5 things you can do to help the elephants

5 things you can do to help the elephants

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1. Buy items from our elephant collection and we will donate 100% of the profits

We will be donating 100% of the profits from the Elephant collection to the Abraham Foundation, a certified 501(c)(3) organization leading awareness and fundraising efforts for Lek Chailert, founder of Elephant Nature Park and Save Elephant Foundation. The goal is to raise awareness and critical funding to save Asian elephants from captivity.

2. Don't ride elephants

Wild elephants won't let humans ride on top of them. So in order to tame a wild elephant, first it is broken to experience the pain of the phajaan process. Over this time baby elephants are starved, shackled, and beaten, until their spirit is completely broken and will submit to the will of their captors. Once young elephants have undergone this process they can being learning to serve. This process is common place for all elephants in captivity throughout Asia.

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3. Don’t Support The Circus

Circus animals, including elephants, are stolen from their herds and confined virtually all of their lives in barren conditions, while forced to suffer extreme physical and psychological deprivation.

  • Virtually 96 percent of their lives are spent in chains or cages.
  • 11 months a year they travel over long distances in box cars with no climate control; sleeping, eating, and defecating in the same cage.
  • When allowed out, these animals are trained using extreme "discipline" such as whipping, hitting, poking, and shocking with electrical prods.

There are many different ways to experience these animals, but paying for them to entertain us not one of them and contributes to the perpetuation of cruelty.

4. Visit saddle off programs

For a list of ethical, saddle off programs now available, click here

The best way to experience these majestic beauties is to visit an ethical elephant sanctuary and observe them living in beautiful natural surroundings. Watch elephants socialize, play, and forage – freed from elephant riding, performing tricks, and other unnatural behavior. More than 30 independent projects are now providing a better life for these gentle giants and the demand is on the rise.
By visiting ethical elephant sanctuaries, you are helping to reshape expectations of what visitors to Southeast Asia consider desirable when it comes to elephant tourism. Your choice confirms that there are many people who want to observe elephants doing what comes naturally, without fear of punishment. Elephants are intelligent, social, empathic beings deserving of our respect, care, and admiration.

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5. Follow @elephantnaturepark and support by sharing awareness.