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How To Wear Wedding Rings the Right Way

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How To Wear Wedding Rings the Right Way

When you're getting married, there are a host of wedding traditions you'll consider incorporating into your ceremony. From flower arrangements to your wedding party, you'll find yourself making a hundred decisions that will impact your wedding day.

With each new detail, you might opt for a more non-traditional approach, or you may be the type to follow historical customs to a T while planning. Before you figure out your preferences for the ceremony, it's a good idea to know a bit about wedding ring customs.

How should you wear your wedding ring? Should you wear a wedding band by itself? Will your partner wear a ring throughout the engagement period? Let's look into the traditions of wedding bands. Then, you'll have the information you need to make choices that suit your relationship and your story. 

Where Do Wedding Ring Customs Originate? 

If you live in the western hemisphere, you're more than likely aware that the left ring fourth finger is where married couples wear their wedding bands. You're also probably familiar with the engagement process wherein the ring giver bends to one knee to ask their partner to marry them.

Where did these traditions start? Why do couples signify their love with a ring? Do you have to wear your wedding band on the left hand? Let's explore historical traditions to learn the background of these conventional practices. 

Egyptian Tradition 

Egyptians are said to be the first group of people to exchange rings in a meaningful way. Thousands of years ago, Egyptian people deemed rings as a symbol of affection, but why?

The design of a ring is simple, yet it holds a wealth of symbolism if you look closer. Egyptian people loved the way a ring's unending design mirrors eternity. They thought that one continuous band was the perfect symbol to represent eternal love. 

Greek Tradition 

After Alexander the Great ruled over the Egyptians, Greek people also began incorporating this symbol into their romantic relationships. They would give rings to their lovers to represent long-lasting devotion. At this point in history, many rings began to feature Greek mythological symbols such as eros and Cupid, the god of love. 

Roman Tradition 

In Roman culture, both members of a couple would wear rings during their engagement period. During their wedding ceremonies, the groom would lay his hands on top of the bride's hands, joining each ring to unite the set. 

Different Fingers Hold Different Meanings

Why do lovers wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of their left hands? The Egyptians believed that a vein ran from the left ring finger directly to the heart. Though we know this isn't the case, the tradition remains.

Palmistry is a mystical practice that associates the fingers of the Greek gods with different qualities. If you're planning on making your own customs for your wedding jewelry, it may interest you to learn each finger's symbolism and supposed metaphysical properties

Thumb: This finger is marked by willpower and self-assertion. 

First Finger: The first finger, or index finger, represents self-confidence and ambition. It can also symbolize spirituality. In some cultures, lovers wear wedding bands on their right index fingers. 

Middle Finger: The concepts of law, justice, duty, and balance mark the middle finger.

Ring Finger: In western tradition, the left ring finger is where partners wear their wedding jewelry. In Russia and India, the betrothed couple wears rings on their right hand's ring fingers. It can also represent creativity and a love of beauty. 

Last Finger: Wearing jewelry on this finger can symbolize intuition and communication. 

Western Traditional Wedding Ring Placement 

Now that you've learned about ring traditions throughout the centuries, you might like to know what modern ring customs couples still practice. When it comes to engagement rings, typically, only one person wears this band until the wedding day. When exchanging wedding bands, that person will wear their wedding band on their ring finger first, then slip the engagement ring back over it. 

Nine Noémie Wedding Bands To Exchange on Your Wedding Day

Are you ready to dream up a wedding jewelry suite that fits your relationship? At Noémie, we use only fine materials: 18-karat gold, platinum, and GIA-graded diamonds in VS clarity and F/G color. When you choose the band of your dreams, you can have full assurance that its quality will continue to last through all the seasons of your relationship.

Let's explore nine options for wedding bands you can exchange with your partner at the celebration of your partnership.

1. The Three Row Micro Pave Diamond Band 

Do you enjoy jewelry that boasts sophisticated glamour? If so, our Three-Row Micro Pavé band may be a suitable wedding band for you or your partner. Three rows of sparkling pavé-set diamonds encircle an 18-karat gold band to make an excellent accent for an engagement ring. 

2. The Princess Diamond Halo Half Band 

Some people choose to forego the engagement ring to wear a more extravagant wedding band. If you've considered wearing a singular diamond band, the Princess Diamond Halo Half Band is a terrific choice. This option displays six expertly cut princess-shaped diamonds encircled by halo pavé stones. Wear it alone, or you can pair it with a traditional engagement ring.

3. The Criss Cross Engagement Band 

Perhaps you'd prefer to wear an engagement ring alone in place of a wedding band set. In this case, our magnificent Criss Cross Engagement Band might fit your taste; this ring is one for the individualist. Diamond-paved crisscrossing bands mark this design and surround a brilliant focal diamond. It's one that you can wear alone or pair with a classic wedding band. 

4. The Bezel Diamond Ring 

Do you prefer wedding jewelry that's romantic and unique? Our Bezel Diamond ring features seven premium-quality round diamonds placed in an 18-karat bezel setting. Each gleaming bezel-set stone will complement the engagement ring you wear with it beautifully. 

5. The Lab-Grown 2-Carat Diamond Eternity Band Ring 

Some people prefer to allocate their budget toward serving refined delicacies at their reception or spending extended time at their honeymoon destination. If you'd like to stay within a budget with your wedding jewelry, choosing a lab-grown stone might be of interest to you.

Lab-grown stones are identical to naturally-grown diamonds in every way, down to the chemical composition. Only expert jewelers can tell the difference between lab-mined stones and earth-grown diamonds. Opting for lab-grown diamond jewelry is not only more affordable, but it's a way to guarantee that your diamonds are ethical, too. 

If lab-grown diamonds interest you, our Lab-Grown 2-Carat Diamond Eternity Band may be the wedding band for you. The eternity style is timeless, representing eternal commitment and devotion. Each glowing lab-created diamond boasts excellent quality that will match your engagement ring's elegance.

6. The Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Do you prefer princess-cut diamonds to other cuts? Imagine a Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Band with your engagement ring. We've handcrafted this band with incredible quality to create an elevated wedding jewelry experience you can enjoy for years to come. 

7. The Vintage Diamond Band 

Do you enjoy design styles from past decades? If so, our Vintage Diamond Band can accent your engagement band perfectly. Its design displays whimsical shapes complete with brilliant diamonds in miniature clusters and impressive bezel settings throughout the band. 

8. The Baguette and Round Diamond Band

Baguette-shaped diamonds are a luxury fit for a wedding jewelry set. For those who enjoy this exquisite cut, our Baguette and Round Diamond Band will be the band of your fantasies. This eclectic design features stunning baguette-shaped stones offset by glowing round diamonds.

9. The Custom Diamond Ring

With all the details of your wedding day, it's crucial to leave some things for yourself. You deserve to indulge in the wedding jewelry your heart desires. After all, these rings will last throughout your lifetime. 

Make your wedding your own by customizing your wedding band. You can choose our Custom Diamond Ring builder to personalize a classic diamond band or utilize our custom design experience for a band that matches your ideals perfectly. 

Your Wedding Rings Tell Your Story 

Your wedding should be a celebration of your relationship with all those who are dear to you. Any customs, traditions, or rules that don't fit your essence are not worth keeping. All that matters is that you love the life you're creating together with your beloved.

With that said, your wedding jewelry should represent you, too. At Noémie, we're happy to partner with you to help you find the fine diamond jewelry that suits your unique journey. 


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