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7 Life Moments You’ll Want To Mark With A Treat

7 Life Moments You’ll Want To Mark With A Treat

Receiving a gift from a loved one is great. It’s sweet, generous, unexpected, and a treasured exchange between two people, filled with love.

But making the decision to purchase a gift for yourself...well, that’s an entirely different level of sweetness, generosity, and love.

When you’re empowered to treat yourself to something you deserve, it not only feels extremely special and sacred in the moment, but it serves as a reminder for the rest of your life of the benchmark or accomplishment that you experienced. Everytime you look down at that ring, or put on those pair of earrings, you tap right back into that sense of power and pride that came from that moment and from honoring yourself.   

According to Forbes, us women now control $20 trillion in annual consumer spending worldwide, which means we no longer find a need to wait for someone else to buy us a piece of jewelry - or anything - we’ve been lusting after. We take our hard-earned capital and put it towards an investment that not only isn’t going to wear out or go out of style like a bag or pair of shoes, but that will actually increase in value overtime.

So exactly when are the best times in life to stop, acknowledge, and treat yourself? We’ve listed the top moments below for some well deserved giftspiration:


1. Promotion or benchmark at work

Was your hard work acknowledged with a promotion? Did you close a big deal? Did you launch a new product? Reward yourself with something that will remind you of how hard you worked to get there.

2. Graduation

Whether you’ve graduated from a yoga teacher training program or law school, you’ll want to commemorate this benchmark in life with something special that will remind you of this period in life. It’s only up from here.   

3. When you accomplish a goal

If you’ve set out to do something - run a marathon, learn to cook or play a new instrument, fit into your skinny jeans - and you accomplish it, celebrate! Carving out the time and dedication to start and finish something you’ve had your heart set on isn’t easy, and deserves to be marked with something beautiful.

4. Push present

More and more these days, women are honoring this sacred moment in their life by gifting themselves something special. You’re the only one who truly knows what this experience has felt like, and deserve to honor it with that piece of jewelry you’ve been eyeing.

5. Your first

When you’ve sent your first kid to college, paid off your first student loan, or run your first marathon, you’ll want to remember that moment, that feeling of accomplishment.

6. Your last

Last day at work, last kid graduated college, last student loan paid off...mark the closing of a chapter with a beautiful piece of jewelry that will forever remind you of what you’ve accomplished.

7. Whenever the hell you want

By far our favorite time in life to treat yourself: whenever your heart desires. You work hard. You love hard. You play hard. And there is nothing quite as empowering as buying yourself those pair of timeless diamond earrings because. You know deep down you deserve them - for so many reasons.

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