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Best Price Jewelry: How To Determine Jewelry Pricing

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Best Price Jewelry: How To Determine Jewelry Pricing

If you're someone who enjoys purchasing fine diamond jewelry, you may want to ensure you're getting the best value from your purchases. Like many shoppers, knowing the most affordable jewelry brands is likely important to you if you want high-quality pieces without an astronomical price tag. You want the best deals and lowest prices for unique pieces.

Today, let's talk about how retailers and jewelry stores price their jewelry. Then, we'll show you how Noémie offers paramount quality. 

How Do Jewelers Determine Prices for Their Jewelry 

Have you ever compared two diamond rings with the exact same characteristics only to find that one of them was much more expensive? You might have wondered how one retailer offers the same product for less. 

Maybe that pair of stud earrings or chain necklace you’ve been eyeing is made of sterling silver, which is why they’re much cheaper than the other brand that’s made with white gold.

Maybe the gold jewelry you’re looking at is made with gold vermeil or 14-karat gold; these are all factors to consider with pricing and why prices range from low to high.   

There are a few factors that individual retailers and large jewelry brands consider when determining the prices for each piece of jewelry. Let's examine these factors to understand pricing.

They Factor in the Price of Materials

At the very minimum, it makes sense that retailers need to cover the cost of their supplies to make money. Even if they purchase these materials wholesale, gold, platinum, pearls, and diamonds all have a base cost to cover before the design, production, and crafting stages. 

Some smaller jewelry retailers function off of a formula that charges four times the materials plus the cost of packaging. This formula considers travel costs, product loss, selling pieces wholesale, marketing, and a host of other expenses. 

They Consider Their Employee Salaries and Overhead 

Jewelers with a physical storefront have to factor in the hourly wages or salaries of employees and a salesman or jewelry consultant. They also must factor in sales commissions to profit after a salesman makes their cut on a piece of jewelry. 

In addition to employee wages, jewelry brands with a storefront must also factor overhead costs such as rent (which is much higher in big cities, such as New York City), energy, plumbing, and maintenance into their pricing to provide a suitable environment for themselves and their customers. 

They Consider Production Costs

In addition to employee salary, overhead costs, and the costs of supplies and materials, retailers consider their production costs. Growing diamonds and crafting handset diamond jewelry takes time, energy, and resources that they should regard. You can’t always buy jewelry for a bargain price with all of these factors. 

They Factor in Product Assortment 

Have you ever wondered how jewelry stores decide which pieces to make? This step is called product assortment, and it's what allows a retailer to offer a wide variety of products to their customers. 

When retailers experiment with new designs and pieces of jewelry (such as gold chains or maybe a topaz piece), they have to adjust prices in case those pieces don't perform as well as their best-selling pieces or similar items.

Why Noémie Jewelry Offers Excellent Quality for the Price 

Now that we've peeked behind the curtain of jewelry pricing, you may be wondering if any fine jewelry retailers offer quality jewelry at affordable prices. With all the markups a jewelry seller could make, you may think it would be difficult to find.

Let us introduce ourselves. At Noémie, keeping costs to a minimum for you is something we strive to do. There are several things we prioritize to make this possible. Let's take a look at these priorities.

Thoughtful Product Assortment 

Some jewelry brands may prefer to keep up with every new trend. In doing so, they use resources and time to keep up with current styles. This strategy can be costly and waste products in some cases, meaning your price goes up. 

For this reason, we like to be thoughtful about our assortment. We'll offer you the most tried-and-true designs so that you can have the jewelry you desire at an affordable price. 

Responsible Production 

Some retailers must factor in production costs at a third-party facility. We own our own production house so that we can avoid unnecessary markups. It allows us to oversee more of the production process so that each piece of diamond jewelry is of the best quality when it gets to you. 

No Markup for Salesmen 

Remember how we mentioned that jewelry stores with storefronts have salesmen who earn sales commission? While we have a physical location where you can see your favorite Noémie pieces up close, we don't have salesmen. As a result, we can offer you better prices than those that have to factor in that extra cost. 

We Offer Lab-Grown Stones at Discounted Prices 

Ensuring that your diamonds are conflict-free isn't just good; it's the right thing to do. At Noémie, all of our diamond jewelry features ethically sourced diamonds. Still, we offer lab-mined diamonds as an alternative for those who want to be explicitly clear where their gemstones originate. 

Others enjoy lab-created diamonds for the price tag (it’s basically discount jewelry that’s still high-quality). At Noémie, our lab-created diamonds are a fraction of the cost of their authentic counterparts. These diamonds are molecularly the same as earth-grown stones, making lab-grown gems an outstanding choice for those on a budget.

Nine Classic Pieces of Diamond Jewelry for Your Collection 

Here are a few pieces of fine jewelry you can purchase to enhance your collection and elevate your wardrobe. 

1. The Diamond Crescent Necklace 

As far as diamond necklaces go, this one is an excellent choice. If you love simplicity and radiant diamonds, our Diamond Crescent Necklace may be ideal for elevating your jewelry box. Wear this necklace alone or pair it with gorgeous crescent studs.

2. Tennis Bracelet 

Are you the type of person who loves wearing bracelets? If you are, you may want to consider completing your collection with our Tennis Bracelet. This piece features dazzling stones close-set throughout the length, making it perfect for elegant and leisurewear. 

3. The Huggie Baguette Earrings 

When you're searching for the ideal pair of miniature hoops, our Huggie Baguette Earrings are a fantastic option. Each huggie earring displays stunning baguette-shaped diamonds for a delicate and divine look. 

4. The Halo Pavé Ring 

Are you beginning to talk about engagement with your partner? If so, you may be starting to look at custom wedding rings or engagement rings. If you're someone who enjoys glamour, our Halo Pavé Ring could be an excellent engagement ring option for you. It looks terrific by itself or paired with a simplistic eternity band. 

5. The Trois Hoop Diamond Earring

You may be the sort of person who loves layered jewelry and eclectic fashion. You might have dreamed of having multiple piercings on each ear but never gotten around to making it a reality. If this sounds like you, our Trois Hoop Diamond Earring may be the right piece for you.

Each hoop displays elegant round diamonds set in 18-karat gold. You can customize these earrings by selecting rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or black gold. 

6. Criss Cross Engagement Ring 

If you're getting engaged soon, you'll likely be searching for engagement ideas and the perfect jewelry to represent your relationship with your partner. Consider your partner's style when choosing a ring. Do they enjoy bold, eclectic styles? If so, our Criss Cross Engagement ring in 18-karat gold or platinum is an option worth considering.

This ring features a glowing center stone with multiple crisscrossing bands lined with accentuating white diamonds that shine with exceptional clarity. It's a perfect choice for those who want a ring that represents their one-of-a-kind relationship. 

7. The Single Star Diamond Necklace 

If you love earthy elements and celestial themes, you deserve to represent that passion with fine jewelry. Consider adding our Single Star Diamond Necklace to your jewelry box. 

This necklace features a focal stone in the star's center with smaller diamonds surrounding it. It makes a lovely addition to any look in 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

8. The White Diamond Lightning Bolt Stud 

Are you searching for unique accents to your daily look? Our White Diamond Lightning Bolt Studs can add a subtle electrifying presence to your wardrobe. Wear them alone or pair them with other hoops and studs. 

9. The Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

If you adore vibrant jewelry, our Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a bracelet you'll love. This piece is remarkably unique and is a terrific option to consider when you're searching for a gift for a loved one. 

Noémie Offers the Best Jewelry at an Incredible Price

Now that you know a bit of the rationale behind the way retailers price their jewelry, you may have a better idea of which brands are more trustworthy. At Noémie, we strive to reduce costs so that you can have fine diamond jewelry at a price that's within your budget. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or an engagement, we have the jewelry you want. 

You deserve affordable quality pieces that will be a part of all the memories you encounter in your lifetime. 


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