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Why are Emerald Diamonds So Expensive?

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Why are Emerald Diamonds So Expensive?

When you think of diamonds, you probably imagine two things—their priceless sparkle, clarity, and their classic round cut. However, there are many fancy shaped diamond cuts on the market, and one, in particular, can come with a fairer price-per-carat ratio and a uniquely vintage look. We’re referring, of course, to the elegant emerald cut diamond. If you have an eye on an emerald cut diamond, you may even wonder what is an emerald cut diamond? Or, why these gems tend to trend higher on the price scale—and if that’s always true, in the first place.

To better understand why emerald cut diamonds are so expensive—and to help you decide for yourself whether one should adorn your next piece—we’ve outlined the characteristics, history, and durability of this eye-catching stone.

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds More Expensive Than Others?

If your eye is firmly set on an emerald cut diamond, you may be wondering if it will really cost you more than all the other diamond options out there.

Are emerald cut diamonds more expensive? In fact, in spite of their popularity (a subject we’ll cover in more depth below) the answer isn’t always yes. You are still going to be paying for a diamond, but if we’re comparing two average engagement rings—one with a round diamond, and the other with an emerald cut—the round diamond will likely come with a higher price tag since round diamonds tend to lose the most rough. In general, there are two main factors to consider when it comes to emerald cut pricing:1

    1. There is a higher demand for round cut diamonds—and thus, emerald cut diamonds may be somewhat harder to find.
    2. However, you lose less diamond weight with a rectangular cut. Thus, even if you’re paying a little more for an emerald cut diamond, you may benefit from a larger stone at a lower price-per-carat cost.

      It’s also fair to say that emerald cut diamonds may not be the most affordable cut on the market. The baguette diamond cut, for example, typically comes at a lower price. But you can usually be assured that you’re getting a better price-per-carat with this design compared to round cut diamonds. On the other hand, other styles such as the oval cut, and round brilliant cut diamond tend to be more expensive.

      That said, when determining whether the cost is worth it to you, it can help to understand what makes an emerald cut such a standout option. Let’s consider some other characteristics of emerald cut diamonds and what sets them apart from the other cuts.

      What Makes an Emerald Cut Diamond Stand Out?

      This cut is one of the oldest diamond shapes, tracing back to the 16th century.1 Jewelers invented the cut to prevent cracks and chipping first in emeralds, but later began using it on other gems, including diamonds. This style of cutting reduced the pressure the diamonds received and, thus, the number of imperfections that would occur during the shaping process.

      You can pick out an emerald cut diamond by looking for the following features:1

        • Rectangular shape – This refers to the overall shape of the stone, viewed from above.
        • Step cut facets – This type of facet appears just as the name suggests—like steps leading down the sides of the gem.
        • Beveled corners – Rather than having sharp edges, the corners of an emerald cut diamond are often trimmed to give them a slightly rounded appearance.
        • Large table – The table, or the top central facet of the stone, tends to be larger than that of other diamond cuts.
        • Brilliant appearance – The size of the table we mentioned above can also determine how much light a stone reflects—so for emerald cut diamonds, a larger table may also mean more brilliance and clarity.

          The Emerald Cut Diamond’s Rise in Popularity

          Part of the emerald cut diamond’s dear price may be traceable to its rise to fame during one specific era—the roaring twenties.1

          The Art Deco aesthetic came about and gained significant popularity during the Golden Age of the 1920s. This aesthetic celebrated straight lines, symmetry, and geometry and it infiltrated the design of absolutely everything. From buildings to fashion to jewelry, we can see the effects of this movement in almost everything from that epoch. As we saw above, the emerald cut diamond did not come about during the 1920s but it skyrocketed in popularity during these years due to its design, especially as a ring stone. Now, jewelers set this cut in many jewelry pieces. From earrings to necklaces, fine jewelry pieces that feature an emerald cut stone instantly give a nostalgic and vintage feel.

          Popularity Among Celebrities

          From award-winning actresses to the British Royal Family, this vintage-feeling diamond cut has proven to dazzle even the famous. Here are just three of the celebrities that we’ve seen sporting a diamond in this lustrous design:2

          • Angelina Jolie – In her engagement with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie wore a sizeable emerald-cut eternity diamond band that Brad had a hand in designing. The center stone was flanked on either side by supporting baguette cut diamonds.
          • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – This engagement ring was from Prince Charles and supposedly traces back to Queen Mother Elizabeth, making it a Royal Family heirloom.3 Its art deco design features an emerald cut diamond as the center stone with three diamonds in a baguette cut on either side.
          • Paris Hilton – Paris’ generously sized 24-carat engagement ring from Paris Kasidokostas-Latsis made it to be one of the heaviest emerald diamond jewelry pieces in the world.

          Other celebrities that have said yes to this cut include Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Sofia Richie, Jennifer Lawrence, and Porsha Williams.2 This all can lead us to the conclusion that this elegant cut is worth considering when looking for engagement rings as well as other fine jewelry pieces.

          For Your Next Emerald Cut Diamond, Choose Noémie

          Finding the right diamond shape or cut for yourself or the one you love may seem like a treasure hunt. But when it comes to finding the perfect piece at the right price, we may be able to make the search a little easier.

          When shopping for fine jewelry, at the end of the day, you want to be able to put your trust in the company you’re purchasing from. This is why at Noémie, we only offer quality-ensured, ethical, timeless jewelry, all at a fair price.Follow your heart and shop Noémie today to find your next spectacular diamond piece.



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