What’s the difference between a $1,250 wedding band & an ethical $590 wedding band?

What’s the Difference Between a $1,250 Wedding Band & an Ethical $590 Wedding Band?

The $590 Noémie band is better quality. Yes, even at half the traditional retail prices.

Noémie is very different in two ways - 

1. Noémie sells directly to you

Traditionally, by the time fine jewelry is sold it has been marked up in price 5 - 10 times. That means the price you pay at a typical jewelry store is mostly to cover retail mark-ups, sales commissions, and wholesale profits. Our direct-to-consumer approach allows our customers to bypass all these middlemen the jewelry industry is known for.


2. Noémie makes its own designs

We take great pride in designing and crafting better quality fine jewelry while still using recycled 18K gold and certified conflict-free diamonds. Our team of craftsmen has been honing their skills for decades; this means that we know our stuff. We put the utmost care into every component and control the entire manufacturing process. This is one of the main reasons we are able to charge a fraction of the price for better quality fine jewelry.

The Noémie eternity bands range in price from $450 to $590, this includes free shipping, free returns and exchanges, a lifetime warranty, and free cleaning when needed.

And since planning for a wedding can be heavy on your cash flow, Noémie offers the option to pay for any style in up to four monthly payments, with zero interest and absolute no hidden costs, set up fees or extra charges.

Every diamond band that comes from Noémie is inspected first by an independent appraiser, the International Gemological Institute, and comes with a certification card. This means that you have a written record of the authenticity, quality, and value of your ring.

100% Happiness Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love the quality and experience of Noémie.
If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, we'd love to help. Returns, refunds or exchanges are free, always!


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