Our Favorite Rose Gold Wedding Band List

If you're looking for the right wedding band, the odds are that you've seen a myriad of choices for diamond cuts, carats, and bands. After all of your searching, perhaps you've figured out that rose gold is the metal for you. Whether you've narrowed your search or you're still trying to decide on the right metal, we want to show you our favorite rose gold wedding bands. 

Why Rose Gold Is a Perfect Choice 

If you're not yet convinced that rose gold is right for you, let us help you see the light. While it might seem like a trend that appeared over the past few years, it's clear that rose gold is here to stay. Its copper inclusion makes it a terrific choice for those who prefer something other than yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Let's look at a few of the reasons rose gold is worth its weight. 

It's Romantic 

Weddings and wedding rings are really about love, commitment, and romance when it comes down to it. As you select a metal for your wedding band, it's only natural that you'd consider this alloy. Its rosy hue makes this metal a prime choice for a wedding band or engagement ring, especially if you enjoy softer, feminine tones. 

Rose Gold's Undertone Matches Everything

There's a reason many jewelers include this metal choice alongside white and yellow gold; It goes well with so many skin tones. More than that, rose gold also can look amazing with professional dress codes, boho outfits, and around-the-house loungewear. If you choose this metal for your wedding band, you can be sure it will match your clothing for your entire married life. 

It's As Strong as Other Metals 

Rose gold is quite strong. Despite its soft pink undertones, it's durable as a metal. It won't scratch as easily as white or yellow gold, either. Essentially, there's no need to doubt rose gold as a material for your wedding band. It's durable, stylish, and you can wear it for years to come. All you have to do now is find the right ring design.

Our Favorite Rose Gold Wedding Bands 

We've talked about why rose gold is an exceptional material for jewelry. While you look through wedding bands, you'll want to explore styles that fit your personality, relationship, and the clothes you wear each day. When you choose this metal, you can be sure you're choosing a strong material that looks great on you. Let's look at choices for rose gold wedding bands that you'll love wearing for years to come. 

1. Princess-Cut Eternity Band 

Our princess-cut diamond eternity band features a classic diamond cut throughout the entire eternity band. The band is handcrafted in 18k gold with a 0.97 Carat weight in diamonds. If you love its timeless design, you'll enjoy knowing the style is only elevated by your choosing a rose gold band. 

2. 3-Row Micro Pavé White Diamond Band 

If you enjoy fine jewelry that's as classy as it is glamorous, you'll love wearing our micro pavé diamond band in rose gold. This band is lined with three rows of pavé white diamonds totaling a 0.78-carat weight. It will pair gorgeously with your rose gold engagement ring, or you can wear it on its own as an anniversary ring that compliments your wedding set. 

3. The Baguette Diamond Band 

Geometric shapes are a fantastic theme to incorporate into your jewelry. Do you enjoy the minimalism or historical popularity of the geometric styles of the past? Baguette-cut diamonds may be the perfect way for you to bring the past designs into modernity. Our baguette-cut diamond band features diamonds halfway around the band totaling a 1/3 carat weight. 

4. The Diamond Eternity Band

Our diamond eternity band pairs excellently with so many engagement rings. Its dainty design features round-cut diamonds around the entire band, so you'll always be able to display the stones you adore. There's a reason this band is one of our best-sellers. In rose gold, it will be a band you love timelessly. 

5. The Vintage Diamond Band 

Do you love the whimsical motifs of the art-deco period? The vintage diamond band is our way of bringing classic styles into the present. This ring showcases 14 white diamonds in an 18K gold bezel setting. When you choose a rose gold band in this style, you'll only be complementing the intriguing shapes of the stones in this band.

6. The Half-Band Diamond Ring 

Our half-band diamond ring is a terrific option for those who enjoy the look of an eternity band but also wish to stick within a smaller budget. Like each of our other bands, this one is handcrafted with care. It displays radiant white diamonds halfway around the band to pair with your engagement ring. Choose rose gold for a softer copper-pink undertone in this classic style. 

7. Our Customizable Wedding Band 

Perhaps you'd like to design something all your own. That's perfectly understandable. As you dream about your wedding day and what your marriage will be like, it's only natural to curate your wedding details to your taste. When it comes to wedding bands, you're considering features of a piece of jewelry that will last your entire life.

Using our custom ring builder, you're able to choose which diamond cut you prefer, along with which metal you'd like. With most styles, you can customize the carat weight, too. This custom ring builder is a fantastic option for you if you know you'd like a rose gold band, but you're unsure about what other features to include. It's a straightforward way to design the band you'll love wearing. 

8. Chevron Diamond Band 

Our chevron band is another hit for those who love geometric shapes incorporated into their jewelry. This band displays 1/4 carats of VS quality diamonds. It's modern and minimal, and it will accent your engagement ring with an exquisite shine and a rose gold hue. 

9. Petite Diamond Band 

If you love our half-band diamond ring design but prefer a smaller profile, this petite diamond band is for you. Though it's petite in size, it exudes luxury. The band displays diamonds halfway around the 18K gold band in an F/G color and VS clarity. Choose rose gold for a delicate wedding band that accents the engagement ring you adore. 

10. Open Band Ring 

Does your engagement ring deserve to take center-stage? If so, our open band ring may be just what you're looking for. This ring includes a 1/3 carat-weight of sparkling white pavé diamonds laid into the entire band. Choosing rose gold will give your band a warm gold color to accent its bright diamonds. 

11. Three Diamonds Stacking Ring 

Are you someone who puts your own twist on tradition? Do you often create your own rules? Using our three diamonds stacking ring as a wedding band in rose gold is a unique option for you. The ring displays three dainty diamonds spaced evenly in a rounded 18k gold eternity band. Choose this design for a wedding band that incorporates your unique tastes. 

Risk Free Shopping 

We want to provide you with the flexibility you need to create the wedding band that you'll love wearing for a lifetime. Our custom wedding band tool helps you to design a ring that's perfect for you. If you receive your ring and find it's not what you expected, we provide free returns within a 30-day purchase period. We want you to feel utterly enamored with the band that you'll wear for years. 

Free Fast Shipping 

After processing orders placed in the U.S., we use overnight delivery at no cost to you so that you'll have your band as quickly as possible. We ship your jewelry to you for free, so there's one less thing for you to worry about. If you place a custom order, the processing time will typically last 4-6 weeks, but reach out to us if you need your band by a specific date. We'll do what we can to accommodate you during this important wedding planning season. 

Final Thoughts 

Narrowing down your guest list is difficult enough. You have so many decisions to make during your wedding planning process, and searching for an engagement ring and wedding bands can quickly turn into a stressful process. At Noémie, we make your search straightforward with easy-to-navigate options. You can even choose to cut through all the searching and create your own wedding band with our custom ring builder.

Whether you choose rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum for your band, you can be sure you're receiving a high-quality piece of jewelry. At Noémie, every piece we make is handcrafted with fine materials and ethically-sourced diamonds. We're also happy to answer any additional questions you have about your rose gold wedding band using our email or contact number. It's our pleasure to create jewelry that endures just for you. 


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