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6 Noémie Wedding Rings Under 2K

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6 Noémie Wedding Rings Under 2K

Find yourself asking how much  wedding rings cost? Wedding ring shopping is a significant undertaking, but there’s good news for brides-to-be on a budget: You don’t need to sacrifice quality, style, or personality when you opt for a more affordable wedding ring. 

There are stunning  diamond fashion rings to be treasured under a few thousand dollars (and even some custom wedding rings under $1,000), from unique statement pieces to delicate bands.

If you've found yourself staring longingly into glittering glass jewelry cases but despairing about the price tags, worry no longer. We've compiled five of our most beautiful wedding rings under 2000 dollars to inspire your vows and your savings account. With such a pleasant price tag, these  diamond fashion rings are as economical as they are elegant.

#1 Petite Emerald Cut Diamond Ring: $720

At a price tag that starts at $720, our Petite Emerald Cut Diamond Ring proves that elegance doesn’t have to reach four digits. Featuring a stunning emerald-cut diamond framed by 24 pavé stones, this Noémie classic adorns a bride with a very special charm.

One of the oldest diamond shapes and the quintessential rectangular diamond option, the emerald cut in this stone ring offers a classic, bold, and near-royal air. The daring personality of this cut is reflected in its durability. Emerald cut diamonds’ unique corner bevels make the center stone snag-free and more resistant to the occasional knocks and bumps.

When pairing the emerald cut’s strong aesthetic with this diamond’s humble horizontal inlay and delicate size, the Petite Emerald Cut Diamond Ring as a whole exudes an alluring depth and contrast. It’s safe to say that this ring’s standout stone perfectly marries drama and daintiness—all without breaking the bank.

#2 Petite Pear Cut Diamond Ring: $750

Another gemstone ring that combines a precious band of pavé stones with a pretty and charming center diamond, the Petite Pear Cut Diamond Ring is a simple stunner—and possibly your forever ring.  At a price point under 800 dollars, you’d be excited to say yes to this pear-cut picture in all its twinkling delicacy.

The star of this gemstone ring’s show is the careful geometry of the pear cut. Its facets create a deep, brilliant effect, and its diamond shape is cute, contemporary, and classic all at once. A pear-cut diamond has a similar faceting structure to round- and brilliant-cut diamonds, and it’s this similarity that lends the pear-cut stone its lively fire and brilliance.1 The plentiful facets maximize reflections of light, creating a magical dance within your stone that embodies pure shine.

The elongated shape of the pear cut also gives this ring an illusion of a larger central stone.2 This more-than-meets-the-eye effect is a worthy consideration for brides-to-be who are wedding ring shopping on a budget.

#3 The Vintage Diamond Band: $790

As a symbol of lifelong love, you’d surely want a wedding ring that encapsulates not only your feelings and devotion, but also your personality. After all, it’s going to be something you’ll wear every day.

Noémie’s Vintage Diamond Band, though vintage-inspired, never gets old. Its unique geometric pattern offers an unforgettable personality with a hint of art-deco flair. Its 14 white diamonds (bezel-set, no less) call to mind an image of 1920s glamour—balanced all the while by the ever-whimsical alternating shapes upon the band.

The special silhouette of the Vintage Diamond Band makes it a perfect match for a complementary stacking ring. Why not go for a simple, straight-banded ring that would add depth and harmony to the style, while still allowing the wedding ring to take center stage? The 3 Diamonds Stacking Ring is an affordable, golden go-to if you’re looking to build your ring stack.

And, if your special someone has plans on gifting their special someone an eternity band somewhere down the line, you know it’ll create a lovely dynamic pair with the inimitable Vintage Diamond Band. 

#4 The Baguette Diamond Band: $920

Providing an understatedly sophisticated approach to the emerald cut’s bold flair, the baguette cut is the star of the show in our Baguette Diamond Band. The pleasing geometries of nine white diamonds line up in this ring to produce the captivating shine baguette cuts are famous for.

From the precise configuration of a mere 14 facets comes the baguette diamond’s signature “halo effect,” a subtle gleam that has been described to look almost like the natural diamond itself is emanating light. In the Baguette Diamond Band, the many baguette-cut diamonds make for an undeniable shine that compounds to produce an all-around glow—a real halo around your finger.

The Baguette Diamond Band is an exceptional choice to save money for your DJ and dress alterations. Because of a baguette diamond’s nine facets (by contrast, other famous diamond cuts can have over fifty), it costs much less to produce a stunningly cut diamond like the baguette. At a $920 price point, there's no denying this diamond-gold stunner is a gorgeously affordable ring.

#5 The Bezel Diamond Ring: $970

The Bezel Diamond Ring is another one of our affordable wedding rings with bold shapes and an even bolder personality.

Between half carats of gorgeous bezel-set diamonds and delicate milgrain detailing, this ring has all the special touches to make for a ring in a league of its own, without even crossing the thousand-dollar threshold. Its uniform design about the band also makes it a lovely partner for statement-making engagement rings.

Benefits of Bezel Settings

This ring puts a shining spotlight on the diamonds’ bezel setting (rightfully so, for reasons you’ll soon learn). A bezel setting, sometimes called a “rubover” setting, has nothing to do with the cut, size, or shape of the stone itself. Instead, it refers to how the stone is secured upon the ring.

  • Protects the stone – The bezel’s unique seamless quality protects the stone’s vulnerable edges and reduces snagging from your clothing or hair. For more precious or fragile stones, the bezel is a safeguard from chips on your diamonds over time and daily wear and tear.

  • Enhances stone size – If you’re on the lookout for more affordable options, the bezel’s unique trick of the eye could make it especially right for you. When the bezel’s metal matches the stone’s hue, it often gives the illusion of a larger stone, letting even tinier stones transcend expectations.

  • Makes for easy cleaning  – Since the bezel setting is a single tight band of metal, pervasive particles like dust or dirt have nowhere to get trapped. Unlike with more prevalent settings, you won’t have to maneuver around countless prongs to polish your  stone ring.

  • Remains timeless – In the long art and history of jewelry making, the bezel setting is the oldest technique in the books. That’s why bezel-set rings are common in antique jewelry, before technologies made pronged jewelry settings easier to achieve. With a bezel setting, you know your ring is going to be a timeless treasure meriting heirloom status.3

  • #6 The Princess Diamond Halo Half Band Ring: $1750

    If your budget allows you to spend a little bit more, we have just the ring for you. This one is a true showstopper and still costs under $2,000, making it a true treasure of its kind.

    Our Princess Diamond Halo Half Band Ring appeals to the bride with a bit of a maximalist streak or a courageous spirit. Its 51 diamonds attract the eye to the ring’s careful craftsmanship and exquisite design: a half-band centering six princess-cut diamonds, each princess with her own halo.

    The princess cut is a mid-century diamond cut that dares to dazzle. Its sleek facets create a cool brilliance in light, and its clean lines inspire romantic confidence without compromising purity.4This one-of-a-kind ring embraces the classic princess cut while offering sophistication all its own.

    In surrounding the central stones, dozens of round diamonds soften the princess-cut diamonds’ edges, evoking a floral, serene aesthetic. The aesthetic translates to a peaceful feeling: the ring’s half-band construction makes it both super comfortable to wear daily and more durable than its full-band counterparts.5 Plus, you can rest easy knowing of Noémie’s affordable styles and quality assurance.

    Say “I Do” to Inspired Elegance from Noémie 

    On your journey to the alter to say your vows, buying your wedding bands should be rewarding and exciting, not stressful. That’s why Noémie offers exquisite wedding bands in styles you’ll love forever and prices within your reach.

    Our jewelry experts at Noémie are here to support you as you choose the most precious symbol of your marital bond. We ensure our diamonds’ purity, radiance, and conflict-free cultivation at every step of our custom jewelry process, so you don’t have to. In fact, every diamond set into our jewelry is of VS clarity grade and F-G color grade, making for bright and outstanding pieces that you can pass down to generations.

    Ready to discover your dream wedding band at a price that’ll make you want to shout “I do” all over again? Shop our curated wedding ring collection today. Select your material, size, and free engravement, and leave the rest to our experts. 


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