What Is the Best Online Jewelry Store for Wedding Bands?

Weddings can be exhilarating. Planning one can be challenging if you don't know where to start. If you've recently gotten engaged, you might be starting to look for the most highly-rated caterers, the most delicious wedding cakes, and the best places to buy wedding jewelry.

You don't have to do all the searching on your own. Today, let's explore a few of the most prominent wedding jewelry retailers to compare their value. Then, we'll show you a few of our favorite pieces of wedding jewelry.

Storefront vs. Online Diamond Retailers 

First, let's talk about the difference between online diamond retailers and physical storefronts. Each of these retailers has its edge, but knowing their differences can be helpful. 

Physical jewelry stores are a terrific option for those who are looking for a hands-on experience. You'll likely meet with a salesperson who can help you try different bands to find the best fit for you. 

Unfortunately, one of the downsides to this experience is the markup in cost. Storefront jewelers have to mark up prices to pay for overhead costs as well as employee salaries. On top of that, they may mark up prices to ensure they can cover the cost of sales commission. 

Online jewelers provide a different experience. While you might need to schedule a time to visit a physical store with an online jewelry retailer, you can browse their collection at any time of the day or night on your own time and cut out the middlemen. You can even shop their selection from your couch. 

While online jewelry retailers are the newer option in jewelry, many people find this shopping experience less stressful. It allows you to take your time in choosing the jewelry you'll wear for years.

Wedding Jewelry Retailers Compared 

When it comes to buying wedding jewelry online, you'll likely want to know the best online retailers that can help you find your perfect rings. Let's look at a few of them and compare their pros and cons.

Blue Nile 

This jewelry retailer offers you the ability to shop by selecting the shape of diamond you'd like. It also allows you to shop by engagement ring styles. However, when you choose each of these options, you're met with a page of options that look nearly identical with differing price points. It can be challenging to know the rationale behind the pricing of each band, making it more difficult for you to choose your selection in the end. 

James Allen 

James Allen is another online jewelry retailer that many visit when shopping for wedding jewelry. One of its pros is that it allows you to shop for both men's and women's wedding jewelry if you'd like to find your jewelry in one place. 

Unfortunately, upon entering the site, you'll encounter pop-ups that make it challenging to find the wedding jewelry you're looking for. They also have a pretty vast inventory, making it somewhat difficult to compare choices. 

Brilliant Earth 

One of the good things about Brilliant Earth is its passion for conflict-free diamonds. However, their inventory is also quite extensive, making it somewhat challenging to browse comfortably without getting overwhelmed. 

Noémie Jewelry Stands Provides Fine Jewelry at Affordable prices 

When you're searching for wedding jewelry online, you shouldn't have to deal with ad pop-ups and pages of confusing inventory to find a ring you love. At Noémie, we're committed to offering fine jewelry with a seamless online browsing experience. 

Another one of our passions is providing jewelry that's as authentic as we say it is. Every piece you buy from us comes with a GIA certificate where a gemologist explains the grades of the diamonds in your jewelry. This acts as a guarantee from us that your piece is authentic and valuable.

What To Look for in Wedding Jewelry 

When you're searching for wedding jewelry, what factors should you prioritize? Let's look at a few characteristics of exceptional wedding jewelry.

The Four C's 

In diamond shopping, you've likely heard of the four C's: clarity, carat weight, color, and cut. Here's a brief explanation of their meaning if you've forgotten.

Cut: This term refers to the excellence of a diamond's cut. Experts grade this cut on how symmetrical it is.

Color: Experts also grade diamonds on their color. Ideally, a diamond will have a nearly colorless appearance. Whenever experts grade diamonds, it's on a scale of D-Z, with D being the most colorless and Z being yellow in appearance. 

Carat Weight: This C is relatively self-explanatory. The higher a diamond's carat weight is, the more valuable it will be.

Clarity: This term refers to how free a diamond is from inclusions. Experts grade diamonds on a scale of Flawless to included.

Excellent Customer Care 

Another factor you may want to seek in online jewelry retailers is excellent customer care. When you're buying engagement rings or wedding jewelry, you'll want to know your needs are valuable and that you're able to receive care and attention to help execute your romantic plans successfully.

Thoughtful Design and Craftsmanship 

You'd hate to find out your wedding band was made haphazardly with no attention to detail or care. For that reason, you may want to prioritize retailers that have excellent craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Customizable Elements 

Your relationship is one of a kind. With that in mind, choosing jewelry that has customizable features is paramount for representing your unique relationship. Choose a jewelry retailer that can help you create a custom engagement ring or customize parts of a band you already love to make it your own.

Excellent Materials 

Finally, you'll want to select a jewelry retailer that offers excellent materials. From diamonds to gemstones and ring settings, the materials your jeweler uses make a world of difference in your wedding jewelry's quality.

Seven Pieces of Wedding Jewelry To Fall in Love With 

When you're ready to make your engagement ring or wedding ring purchase, you'll want to look over your options for high-quality diamond jewelry. Let's look at a few diamond rings, bracelets, and necklaces that are perfect to wear on your wedding day. 

1. Halo Pavé Ring 

Are you on the hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring? If so, Our Halo Pavé Ring is an excellent option to consider. It's a quintessentially romantic ring with a brilliant focal stone and a halo of miniature diamonds to make it shine.

2. Baguette Stud Earrings 

Don't Forget elegant earrings on your big day. Adding baguette-cut details to your ears is one way to elevate your bridal look. In 18-karat white gold, Our Baguette Stud Earrings add simplistic elegance to your wedding day ensemble. 

3. Diamond Eternity Band 

A diamond eternity band is a timeless expression of eternal love. When you're looking for a classic band to pair with your engagement ring, the Diamond Eternity Band is a time-tested option you'll love for years. 

4. Criss Cross Engagement Ring 

Perhaps you're someone who prefers bold jewelry styles to minimalistic ones. You can delight in glamour with our Crisscross Engagement Ring. This band displays a brilliant focal stone surrounded by criss crossing bands lined with white diamonds. Customize your wedding ring with your choice of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. 

5. Solitaire Ring

Is there anything as timeless as a solitaire band? When you're searching for the most classic engagement ring, the Solitaire Ring is an incredible option. There's a reason this style has been well-loved for decades. 

6. Multi-Shape Diamond Eternity Band 

Perhaps you're looking for a wedding band with some personality. Our Multi-Shape Diamond Eternity Band features multiple diamond shapes in one band. It looks terrific with an engagement ring of your choosing or on its own. 

7. Lab-Grown Eternity Ring 

One way to stay within your wedding jewelry budget is to opt for lab-grown diamonds. In addition to being conflict-free diamonds, these stones are every bit as beautiful as their natural-grown counterparts. You can enjoy the radiance of diamond jewelry at a more attractive price. 

Our Lab-Grown Eternity Band Ring features ethical diamonds surrounding the band for an all-the-way-round radiance.

Noémie's Wedding Jewelry Can Make Your Day Even More Memorable 

When you're looking for the best wedding bands online, knowing where to look is essential. At Noémie, we want to provide you with high-quality jewelry at the best prices. 

While other retailers may mark up the costs to compensate for a wide product assortment, at Noémie, we make it a priority to keep your costs to a minimum. You deserve to find affordable diamond wedding jewelry that you can enjoy for a lifetime. 


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