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Custom Diamond Necklace Types and Where to Buy Them

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Custom Diamond Necklace Types and Where to Buy Them

You've searched diligently for the perfect women's diamond necklace to match your taste and budget. Option after option seems ordinary to you, and you wish there were a way for you to dream up your perfect piece. 

Perhaps the color of gold isn't quite right on one chain you're considering. You might adore a diamond pendant necklace that doesn't have the option for engraving that you'd like. Fortunately, there are many selections of customizable diamond necklaces that provide you with the freedom to choose styles that fit you best.

Types Of Customizable Diamond Necklaces

A few primary types of custom diamond necklaces are worth your consideration. If you'd prefer a chain that features your name or your loved one's name, you would opt for a custom personalized necklace. This kind of piece is flexible. If you don't wish to feature a name, you could alternatively choose to display a word that is inspirational for yourself or someone you love. A customizable diamond necklace is a perfect choice for recognizing a significant milestone in your own life or someone else's. 

Perhaps you'd enjoy something more dainty in nature. You might be interested in a piece featuring one customizable initial or symbol. A custom diamond pendant is perfect if you'd prefer a simple but timeless piece. Finally, if you're looking to customize just the materials used in your diamond necklace, there are many excellent choices available to you. Let's take a look at where to buy some of these options.


Noémie stands apart from the rest with our selection of custom diamond necklaces. While the others present the option to design your own necklace as a standard pendant, we offer the ability to customize and personalize your piece to your exact liking. While you may not have the opportunity to select the exact diamonds that will accent your necklace, we proudly display F/G color and VS quality diamonds in our custom diamond necklaces. 

Other websites don't necessarily have an option for personalization, or the options that they do offer are overwhelming and difficult to use. Why not make things easy for yourself and ensure that you’re getting the best quality jewelry that’s exactly what you want, rather than settling for what you don’t?

Which Jewelry Retailer is the Best?

A few factors are paramount to choosing jewelry that is right for you. If you're not a jewelry enthusiast, it may be challenging to know which diamond is right for you, and you may not even care to choose for yourself, so long as it’s high quality. The options, while vast, can be overwhelming. It simply isn’t worth it when you have so many other customization features to worry about. 

Noémie makes things much more manageable and emphasizes personalization. When you're searching for a custom diamond necklace, you likely desire a piece of jewelry that will represent something rare and special to you. Instead of asking you to choose a specific stone, we consistently offer high-quality materials for an affordable rate so that you can focus on the customizations that matter. 

Noémie's Personalized Options

Custom Name Necklace

Whether you're looking to give a gift to someone else or you're shopping for a meaningful gift for yourself, our custom gold name necklace is a fantastic choice. Many people hold a name close to their hearts. Perhaps it's the name of a pet or a loved one who has since passed away. This necklace is a way to treasure those names on an everyday basis. You can even get your own name for a necklace that’s right on top of all the trends right now. 

When designing your necklace, we provide a 3D visualizer so that you can conveniently imagine how your name will look in gold cursive. Should you like this necklace, you're able to choose 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Additionally, if you'd prefer the chain's name to be solid gold instead of gold lined with white diamonds, that option is yours to choose. 

Custom Word Necklace

If you'd like to wear a word daily that inspires you rather than a name, you have that option with Noémie. Perhaps you went through a season that was challenging, but one word encouraged you through it all. Maybe there's a catch-phrase you're known for repeating to friends that you'd like to have on a piece of fine jewelry. Using the same 18 Karat gold custom necklace builder, you're able to make this desire a reality. 

18-Karat Gold Custom Necklace

If you'd like a piece of jewelry that is simple yet remarkable, there is another piece of jewelry available to you. Noémie's 18 Karat Gold Custom Letter Necklace provides you the choice of rose or white gold for your chain and pendant. Dainty white diamonds encircle the pendant for a luxurious touch to this piece. What's best is that you can engrave the initial or symbol of your choosing in the center for personal detail. We provide this engraving at no extra charge.

If you'd only like the pendant, we gladly offer you the charm alone at a discounted rate. Another benefit to this piece is that the chain is adjustable to either 16" or 18" for your comfortability. If you should have a size other than those two, we also provide custom accommodations to those who reach out to us with a special request.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

If these amazing custom design options aren’t enough for you, or if you have a specific idea of exactly the necklace that you want to gift someone, we can help there too. Unlike other online jewelry retailers, Noémie has a full-on custom design team that can bring your dreams to life. We want you to have exactly what you want, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get there. 

Other Customizable Options

Besides Noémie's easy-to-navigate personalized options, our necklace selection also features options that you can customize. You may wish to have something unique and personal without explicit personalization. Noémie's pieces are creative enough to stand out but timeless enough to endure changing trends and seasons. Let's consider two great diamond necklaces.

Single Star Diamond Necklace

This piece might be perfect for the dreamer in your life. Noémie handcrafts this necklace in 18 Karat gold with quality diamonds throughout the star piece. You're free to customize white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. With many 5-star reviews, this necklace is sure to be loved by whoever wears it. 

The Zodiac Necklace

You might be looking for the perfect gift to give your aunt, who is a Taurus. Maybe you've always loved her unique energy and want to recognize that by gifting a necklace that reflects her light in the world. We offer our diamond zodiac pendant in rose gold and white gold with any zodiac sign displayed in the center. You can highlight the strengths of the person in your life with a piece they enjoy wearing. 

How Noémie Offers Exceptional Quality

You deserve exquisite jewelry at an affordable price. Other stores will charge you for their retail markups and sales commissions. One of the reasons our jewelry holds its value so well is because of our dedication to eliminating unessential costs. By owning our own production house and committing to responsible jewelry production, we can minimize costs for you. Your dream diamond necklace made with high-quality materials can be yours without extending your budget. 

In Conclusion

The choice is yours for what type of customizable diamond necklace you'd like. If you're the sentimental type, then owning a stunning necklace with a meaningful name spelled out in diamonds would be perfect for your essence. If you're someone who enjoys a simple statement piece but wants it to be personal, then Noémie's diamond pendant necklace looks like the right fit for you. Lastly, if you're looking to customize materials, you are free to peruse Noémie's collections for necklaces and customize the gold color based on your taste.

Ultimately, any custom jewelry design you choose is about you. Choosing which color gold best matches you and which word represents your life are choices that matter to us. Your personality and life hold complexities that are worth celebrating with the perfect piece of jewelry. It delights us to offer you options to find a necklace that will suit your style and journey with you for a lifetime.