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8 Anniversary Bands for Her

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8 Anniversary Bands for Her

As you think through your years of marriage, many events could cross your mind. You and your partner have undoubtedly been challenged, been excited, sorrowful, and delighted at different moments. At every new obstacle, you and your loved one have supported one another. Your devotion is worth celebrating. 

Approaching your anniversary, you may be thinking about the gifts you might give one another to commemorate your love. There are countless ways you could honor your partner's devotion, but an anniversary ring is one of the best. An anniversary band is not only beautiful, but it's a symbol of the purity, value, and strength of your relationship so far. 

What is an Anniversary Ring? 

At its core, an anniversary ring is a ring given to your partner to celebrate your years of marriage or partnership. People typically exchange these rings at milestones like five, fifteen, or thirty years of marriage. Even if it's not your wedding anniversary, you may wish to commemorate another special anniversary with your partner. This jewelry piece encourages you to rekindle your romance and show your beloved how much you still adore them. 

A Meaningful Gift 

Anniversary rings can be deeply meaningful. For example, you might choose to have one crafted to resemble a family ring that you both treasure. You may also include certain gemstones to symbolize the trials and joys you've endured together. You can be as imaginative as you like with anniversary rings, so there's always a way for you to honor your unique journey as a couple through this kind of ring. 

How to Wear One

As you may know, wedding bands and engagement rings are typically worn on the left hand's ring finger. This tradition started in ancient Egypt because people believed the ring finger was directly connected to the heart. An anniversary ring is different. You can choose to wear it on the same finger as your wedding jewelry, but you can also choose another finger if you prefer.

Eight Anniversary Rings You'll Enjoy

Maybe you've decided an anniversary ring is a perfect gift for your partner as you approach a milestone. You've gotten well-acquainted with your spouse's taste in jewelry throughout your marriage, and you think this is a gift they'd enjoy. Perhaps you have a few ideas for the type of ring your loved one might like, but it's a good idea to know your options. Here are eight anniversary ring ideas we're happy to share. 

1. Three-Row Micro Pavé Band 

Does your wife enjoy fine luxury in her jewelry? Maybe when you both were younger, her style was understated and simple. Today, she may enjoy more glamour in her daily style. For a beautiful, mature ring that exudes class, gift her our Three-Row Micro Pavé Band. It features one hundred sixty-five pavé diamonds and will make her feel cherished. 

2. Heart-Shaped Eternity Band 

If your partner is playful and lighthearted, they may enjoy something that adds personality to their jewelry. Consider gifting her a Heart-Shaped Eternity Diamond Band Ring for your anniversary. It displays over one-point-five carats of beautiful diamonds, and we promise our price is the best you'll find for the value. We love this piece for how eye-catching it is and how well it accents other rings. Our classic diamond eternity bands are sweet and sophisticated all at once.

3. Five Row White Diamond Band 

Are you celebrating an incredible fiftieth anniversary? That's a milestone many aspire to reach, and you deserve to treat your partner by giving them a ring that commemorates your journey. Our Five Row White Diamond Band displays one layer of diamonds for every ten years you've been together. Altogether, the ring features nearly two carats of glimmering white diamonds that your spouse will adore. 

4. Spiral Baguette Diamond Ring 

Are you looking for something unique? Your beloved might have an eclectic taste in interior decor or the clothes they wear. You can honor that style by gifting them a Spiral Baguette Diamond Ring. The spiral shape allows each brilliant baguette-cut stone to reflect at different angles. It's a perfect anniversary ring for the individual you love. 

5. Bezel Diamond Ring 

Here's an anniversary ring that can accent any wedding ring. Our Bezel Set Diamond Ring is an eternity band your loved one will want to wear every day. Each diamond is surrounded by finely-etched handcrafted details in the 18 Karat gold or platinum band, giving it an elegant essence. You can also have it engraved with a personal message to make this anniversary ring more meaningful. 

6. Sapphire Eternity Band Ring

Perhaps you've fallen in love with a girl who adores color. Each year you've spent with her has proven to be brighter and more wonderful than the last. Consider returning the favor by gifting her a Sapphire Eternity Band Ring. Choose pink, blue, or orange sapphires in 18K rose gold or black gold. This anniversary ring gives you the opportunity to add brilliance and color to her life and make her feel treasured. 

7. The Diamond Eternity Band Ring 

Your partner may enjoy minimalist jewelry that matches every occasion. If so, a Diamond Eternity Band Ring is a classic piece of jewelry to add subtle allure to their wedding jewelry. With sparkling diamonds lining the entire band, this anniversary ring is a timeless accent to any jewelry. Gift one in 18K rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, black gold, or platinum. 

8. The Graduate Ring 

Are you looking for a ring that's refined and distinct? If your partner enjoys styles that exude class, our Graduate Spiral Ring is one to consider. This band not only features stunning diamonds, but it can be meaningful as well. If you're celebrating your thirtieth anniversary, the three sections of this spiral can symbolize the decades of your marriage. 

How to Make an Anniversary Ring Even More Personal

What separates an anniversary ring from a typical ring? Your intent has everything to do with the significance of your gift. How can you make this piece of jewelry feel more personal? If you're looking for ways to make your anniversary ring an exceptionally meaningful gift, we have some ideas for you. 

First, you can engrave your ring with a message or word you share as a special memory. In our rings, we offer this service at no additional charge. You can also make your ring more sentimental by building your own anniversary ring with our custom ring builder. 

Reasons to Choose Noémie Fine Jewelry 

When you choose Noémie for your fine jewelry, you're choosing quality. Not only do we handcraft every piece with care, but we are uncompromising on the materials we use. Noémie diamonds are always F/G color grade and VS quality in their clarity, so you can be assured that your jewelry is the best quality for the price. We delight in offering you the best pieces without unnecessary markups. 

To Sum it Up 

Your wedding was noteworthy, but your marriage has been the real adventure. Celebrate all you've been through with a meaningful anniversary ring your partner will love wearing. They'll feel honored that you know their style and want to honor your years together. Your anniversary is a milestone worth cherishing for the rest of your lives. 


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