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3 Ways to Find Your Ring Size at Home

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3 Ways to Find Your Ring Size at Home

The custom jewelry process can be complicated depending on the piece of jewelry. A ring is a special kind of jewelry: The only finery that can symbolize a sacred vow while still being on daily display. As you reach for your coffee, type on your computer, and tip your wine glass, a ring is sure to be well-noticed by others—and well-admired by you.

But to fulfill its role in everyday elegance, a ring must fit properly. A ring that’s too big could get lost, while a ring that’s too small can be uncomfortable.

Luckily, with the help of standardized ring sizes, you can find ring size by properly measuring your finger—something you can do in the comfort of your home with three simple methods. Finding the right ring size is the first step to customize wedding rings.

Understanding Standard Ring Sizes

In North America, the ring sizing system ranges from 1 to 13.5, including half and sometimes quarter sizes.

Your size is determined by your finger’s circumference in millimeters.1 For reference, the average woman’s ring size is six, which equates to a 51.7mm measurement.2

The essential skill of knowing how to find ring size at home will benefit you when you are:

  • Purchasing a ring
  • Resizing a ring
  • Gifting a ring

Fortunately, translating a millimeter measurement into a simple ring size is the crux of at-home ring sizing—an easy conversion when using the methods below.

Methods for Measuring

If you want to learn how to measure ring size at home, the good news is there are plenty of options. Depending on what materials you have on hand and your personal preferences, you can use one or more of these techniques to find your most precise ring size.

#1 Size with a String

Crafting a homemade ring sizer is the most traditional sizing method—and it couldn’t be easier. It requires just two materials you can usually find in your home: something you can measure the length of, like yarn, floss, or a strip of paper, and a ruler.

Here’s how the string method works:

  1. Wrap your strip or string around the base of your ring finger (or whichever finger you’d like to size).
  2. Use a pen or pencil to mark where any overlap begins. This will give you the length of one loop around your finger.
  3. In millimeters, measure your material from its start to the mark you just made. This is the circumference value, which you’ll use to convert into the final ring size.
  4. Using the standardized sizing guidelines, determine which ring size best corresponds to your finger’s circumference in millimeters.3 If your measurement falls between two sizes, consider the half size that falls between them.

Tip: When using this method, be careful not to stretch your measuring material. Pull it around your finger so that it is relaxed and flat but not too tight for the most accurate measurement.

#2 Measure an Existing Ring

What better measuring tool than a ring that already fits like a glove? If you have a ring that fits you or the recipient perfectly, you have everything you need to determine the proper ring size.

  1. With a ruler (or a small caliper, if available), carefully measure the opening of your ring in millimeters. Make sure to hold the ruler straight across the widest part. This is the ring’s inside diameter.
  2. Referencing the ring sizing system again—this time for diameter, not circumference—interpret your ring’s size by matching the millimeter value to the appropriate ring size number.

Tip: Conducting your measurements more than once is an excellent way to ensure you get an accurate ring size.

#3 Reference Ring-Sizing Guides

If measuring by hand doesn’t suit your fancy, you can use the following alternatives, each offering your ideal ring size without rulers or conversions.

  • Circular ring size chart print-out – If printed to actual size, a circular ring size chart uses an existing ring to seamlessly determine your ring size.4 Just place your ring atop the circle that best matches its inside diameter and let the chart do the work—no ruler required.

  • Ring-measurement tool – Another option is to buy a ring measuring tool. This tool is often found in sliding tape form: a thin strip of sizing markers looped together like a zip tie. Ring measuring tools are wise choices if you know you’ll use it again, or if you’d like to try on each and every size.5

These are all useful ring sizing tips for your own custom ring. But what if you need to find the correct size for someone else? Some ways to get their accurate measurement include "borrowing" a ring from their jewelry box. Once you've selected one of their rings, you can check the inside for the sizing stamp or take a photo of the ring next to a sizing chart. You can also use the alibi you need to insert their finger in a printable ring sizer because they might have similar hands to someone else you know.

Find the Forever Fit with Noémie

At Noémie, we know that a ring’s perfect fit goes beyond a mere measurement. The right ring can be a precious reminder of the wearer’s fondest memories, milestones, or loved ones.

That’s why our legacy of handcrafted jewelry reflects a fine-tuned harmony of quality metals, timeless design, and inspired grace. Melding purity and solidity, our 18K gold sings the promising song of long-lasting elegance—without compromising on cost.

The best part? With our easy ring size chart, you can find your size instantly. Or, reach out to us, and we’ll send you a ring sizer for free. If you’re ready to fit into your forever, shop our ring collection to get started.


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