How Long Does It Take to Have Custom Design Wedding Bands Made?

Your wedding is going to be a one-of-a-kind event. The story that you and your beloved share is one that belongs only to you. Your relationship is unique because your story is unique. You deserve a wedding band that represents your commitment without compromising your tastes. A custom design wedding band celebrates your bond and mirrors the unique nature of your upcoming marriage.

The History of Wedding Bands

Rings as a symbol of love date back well into the historical past. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were the trailblazers for incorporating rings into a wedding and exchanging them to represent a devotion that would be eternal. 

Rings began to incorporate gold around the 2nd century B.C. and feature precious gemstones in medieval times. By the 8th century, rings became a staple in the typical wedding, establishing their place in marriage ceremonies for the centuries to come.  

Noémie's Exquisite Wedding Band Collection

We find joy in offering you a variety of options in our wedding band collection. Whether you'd like something dainty and minimal, or something more geometric or whimsical, we'd love to provide something for your taste. 

We are pleased to present our fine, handcrafted rings without the traditional markups of other brands. Let's peruse some of the wedding band choices that might fit your desires before exploring our custom diamond ring builder.

The Eternity Baguette Diamond Ring

This timeless style draws from the past while honoring your future. With geometric- shaped diamonds set into 18 Karat gold, it's a fantastic option for the old soul who loves the sentiment of decades past. It features remarkable VS clarity diamonds in F/G clarity with a 0.84-carat weight. This band offers nostalgia with modern brilliance. 

3-Row Pave Diamond Band

The 3-Row Pave Diamond Band is another non-traditional option for those who desire a ring that is as unique as they are. This stunning band dazzles in three rows of diamonds equaling a carat weight of approximately 0.78. The band features 18 karats of either rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or black gold. It's another piece to set you apart from the rest with extra personality and glamour.

The Princess Diamond Halo Half Band Ring

If you're interested in a band that will stand out with striking stones and high visibility, the Princess Diamond Halo Half Band Ring may be the one for you. It features bright diamonds in a half-band halo design totaling a minimum carat weight of 0.72 Carats. Pair this exciting piece with an engagement ring for a modern style to represent your bold personality with six elegant princess diamonds set in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. 

Noémie's Custom Wedding Band Builder

The former three options are just a few of the bold wedding band selections we offer, but perhaps you're still looking to have an intimate role in the design of your wedding band. That is entirely reasonable. A custom wedding band that you'll love for ages is within your reach. Our custom wedding band builder is user-friendly, but let's explore your options at each step of the process. 

Quality Materials Used in Your Ring

We want to provide you with a band that is as high-quality as it is mesmerizing. It's our pleasure to use first-rate materials in producing your ring with none of the traditional markups you'd encounter from other retailers. What's more, Noémie handcrafts our signature rings to ensure your band receives care and attention throughout the production process. Like all of our designs, the custom ring builder features 18 Karat gold and VS clarity diamonds to make your band remarkable.

Step-By-Step Ring Building

Throughout building your ring, you'll be able to choose the diamond shape, the metal used for forging your band, the pave length you'd prefer for your diamonds, and in some styles, the carat weight of your diamonds. As always, Noémie offers you the best value no matter how glamourous or modest your ring turns out to be. 


The first step in the process of building your ring is choosing the diamond shape. This step is where you can let your tastes shine through to select a diamond shape that represents your personality and your unique relationship with your partner. Your options for shape are round, oval, princess, pear, and baguette. Notably, each diamond shape features diamonds that have conflict-free origins for your conscience.


Next, you have the freedom to choose between 18 Karat solid gold in the following colors: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. For those who would like a cooler tone, platinum is also available. 

While style is paramount to consider, some metals are softer than others, meaning they may be scratched more easily. Similarly, harder metals cannot be re-melted in the future if you should wish to do that. It may be in your best interest to refresh yourself on the benefits of each metal before you finalize your selection with our ring builder. 

Pave Band

Your next option is to determine which pave length you'd like to feature your diamonds across the band. A traditional eternity pavé band displays diamonds encircling the entire band, symbolizing unending eternity. A 3/4th pave band goes most of the way around, and a 1/2 pave band displays stones around only the front half. 

Opting for a smaller pavé could bring the ring's price point down to your budget, and choosing diamonds lined in a full eternity band would give your ring a more luxurious feel.


Three of our diamond shapes for the custom diamond ring builder offer you the ability to select your preferred carat weight. These shapes are round, princess, and baguette. Choosing a higher carat weight increases the ring's value, but those who prefer a lower carat weight will love their flawless ring all the same. Regardless of carat weight, your diamonds maintain an average VS clarity and a beautiful F/G average color. 

The Custom Opportunities Don’t Stop There

If you don’t feel that even our custom ring builder is giving you exactly the ring that you want, our full custom design team can create whatever it is that you have in mind. There are truly no limitations when it comes to creating your custom design, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way. 

How Long Will It Take My Custom Band to Arrive?

For rings in stock made with our custom diamond ring builder, we suggest allowing 1-2 business days to process before shipping. We proudly offer complimentary overnight delivery after your order is processed. You can start your new adventure with the one you love soon after placing your order. For your convenience, you can also email us at help@hellonoé to ensure your band arrives in time for your wedding or elopement date.

Perhaps you're interested in ordering another custom-made piece of jewelry from Noémie. We happily offer additional custom necklace selections. Our custom personalized diamond necklace features a word or name of your choice, and our custom diamond pendant displays an engraved initial or symbol in the center of the pendant. These customizable items can ship in a few weeks after we carefully handcraft them with your personalization. 

Great Benefits of Ordering a Custom Wedding Band With Noémie

1. We're The First Luxury Fine Jewelry Brand to Offer Free Returns

Your convenience is our priority. As mentioned, we gladly offer complimentary overnight shipping for in-stock pieces of jewelry. Did you know we also offer you free returns, for any reason, within 30 days of receiving your ring? You don't have to parse out all the risks and benefits of purchasing the custom ring you think you'll love. If you don't fall in love with it, you can return it to us, risk-free. 

2. We Offer Convenient Financing

Another advantage we offer you toward flexibility is the option to finance your ring and pay it off over time if you qualify. These choices exist to provide you with the best plan to begin this chapter in your life.

3. We're Proudly Supported by Thousands of Five-Star Reviews

A wedding band is a thrilling purchase to make. With such an investment, you'd surely like to see reviews of those who have purchased custom bands from Noémie to feel assured in your purchase. We proudly host over 5,000 five-star reviews. With risk-free shopping and reviews to boost your confidence, you are equipped to make one of the most meaningful decisions of your lifetime.

In Summary

The ability to customize your diamond's shape, carat weight, metal band, and pavé style all mean that the wedding band of your dreams can be yours. Both our website and ring building tool are user-friendly so that you can have the clarity and support to choose what you like. All you have left to do is to design the ring that tells your story best. 

Customizable jewelry is not only a convenient option but is also deeply meaningful. Every choice you make with your partner is one that helps you to know their tastes and their soul a little bit better. Choosing which color gold suits one another best is not just another decision. Deciding on wedding jewelry together is a memory you'll recall in the future and a bonding experience you'll treasure in the present.