Defining Your Personal Style With Wedding Bands Sets

Wedding planning is intense. In searching for engagement rings and wedding bands, you might feel lost among the sea of options. However, your wedding rings are pieces that will stay with you for many years, so you'll want to choose something that represents you and your partner's tastes. Choosing a beautiful set is more than simply picking out an engagement ring and wedding bands to match. Getting in touch with your personal style can help you narrow your choices to rings that suit your essence.

How to Define Your Style 

Defining your style doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Though you both bring unique inclinations to the table, you can find options that complement you both. Here are four key factors that will help you decide what rings might accent your relationship and personalities.


Various pros and cons of each metal may sway you in one direction or the other. If you enjoy silver as a color, you may wish to choose platinum rings for their incredible strength. If you prefer gold, you may wish to have 18K gold rings for their purity and durability. Did you know rose gold is also available in 18 Karats? It's an excellent option if you prefer warm-toned wedding bands. 


After you get familiar with what metal you might like in your wedding jewelry, you'll want to decide how bold of a silhouette you like. Do you want thick, wide bands in your set? Some like this bold look, but others prefer dainty, minimal band shapes. Talk with your partner about whether you both prefer one band silhouette or if you differ in your tastes.


Choosing what stones you'd like in your wedding bands and engagement ring is exciting. Ask your partner what stones they'd like in their band, if any. Talk about the alternative options you may want to consider, like sapphires instead of diamonds. Perhaps you'd prefer a lab-created diamond over a natural one. These decisions not only influence your style, but they can impact your budget as well. 


As you think about what you look for in wedding jewelry, consider what cut and shape of diamonds you prefer. This factor is more decisive for engagement rings and bands with prominent stones. Do you like circular gems that look classic, or do you prefer geometric stones with a vintage feel? This choice is a significant part of determining the rings that best suit your personality and everyday style.

How to Choose a Couple's Wedding Band Set 

You have many options when it comes to choosing your wedding bands as a couple. You could choose to coordinate your bands loosely or have them match completely. Here are a couple of options you might like as you choose bands with your soon-to-be spouse.

Coordinate to Show Your Commitment 

Are you and your partner inseparable? Perhaps you enjoy matching every chance you get, coordinating for photos, and have similar home decor taste. You can opt for bands that look nearly identical to continue with your coordination. 

Honor Your Individuality with Your Own Styles 

Matching isn't for everyone. Maybe you and your partner are as different as they come. Opposites attract, and there's no need to match your wedding bands entirely if that's not your style. Your relationship works because of your differences. Because of this, you're free to stay true to your individual tastes in your wedding jewelry. 

How to Choose Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets 

Some couples prefer not to choose the engagement ring together and enjoy the element of surprise. On the other hand, you might prefer to shop with your partner ahead of time to select both your bands and look over engagement rings that may match. As you browse engagement ring and wedding band sets, here are a few ways to determine your bridal ring preferences. 

Decide on a Style 

First, decide on a style for yourself. You have every right to customize your engagement ring and wedding band set to be something you enjoy wearing throughout your life. Here are a few style options you can check out to see if they resonate with your personality.

Go Bold or Go Home: If you like large center stones and thick silhouettes in your jewelry, you can choose to keep this theme in each ring. You could opt for an engagement ring with pave diamonds around the band for even more sparkle, along with your diamond band if you like extra glam.

Keep it Classic: Do you typically go for more tasteful jewelry that will always be in style? You might like to look for classic ring silhouettes and stones that are just the right amount of eye-catching.

Delight in the Simple: There's no need to be over-the-top if that's not who you are. Delicate ring styles are just as elegant as the rest. You can choose petite bands that blend flawlessly into your everyday look. 

Three Engagement and Wedding Band Sets to Show Who You Are 

Do you still need inspiration for wedding band sets? Here are a few engagement ring and wedding band pairs that look gorgeous together.

Diamond Eternity Band and Solitaire Ring 

If you gravitate toward jewelry that never expires, here is a classic combination for you to consider. Our Diamond Eternity Band is a beautiful accent to any engagement ring. Pair it with a timelessly elegant Solitaire Diamond Ring for a set that will leave you breathless. 

Three-Row Micro-Pavé and The Halo Pavé in Rose Gold 

Do you love diamonds and eclectic glamour? Our Three-Row Micro-Pavé Band could be a terrific band option for your wedding jewelry. You could pair it with the timeless Solitaire engagement ring or opt for Noémie's Halo Pave Band to increase the sparkle in your ring set. 

Multi-Color Sapphire Band and Solitaire Pavé Ring 

Does your personality shine in any room you enter? Don't be afraid to add color to your wedding jewelry if it suits who you are. Consider a Multi-color Sapphire Band to pair with your engagement ring and your partner's band. Pair it with a stunning Solitaire Pavé Band for more glittering diamonds. 

Solo Wedding Bands 

We'll let you in on a secret: your wedding jewelry doesn't have to fit the status quo. Your relationship is one-of-a-kind. If engagement rings aren't your style, you can opt for our striking Come Together Diamond Band that rewrites the rules. Be as daring as you like for your ceremony.

You and your partner's wedding might look worlds different from the traditional weddings you saw in the past. Perhaps you blazed a new trail with your courageous relationship that others didn't accept before. You and your beloved can show off matching Graduate Diamond Bands for wedding jewelry that's as remarkable as you are. 

In Summary

Discussing style with your partner can be an intimate exercise that strengthens your bond. Talking about which factors you prefer in your wedding jewelry will lead you to understand each other's style even more. As you search for the perfect wedding band set, remember Noémie offers you the best quality in handcrafted jewelry. You can exchange the best fine jewelry that represents your unique relationship as you say, "I do."


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