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Why You Should Consider Custom Wedding Bands

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Why You Should Consider Custom Wedding Bands

Princess cut diamonds, eternity bands, solitaire engagement rings – you've searched through all the popular wedding ring options yet can't settle on one that is perfect. Maybe that's because you're an individual. You always have been. Your relationship is the only one of its kind in the entire universe, and you should have a wedding band that follows suit. 

Even if you're not as individualistic, there are still valuable reasons to consider choosing a custom wedding band over the rest. Perhaps you haven't viewed customization as an option that's available to you. Selecting a custom ring doesn't have to be confusing or tedious. We think customizing a wedding band is a convenient option that allows you to prioritize the features you want. Let's talk about a few of the reasons you might want to exchange a custom wedding band with your soulmate. 

They're Deeply Personal

Have you ever been excited to open a birthday gift only to receive a stock gift that isn't your taste? You were hoping to feel known by the giver, but the gift leaves something to be desired. It doesn't matter if what you received was expensive. Great gifts reflect an intimate relationship that knows your tastes well.

Your wedding band is a very precious gift. If you're receiving a wedding band, you'll want one that matches the intimacy you have with your partner – something that shows they know you well. If you're giving your beloved a wedding band, you'll want to choose one that touches their heart because of how personal it is. 

Ways to Make Custom Jewelry Personal

You might be wondering how jewelry can be personal. A ring may be a customary symbol exchanged at a wedding ceremony to you, but it can be so much more than that. You choose specific metals to symbolize your relationship's strength or select a setting that, but there are many details you could include to make a ring that's significant to you.

For example, you have the freedom to opt for an alternate gemstone besides a diamond. Jade, morganite, and topaz are a few beautiful options that are rich in meaning. Topaz is said to be a stone representing courage and healing. Jade is a calming stone that symbolizes blessing. There's no pressure to go with the traditional wedding band materials. You can make a ring that's all your own. 

They Express Your Personalities/ Relationship

There's no pressure to go rogue if that's not who you are. Perhaps your relationship is best expressed by one of the rings in our customary wedding band collection. You might be perfectly content with our gorgeous Eternity Baguette Diamond Band or our Vintage Diamond Band. Or you might have another story. If you're a nontraditional couple looking for a ring that fits who you are, you can choose to customize one for yourself with us. 

They're Unique

Another notable reason to consider a custom wedding band is its rarity. Some people prioritize having belongings that are unique to them. They might have a custom-designed phone case or a one-of-a-kind piece of art hanging on the walls. A custom-designed wedding band tops them all. For something so important, consider a band that is precious and unparalleled.

They Make Terrific Heirlooms

This unique piece of fine jewelry will last you your whole life. We use materials that are meant to endure through all your seasons. When your time on earth comes to pass and your memory lives through your loved ones, they'll want something they can wear to remember you. A custom wedding band is a priceless legacy to leave. Your family and friends will wish to memorialize your essence with your wedding band and even incorporate it into their own wedding. 

They Give You the Freedom to Create

Custom rings put the design freedom in your hands. The possibilities are numerous when you trust yourself enough to customize specific details that are important to you. There's no need to be an expert. We use quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure you receive a lovely piece of fine jewelry that lasts. You get to have full agency in your wedding planning process, even down to this meaningful symbol you'll exchange.

Noemie's Custom Ring Builder

Maybe you think a custom ring sounds like the perfect option for you. Our easy-to-navigate custom ring builder gives you an easy way to choose the features you'd like in your wedding. Here are a few of our ring builder's options:

Diamond Shape: You can select the diamond shape that most fits your essence. Choose from round, oval, princess, pear, or baguette for the stone displayed in your band.

Metal: Next, select the metal you'd like us to use to handcraft your band. We only use superb quality metal for strength and purity. Your options are 18K rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. 

Pave: Decide how much of your ring will be lined with diamonds. You can choose an eternity band for diamonds that go all the way around, 3/4 Eternity, or 1/2 Eternity for partial coverage. 

Carat: Depending on your diamond shape, metal, and pave selections, you may also be able to specify the carat weight you'd prefer for the diamonds in your band.

Size: Finally, let us know what ring size you'll need, and your ring will be ready to be delivered to you. 

Engraving: For extra personalization, engraving is an option available to you for no cost. Choose a word or message that's twenty or fewer characters, including spaces and symbols. 

Materials Used

Throughout our custom jewelry and all of our collections, we maintain a commitment to quality. Thus, we limit the materials we use to 18K gold and diamonds in the F/G color range and VS clarity range. You won't have to scroll through pages and pages of low-quality options to find a piece that's worth your while. Since we only use the best materials, everything you see on our site is a valuable, handcrafted piece of fine jewelry for you to enjoy.

Noemie's Commitment to Quality

Our materials aren't the only quality we offer. We work to maintain this value throughout our production, product assortment, and shipping. While others may include thousands of pieces for you to browse through, we carefully select pieces of fine jewelry to handcraft and offer to you. Because of this, we avoid having to mark up our jewelry to compensate for excess. Your handcrafted piece will arrive overnight in a stunning oversized Noemie box.

Noemie's Custom Jewelry Form

While our custom ring builder is an excellent option for personalizing a ring, you may prefer to be even more involved in the design process. If that's true for you, you may be interested in our Custom Engagement Ring Form. We'd be delighted to partner with you in designing a ring that suits you most. Select a starting design that you prefer most from these options:

  • Halo
  • Solitaire
  • Three-Stone
  • Solitaire with Pave
  • Wedding Band
  • Men's Wedding Band

After selecting your starting design, let us know your desired price range and Carat Weight. Next, include the ring size for your band and your preferred delivery date. There's also space for you to include any images you've found online that inspire you. We'll do our best to consider the design you're loving. 

Finally, please include your contact information so we can chat with you about your selection and any other specifications. If you’re not absolutely satisfied with your design when you do receive it, we accept full returns. We want to get this perfect for you. 

Noemie's Personalized Jewelry Collection

After selecting the perfect custom wedding band for your beloved, you may be thinking of gifts for your wedding party. People often fall into choosing impersonal, gimmicky wedding gifts (think champagne glasses displaying the couples' names and wedding date). 

Instead of choosing something they can only appreciate once, think of high-value gifts that show them how much you love them. Consider gifting personalized jewelry they can treasure for years to come. 

Reviews for Noemie's Custom Jewelry

Perhaps you're still on the fence about custom jewelry. If you want to know what real people think of our pieces, consider the dozens of five-star reviews left on pieces in our personalized collection. People just like you loved our craftsmanship, quality, and affordability. See for yourself if you'd like to browse the other reasons people are loving Noemie. 

In Summary

Your wedding is the most personal event of your life. Everyone else gets to enjoy the ceremony, reception, and photos of you two, but your rings are the personal tokens you will give to one another. Throughout your lives, these bands will remind you of the unique relationship and memories you've shared over time. Memorialize your one-of-a-kind relationship with custom rings made just for you. 


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