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50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 10 Best Gifts To Give

9 mins read time
50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 10 Best Gifts To Give

Do you remember the excitement you felt as you prepared to walk down the aisle after giving your vows to your partner? There's nothing in the world like knowing you're taking on the rest of your lives together, for worse or for better. 

You cut the cake, danced, toasted, and spoke with all your dearest loved ones before departing for your honeymoon. What can you do to recreate the magic of this beautiful day and your commitment 50 years later?

Today, let's check out what makes a stellar anniversary gift. Then, we'll show you our favorite gift ideas for showing your loved one how much you love them.

What Makes a Good Anniversary Gift? 

As you think about anniversary gifts, what comes to mind? Some people choose flowers or cards to commemorate this special day. But being intentional about your gift can help it to stand apart. Let's look at some of the descriptors that make for an excellent anniversary gift.

Great Gifts Are Personal

After 50 years, you know your partner well. Instead of getting them something out of necessity, such as a mixer or vacuum, this anniversary is your chance to go for the gold. Remind them of how well you know them by making their gift personal. 

The Best Gifts Are Thoughtful 

Some people may think that more expensive gifts are automatically better. While luxury items may be excellent choices, also try to make your gift thoughtful. What would make your beloved's face light up with excitement?

Amazing Gifts Are Timeless

You don't have to go with the most modern gift if that's not true to who you are. Exceptional gifts are those that never go out of style. You can pass them down throughout the generations to keep the memories of your love alive. Go for the presents that are classic and breath-taking, no matter the year or season.

The 10 Best 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Soulmate 

You might be feeling some pressure to get the right gift for your soulmate after so many years of loving each other. Ultimately, you know your spouse best, and the right option may leap off the page for you. Let's look at 10 of our favorite wedding anniversary gifts ideas that you might consider giving to your loved one on this memorable day.

1. Take Them on a Fabulous Trip 

Has your husband always wanted to visit the blue ridge mountains in Virginia? Maybe your partner has wished for years that they could taste French cuisine in person next to the Eiffel tower. 

This anniversary is your chance to take them on an unforgettable trip to a romantic destination with beautiful sights along the way. Bring along a good camera, and you can enjoy your memories for years. 

2. Enjoy a Walk Down Memory Lane

Perhaps you and your sweetheart have a unique story about the way you met. Your loved one might have been reading her favorite book next to a walking trail by the library. 

One way to celebrate your anniversary is to recreate the moments when you first met with romantic lights, rose petals, soft music, and a photographer. Have them re-capture your first moments together all these years later. You'll both enjoy the trip down memory lane.

3. Have Your Wedding Day Re-Created 

Along with the idea of re-creating your meeting place, you might choose to go the extra mile. If your partner enjoys gatherings with family and friends, you might decide to re-create your wedding day for your wedding anniversary. You can exchange vows again and remember what it was like to be excited to spend your lives together, surrounded by all those who have been by your side throughout the years. 

4. Give Them a Framed Copy of Your Newspaper Announcement 

Was your wedding announced in the local newspaper 50 years ago? If so, consider having the issue framed in glass and an ornate frame to hang on your wall. It's one gift that can remind you of your incredible journey that began years ago.

5. Let Them Try on a Timeless Tennis Bracelet 

One way to make a gift thoughtful is to know what your partner likes. Does your wife enjoy radiant diamond jewelry? Perhaps her collection could use a boost if she has worn the same pieces repeatedly for years. 

Treat her to a timeless tennis bracelet from Noémie jewelry. In 18-karat gold or platinum, this bracelet is one that can hold its value for decades more, keeping its brilliant shine. Your anniversary is the perfect occasion to wow your sweetheart with something extraordinary she can wear. 

6. Take Them To See Their Favorite Musical 

Does your spouse love the theater? Maybe the two of you are constantly spending your Sundays going to local theatrical performances to support the art in your city. 

One way to surprise them with a delightful gift for your anniversary is to purchase tickets to a musical on broadway. You can make the trip to New York City and enjoy some of the country's best talent on an exciting stage.

7. Help Them Drive in Style 

Perhaps your partner has been driving the same car for 20 years, and it's been needing significant repairs. If your partner enjoys large gifts, you might consider surprising them with a new car that they can drive in style.

Whether it's new to them or brand new off the lot, your partner will be excited to have it either way. 

8. Throw a Party in Their Honor 

Nothing is quite as exciting as an anniversary party. In lieu of a gift, consider putting together a gathering that fits this extraordinary occasion. Decorate the space with photos of you two throughout the years. You might even put together a video montage of your favorite moments with one another. 

You can have your favorite foods catered and enjoy the night with your friends and loved ones for an evening neither of you will forget.

9. Go for a Charming Bed and Breakfast 

Sometimes experiences are the best gifts. Perhaps you both have recently retired, and you're in need of a peaceful getaway. For your 50th wedding anniversary, consider booking a stay at a resort or a luxury bed and breakfast that will take care of you as you soak in the relaxation.

10. Give Them a Glowing Anniversary Band 

One of the most terrific, timeless gifts you can give your beloved is a diamond anniversary band. Just like the wedding ring you gave them when you first asked to spend your lives together, a glowing Noémie Anniversary Band represents all of the memories you've created along the way. 

Our five-row white diamond eternity band is one of the most delectable options you might choose for your beloved. With nearly two carats of shimmering white diamonds on five rows, your spouse is sure to marvel at this gift that captures the beauty of your relationship.

Buy the Best Anniversary Gifts at Noémie

When it's time to celebrate your favorite person, you can choose one of the gifts above or combine multiple options to absolutely make their day. Whether you prefer something delicate and timeless or something momentous and exciting, it's the memory spent together you'll both enjoy most. 


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