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How to Use a Ring Sizing Chart

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How to Use a Ring Sizing Chart

It's exciting to buy a ring for yourself or for someone you love. Before you check out online, there are so many factors you need to consider. Are you interested in something with luxurious flare or more of a classic staple? Should your ring feature white diamonds or alternative gemstones? Would you like to use rose gold or platinum for your ring's band? There's one more factor that deserves your attention: what size ring should you select?

If you don't know your ring size, don't worry. Many people don't know their ring size before receiving a ring. Perhaps you were one size with one ring you own and a slightly different size with another. There are ways to tell your accurate ring size quickly so you can get back to your search for a band you love.

Use a Ring Size Chart

One option you could try to find your correct size is a ring size chart. Do you have a ring that fits you, but you're not sure what size it is? Are you looking to purchase your first ring but don't know where to start for size? A ring size chart usually features 18-20 circles representing different half-sizes from size three to size thirteen. You can use a ring that fits you and align it with a ring chart to determine its size. If you don't have a ring available to use, try one of these alternatives.

Other Ring Sizing Options

Though a size chart is the most typical way to measure for your appropriate ring size, it's not your only option. There are a few more ways you can determine ring size to buy a dazzling band for yourself or a loved one. Once you gain that crucial piece of information, you'll be closer to purchasing the band you've been eyeing. Try these easy alternative approaches:

Measure a Ring That Fits You

This method is intuitive. Perhaps you don't have rings of your own, but you know someone whose rings always fit you perfectly. The most straightforward way to determine your size is to ask what size they wear. If they don't know, try asking them if you can borrow their ring to confirm your size. They might be able to tell you their ring size on the spot, or you might need to compare their ring with the chart above to find the number that aligns with its circumference.

Try Tape Measure and String 

If you don't have a ring lying around, this option may be ideal for you. Using a piece of string, wrap your finger where a ring would sit comfortably. If you don't have string accessible to you, try floss instead. Notice where the string overlaps and mark it with a marker or pen. For the best results, cut your piece of string at the mark for what comes next. 

Search your belongings for a ruler or tape measure. Once you find one, align your floss with the ruler and observe its length in millimeters. Remember the ring size chart from earlier? You don't have to align the string with it, but notice the millimeter measurements noted with each half-size. The number that corresponds with your string's length will show you what size will best fit you.

Try Noémie's Test Rings

We have a solution for you to find your ring size, too. Maybe you've been eyeing a brilliant Chevron diamond ring from our ring selection but don't know what size to order. We offer you a free ring sizer shipped right to your door, so you'll know exactly how well it will fit. Simply text us with the message, "I'd like a free ring sizer. My address is..." and we'll take care of the rest. 

How to Find Your Partner's Ring Size Without Them Finding Out 

Surprising your partner with a fine, handcrafted ring is a thrilling idea. You'll want to make sure you have the details sorted, so the surprise is seamless and memorable. To gift them such a stunning gift, you'll need to know their ring size. How can you find out without tipping them off to your plans? There's a couple of options for you to try to keep your gift a secret.

Borrow Their Ring 

The first and most effortless way you could learn their ring size is by borrowing a ring they already wear. Once you've inconspicuously borrowed it, you could do one of two things. Your first option is to trace its inner circumference on a sheet of paper so that you could return the ring quickly. Then, cut out what you trace and compare it to the ring size chart from earlier. The other route you might take is to borrow the ring long enough to compare it to the ring size chart yourself.

Use String

Your next option for carefully learning your partner's ring size is to find some way to measure their finger with string. If you want to keep a secret, you may need to go to more extraordinary lengths. While it may be hard to execute this plan naturally, you know your partner well enough to be able to go through with it. Once you've got the marking on the string, follow with the string method we've already covered.

Noémie's Ring Selection

Now that you know how to find your correct size, let's explore some of the rings that could add to your personal style. At Noémie, we are happy to offer numerous high-quality rings for you to consider. We make all of our jewelry with the best materials at the most affordable prices so that you can find the perfect band for an exceptional price. Here are a few rings to fall in love with:

Multi-Color Sapphire Diamond Eternity Band: Try something new. Instead of the usual neutral color tones of diamond jewelry, consider adding a pop of color. Our Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band incorporates a beautiful color palette into dainty gems that encircle the band. This ring combines green, blue, pink, and orange sapphires along with white diamonds to create a scintillating rainbow. The colors are brilliant but still gorgeously subtle. Though delicate and thin, this band will add spirit to the jewelry you wear. Another one of our favorites is the Sapphire Eternity Band Ring, which offers an elegant look and allows you to choose between the different sapphire colors.

The Graduate Ring: The diamonds on this band gradually increase in size, giving the ring its name. This ring's design is unique, too. Instead of a typical eternity band, the metal base forms an exciting spiral to display diamonds in layers around your finger. This style is for the bold. It makes a striking accent piece to your wardrobe and is sure to catch eyes.

Gold Heart and Diamonds Ring:  Set by hand with dainty sparkling diamonds, this 18K gold band is an icon of purity. It features VS quality white diamonds across the front of the ring with delicate hearts space evenly. Wear this ring alone for a minimalist look, or stack it with others. It's beautiful in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold and adds delight and femininity to your ring stack.

Three Diamonds Stacking Ring: Another perfect option for the minimalist in your life is our Three Diamonds Stacking Ring. The eternity band displays three evenly-set circular white diamonds spaced out across its front. Are you looking for a charming addition to the rings you wear daily? This band's delicate silhouette makes it the perfect ring to stack with others or to wear alone in simplicity. 

The Single Baguette Ring: This band is perfect for the minimalist in your life. It displays 18K gold or platinum with a solo baguette-cut diamond featured at center stage. Its refined geometric motif adds an antique touch to a modern silhouette. Consider this band for an everyday piece to add to your streetwear or for a formal occasion. 

Noémie's Custom Jewelry

Perhaps you're looking for a ring or another piece of jewelry that's exclusive to you. Whether you want to surprise a loved one with a grand gesture or want a unique piece for yourself, we have a beautiful solution for you. 

Our personalized jewelry collection includes a custom ring builder. You can customize numerous details from metal used to carat weight to produce a band that's all your own. It's easy to navigate, and you'll be able to design something you adore. Plus, we offer free returns on even custom jewelry, so whatever you choose, we’ll ensure that you’re truly satisfied.

In Summary

From the steps listed here, you're well-set to start searching our ring selection. Using the ring chart method or the string method will lead you to understand your proper ring size. Regardless of the process you use, it's an excellent idea to make sure you know the correct size to select when ordering the ring you admire. Ring charts can be somewhat tricky, so we hope you'll take us up on our offer to send you a test ring at no cost to you. It's the most effortless way to know for sure that the ring you're desiring will fit perfectly. 


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