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Best Quality Jewelry: How To Tell the Difference Between Jewelry Quality

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Best Quality Jewelry: How To Tell the Difference Between Jewelry Quality

Your life is full of special occasions every day. You don’t need a reason to indulge in luxury jewelry; the cause for celebration is all around you. Pearls, gold hoops, diamond earrings, gold jewelry, chain necklaces; there’s a lot of jewelry out there to buy.

When you’re searching for jewelers that offer the best diamonds, how can you determine each piece’s value? Today, let’s discuss the difference between low-quality jewelry brands and the retailers that offer leading value (AKA the best affordable jewelry brands). Then, we’ll show you unique pieces that you can add to enhance your jewelry selection that will go with every outfit and occasion.

Characteristics of Low-Quality Jewelry 

It’s a good idea to know some of the trademark qualities of low-quality jewelry pieces. By knowing what to avoid, you’ll have a better idea of what features to seek in fine diamond jewelry at jewelry stores. Let’s examine the characteristics of poorly-made jewelry.

Lack of Hallmark Presence 

In high-quality jewelry, pieces will display something called a “hallmark.” This mark helps authenticate the value of the piece by representing a certain quality of metal used in its production. For example, a ring containing 18-karat gold may display an indented “18 Kt” marking on the inner side of the band. 

When a piece features low-caliber materials, it may have a lack of hallmark. This is one feature to look for, especially when you purchase second-hand jewelry.

Cloudy, Dull Gemstones 

Do you know your four Cs? One of the more essential characteristics of fine diamonds is clarity. When a diamond or other gems are low in quality, it will look cloudy or dull instead of clear. You may want to avoid diamonds with a milky look and gemstones with a foggy appearance.

Breaking or Bending Prongs

Let’s say you purchase a wedding ring from what you believe to be a reliable jeweler. Soon, you realize the prongs are loose, or worse, breaking. Over time, you notice that this compromises the diamond’s safety. 

Loose or breaking prongs are one sign of poorly crafted jewelry. When searching for high-caliber jewelry, prioritize retailers that handcraft their jewelry with attention to detail. 

Tarnishing or Discoloration 

Have you ever purchased a piece of jewelry that you liked, only to notice it began to lose its luster fairly quickly? When you buy a piece of jewelry made with poor materials (such as sterling silver), it will likely begin to discolor quickly. You may notice your skin has a reaction to the alloy metals if the material is especially cheap (especially in areas like your ear lobe with low-quality earrings).  

Yellow-Tinted Diamonds 

Another one of the four Cs in diamond jewelry is ‘color.’ When you’re looking for the best diamond jewelry, colorless is always more preferable. With that said, you can recognize that a piece of diamond jewelry is inferior if you notice it has a yellow tint to it. 

Recognizable Features of High-Quality Jewelry 

How can you tell when a jewelry line is reliable? Knowing a few features of valuable jewelry can help you to make jewelry purchases you enjoy for decades to come. Let’s look at the qualities to prioritize when you search for the most premium diamond jewelry. Then, we’ll show you a few pieces of fine handcrafted Noémie jewelry you can revel in wearing. 

Hallmark Present 

Remember, quality materials will always represent their value in a hallmark. When you’re evaluating pieces of jewelry for reliability and longevity, the hallmark is a symbol that can assure you of a jewelry piece’s authenticity. 

On that note, when you’re considering which material is the best quality for you, you may wonder whether 14-karat or 18-karat gold is better. We recommend 18-karat gold for its purity and durability. At Noémie, we proudly handcraft our pieces with 18-karat gold to ensure your jewelry contains the best quality. 

Nearly Colorless Diamonds 

Diamond jewelry is a delicacy everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying. When you’re on the lookout for diamond earrings, bracelets, or a necklace that’s ideal for everyday wear, you’ll want to ensure each piece displays quality stones. 

One way to determine the value of a diamond is to examine its color. Better yet—buy a piece of diamond jewelry that comes with an IGI diamond certificate explaining its color grade, clarity, carat weight, and cut. By choosing a diamond that appears colorless, you’ll know you picked a beautiful stone.  

Valuable Materials 

Whenever you purchase jewelry of any kind, the materials used in its production matter. Are your diamonds ethical in nature? Is the metal a high-quality material that will last through all the seasons of your life?

When selecting jewelry, opt for ethically sourced or lab-created diamonds and 18-karat gold and platinum metal. With these, you’ll have a clean conscience while you enjoy the best jewelry.

Clear, Radiant Stones 

If you’re purchasing second-hand jewelry, it’s a good idea to examine diamonds for their color and clarity. You shouldn’t have to settle for foggy stones with visible inclusions. Valuable diamond jewelry will be clear and radiant, free from visible inclusions.

Other Factors That Impact Fine Jewelry’s Value 

How can you ensure you receive the best jewelry pieces at the right price point? Other factors that can help you determine the value of your diamond jewelry purchase lie in how the retailer manufactures and sells their pieces. 

Plenty of retailers fall into irresponsible overproduction of low-quality designs that drive the price up for jewelry fans like you. At Noémie, our founders made it a priority to use thoughtful product assortment and production to offer you elegant diamond jewelry within your price range.

Five Unique Pieces of Jewelry To Fall in Love With 

Do you want to enhance your jewelry collection? Perhaps your current accessories are dull and you want to replace them with timeless diamond jewelry. Let’s look at five unique jewelry pieces that look great with current trends and beyond. 

1. Chevron Diamond Ring 

Perhaps you recently got engaged. We know your relationship is one that’s unique to you and your partner, so why shouldn’t your wedding bands be distinctive? 

When you’re looking for a minimalistic, eye-catching band, our Chevron Diamond Ring is an excellent choice. This angular piece displays VS quality diamonds along the 18-karat gold band. It’s an excellent ring to wear alone or to pair with a delicate engagement ring. 

2. Crescent Moon Studs

Are you someone who prefers to incorporate statement pieces into their everyday wardrobe? Perhaps you like to choose jewelry that represents particular themes. If you delight in the celestial, consider our Crescent Moon Studs.

Our Crescent Moon Studs feature delicate graduating diamonds along the crescent shape to make a captivating accessory to your everyday wardrobe. Wear them alone or pair them with our Crescent Moon Necklace for a coordinated look.

3. Sapphire and White Diamonds Tennis Bracelet 

Perhaps you’re someone who prefers to make an entrance. Your home features eclectic decor and eye-catching details. You enter a room with charisma. If so, there’s no need to settle for jewelry that subdues your personality. You can have fine jewelry that communicates your zeal for life before you speak a word.

Our Sapphire and White Diamonds Tennis Bracelet is the perfect example. A typical tennis bracelet features white diamonds around the band, yet this tennis bracelet is unique. Instead of white diamonds, this bracelet displays fiery pink sapphires scattered with white diamond accents. In 18-karat rose gold this bracelet makes the perfect complement to a sapphire eternity band or gift for a loved one. 

4. Custom Letter Pendant Necklace 

Maybe you prefer to have signature pieces that everyone recognizes as a part of your trademark appearance. If so, you may enjoy our Custom Letter Pendant Necklace.

This pendant necklace displays the letter of your choice engraved in 18-karat gold encircled by radiant white round diamonds. It’s a simplistic way to remember a loved one or to stay true to yourself. Wear it alone or layer it with other necklaces for a more bohemian look.

5. Vintage Diamond Band

Here’s another unique band you’ll enjoy if you like nostalgic styles. Our Vintage Diamond Band celebrates the beloved styles of the past with its whimsical design. Inspired by the Art Deco period, this band is perfect for those who delight in the jewelry’s historic designs. It’s an excellent pair for a romantic engagement ring.

Noémie Offers Quality Jewelry for You To Adore  

We know it can be difficult sometimes to discern whether the jewelry you’re considering purchasing is truly valuable. The label doesn’t always represent the product you receive. For that reason, it’s an excellent idea to shop for fine handcrafted jewelry with retailers you can trust. We hope you’ve taken our recommendations into consideration. 

At Noémie, we care about you receiving diamond jewelry that matches its description. You’ll always receive an IGI certificate and grading report from a trained gemologist to authenticate your purchase. You deserve quality diamond jewelry in your collection that holds high value at the perfect price point for you.  


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