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Where Can You Buy Fine Jewelry Online?

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Where Can You Buy Fine Jewelry Online?

In the modern era, the way we do life has changed. 30 years ago, there was no online fine jewelry market. If you were searching for fine jewelry, you'd have to plan for a road trip on a Sunday to go to a large city (such as New York City or Los Angeles), depending on where you lived. Shopping for an engagement ring or diamond ring was a luxury experience, though simultaneously difficult. Now, you can hop on your computer Monday morning and buy a piece of jewelry in minutes.

After arriving at that store, you'd walk inside and need to speak with a jeweler about each piece that caught your attention. You might be in the market for diamond studs or other gemstones (such as opals, topaz, or amethyst). Then, if you weren't ready to purchase anything on that particular day or didn’t see anything in your price point, you would have planned to make the same trip again on a later date.

Thankfully, online shopping makes this process a breeze in the current age, depending on where you shop. Online stores have similar items (if not the same items) as what you’d find in jewelry stores. 

Today, let's talk about the online buying experience versus the traditional in-store experience regarding fine jewelry. Then, we'll show you why Noémie makes your online jewelry buying experience seamless and enjoyable. 

Can You Buy Fine Jewelry Online? 

You could probably guess that the internet is full of low-quality jewelry. But you deserve to wear valuable necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets that last. Whether it’s jewelry for special occasions or everyday pieces, the perfect jewelry can be yours with the click of a button. That's why it's essential to find the most qualified retailers where you can purchase fine jewelry made of precious metals and the best quality diamonds.

Perks of Searching Online for Fine Jewelry 

There are a few significant perks to shopping online for fine jewelry, compared to a storefront. If you enjoy shopping solo and taking your time browsing, you'll enjoy the experience of looking online for fine jewelry. You’ll have plenty of options! When you look online, you can also avoid some pressure to decide before you're ready. You have all the time you need to compare diamonds and prices without obligation, which isn’t always the case when you shop in person.

Benefits to Exploring Fine Jewelry Options at a Storefront 

If you're more traditional, you may prefer browsing fine jewelry options in a storefront. One of the benefits of looking in a store is seeing pieces that catch your interest right before your eyes and seeing tester rings. You may also like that stores have a jewelry consultant to talk you through everything. 

However, when shopping at a storefront that doesn't have an online presence, you risk paying markup fees for the cost of the building, paying employees, and other expenses. You might only be able to shop for consumer brands/brand names that are super popular and expensive. When shopping at primarily online stores, you may be able to escape this kind of upcharge.

The Best Option for Finding Quality Fine Jewelry Online 

Noémie creates the most effortless experience for browsing selections of fine handcrafted jewelry online. While we have a storefront, our most significant presence is online, meaning we can reduce storefront expenses on our end and costs on your end. Plus, we provide top-notch service and conflict-free diamonds. 

Other stores rely on markups to make a profit, so you'll pay more with them. We decided to optimize our production to offer you high-quality fine jewelry at affordable prices. We source, design, craft, and sell each piece directly to you, and you can trust that we put care into each step. We consider ourselves to be artisans of fine jewelry. 

The Noémie Fine Diamond Jewelry You'll Love Wearing

What are you waiting for? Your life doesn't need a special occasion as a reason to purchase a dainty diamond necklace. Treat yourself to a holiday by the sea and fine jewelry that excites you. 


Are you looking for more straightforward jewelry details to enhance your daily attire? Try a fine diamond bracelet.

Tennis Bracelet: The tennis bracelet is a piece of jewelry as spectacular as its name is famous. Our Noémie Tennis Bracelet features an excess of VS clarity diamonds with an F/G color grade. 

We hand-set these gorgeous stones in your preference of 18-karat yellow gold, rose gold, or black gold. It's the perfect everyday accessory for loungewear after yoga or a romantic night out on a boat under the stars. 

Sapphire Tennis Bracelet: This variation of the well-known tennis bracelet design is perfect for those who love filling their lives with color. Sections of white diamonds offset a majority of sparkling pink sapphires that line this bracelet, making it a unique piece to add personality to your wardrobe. 


Necklaces can add a subtle charm and creatively share your personality. See which might look best on you. Whether you’re into pendant necklaces or want something simple, we have options.

Five Diamond Necklace: You deserve to experience more simple beauty throughout your days. Our 5 Diamond Necklace is a delicate piece that accents your apparel with a straightforward charm. The necklace features five brilliant miniature diamonds bezel-set in an evenly-spaced arrangement, creating a pleasant symmetrical effect. If you desire a necklace that you can wear night and day, our five-diamond necklace is ideal. 

Zodiac Necklace: Your zodiac represents all the elements of your essence that make the world brighter. Why not celebrate that? Our Zodiac Necklace is excellent for daily wear. It displays a unique zodiac image in the center surrounded by glittering diamonds around the pendant. Wear it proudly to embrace who you are. 


Do you need a few more rings in your go-to collection? Adding timeless bands can refresh your typical wardrobe.

Vintage Diamond Band: Buying fine jewelry is one way to make your wardrobe more timeless. If you enjoy celebrating styles from throughout the decades, Our Vintage Diamond Band is an excellent choice for you. In your choice of 18-karat gold or platinum, this band has a whimsical touch that won't ever expire. 

Baguette Diamond Band: Baguette-cut diamonds are rare and excellent. If you've been searching for the perfect addition to your diamond collection, our Baguette-Cut Band is a terrific choice. Each stone displays excellent clarity, reflecting parallel rays of light. These baguette-cut diamonds encircle the entire band, making it a breath-taking piece of jewelry from any angle.


There's nothing so elegant and romantic as diamond earrings. Here are some options you might enjoy wearing.

1920s Split-Hoop Diamond Earrings: If you delight in styles from the past, these earrings may suit you well. This design draws inspiration from the city of Paris in the 1920s. Each parallel hoop connects to a cluster of miniature fine diamonds in the center. These are classics for an evening at dinner or an awards show. 

Huggie Baguette Earrings: If you can't get enough baguette-shaped diamonds, here's an earring for you. Our Huggie Baguette Earrings are an excellent option for everyday wear. With stunning diamond clarity, each baguette-shaped stone lining the hoops is a masterpiece. Wear them for yourself to find out how elegant they feel.

Custom Jewelry 

Buying fine jewelry doesn't mean you have to purchase pre-made pieces. You can opt for custom-made jewelry that's of the same caliber. 

Why should you choose custom-made jewelry when there are so many brilliant Noémie pieces to enjoy wearing? There are a few reasons you might opt for jewelry that fits your needs:

  1. Custom jewelry is inherently personal. When you elect to purchase custom-made jewelry, you can feel even more connected to your purchase. Not only will it be a valuable, long-lasting piece of fine jewelry, but its unique nature gives it the potential to be an heirloom one day. You can choose the material (14-karat gold, 18-karat gold, platinum, etc.).
  2. Custom jewelry makes an excellent gift. What makes a better gift than fine jewelry? The answer is custom-designed fine jewelry. If you have a special occasion coming up, you can make it a day to remember. Think of their style and preferences for diamond jewelry, then customize a piece that's perfect for their personality and daily apparel. 
  3. Custom jewelry puts creativity in your hands. It's not every day that you get to have a voice in the creative direction of a piece of fine jewelry. You can take advantage of this opportunity to make something that suits you well. You'll love wearing it and feel proud of yourself for customizing each element.
  4. Custom jewelry is ideal for wedding jewelry. Making your day unique to you is crucial. There are so many wedding elements that you'll share with the millions of other newlyweds in the world. Why not have a brilliant detail that's only for you and your partner? By designing your jewelry together, you'll have bands that are as extraordinary as you are. 

Noémie's Storefront Experience 

If you'd prefer a storefront experience, Noémie can provide that for you. Our Bleeker Street location in New York offers a selection of our favorite pieces for shoppers to peruse up-close. 

Get to know fine diamond necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings at a leisurely pace, and we'll be nearby to help you decide on a selection if you'd like. 

Find Your Next Favorite Piece of Fine Jewelry at Noémie

You deserve to have a seamless shopping experience while searching diamond jewelry selections for the best pieces. At Noémie, it's easy to browse our collections to find elegant jewelry displaying time-tested diamond cuts. Fine jewelry should be high-quality and special; that’s why fine jewelry is made of real gemstones and metals, not cubic zirconia and sterling silver.

Perhaps you're looking to get creative and customize your own fine diamond band to wear daily. Or, maybe you want a pair of sophisticated diamond earrings to enhance your date night ensembles. Regardless of the occasion, at Noémie, we're happy to help you find the jewelry you desire both online and in person.


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