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Why Personalized Jewelry is a Perfect Gift

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Why Personalized Jewelry is a Perfect Gift

Think back on the sentimental moments of years past. Many of those moments are instances in which you received a gift. Perhaps you lifted a box on Christmas morning to reveal a brand new puppy with a red bow on her collar. Maybe you realized one of your loved ones purchased a one-of-a-kind piece from your favorite artist. Extraordinary gifts share an essential quality — they are especially personal. 

Some moments call for added luxury to celebrate those we love. Giving fine handcrafted jewelry is a fantastic expression of adoration. You want to demonstrate your affection for someone special in your life, and fine jewelry is a perfect gift that lasts a lifetime or longer. Personalized jewelry is that much more meaningful; it shows your loved one how well you know them and how much you care.

What Makes Personalized Fine Jewelry The Best Gift?

Let's be honest—the options for meaningful gifts you could choose to give someone are nearly endless. Each additional memory you've experienced with that person inspires a personal touch that you could incorporate into a gift. With so many options, it isn't easy to know where to start. If you want to give a gift that holds high value while communicating how well you know your loved one, Noémie's personalized jewelry is the perfect idea for your meaningful present. Here are six reasons why:

1. Personalized Jewelry Communicates Value

Gifts that hold high value are often very memorable. Buying something extravagant that your loved one wouldn't buy for themself is one way to leave them speechless and feeling important. While money isn't everything, saving up to purchase something extraordinary for your beloved is an act that won't go unnoticed. 

Noémie's fine custom jewelry design pieces are a great way to go the extra mile. What's even better is that Noémie offers supreme value at affordable prices by cutting unnecessary fine jewelry retail markups.

2. Noémie's Fine Jewelry Offers Supreme Quality

Spending a little extra on a piece of fine jewelry is worth it when the quality is high. Noémie provides both a quality shopping experience and quality pieces of handcrafted jewelry. Our diamonds are conflict-free, which means you can enjoy the value and quality of your jewelry while knowing it was ethically sourced. 

We offer pieces made with superior materials at an affordable price point, so you receive the most quality for your gift. Let's explore a few options for personalized jewelry that use fine materials for high quality. 

Noémie's Custom Personalized Necklace

Does your best friend have a catch-phrase they're known for adding into conversations? Do you and your wife have a sentimental word that marks your relationship through the years? Perhaps you'd like to remember a loved one or a pet's name in your everyday attire. There are so many words that are dear to us, and displaying them in a personalized word necklace is the perfect way to memorialize them.

We make our custom personalized Necklaces with 18 karat gold for quality. You can choose from white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold to accent your piece with a color that will match the wearer. For added luxury, you may select 18 karat gold lined with white diamonds. These diamonds come in F/G quality and an average VS clarity. 

Noémie's Easy-To-Navigate Custom Diamond Ring Builder

Are you searching for the perfect engagement ring but want to customize some features? Are you looking for a ring that expresses your affection for a family member? 

Rather than purchasing an already-designed ring, you may wish to have one made custom instead. Building a unique ring is the perfect way to make sure you can include all the features your loved one will enjoy. Our custom diamond ring builder gives you the tools to easily dream up the perfect ring for your beloved. 

Your custom ring represents the special bond between you and your beloved, which means it deserves to be handcrafted using premium materials. You can choose between 18 Karat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum for this ring's band. You have five choices for the diamonds' shape in this ring, including round, oval, princess, pear, and baguette. After choosing the shape, you may select whether you'd like your pavé band to be a full eternity band, 3/4 eternity, or 1/2 eternity. You can also customize carat-weight with some ring shapes, making it easier to opt for higher value or lower price. 

All Noémie diamonds are conflict-free, meaning we source them ethically. Whether we grow them right here in our lab or purchase them from diamond buyers, we do our part to maintain that our diamonds are clean. "Conflict-free" means a host of things, but most importantly, it means keeping people and the environment safer with the mining and buying of diamonds.

When you buy a custom diamond ring or any of our diamond jewelry, you can rest assured that your diamonds are both beautiful and responsibly sourced. 

Noémie's Custom Pendant Necklace

If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that packs value into a signature personalized pendant, we've got the perfect gift idea. This piece features the initial of your choice engraved in an 18 Karat gold pendant. It displays stunning miniature white diamonds encircling the initial in the pendant's center for an elegant look. Your loved one can wear this pendant necklace on its own as a simple but bold finishing touch to their attire, or they can choose to layer it with other necklaces. 

Available in white gold or rose gold, this pendant is sure to delight the person you love when they receive this personal, valuable gift. If you'd like to give the pendant alone without the 18 Karat gold chain, that option also belongs to you for a reduced price. The diamonds featured on this piece are in F/G color and VS clarity totaling a .40 carat weight. With Noémie's fine materials, you're ensuring the gift you give is not only personal but holds supreme quality.

If none of these customizable options seem exactly right for you, we can work with you to design the piece of your dreams. Our full custom design team can create whatever it is that you’re looking for, so the sky's the limit. Better yet, even custom designs that you make with us can be returned, meaning that if you don’t love it, you’re not stuck with it. 

3. Your Customizable Jewelry Piece Is Long-Lasting

Another great benefit of buying quality jewelry is how long-lasting your piece will be. When you choose to build a custom diamond ring for your sweetheart, you invest in a piece that will withstand years of memories. That ring may become an heirloom to be admired by those who will enjoy your legacy. 

Not only does your personalized jewelry include unique features for your loved one, but it will also accompany them through their unique experiences and remind them of your long-lasting admiration for them. 

4. Unique Fine Jewelry Makes A Wonderful Gift

Many people find a gift more enjoyable knowing there are very few, if any, like theirs. When your beloved receives their unique piece of jewelry, they will delight in remembering how special they must be to you. 

Perhaps you're considering our personalized word necklace. The one you love will see the word or name that is unique to their story and treasure it all the more. You'll both enjoy the way this gift represents the one-of-a-kind bond you share.

5. Noémie's Fine Jewelry Pieces Add A Touch Of Elegance

We make our pieces with high-quality materials. We use those high-quality materials to handcraft pieces that are as valuable as they are stunning. Perhaps you'd like to gift our customizable diamond pendant necklace to someone special. 

Wearing a women's diamond necklace from Noémie can elevate their everyday style as they pair it with other elements. They will enjoy wearing something elegant that was given by someone who adores them. 

6. Personalized Jewelry Indicates An Intimate Bond

The hallmark of an incredible gift is its intimate nature. Intimacy doesn't always indicate lacy articles of clothing or romantic gestures (although fine jewelry pairs well with such things.) A close-knit bond is priceless, and your gift should be one that reflects it. Personalized jewelry will set your present apart in a brilliant way whether it be a custom name necklace or a precious mama necklace. Each time they look in the mirror or tell the story of their jewelry piece to a friend, they'll remember how dear they are to you.

In Summary

Throughout the year, many occasions call for luxurious gifts. You'd do well to select any piece of jewelry from one of our collections when searching for one of these gifts. If you're looking to purchase something brilliant for a usual milestone, consider our tennis collection or timeless collection. These maintain endless elegance that extends far past the occasion when the wearer receives it.

Some occasions are unique and call for a personal touch. Personalization is the best way to give something of worth that communicates the deep history of your relationship. It's our pleasure to present three brilliant choices in our Personalize Your Own collection so that you have the options you need to choose a gift that will delight them. 

The relationship between you and the one you love is unique and remarkably beautiful. Giving personalized fine handcrafted jewelry is a perfect way to encapsulate this special bond in a timeless piece your loved one will enjoy wearing for years to come.