Girls, these are the only 5 timeless jewelry pieces you need in your collection.

Girls, these are the only 5 timeless jewelry pieces you need in your collection.

If you had to narrow it down and invest in only five timeless quality fine jewelry designs, these are the styles you'll end up wearing the most.
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1. Diamond Studs

The most important piece is a quality pair of earrings. No matter your style, every girl should have a pair of diamond studs. The diamond stud is classic with a touch of understated elegance and glamour. Even if you are not a Jewelry girl, diamond studs will elevate your everyday look, they go with basically everything and they will last a lifetime.

2. A Perfect Pair of Hoops

The Hoop Earring will be the jewelry item that a daughter or granddaughter will most likely want to borrow from you. A quality pair, in 18K Gold, will last more than a lifetime. This will never go out of style, it can work with almost any type of outfit.

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3. A Tennis Bracelet

This is a jewelry staple. It was made famous at the Tennis US Open in 1987 when Chris Evert, who lost hers during a match and had to pause the match to find it. Lesson learned here, invest in a quality Tennis Bracelet that won't fall off. A tennis bracelet is the most elegant and classic bracelet you can wear every day while still doing things.

4. Stackable Eternity Rings

An eternity ring adds a beautiful accent, especially when layering slim stackable rings. Try to mix metals, add on rings for anniversaries, babies, and other important moments. It’s all about having fun and creating your own personal look.

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5. A Signature Ring

Add something special for yourself. Go for something that is bold, more of a statement piece. It can be oversized, focused on your pointer or middle finger. A ring that will sparkle with any look during the day or night.

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