How To Pick The Right Wedding Rings

You’ve talked about engagement; you can envision spending a lifetime with your partner, dedicated to loving them and cherishing them for better or for worse. You’re both ready to take the next step to commit to one another ‘til death do us part,’ and now you’re starting to seriously consider some of the practical factors ahead of both of you before engagement and the wedding day. Who will stand next to you in support while you recite your vows? Will you choose german chocolate or cream cheese icing on your wedding cakes? Will you hire a videographer or a wedding coordinator? 

These are all things that have the potential to bring great joy or great stress to you and your other half during the wedding planning process, depending on how dedicated you are to thinking things through at a steady pace. One decision in all of this planning, arranging, and coordinating will stick with you for the rest of your life. 

Besides saying, “I do,” the rings you give to one another will be lasting reminders of the commitment that changed your lives forever. You and your partners’ decisions to exchange rings means deciding what your budget is, what you’d like your rings to be made of, and what styles and components you’d like to be incorporated in each of your rings. 

About Wedding Rings

Rings play a central role in the engagements and weddings of the modern era. But did they always play this role? Thousands of years ago, people began to exchange rings with one another as a symbol of devotion and passion. 

Around the 2nd century, gold became the standard precious metal used to form these symbols of love and commitment. Gemstones were introduced into the structure of the ring, and centuries later, diamonds grew to be the sought-after precious gemstones to represent strength and elegance. 

What’s Your Budget? 

It’s no surprise that tradition is a big factor in many people’s weddings. Typically, tradition would say to spend around 2-3 months’ salary on an engagement ring as a display of how much you love your bride-to-be. However, this is your journey and your story, and you get to decide the budget you’re looking to spend on wedding rings with your partner. Some opt for more affordable rings and choose to splurge on other lasting elements (like a high-quality videographer.) Others prefer to maintain tradition with a ring that requires saving up first. 

The Wedding Bands

Though you’ll definitely need to decide on multiple bands and designs, gemstone cuts, and variances between styles to consider for the engagement ring, many of these factors also pertain to the wedding bands you’ll exchange at the altar. Some choose to break tradition and opt for just the engagement ring for the bride and the wedding band for the groom, but traditionally speaking, three rings are involved come wedding day. As we explore the options for engagement rings, keep these factors in mind for your wedding bands as well. 

The Engagement Ring

Understandably, most of the decisions involved in choosing rings pertain to the engagement ring. Sometimes, the future bride will have a collection of rings saved online where she can direct her lover when it comes time to propose; other times, couples will go ring shopping together, both fully invested in the process, and sometimes the future groom takes it upon himself to choose a ring that he thinks fits his fiancee-to-be the most. 

No matter who is doing the research and decision-making for the engagement ring, there are a host of factors to consider surrounding the ring design before the purchase is made.

Band Designs To Consider 

As we explore this host of factors, let’s move from band to stone to get a foundational understanding of each part. As for the band of the engagement ring or the wedding bands that will be exchanged at your wedding celebration, the design is a key thing to consider since it impacts both the look of the ring and your comfortability wearing it. 

With whatever precious metal is used, you and your partner can each decide what shape you’d like the band to be for your comfort preferences, whether to include diamonds or other gems in the band, and whether you’d like to include any unconventional elements like a twisted rope band.

Material Used

Next in our exploration are the different precious metals that can be used to craft your rings. Traditionally, around 14-24 karat gold is used in the band of engagement and wedding rings. Whatever karat you choose can decrease the total amount spent on rings, or can provide a lifetime of high quality for you both. 

Additionally, your precious metal can be varied in a few different colors. Popular options for gold colors are yellow and white gold. For a non-traditional couple, black gold can be used for the band as well. In more recent years, rose gold has become a well-loved option for its warm, feminine color. 

Setting Options

Moving closer to the gem, the next thing to make decisions about with your future spouse is the setting that will secure your gem in place with the band. One typical design for settings is the prong setting, which upholds the diamond with individual prongs. You can also choose the number of prongs based on the shape of your gem. 

Another setting design for your engagement or wedding band is the cathedral setting, which mimics the arches of a cathedral in its structure. Finally, a bezel setting is another loved option, which encircles the gemstone completely. 

Are Diamonds For You?

Now that we have explored the band and setting options for your engagement ring and wedding bands, we can look into the exciting part— the gem. Diamonds are the traditional symbolic gem used in weddings, but let’s briefly look over the other options for gemstones, should a diamond not be your preference. 

Prominent diamond alternatives that have emerged in the modern era are morganite, white sapphire, and moissanite. Additional, more pigmented options in varying colors are amethyst, turquoise, emerald, garnet, pearl, tourmaline, opal, peridot, and many others, depending on your taste and budget. 

The Cut

Finally, the element of an engagement ring many make decisions about well before their wedding is the cut of the diamond or gemstone. Since there are many to cover, let’s look at just a few of the most admired shapes in a little bit of detail. 

The most recognizable, simple shape has to be a round-cut diamond, which can be set inside a bezel or prong setting for a classic look. Next, a cushion-cut diamond has earned a desirable status throughout the years because of its bold square shape with round, lifted edges like a soft cushion. Lastly (for this small list,) the emerald-cut diamond not only has a sleek, rectangular shape, but it’s roots in the Art Deco era give this cut a timeless, vintage feel. 

Noémie Rings 

At Noémie, we host intentionally-designed luxury collections for both engagement rings and wedding bands, with customizable features and flexible price points. We use the world’s finest materials, and provide a custom ring option, should that be what you and your partner prefer. 

Plus, since we handle everything from production to shipping, you can trust you’re receiving high quality. This also means our fine jewelry is conflict-free, so you can rest in the integrity of your ring. Quality is our priority, and we source and handcraft your pieces in-house, sparing you from unethical choices and the traditional retail markups.

Our Wedding Bands 

Our wedding band collection contains 24 hand-crafted options for you to pair with an engagement ring after your wedding day. From eternity bands to vintage and chevron diamond bands, we have thoughtfully designed an array of options to suit your personal taste. We give you the option to decide what material you’d like to use for the band and provide certain styles in more than one-carat weight. 

Our Engagement Rings 

In addition to our wedding band collection, we curated a collection of engagement rings in three styles. Like our wedding bands, you get to choose what material you’d like your band and setting to be made out of, and Noémie also offers full custom design for any dream ring you can envision which can provide some flexibility with your budget as well. All items we make, even custom designs come with free returns for a full refund so that it's a risk free experience for our customers. 

Another element that can be tailored to your taste and financial preferences is the carat weight of each of these three styles. Lastly, we give you the choice between a traditionally-grown diamond or a lab-mined diamond in each style, which provides you with another element of flexibility if you’re seeking affordable options. 

All Things Considered

No one needs to remind you of the extensive number of options presented to you as soon as you decide marriage is in your near future. Wedding planning can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. Cozying up with your soulmate and discussing each of your desires and standards for rings can be a sentimental, transparent moment for both of you. 

Though the varying styles to choose from when picking out rings are virtually limitless, it’s a decision that will add value to you and your partners’ future. During the dreamy, busy period of wedding planning, your thoughtful, handcrafted options at Noémie give you one less thing to worry about.