Jewelry: Are you a lover of timeless styles? You can't go wrong with a sleek, luxurious tennis bracelet. Noémie’s Diamond Tennis Bracelet features gorgeous round-cut diamonds lining the entire bracelet for maximum everyday beauty.

4. Oval Cut 

Simply put, an oval-cut diamond is a stretched variation of a round-cut diamond. This cut can display the same number of facets, meaning it can reflect light just as brightly as a round-cut diamond. This sophisticated shape flatters many brides' hands as it elongates the fingers.

Oval-Cut Jewelry: An eternity ring means eternal love. Whether you want to symbolize love for yourself or another person, our Oval-Cut Diamond Eternity Band is a unique way to say, "I love you." Every sparkling diamond is F/G color-grade and VS clarity, so you can be sure your ring is high-quality. 

3. Princess Cut 

Princess-cut diamonds not only boast a beautiful name but a gorgeous shape as well. It's no wonder that brides have enjoyed choosing this style for decades. This cut features a face-up shape, and it combines geometric style with modern elegance. 

Princess-Cut Jewelry: Looking for a classic piece of jewelry to add to your collection? Our Princess-Cut Eternity Band is exquisite on its own or paired with a princess-cut engagement ring. 

2. Marquise Cut 

The marquise-cut diamond holds a rich history in its shape. Its curvature is similar to a boat, which is why it's also called a "navette cut." King Louis XV had this cut fashioned after his mistress's lips because he thought they were the most perfect lips he'd ever seen.

Marquise-Cut Jewelry: This beautiful diamond style is available in our eclectic Multi-Shape Diamond Ring, which features five kinds of diamond cuts in one ring. Try it out in your preferred metal for a piece you can wear to add uniqueness to your look.

1. Baguette Cut 

Baguette-cut diamonds are exceptional in their geometric excellence. This cut boasts a "hall of mirror" effect that makes this diamond shape all the more enchanting. It's a style that's well-loved for its remarkable clarity and sophistication.

Baguette-Cut Jewelry: Lab-grown diamonds are the always-ethical alternative to earth-mined diamonds. Our Lab-Grown Baguette-Cut Eternity Band is a perfect piece of jewelry that displays high-quality lab-grown diamonds in a stunning baguette cut. 

In Conclusion 

Now you know there are many different diamond cuts, all of which are unique and beautiful. You can try out any shape that sticks out to you. Perhaps you'll recall that you'd like to try out a pair of baguette-cut earrings that add a geometric flair to your appearance. When you do, remember that Noémie is happy to offer you stunning fine jewelry at the most affordable prices. 


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Your Cryptocurrency Jewelry Shopping Guide

When the credit card first appeared on the scene, some people were skeptical of its longevity. Today, it's more accessible and convenient than cash, making it a staple in most people's lives. If you've never heard of cryptocurrency, you may be bewildered that you can buy and sell with this currency. As futuristic as it may seem, cryptocurrency is here, and it's about to revolutionize your shopping.

Fine Jewelry Basics You Can Buy With Crypto 

Are you looking to refresh your jewelry box with essential pieces you can wear daily? Perhaps you're looking for a reliable gift for a friend or family member. These basics can help you find a classic piece of fine jewelry they'll love wearing each day. 

A Custom-Designed Engagement Ring

If you’re shopping for the perfect ring for that special someone, but you just can’t seem to find exactly what you’re looking for, have no fear. Noémie can make all your dreams come true with a custom-designed ring that features everything that you want. Simply tell us exactly what you’re looking for, give us a few examples, and wait for the magic to happen. 

Classic Diamond Earrings 

Everyone who enjoys jewelry should have a pair of diamond earrings in their collection. While diamond studs may be the most predictable type of diamond earrings, consider this twist. Our Huggie Baguette Diamond Earrings display sparkling white baguette-cut diamonds in 18-karat rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or black gold. These delicate hoops can dress up any look with a nostalgic flair. 

An Iconic Tennis Bracelet 

Are you looking for a piece that won't go out of style? Our Noémie Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a piece you can cherish for years. It's been a well-loved accessory since the eighties, and you can wear it with both dressy and casual outfits. This piece features nearly two carats of glimmering white diamonds set in 18-karat white gold, black gold, or rose gold. Buy one for yourself with crypto or give it to someone you love.

A Romantic Anniversary Band 

An anniversary band is a beautiful diamond ring you can give to your beloved to remind them of your love. Any ring can be an anniversary band as long as you're giving it to someone special to mark an anniversary. Our Chevron Diamond Band is a perfect example of a diamond ring that you can give your person as an anniversary band. This band features bright, sparkling diamonds set into the front of a chevron-shaped band.

A Personalized Necklace 

For some occasions, you'll want to give a more personal gift. With our Noémie Custom Name Necklace, you can do just that. Consider names, places, or words that hold special significance in the eyes of your loved one. You can spell out any word that's nine characters or less. They'll love this high-quality piece of fine jewelry that proves how much you remember the things close to their heart. 

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a kind of virtual currency that is highly secure. This digital currency utilizes cryptography to secure it so that it's nearly impossible to counterfeit. It works because it employs an online ledger with a decentralized network so that the crypto is not controlled by any one computer, body, or person.

Key Principles of Cryptocurrency 

If you're lost, here are a few principles you can keep in mind to guide you through the basics of crypto:

Blockchain: A blockchain is an organizational method used by many cryptocurrencies to ensure integrity as data communicated in a transaction. 

Decentralization: Cryptocurrency exists in a decentralized network that functions outside the control of the government or central authorities. 

Digital Asset: Cryptocurrency at its core is a digital asset that you can use to purchase goods and services. Though it's not accepted nationwide yet, many stores are beginning to see the benefit of allowing patrons to pay in cryptocurrency.

How to Shop with Cryptocurrency 

When you earn typical currency, you generally deposit it into the bank, then use your debit card to make purchases at any stores that accept card payments. You also might hold onto the cash to buy something with your dollar bills. How does cryptocurrency work with making purchases? When you invest in cryptocurrency, you can use a software-based wallet on your desktop or smartphone that is accessible anywhere. These mobile wallets give you the mobility to spend your cryptocurrency from your cell phone. 

You can also connect your cryptocurrency to a debit card. When you buy crypto online, you can store it in your digital wallet and link it to a debit card. From this point, you can use your debit card regularly at any store. It's a simple way to integrate this modern currency solution into the present-day system. 

You Can Now Shop For Noémie Jewelry with Cryptocurrency 

We're happy to announce that you can now shop Noémie jewelry using cryptocurrency. When you invest in this modern virtual currency, you'll want to know where you can spend it. Good news – all of your favorite fine jewelry pieces are eligible for purchase with your crypto. Let's explore a few pieces to consider buying when you have cryptocurrency to spend. 

To Sum it Up 

Cryptocurrency may be a new frontier for you, but it's here to stay. When you shop with cryptocurrency, you can be sure that your money is secure and viable for spending. When you're looking for fine jewelry you can purchase with cryptocurrency, remember that Noémie has the classic pieces you desire for the most attractive prices. When you spend your virtual currency with us, you're investing in pieces that will hold their value for a lifetime. 


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Are Tennis Bracelets Adjustable?

There are moments in history that have shaped the culture and language surrounding the clothes and jewelry we wear. You could hardly imagine a single glove without thinking of Michael Jackson’s memorable performances or a halter-top cocktail dress without envisioning Marilyn Monroe’s classic windy dress photo. However, with some of the words we use, we do so without truly knowing the history behind them. This might be the case for you with the story of the tennis bracelet. Surprisingly, the bracelet was not originally made with the game of tennis in mind at all. One iconic moment shifted this piece from its place as a diamond line eternity bracelet to being known as a “tennis bracelet.”

How The Tennis Bracelet Got Its Name:

In the 1920s, swing dancing, jazz music, and Art Deco jewelry pieces were all the rage. Geometric, angular shapes nd simple straight lines were in-fashion when incorporated into rings, earrings, and bracelets. One such bracelet was birthed during this era— a simple diamond line bracelet that could be worn to add a straightforward elegance to one’s overall look. This classic token piece from the Roaring ’20s has continued to be worn through the decades, either by itself or paired with other modern pieces. In the late 1970s, this well-known bracelet got a new name almost overnight.

Over the years of retelling this story, some journalists mistakenly noted that the tennis bracelet got its name in the late 80s, but that doesn’t quite line up with first-hand accounts of the story. Tracing the style back to the ‘70s shows the sudden boom of tennis bracelet purchases that occurred shortly thereafter in the 1980s. During the 1970s, people were dancing disco, dressing down diamonds, and looking for a new nonchalant luxe look to pair with their wide-legged denim and laid-back personalities. This set the scene for an eternity diamond bracelet to take center stage in the 1978 U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

Chris Evert was ascending the ranks in her tennis career. Not only was she known for her accomplished tennis skills, but she was credited for the style she brought to the court. Evert’s signature accessory was a diamond line eternity bracelet, which she did not take off for games. During one match in the 1978 U.S. Open, Chris Evert asked for the game to halt so that she could search for something on the court. The dainty, luxurious bracelet had flown from her wrist, and the game was stopped until she could find it again. 

Since this pivotal event in its history, the tennis bracelet has been worn by those who hold to sentimentality. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, sporting one of these meant being on-trend and subtly revealing their high-status. Moving into the 2000s, bolder, flashier pieces came onto the scene, but as minimalist looks have resurfaced and marked the lifestyles of many in recent years, the tennis bracelet has been welcomed back to the modern fashion with open arms. Today, there’s often a contemporary twist put into the design of the bracelet, but its basic form has still proven itself to be a classic staple for those who want to add a nostalgic, low-key luxe to their style.

What Makes A Tennis Bracelet? 

These diamond line bracelets have been recognizable since the 1920s because the integrity of the design has remained largely unchanged. A tennis bracelet usually features anywhere from 4 to 70 diamonds in a line setting, with individual links that join together. Finally, a subtle clasp secures it at the wrist to keep it in place on your wrist throughout your day. Most bracelets show off diamonds all the way around the wrist, giving it a dainty extravagance. One of the few ways this bracelet varies in style is in the chosen settings to display the delicate diamonds. 

Different Types Of Settings

One small differentiating factor from one tennis bracelet to another is the setting that securely holds the small diamonds in place. A prong setting is very common and uses small, square metal tips to securely hold diamonds. Bezel settings are a round shape, encompassing a diamond as the backs of the circular pieces link together. A channel setting would feature metal pieces horizontally on either side of the diamond to create a parallel look. 

The other customizable component of the tennis bracelet is the metal used for the setting. In the 20s, diamonds with platinum settings were the ultimate Art Deco piece to show off. Today, there are a few choices based on the price point you’re looking for. Platinum is still an option for those desiring a strong precious metal with a high price point. Additionally, sterling silver, gold, white gold, yellow gold are typical options to consider. Rose gold and black gold are also stunning current setting choices.

The New Important Feature 

One important detail has been added to the structural design of tennis bracelets since the ‘70s. It seems uncommon that someone would wear expensive jewelry on daring escapades or energetic sporting events, but Chris Evert proved this assumption wrong. Along with the tennis court moment that shaped this piece’s identity, a new feature became standard: the safety clasp. However precautionary, this component gives the wearer peace of mind that their beloved eternity bracelet is safe for everyday wear. You wouldn’t want to risk losing your tennis bracelet on the court, too, would you?

The Noémie Tennis Collection 

At Noémie, our tennis bracelet is made with quality in mind just for you. This bracelet stands apart since it has been carefully handcrafted with 18K gold. Thankfully, it comes with a flexible clasp. Additionally, you have the freedom of choice between a black gold, rose gold, or white gold setting, making it easy to customize to your taste. 

Our tennis bracelet is available in sizes for both small and large wrists since we use your measurements to craft this piece just for you. It stuns with 71 diamonds in F/G color and VS clarity. Best of all, our diamonds are certified conflict-free, so your conscience can be clean as you elevate your look with this timeless piece.

In addition to the classic tennis bracelet, our Tennis Collection highlights three other variations of the well-loved original. Our Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet displays 60 blue sapphires and 15 white diamonds in a staggered pattern. Like the classic, it is set in 18K gold, but with a 1.5-carat weight of blue sapphire added, with a 0.36-carat weight of white diamonds. 

The Pink Sapphire and White Diamond option is the alternative to the Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet, with 60 pink sapphires instead of blue and 15 white diamonds. Both include the same ratio of sapphires to diamonds, so the only thing you have to choose is whether you’re feeling more like a soft blue or a flirty pink. 

The last item in the Tennis Collection is the Larger Tennis Bracelet is just like the classic, but bolder. With a 2.5 carat weight of white diamonds, This is a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade from everyday luxe to fine, high-class simplicity. Keep in mind Noémie also offers custom carat weights and custom sizes with a return policy of 100% returns for a full refund, even on custom designs. 

Are They Adjustable? 

The best way to ensure a tennis bracelet is going to fit correctly is to measure well. Using a piece of string, encircle the wrist snugly, marking where the end meets the string on the other side. Line this piece up with a measuring stick or measuring tape to see your wrists measurement in inches. For a bracelet to fit well, you should add around ½ and inch to ¾ inch to your wrist size. This additional length provides a comfortable, personalized fit for your elegant bracelet.

The good news is that some tennis bracelets also present a customizable element. While a piece of jewelry such as a ring comes in one final size because of its design, a tennis bracelet is designed in such a way that adjusting them is sometimes possible, depending on the bracelet. As mentioned, tennis bracelets are known for featuring small diamonds in settings that link together all the way around to create a uniform line. This formation enables links to be added or removed as needed to provide a comfortable fit. 

To Sum It Up

Whether your life consists of taking risks on the court or making unrestrained memories on-the-go, a tennis bracelet is a go-to piece that you can add to your everyday look without worrying about it coming unclasped. The individual links found in many of these bracelets mean you can convert yours to fit you in any season of life, or to fit a loved one if you choose to make it an heirloom. This eternity bracelet has made its mark on history from the 1920s till now, all while maintaining a gentle sophistication. The tennis bracelet is a flexible item to add to your collection, and you never have to worry about it falling off or going out of style. It’s proven itself to be a classic in every era.


Types of Earrings: 8 Styles Every Girl Should Consider

Having a staple piece of jewelry can be an easy way to add personality to many varieties of dress. Other times, it might be an indicator that it's time to branch out and try new styles. If you're used to wearing classic small hoops, you may want to try out statement studs. If you're used to bolder styles, you might be interested in trying a few classic pieces. You might find your next favorite staple earring as you try out new styles. 

What Kind of Earrings Suit You? 

Perhaps you've never pierced your ears. You may feel that you don't know where to begin with adding them into your daily wardrobe. 

If you enjoy wearing eclectic trousers and shoes, eye-catching earrings might be your taste. You might prefer to dress in more subdued, classic fashions, in which case simple studs and hoops may be more to your liking. There are many pairs you can incorporate into your dress that will match your personality and style. 

How to Choose the Best Quality Earrings

When you're searching for earrings, you should keep a couple of things in mind. First, your ear-cleaning maintenance plays a role in the health of your piercings. Second, choosing earrings made from poor-quality materials can lead to irritation and discoloration. When selecting your next favorite hoops or studs, go for high-quality 18k gold that will last for years without irritation. 

Eight Earring Styles Every Girl Should Try Out 

If you’re trying to revamp your style or simply incorporate a few new pieces into your daily attire, earrings are a fantastic place to start. Whether you're looking to do a total reconstruction of your style or want to refresh your look, trying out new earrings can help add personality. 

Fine, high-quality earrings are a terrific piece that can elevate your look effortlessly. Let's explore eight styles we think you'll enjoy. 

Huggie Earrings 

Do you enjoy adding simple touches to your look to add subtle sophistication? If so, our Noémie Huggie Earrings may be perfect for your taste. These delicate miniature hoops fasten with a hinge closure for easy on-and-off. 

This style is available in 18k rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or black gold with diamonds. This style is also available in black gold and rose gold with dazzling sapphires, should you prefer a more colorful look.

Petite Studs 

How about trying out a classic? If you're looking to elevate your daily looks with one delicate piece of jewelry, this may be the one. Our Noémie Round Diamond Stud Earrings add a touch of class to your jewelry. 

The push-back posts feature 18k gold, and the diamond stones are a beautiful F/G color and VS clarity rating. Wear them to pair with a nighttime look or to add elegance to your daily activewear. 

Bold Diamond Hoops 

You might be interested in an earring style with a bit more personality. If that's the case, bold hoops might be the piece for you. Our Noémie Large Diamond Hoops are perfect for making a statement. 

They're available in 18k rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and black gold, so you're free to choose what color suits your look most. Wear them to create an eye-catching red carpet-worthy look or to add flare to your street style.

Split-Hoop Diamond Earrings 

If you adore styles from the past, this earring is a must. Our Noémie Split-Hoop Diamond Earrings display a 1/4 carat-weight of sparkling diamonds in the 18k gold split hoops. These earrings are inspired by 1920s styles, giving them a nostalgic, high-class feel. Wear them to add allure to your look and highlight the brilliant styles of the past all at once. 

Crescent Moon Studs 

You can add personality to your earring jewelry easily. If you have multiple ear piercings, consider adding a playful stud to your ear. Our Crescent Moon Studs in 18k rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold will add a celestial glamour to your other jewelry. These studs display sparkling white diamonds in the crescent shape for even more charm.

Diamond Stud Earrings 

If you enjoy diamonds, this pair of earrings is for you. Our Rumba Dancing Diamond Stud earrings display one carat of stunning white diamonds. The inner studs are surrounded by glistening miniature stones in a circle, giving them the illusion of floating. 

This style is available in 18k rose gold, white gold, or black gold so that you can personalize your glamour.

Baguette Huggie Earrings 

Give your hoops extra personality and allure with baguette-shaped diamonds lining each hoop. Our Noémie Baguette Huge Earrings are hand-set with brilliant diamonds in 18k white gold, rose gold, black gold, or yellow gold. They feature a charming twist on a timeless geometric shape. Wear them to dress up your street style or to elevate an evening look.

Emerald Cut Studs 

What's better than dazzling studs? Emerald-cut diamond stud earrings are the perfect classic piece you can wear with anything. These emerald-shaped diamonds are hand-set into 18k white gold for a beautiful piece of jewelry in a one-carat weight. 

Wear a pair of Noémie Emerald-Cut Diamond Studs to add geometric elegance to your appearance. 

How to Style Earrings

Some people aren't into earrings. If that's you, you might be considering how to wear this piece of jewelry for the first time. Should you pair your elaborate diamond hoops with a ball gown for a business lunch? Should you wear the same pair of earrings each day? Here are a few ways you can style your Noémie earrings.

With Different Hairstyles: When choosing earrings, pay close attention to how your hair is styled. If it's in a ponytail or bun, that naturally draws attention to the ear and creates more space for your jewelry to be seen. If you wear your hair down and loose, more delicate jewelry might be appropriate.

With Casual Wear: You don't need a five-star restaurant or awards banquet to wear fine jewelry. A quiet night with a book, a day trip to the bookstore, or a weekend by the sea are all reasons enough to wear Noémie hoops and studs.

How to Give Earrings as a Gift 

When you’re choosing earrings for a loved one, pay close attention to their individual taste. Fine jewelry is a valuable, long-lasting gift. What makes it even more meaningful is by personalizing the jewelry you give. By choosing your beloved’s favorite metals and diamond shapes in a pair of earrings, you’re sure to choose a pair they love wearing. 

Where to Find the Best Quality Earrings 

You could search for hours online to find high prices and sup-par quality jewelry, or you could explore Noémie's collection of fine jewelry. Avoid low-quality materials that leave your ears hurting. Noémie is committed to offering the best quality.

Noémie's Fine Jewelry 

Find a pair of Noémie earrings you adore? There's more where that came from. Whether you're looking for the best ethical engagement rings or personalized jewelry, we have the fine jewelry pieces you'll adore. Explore our collections to find your next favorite pieces. 

To Sum it Up 

When you're considering new earring styles, remember that you can always reinvent your essence. While you're browsing different hoops, diamond cuts, and posts, keep quality in mind. Your earrings should be a piece of jewelry that endures through each season of your life. 

At Noémie, we're pleased to offer you the best quality affordable fine jewelry so that fine-tuning your style can be that much easier. 


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