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Tennis Bracelet: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

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Tennis Bracelet: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

The tennis bracelet might just be the definition of a classic piece of jewelry. Its timeless design has endured decades of popularity, and it's not going away any time soon. Adding this piece of jewelry to your wardrobe is an investment that will be well worth it for years to come. Let's explore this well-loved piece of jewelry, the questions you may have about it, and styles you'll adore. 

Questions You May Have About Tennis Bracelets 

In your pursuit of a quality tennis bracelet, you may have a few questions. If you're no stranger to jewelry, you may be wondering about where the tennis bracelet got its name. If you're new to fine jewelry, you may wish to know how to find a tennis bracelet that's made with high-quality materials. Wherever you land, your questions are in good company. Let's explore some common questions you might be asking about tennis bracelets. 

How Can I Tell if the Diamonds Are Authentic?

Scintillation, color, hardness, and inclusions are all variances that indicate how authentic a diamond is. Though many websites and popular blogs may say you can try at-home tests to determine a diamond's authenticity, the truth is that trained gemologists are better suited for judging the worth and authenticity of your stone. 

One way to be confident you're buying a genuine piece of diamond jewelry is to obtain a certificate from IGI detailing your diamond's specifications and quality. 

Are Tennis Bracelets Adjustable? 

Thankfully, our Noémie tennis bracelets are handcrafted for excellence and custom-sized to fit your arm. To find your perfect size, we offer you a free bracelet sizing tool, too. Simply let us know your measurement, and we'll start crafting a tennis bracelet just for you. If you need to adjust the size of your bracelet later, a jeweler can remove a link to ensure a better fit.  

How Can I Buy a High-Quality Tennis Bracelet? 

You wouldn't want to purchase a tennis bracelet that falls apart within a few weeks. Your tennis bracelet should endure through all the seasons and adventures of your life. There are a few ways you can ensure your bracelet is worth your investment. To choose a high-quality tennis bracelet, keep the following in mind:

  • Buy from a retailer that includes an IGI Diamond Certificate
  • Choose a Tennis Bracelet detailed with Ethically-Sourced Diamonds
  • Ensure your Tennis Bracelet is handcrafted with fine materials

Why Is it Called a Tennis Bracelet?

You may be wondering why this piece has anything to do with tennis. The story is quite charming. Tennis player Chris Evert often wore diamond line bracelets on the court during games. During one game of the U.S. Open, her bracelet flew off her arm, and she asked to stop the game to search for her "tennis bracelet." 

Since then, the diamond line bracelet received a new name and new popularity that's lasted for years. 

What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets have been around for decades. Before they were known as tennis bracelets, this alluring accessory was known as a diamond line bracelet. This piece of jewelry features close-set round diamonds on a flexible metal prong setting. Its design purposefully allows this piece of jewelry to move with fluidity as you do.

Your Buyer's Guide to Tennis Bracelets: 5 Styles To Adore 

With your important questions answered, you might be excited to search through tennis bracelets. The diamond line bracelet is a classic piece on its own. Even so, you're free to choose a varied style that suits your essence. Let's explore Noémie's fine tennis bracelets and find one that fits your taste most. 

Noémie's Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

If you enjoy modern twists on classic styles, this might be the bracelet for you. Our Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet infuses a bright personality into the well-loved style. 

This piece features a pattern of lively pink sapphires surrounding white diamonds. It's handcrafted with 18K rose gold. As with each of our tennis bracelets, this style is customizable in length to fit the wearer perfectly. 

Noémie's Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Here's another style of tennis bracelets that implements a modern twist on the tennis bracelet's classic look. Our Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis bracelet is the sister to the Pink Sapphire tennis bracelet. 

With brilliant, deep blue sapphires surrounding glowing diamonds, this tennis bracelet is full of unique color and serenity. In 18K white gold, it's a brilliant choice for those who enjoy cool-toned fine jewelry. 

Noémie's Classic Tennis Bracelet 

Are you more interested in a classic tennis bracelet? The timeless design of this piece means you can wear it with anything. Our Noémie Tennis Bracelet showcases nearly two carats of brilliant round diamonds in a row. In 18k white gold, rose gold, or black gold, it's a staple that can elevate your wardrobe for years to come. 

Noémie's Larger Tennis Bracelet

You may be interested in a piece that will turn more heads with its glamour. If that's the case, consider our Larger Tennis Bracelet. It displays all the elegance of our classic tennis bracelet with 2.5 Carats of sparkling white diamonds. This bracelet is available in 18K white gold, and we can customize the sizing to fit your arm perfectly. 

Noémie's Lab-Grown Larger Tennis Bracelet 

It's nice to have a more affordable option when you're searching for jewelry. A piece doesn't have to be low-quality to be reasonably priced. If you love the look of our larger tennis bracelet, you can choose our Lab-Grown Larger Tennis Bracelet for a piece that's more affordable. Lab-grown diamonds are every bit as real as natural diamonds, making them an excellent choice. 

Why Noémie Offers Superb Quality 

There are so many retailers and pieces you could choose from on your search for the perfect tennis bracelet. When you're comparing different diamond bracelets for women, consider Noémie's quality. We want to provide you with a handcrafted piece that will endure many years of wear. Let's explore further why Noémie has astounding quality. 

Fine Jewelry from Fine Materials 

Our jewelry tells your story. As you wear a Noémie tennis bracelet, you'll want the beauty and meaning of the bracelet to be matched by its quality. The good news about our jewelry is that we only use excellent-quality metals and diamonds. Your pieces won't fade or turn your skin into unpleasant colors. We use premium materials when handcrafting your jewelry, so you can have confidence in the Noémie pieces you wear. 

Affordable Prices and Responsible Production 

Other jewelers often markup their pieces to unnecessary prices. Unfortunately, irresponsible production and assortment can lead to unpleasant prices. We own our own warehouse and carefully select pieces to handcraft for you. In doing this, we are able to offer you excellent prices for stunning high-quality jewelry.


Final Thoughts 

A diamond tennis bracelet is an exciting purchase. You deserve to know where to find the very best diamond line bracelets that sparkle with sheer glamour. Our Noémie Tennis Bracelet is handcrafted with excellent materials so that you can wear it repeatedly with confidence. All you'll have to worry about is how you'll style it when you show it off to the world. 




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