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How To Figure Out Ring Size Without Your Significant Other Figuring Out What You're Up To

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How To Figure Out Ring Size Without Your Significant Other Figuring Out What You're Up To

Every love story is unique, and yours is no exception. Whether you're considering engagement or you merely want to surprise your loved one with a diamond ring, knowing their size is essential. If you’re going to a jewelry store or ordering a piece from a jeweler, you want to make sure the ring fits before you make a purchase. Resizing isn’t the end of the world, but getting the size of the wedding ring right the first time makes things easier. 

How can you find out their size without giving yourself away? Is there a way to keep your surprise hidden while ensuring you have the correct measurement? Figuring out a ring size can be more difficult than, say, figuring out someone’s shoe size.

First, let's talk about why having the right size is crucial for purchasing rings. Then, we'll discuss several ways you can easily find out your partner's ring size. Once you have their proper measurements, we'll show you a few of our favorite fine diamond bands that are perfect for all your romantic surprises

Why To Measure Ring Sizes Properly 

You might be wondering if you can estimate when it comes to ring sizes. Do you really need to know their exact size? With other jewelry, you may be able to get away with more loose sizing. However, you'll want to find the proper ring size for your partner for a few reasons. Getting a larger size will allow the ring to slide past the knuckle. If you have a tighter fit, it might be uncomfortable. The size of the ring matters!

Many People Wear the Wrong Size without Knowing

The first reason it's a good idea to find your partner's ring size is that many people wear the wrong size and don't even realize it. Perhaps your significant other has told you their ring size before, but you continually see that their rings are too loose. Obtaining their accurate measurement can allow you to pick a ring that doesn't slide off. That’s where ring-sizing tools come in. 

So You Won't Have to Have Yours Resized Later

Let's say you guess their ring size and go through with purchasing an engagement ring that's the wrong size. After your one-in-a-million moment of getting engaged, you'll have to go through the trouble of having the band resized. Discover your girlfriend’s ring size (or significant other’s) so they can wear (and stare at) their new engagement ring without having to take it off. 

To Feel Comfortable Wearing Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry 

No one likes having to adjust their jewelry all day long. When you buy the right-sized jewelry, you can ensure your beloved will be able to wear their diamond ring without having to fidget with it throughout the day. Plus, in cold weather or warm weather, your fingers might swell, so you should take that into consideration when it comes to comfort. 

Ways To Figure Out Your Significant Other's Ring Size Without Them Knowing

So how can you find out your partner's ring size in a subtle way? If you have a surprise planned, you'll want to be stealthy about it. The perfect ring size is important! Here are a few ways you can get an accurate size to make sure your surprise gift works out perfectly. 

Sneak One of Their Rings Away and Measure It

Does your partner often wear rings? If so, consider grabbing an existing ring and taking it with you (just for a day or so). When it's in your possession, print out a ring sizing chart and align the band with the chart. Just make sure it’s a ring they wear on their ring finger!

You can also use a ring sizer, or take a strip of paper (or piece of string or dental floss) to wrap around the inside of the ring to find the circumference or inner diameter. You can also use a ruler and measure in millimeters how long the paper or string is. When the string end meets the other end, make a mark with a pen. This is an accurate way to get a perfect size ring because you now know their finger size. 

Once you see the correct size, you can return their ring to its original spot as soon as possible. Try to pick one they don't wear every day, so they don't notice. 

Have Them Try on One of Your Rings and See How It Fits 

Here's a way to find out ring sizes for those who have similarly-sized hands. One day when you're watching a movie together on the couch or snuggling up by the fireside, try slipping your ring onto their finger in a playful way.

If it almost fits, you'll know that you probably need to size up or down a half size. However, you may want to use one more measurement of the diameter of the ring before ordering, just to be sure. 

Pretend You're Ordering for Someone Else 

One way to complete this surprise is to act as if you're purchasing a diamond band for someone else in your family. Try mentioning to your partner that you'd like to buy a ring for your mom or aunt for an upcoming holiday. You could say something like, "Your hands seem about the size of my mom's. What's your ring size?" 

If you try this method, you'll need to be committed to answering any follow-up questions they may have, so be prepared with a backstory. 

Have One of Their Close Friends Ask Them

One sure way to get an accurate size for them is to have someone who knows them ask outright. When a close friend asks, they'll guess some kind of jewelry is coming to them, but they won't know all the details. Your meaningful gift will be just as surprising. 

If All Else Fails, Ask Them Directly 

Are you planning on purchasing an engagement ring for your partner? Preparing for a proposal is one of the most exciting events in a person's lifetime. 

If you and your significant other have discussed marriage, you might want to ask them directly for their ring size. They may want to have a say in the jewelry they'll wear for a lifetime, and you'll get an accurate measurement from the most reliable source, which is definitely easier than tracing a ring on a piece of paper.  

Noémie Engagement Rings You'll Both Love 

When you're ready to get engaged, you'll want to find the ring that helps create a perfect proposal. As you search for diamond rings for your partner, know that Noémie is the best source for fine handcrafted jewelry. Let's explore a few of our favorite Noémie engagement rings. 

Halo Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring 

Our 18-karat gold Halo Pavé Diamond band is an excellent engagement ring choice for those who love distinguished diamond jewelry. It displays a gorgeous focal stone surrounded by gleaming pavé diamonds around the stone and band. Per your taste, you can adjust the carat size of the focal stone in the center to have a band that's perfect for you.

Lab-Grown Solitaire Ring 

The solitaire band is one engagement ring style that has proven its value over time. This band features one single lab-grown stone that's as brilliant and high-quality as its natural-grown counterparts. 

Our Lab-Grown Solitaire Ring looks beautiful with any wedding band. In addition, the lab-grown diamond ensures you'll have an excellent-quality piece of jewelry at a fraction of the natural-grown cost.

Noémie Rings for Enchanting Moments 

Where are you on your journey with your partner? Perhaps you've been married for 15 years, and you're looking for a lovely diamond band to celebrate the treasured time spent with your spouse. 

Alternatively, perhaps you and your partner have recently had a baby together. You can surprise them with a ring that celebrates who they are in the midst of this new season. Let's look at unique Noémie diamond rings. 

Pear Diamond Spiral Ring

Why go for well-known styles when you could choose a band that's a rare find? Our Pear Diamond Spiral Ring is ideal for any jewelry wearer who enjoys glamorous, exciting styles. The pear-shaped diamonds contribute a unique, excellent feel, while the twisting shape makes for a one-of-a-kind band. 

Graduate Spiral Ring 

Give your partner a gift that recognizes who they are to you. Our Graduate Diamond Spiral Ring is the perfect piece of handcrafted jewelry to celebrate your loved one throughout life's milestone moments. Customize the band with your choice of 18-karat gold for a piece of jewelry your partner will adore wearing. 

Why Custom-Made Jewelry Is Meaningful 

When it's time to choose jewelry your partner loves, how can you ensure that the ring you choose has meaningful value? By customizing and personalizing your band, you'll know this gift is one that they'll cherish. 

How can you personalize Noémie jewelry? Many people choose to use our custom ring builder. When you select this option, the design power is in your hands; you get to choose the diamond cut, carat weight, metal type, and pavé diamond amount. 

As an extra-personal measure, we can also engrave your band with a personal phrase or message that you two share. When they observe all the intricate, thoughtful details, they'll know how much you care. Wider rings are best to fit an engraving in. 

Additionally, you can have a ring custom-made using our custom design experience. Show us your inspiration, and we'll be your in-house consultants to design and craft the band of your dreams. 

Noémie Helps You Find the Perfect Ring

In summary, we know you're going to find a creative way to find your partner's ring size without them guessing. Some people even get so creative, they take a ring and push it into a bar of soap to get a ring mold. You can keep it simple and just look up a ring size guide as well. 

Or, you might elect to break your silence and include them in the ring design process to share this extraordinary experience. 

Regardless of the route you take, good luck; we hope you know we're on your team. If a wedding is your end point, we want to help you find the most charming diamond ring to fit this celebration in your journey. 


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