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Five Types of Bracelets With Timeless Styling

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When you think of the kinds of bracelets that others have worn throughout history, you may want to laugh to yourself. After all, some styles have proven to be quite ridiculous in retrospect. As you build out your jewelry collection, you may wonder how you can choose pieces of jewelry that won't look ridiculous in twenty years. Let's talk about what it means to look classic, and then we'll explore five styles of time-tested bracelets.

How To Curate a Timeless Collection

Let’s clarify something, shall we? The word "classic" doesn't necessarily imply a vintage-looking piece of jewelry. In fact, vintage styles may refer more to pieces that were once trendy but have now begun to pass back through the trend cycle. A classic or timeless piece of jewelry refers to those jewelry designs which have never lost their allure. 

When you're curating your jewelry selection, be sure to include a few timeless pieces with the trends you enjoy. To do this, think of the jewelry that's been around for decades, persisting through various fads. Try to choose pieces that can accentuate your look both now and in ten years. You may wish to invest in more valuable necklaces, earrings, and bracelets so that your pieces can stay around that long. 

Five Styles of Bracelet That Withstand the Test of Time

As we mentioned, some bracelets throughout history have looked positively comical. The bright plastic beaded bracelets and large plastic bangles of the eighties indeed stood out, but perhaps not for the best reasons. Let's walk through five bracelet styles that have proven their longevity in our fashion.

1. The Tennis Bracelet Has Made Its Mark

In the 1987 U.S. Tennis Open, world-renowned player Chris Evert stopped a match, exclaiming that she needed to look for her "tennis bracelet." Evert wore this infamous bracelet to many games before this incident, drawing attention to her decorated arm. On this day, however, an iconic piece of jewelry was rebirthed. The previously-known diamond line bracelet received a new moniker. 

From that incident, the craze to own a "diamond tennis bracelet" began to spread like fire. Amazingly, over thirty years after this event, and one hundred years from the start of the diamond line bracelet, this style has proved itself worthy of being worn decade after decade.

If you've been hoping to add this piece to your collection, we're happy to show you our Noémie Tennis Bracelet in 18-karat white gold, rose gold, or black gold. Add this bracelet to your collection and enjoy it for decades to come. 

2. Charm Bracelets Will Never Be Old 

Here is perhaps the most remarkable style we'll discuss. Although this bracelet style has enjoyed moments of increased popularity, it's worth appreciating for its long-lasting appeal. You may be wondering how long people have been wearing charm bracelets. 

Astoundingly, this bracelet design has been a treasured piece of jewelry since approximately 600 B.C. Many people love displaying tokens of their life's affections on a charm bracelet, and you can enjoy this personal style, too. 

3. Cuff Bracelets Are Perfect for an Eclectic Style 

Have you ever had a cuff bracelet? This style can come in multiple varieties, ranging from wide cuffs to thinner cuffs. Many enjoy wearing this style paired with other bracelets to accompany a unique style. However, cuffs can be elegant, too. One example is our Graduate Cuff, which is a slim 18-karat gold cuff displaying glorious graduating diamonds around the front. Wear it alone, or combine it with your other favorite bracelets for an eclectic look. 

4. The String of Pearls Will Always Be a Classic

When you imagine a string of pearls, your mind likely flashes back to a picturesque vision of 1950s style. Amazingly, the 50s were now seventy years ago. This longevity proves that the string of pearls is a classic piece that isn't leaving any time soon. Wear a pearl bracelet alone or pair it with a pearl necklace, too. 

5. Personalized Bracelets Make Lifelong Treasures 

One design that will always be worth mentioning is the personalized bracelet. This style is well-loved by many for a good reason. People love showing off the names and words that are special to them. They might display their own name, a loved one's name, or show off a personal word. Our Noémie Mama Bracelet is the perfect personalized gift to give to the mom in your life. Choose 18-karat rose gold or yellow gold to complete this bracelet.

Noémie Pieces To Coordinate With Your Favorite Bracelet

Now that you've seen some of history's most adored diamond bracelets for women, you may be wondering how to style them. The great part about timeless pieces is that they usually complement one another effortlessly. You can mix many classic pieces with trendy contemporary pieces of jewelry as well with a bit of intentionality. Let's explore how to coordinate classic bracelets. 


When you're pairing your earrings to your bracelet, consider some of our favorite Noémie pairs. 

  • The Huggie Earrings: This pair of Noémie earrings feature a classic style: the miniature hoop earring. It's also inlaid with mesmerizing diamonds for even more appeal.
  • The Diamond Hoop Earrings: A medium-sized hoop earring is a recognizable piece that's becoming a classic. Our pair is set with diamonds and is perfect for elevating an everyday look. 


Are you considering adding a few more classic necklaces to your jewelry box? Here are some we think you'll like.

  • The Composite Emerald Cut Necklace: Here's a classic piece for those who love luxury. This precious necklace includes a fine, meticulously crafted emerald diamond set in 18-karat white gold. 
  • The Five Diamond Necklace: Long story short, diamond necklaces are always a good idea. This petite necklace displays high-quality VS clarity diamonds that are bezel set into 18-karat rose gold or white gold. 


Although many ring styles are vintage-inspired, not every ring is a classic. Here are a few of our favorite rings that have proved themselves over time. 

  • The Diamond Eternity Band: An Eternity Band is perhaps one of the most historical pieces of jewelry. Initially, it signified eternal love between two people. It is currently the inspiration behind why we exchange wedding rings at the altar. Our Noémie Diamond Eternity band features your choice of 18-karat gold or platinum band set with gorgeous pavé diamonds. You can wear it with virtually anything to add a bit of class to your look. 
  • Three Diamonds Stacking Ring: The gold band is a go-to piece for many seeking to wear rings. Our Three Diamonds Stacking Ring is the perfect timeless piece to pair with trendy pieces or to wear solo. 

    In Summary 

    So many styles have come and gone over time. The ones that have persisted show us that we can incorporate them for years to come. You can keep participating in trends if you'd like, or you can opt for more dependable jewelry. When you decide to search for fine handcrafted timeless jewelry to add to your collection, Noémie is here to help you.  



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