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Best Wedding Inspirations & Ideas for Your Wedding 2021

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Best Wedding Inspirations & Ideas for Your Wedding 2021

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." You've heard it before, and since announcing your engagement, you've likely heard about many other wedding traditions that people have kept throughout the years.

Perhaps your grandmother has urged you not to see your partner before you walk down the aisle. Maybe your future mother-in-law has asked you whether you'll have a religious clergy member officiate your wedding.

With all the opinions of others, it's only natural to search for modern wedding customs that represent your values and desires for your wedding. Today, let's talk about the traditions that many couples have implemented throughout the years. Then, we'll explore modern wedding ideas that can inspire your planning and help you design a ceremony and reception that capture the essence of your relationship.

What Are the Most Common Wedding Traditions? 

Besides the rhyme mentioned above, what are some of the other most widely-kept wedding traditions? You don't have to incorporate them if you don't want to. Still, learning about some of these practices can help spark ideas for how you can make these traditions unique to you.

The Father Giving Away the Bride 

Long ago, fathers accepted a dowry for their daughters' hand in marriage and handed them to the groom in a transactional manner. Although the origins aren't romantic or refined, many look forward to this moment when their father will share a sacred moment with them before walking down the aisle. For many, this moment is sentimental and meaningful.

Wearing a White Wedding Gown 

Brides didn't always wear white gowns. It wasn't until the mid-1800s, when Queen Elizabeth wore a white wedding dress, that this trend caught on. Since then, white has been the preferred color for many brides as they try on gowns for the big day. 

Another layer of the white gown is its symbolic purity. White is a spotless color, representing the unstained, pure nature of a relationship as you promise your commitment and love to the person you cherish.

The Bouquet and Garter Toss 

While this tradition comes from bizarre medieval practices, having a bouquet and garter toss at your wedding reception is a tradition that has survived decades. Many couples look forward to this part of their reception for how exciting it can be. 

Speeches During the Reception 

Giving toasts to the happy couple has been a custom many have practiced for hundreds of years. Typically, the maid of honor and best man will prepare heartfelt or even funny speeches. Many look forward to this portion of the evening to hear anecdotes about the couple's personalities and relationships from those who know them best. 

Incorporating Religious Elements Into the Ceremony

Many couples have chosen to incorporate religious elements into their vows, ceremony, and music choices throughout history. Those from a Christian religion might include readings from the Bible in their ceremony or have a pastor officiate their wedding.

A Catholic couple may consist of a complete mass service for their guests to attend with them. On the other hand, those from a Muslim background might have a reading from the Fatiha to bless their marriage.

You don't have to be religious to have a significant wedding, but these are some customs other couples have enjoyed through the years.

What Are the Best Modern Wedding Traditions?

You might find some inspiration from the traditions of the past. Still, learning some of the newer wedding traditions can be valuable when you're searching for fresh ideas. Let's look at modern wedding practices you might choose for your marriage ceremony.

1. Having a Loved One Walk You Down the Aisle 

Not everyone has the same family. If your family consists of people who aren't related to you, you can still have someone you love walk you down the aisle. 

If you'd prefer, you can also walk the aisle by yourself. Your marriage should represent your values, and this is one choice you can make to take ownership of your relationship and your story.

2. Wearing Whatever Makes You Happy 

Who said you had to wear white? If you're not the type to wear a white dress, you're no less qualified to be getting married. Choose attire that suits your relationship and feel your best as you celebrate your love.

3. First Look Photos 

Old traditions would have you believe that seeing your significant other on your wedding day before exchanging vows is bad luck. However, many have opted out of this tradition in recent years, claiming this time for themselves. 

By including first-look photos in your wedding day schedule, you can be sure to capture the magic expressions of your excitement on this momentous day while having a private moment among the busyness. 

4. Unique Wedding Jewelry 

Some people adore princess-cut diamonds and solitaire engagement rings. You shouldn't feel any pressure to get a particular style of ring just because it's what someone else suggests. You and your partner can select wedding jewelry that delights you both.

5. Videography 

In the past, couples paid to have a recording of their marriage ceremony so they could watch their vows every few years in remembrance. Since then, technology has advanced, and many couples want more than a still recording of their ceremony. 

One of the most prominent modern wedding practices is hiring a skilled videographer to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding day and edit various shots into a short film that celebrates the highlights and touching memories of your day. 

Four Unique Wedding Bands To Keep Your Wedding Jewelry Exciting 

Whether you decide to wear non-traditional gemstones with your bridal ensemble or a unique eternity wedding ring, you deserve to have jewelry that's perfect for you. Let's explore four styles of wedding bands that can accent your engagement ring and remind you of your favorite person.

The Vintage Diamond Band 

Are you the kind of person who adores fashion's rich history? Do you apply inspiration from previous eras to your clothing and decoration choices? 

If so, our Noémie Vintage Diamond Band might be the perfect wedding band for you. This piece incorporates whimsical shapes and stunning diamonds for a wedding jewelry option worth your adoration. 

The Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band Ring

Although diamonds can be spectacular, you're free to include non-traditional gemstones in your wedding jewelry, too. You might choose an emerald engagement ring that reminds you of the depths of your love.

On the other hand, you might want to incorporate some color into your wedding jewelry. Our Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band is one wedding band option that can delight you for years with its radiant sapphires and diamonds.

The Three-Row Micro-Pave Diamond Band 

Perhaps you enjoy subtlety and glamour in your wedding jewelry – you can choose something luxurious and unique at the same time. Our Three-Row Micro-Pavé diamond band features stunning miniature diamonds set in three rows. 

Select your preferred metal, and you'll have a divine modern wedding band that accents your engagement ring perfectly. You'll enjoy it for years, knowing you selected a piece that represented your tastes. 

The One Carat Diamond Eternity Band Ring

You might be searching for a wedding band that can offer bolder glamour. In that case, a one-carat diamond eternity band can make your wedding jewelry complete. With excellent quality diamonds set around the band, this ring will spark from any angle.

Your Wedding Represents Your Story

As you and your beloved plan your wedding day, remember to make space for your story. At Noémie, we're here to provide the best quality jewelry to help emphasize the elements you adore the most.  


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