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2 Carat Diamond Ring

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2 Carat Diamond Ring

Some people enjoy modest jewelry that's simple and understated. Everyone is entitled to their preferences, and simple, modest diamond jewelry can be spectacularly beautiful in its own way. Others appreciate the glamour and pure luxury that radiates from high-profile diamond jewelry. For them, diamond jewelry may be a source of value and joy that they look forward to wearing. 

If you think of yourself as someone who prefers bold luxury, you may be interested in a two-carat diamond ring. Why stop at one carat when you could enjoy twice the charm? Today, let's examine two-carat diamond rings and discover where you can find the best quality diamond rings for women .

Diamond Ring Questions 

While you search for the perfect two-carat diamond ring, you may find that you have a few questions. Buying diamond jewelry is a significant investment, and you deserve to have your questions answered before doing so. 

Once you feel more prepared to invest in a diamond ring, you'll be able to pick a style that suits your personality and preferences. Let's explore a few common questions you may have about diamond rings. 

What Is a Carat? 

Though you may be no stranger to buying diamond jewelry, it may be time for a refresher. In diamond terminology, a "carat" refers to a diamond's weight and size. One carat is equal to two hundred milligrams. Because diamonds are weighed with extreme precision, carats are judged on a one-hundred-point scale. Simply put, the greater carat weight a diamond has, the more valuable that stone is going to be. 

Are Carats the Only Important Factor? 

When you search for a high-quality diamond ring, you may be tempted to focus only on the carat weight. If you're familiar with diamond ring terminology, you may have heard of judging a diamond by the "four Cs." Of these four Cs, carat is only a percentage of the bigger picture. Here are a few other factors to consider when buying diamond jewelry:

Cut:  A diamond's cut is equally as crucial as its carat weight when it comes to determining its value. The cut of a diamond impacts the way it reflects with light. If you've ever heard the terms "fire," "brightness," or "scintillation," these all reference a diamond's interaction with light based on its cut. 

Color: Another crucial factor in judging the value of a piece of diamond jewelry is its color. Diamonds are graded on a scale from D-Z to indicate their purity of color. A diamond with a D rating is virtually colorless, making it high in value. A Stone with a Z rating would indicate high discoloration, lowering its value immensely. 

Clarity: The last of the four Cs is clarity. This term refers to the number of inclusions noticeable in a diamond's contents. The scale for clarity ranges from Included to Flawless. Gemologists use a powerful magnification tool called a Louper to determine the size and number of these inclusions. Most fine jewelry falls within the Very Slight Inclusion range. 

Where Can I Find High-Quality Two-Carat Diamond Rings?

When you're committing to a two-carat weight diamond ring, you'll want to make sure the jeweler you buy from is reputable. More than that, you'd ideally want to find a jeweler who produced their jewelry responsibly and is committed to using ethically sourced diamonds. When you shop Noémie's fine diamond jewelry, you'll find stunning high-quality diamond rings at a reasonable price point. 

How Can I Ensure My Ring Is the Right Size? 

There are all kinds of wives ' tales on the internet about ways to know your ring size. Some say it's related to your shoe size. Ultimately, your ring size is unique to your body and the finger you plan to adorn with diamond jewelry. To be sure you know which ring size to buy, try out our free ring sizing chart

2 Carat Diamond Rings You'll Enjoy Wearing 

Are you ready to indulge in a diamond ring that turns heads? You deserve diamond jewelry that makes you feel sensational. Stack it with other rings or show it off on its own. Let's explore several types of diamond rings for you to fall in love with. 

Two Carat Diamond Eternity Band

Perhaps you're interested in a timeless diamond ring with a little extra brilliance. Our Two-Carat Diamond Eternity Band features a classic design of sparkling white diamonds encircling an 18k band. As with all of our jewelry, this ring is handcrafted with VS clarity diamonds to give you the best quality ring. You're free to wear it as a wedding band, an anniversary band, or simply wear it because you can. 

Lab-Grown Two Carat Diamond Eternity Band 

Did you know you have the option to choose the design you love in a more affordable alternative? Our Two-Carat Diamond Eternity Band is available with natural diamonds or with lab-grown diamonds for a more affordable option. 

Lab-mined diamonds are every bit as authentic as their natural-mined counterparts. The difference lies in the impact on the environment, ethical sourcing, and pricing. You can have the diamond eternity band you love for a price you love, too. 

The Criss Cross Engagement Ring 

Are you interested in a style that's as unique and bold as you are? You don't have to stick to the status quo when it comes to diamond jewelry. Your diamonds should be as unique as your journey. Our Two Carat Criss Cross Engagement Ring is a prime example of that. In 18k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, this ring's distinctive twists make for a gorgeous piece of jewelry. 

The Halo Pavé Ring 

Perhaps you enjoy the classic halo ring style but desire even more sparkling diamonds in your ring. Our Halo Pavé Ring may be the perfect piece for you. 

This ring features 18k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold as the base metal with sparkling white diamonds set around the band and encircling the center stone. You can choose up to a two-carat diamond weight for this ring. It's a romantic engagement ring option that you or your beloved can enjoy for years.

The Solitaire Pavé Ring 

The solitaire diamond ring is another classic option for engagement rings.  Our Two-Carat Solitaire Pavé Band features stunning white diamonds encircling the entire band. Want to customize your band? You're free to choose this ring in 18k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Whatever option you choose, your chosen diamond ring will radiate detailed luxury. 

Custom Diamond Ring Builder 

You may wish to have a ring that's unique to your tastes and your story. Thankfully, you have the option to design your own diamond ring through our Custom Ring Builder. Through this tool, you're free to customize your diamond's shape, the metal you prefer for the band, and the carat weight, among other things. It's a terrific way to create a ring that's meaningful to you or someone you love dearly. 

To Sum it Up 

In your search for the ideal two-carat diamond ring, you may become overwhelmed with high prices and low-quality materials. When you browse Noémie jewelry, you'll find that we only use high-quality diamonds and 18 karat gold in handcrafting our pieces. When you choose a Noémie two-carat diamond band, you'll have a ring that's stunning, valuable, and will last through the many memories and years ahead of you.


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