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4 Best Places to Buy a Gold Custom Name Necklace

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4 Best Places to Buy a Gold Custom Name Necklace

Even in ancient times, people sculpted pottery and clay, marking their art with symbols that would tell one-of-a-kind stories. Over centuries, these symbols became more intricate and involved the use of precious metals forged into jewelry. 

In the modern world, industrialization has brought accessibility where there used to be scarcity, especially when it comes to luxury items. Now, personalized jewelry creates a way to find some luxury and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship for those who wish to have something all their own. 

Perhaps this unique craftsmanship calls to you, and you’re searching for the perfect 18k gold name necklace to gift your beloved on a special, momentous day. Maybe you have an inspiring mantra, and you want to commemorate that word in a personalized necklace for yourself. 

There are a few possible routes you can take to decide where to purchase something so special. Let’s explore your options when it comes to places to buy real gold personalized necklaces, and we’ll help you choose the best one for honoring any meaningful name or word in your life. 


By now, you’re surely familiar with the allure of Amazon. The ability to browse pages at length, comparing numerous options of any item is one of the many wonders of the 21st century. 

The power to buy a trendy new outfit or splurge on a new appliance and have it shipped to your doorstep within days (or even hours in some locations) is an addictive convenience many of us utilize. When it comes to jewelry, however, Amazon is a mixed bag.

Online shoppers have learned to read product descriptions and reviews to meet their needs. Sometimes, these descriptions are misleading, or the reviews are inauthentic because Amazon’s marketplace is so diverse. 

The Pros Of Buying Personalized Jewelry From Amazon:

  • Speed: Choosing this marketplace means enjoying a quick turnaround between the time you think of purchasing a necklace, ordering it, and receiving it at your house (for the most part).
  • Options: The myriad of choices gives you the ability to be specific with what you want to order. 

The Cons Of Shopping For Jewelry With Amazon:

  • Too Much To Consider: You’re responsible for paying attention to details like item description, seller rating, and reviews for every item you consider, making this shopping experience mentally exhausting at times. 
  • Unpredictable Quality: Your skin might soon be turning green from a necklace that only looked like a quality piece of jewelry.

  • Possible Unethical Business Practices: When you shop on Amazon, it’s difficult to know where and how your product is produced.  


In the last ten years, there’s been a resurgence in demand for handmade items and unique craftsmanship. Online marketplaces such as Etsy have made their mark by providing a way for people to patronize small businesses from their phone with ease. 

Years ago, small shops made up the majority of these online marketplaces. Today, however, shoppers run the risk of purchasing from shops that may be masquerading as small businesses but are actually quite large and have similar practices to the big retailers on amazon. 

There are risks to weigh with this platform. The most important thing to look out for is the quality vs. the price. 

You may be willing to spend more money on a handcrafted personalized necklace than you would a piece you found on Amazon that was made in bulk. But what if the same retailer was behind the inexpensive Amazon piece and the Etsy piece? 

The Benefits Of Shopping On Etsy: 

  • Support: You may be supporting a small business that is trying to get their start in jewelry. 

  • Attention to Detail: Smaller businesses usually pay attention to detail with their jewelry because they have to if they want repeat customers.

The Unfortunate Risks of Etsy:

  • Deceptive: There is always a chance that something is too good to be true. If you see a product that has hundreds or thousands of reviews, you may be shopping with a business that is selling on more than one platform and raising their prices on Etsy. They may also pay less attention to detail. 

Brick And Mortar Jewelry Stores

Perhaps you find yourself wanting to speak with a real person about your needs when shopping for fine jewelry. You’d enjoy making a trip to a store and getting a tour of all the pieces that may interest you from an in-person jeweler. 

Many feel that they can trust this avenue of jewelry shopping more than digital markets, but it has its highs and lows. Let’s explore the pros and cons of brick and mortar jewelry shopping. 

Pros Of Shopping For Jewelry In-Person:

  • Personal: Your experience at a jewelry store is going to feel more catered to your interests. Upon walking into the store, someone will ask you to describe what you're looking for and will do their best to display options that suit those needs.

  • Seeing for yourself: At a physical store, you can judge the quality, color, and cut of jewelry with your own eyes. You can see the size of a necklace, the color of the gold, and decide if the overall quality matches what you’ve wanted to purchase. 

The Cons Of Shopping At A Physical Jewelry Store:

  • Markups: Jewelers have to make a profit. With full-time employees and costs like rent and utilities to maintain every month, it’s easy to see that those costs must come from somewhere. Online retailers can often offer a lower price point because they have fewer costs, unlike physical jewelry stores.

  • Pressure: Depending on your personality, shopping in a physical store may be overwhelming to you. While some enjoy a trained, knowledgeable person helping them answer their questions, others may feel that they are being pressured into making a decision then and there. 


Your best option for fine jewelry is Noémie, which has your best interest at heart in the pieces we create. From custom necklaces to diamond rings, our luxurious materials and ethical practices make us a phenomenal choice for your jewelry needs. Here are a few of the pros of shopping with Noémie. 

Why Jewelry Shopping With Noémie Is A Dream

  • Free Shipping & Returns on Custom designs as well: We are the first brand of fine jewelry to offer free shipping and returns on an item that isn’t 100% satisfactory. This is groundbreaking and makes the online jewelry shopping experience more risk-free than ever before. 

  • Fine materials: At Noémie, we believe in ethical practices concerning our diamonds. That’s why we offer conflict-free diamonds. Additionally, this superior quality is made possible at a much lower price point than some of our competitors. For the cost, we are the best there is—the finest luxury for the most affordable price. 

  • Reviews: Our products also receive multiple 4-star and 5-star reviews. Our quality products are met with satisfaction. 

  • Support: While shopping online at Noémie, a real person from our support team will be there to answer any questions you may have while digitally browsing, without being pushy. Your comfort and your questions answered are both priorities for us. 

Noémie Personalized Jewelry

While you’re considering your options for personalized real gold name necklaces, know that Noémie offers a few different options for personalized jewelry. Take a look at our choices to see what fits your budget and preferences. Our most notable options for your desire to gift something personal are our Custom Letter Necklace and Custom Personalized Necklace

Your first option at Noémie is the custom personalized letter necklace. Offering an 18-karat gold base, all you need to do is decide the letter you’re looking to incorporate into a piece of jewelry. 

You also have the choice between rose gold and white gold for your custom letter necklace. On top of this, the benefits of free shipping and guaranteed satisfaction are also yours with Noémie. 

Your next personalized name necklace option is our custom personalized necklace, which offers even more flexibility for the piece you’re looking to create. After choosing any word or name that is special to you for the necklace, you can enjoy multiple other customizable features. 

First, for material used, you have the choice between 18-karat gold or 18-karat gold and white diamonds. For color used, the choice is yours between rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

In Conclusion

Not every jewelry retailer has your best interest in mind. Other jewelry retailers may charge you a big-ticket for excess assortment, production markups, wholesale distribution markups, shipping, and sales commissions. 

At Noémie, we offer luxury while maintaining responsible production, thoughtful product assortment, free shipping, and our jewelry is handcrafted using our own production house. With a diamond price match guarantee, you can also be sure that your real gold personalized necklace is the highest quality for the best price.


Every moment is worth celebrating, and the special people in your life deserve to know how much you care. Choosing a necklace to let them know how dear they are to you has never been easier. 

With our 18-karat reclaimed gold, conflict-free diamonds, and responsible production practices, we can guarantee you the best materials in good conscience at the right price. Our personalized gold necklaces are just right for treating yourself or letting someone know how irreplaceable they are to you.