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Custom Diamond Jewelry: Custom Diamond Ring Guide

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Custom Diamond Jewelry: Custom Diamond Ring Guide

She's not like everyone else, so why would you give her a ring that's like everyone else's? The ring you give her should delight her when she sees it. She'll know you had specific memories with her in mind when she sees the glimmering ring before her when you're down on one knee. How did you pick such a rare and meaningful ring? It was custom-made.

Your story might be different. Perhaps you're in a much different stage in life, looking for a diamond ring for yourself just because you've earned it. You don't want a band that anyone could buy. A once-in-a-lifetime design is what you're seeking. No need to seek out a specialized jewelry consultant for your designer engagement ring. Instead of settling for a diamond ring just anyone could have, let's walk through the steps to creating your own.

A Definitive Guide to Shopping for Diamonds

Before we can dive into settings and styles, we need to understand the general terms and topics you should consider when designing the perfect engagement ring (or any other diamond ring you may want).

If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry! Our master artisans are sharing their expert guidance, so you can check off every item on your wish list with ease.

Before You Get Started: Determine Your Budget

At first, you could be intimidated by the options for large diamond rings. You want to buy the very best for your beloved, and it's easy to get carried away. One way to ensure you're getting a favorable deal is to consider your budget for this diamond ring. Although you may wish to prove your adoration with a highly valuable ring, you can still do so within a reasonable price range. 

1. Choose What Metal You Prefer

When using our custom ring builder from our Personalized Collection, you can alter several aspects to your liking. The first detail to consider is what sort of metal you'd like for the band. We only use high-quality materials to present you with the best options. You're free to choose a luxurious band in 18K white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. 

2. Select the Diamond Cut That's Right for You 

The next question to ask yourself is, 'What diamond shape suits what I'm looking for?' Each of the styles we have listed is stunning. Some of them are more classic than others, while some lean more toward the eclectic side. Choose the sparkle and shape you like most. Will it be emerald, oval, princess, pear, or baguette-cut diamonds? 

3. Decide Your Ideal Carat Weight

The next factor to consider is the carat weight. Depending on the other choices you select, you may also have the ability to customize your diamonds' carat weight. 

Perhaps you've caught onto the hint that the person you adore is fond of a large center diamond in their jewelry. You may wonder what carat weight is appropriate for their taste. Some women may enjoy a moderate two-carat diamond ring. Others may have a bright and spirited personality that they accent with bold jewelry. In this case, a five-carat diamond ring would be the ideal gift to surprise your loved one.

4. Choose a Message To Engrave

One of the benefits of customizing a diamond ring is personalization. Every detail has the potential to hold symbolism in a customized ring. If you're giving this diamond ring to someone incredibly dear to you, you want every detail to be significant. By engraving a message, you can make a personal ring even more meaningful. Choose any word or message that is under 20 characters, including symbols and spaces. 

5. Select the Pavé Style that Suits You Most 

How many diamonds do you like on your rings? For some people, more truly is merrier. If you'd like a diamond pavé band that features diamonds all the way around, choose an eternity band. For diamonds displayed only around the front, you may want to select a 3/4 or 1/2 eternity band. Regardless of how many diamonds are displayed, you can delight in knowing our diamonds are an excellent VS clarity and F/G color.

Other Characteristics To Consider

Don’t Forget Quality

When you're shopping for diamond jewelry online, numerous jewelry retailers will offer you options for lower-quality diamonds and 14-karat gold. However, when you're buying a large diamond ring, you'll want to ensure your ring contains high-quality components so that it endures. 

Low-quality jewelry may sound tempting, but there's no reason to settle for less-than-ideal materials. You can purchase a diamond ring made with the best quality materials at an attractive price.

Choose Only Certified Diamond Jewelry

Authenticity matters just as much as quality. When you're choosing to buy jewelry that features larger diamonds, you'll want to be sure those diamonds are genuine. For this reason, it's a good idea to limit your shopping to diamonds that are IGI certified. 

This certification can help you feel more comfortable about your purchase since it indicates that an independent party has verified your diamonds' quality. When you buy Noémie jewelry, you'll always receive high-quality, IGI certified diamonds.  

Consider Matching Jewelry

Are you shopping for yourself? Maybe you've always desired a large diamond band that reflects your hard work and resilience in life. 

Consider selecting a ring in a style that would match other pieces you wear. Practically speaking, this may look like choosing an 18-karat rose gold base that would match a pair of lovely rose gold earrings you already own. Coordinating your jewelry ensures it will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and elevate the jewelry you wear already.

Keep Personal Style in Mind

Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, it's important to choose jewelry that reflects that person's personal style. 

Are they prone to daydreaming? Are they loud and outgoing? Perhaps the person who will wear this ring favors minimalism in their personal life. Consider your beloved's personality and temperament when selecting jewelry they'll adore.

Consider Lab-Created Stones

Perhaps you'd like to buy a large diamond ring, but you have a tighter budget. Did you know that lab-created stones are as authentic as earth-mined diamonds for a reduced cost? 

Chemically and physically, lab-mined diamonds are identical to their natural-mined counterparts. Consider choosing a lab-mined stone to stay within your budget while supporting ethical diamond mining. 

What’s the Difference Between Lab-Created and Mined Diamonds?

Most people have a vague understanding that loose diamonds are a natural resource and that they hold incredible value. How do these precious stones get from their natural environment into a jeweler's collection? Here are a few standard methods of mining:

Open-Pit: This is a conventional form of mining diamonds that includes extracting diamonds as deep as 250 meters below the earth's surface.

Pipe-Mining: Through this method, long hollow pipe cylinders are pushed deep into the earth. Then, these pipes collect enormous amounts of soil, are transported off-shore to be processed. From there, specialists extract diamonds from the soil. 

Alluvial Mining: This process occurs by manipulating water bodies to transport kimberlite ore, creating a secondary extraction process. 

The Kimberley Process

Unfortunately, many diamond mining practices can lead to environmental destruction, poor working conditions, and unethical trading of 'blood diamonds.' 

In 2000, many countries established an agreement called the Kimberley Process that would hold agreeing members to a standard of trading conflict-free diamonds. In agreeing to be transparent about their practices, the impact of unethical diamonds is reduced. Noémie gladly participates in this ethical practice, offering you stunning conflict-free diamonds that are natural and lab-created. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds

A lab-created diamond is conflict-free by definition. Since it's grown in-house, there's no worry over unethical mining practices or a history of harmful trading. Lab-created diamonds are formed through the same natural processes that occur in nature. 

The only difference is that gemologists curate these processes in a lab rather than in nature. Since they're entirely identical to natural-mined diamonds, not even jewelers can tell the difference between a cultured diamond and a natural one. 

When a diamond is created in a lab, its carbon makeup is identical to an earth-mined diamond. Creating these stones in a lab is one way for jewelry retailers to maintain standards aligned with the Kimberley Process. 

Lab-created diamonds are also less expensive than earth-mined or 'natural diamonds,' so there's more than one benefit for considering this option. You can create colorful gemstones and gorgeous moissanite engagement rings that even jewelry experts will appreciate.

That said, nothing compares to the true luxury of a natural-grown diamond—it’s all about what you’re looking for. 

Want To Be Even More Involved in Your Custom Design?

Designing a ring using our custom ring builder is a terrific option for anyone desiring to purchase an elegant diamond band. 

Your situation may be slightly different. If you're looking to customize an engagement ring or diamond ring with a central diamond, we have an exceptional solution for you. Using our custom engagement ring form, you can dive deeper into the design process of the ring you aspire to buy.

1. Select a Base Design

For this design process, you'll first need to select a base design. This base design primarily affects the diamond placement in your band, so keep that in mind. The style and particular setting you choose will serve as the cornerstone for the rest of the ring and give the band its character. It's up to your preference. Choose from any of these for your foundation:

  • Halo
  • Solitaire
  • Three Stone
  • Solitaire with Pavé
  • Wedding Band
  • Men's Wedding Band

2. Decide on a Budget that Suits You

As we mentioned above, knowing your budget is key. The next step in our custom engagement ring form is deciding on a budget. What can you afford to spend on a handcrafted piece of fine jewelry? 

You may be trying to keep costs to a minimum or looking to spend quite a bit on this significant purchase. Decide on a number that's right for you, and choose any of these budget brackets:

  • $500-$1,500
  • $1,500-$3,300
  • $3,000-$5,000
  • $5,000+

3. Choose Your Desired Carat Weight

The next decision you'll make in the ring form is about carat weight. Do you like bold, show-stopping diamonds? Do you prefer more delicate, minimal silhouettes? 

The carat weight may be dispersed through multiple diamonds or condensed into one singular stone. You can individualize your ring further by selecting a carat weight from the following:

  • 0.25 Carats - 0.99
  • 1 Carat - 1.49
  • 1.5 Carats - 1.99
  • 2 Carats - 2.49
  • 2.5+ Carats

4. Input Your Ring Size

Next, you'll need to give us a ring size. If you're unsure of the exact size you need, there is an easy way to find out. You can use a ring size chart to measure and determine the size you need. If that sounds like extra work to you, we have a stress-free solution. We'll happily ship a complimentary test ring to try on for accurate sizing at no cost to you. 

5. Let Us Know Your Desired Delivery Date

On custom ring orders, we want to be transparent with your delivery. Because we devote time and care to producing your unique Noémie ring, it will usually be delivered to you in 4-6 weeks. 

Better yet, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your ring, we offer full returns, even on custom designs. Noémie is here to get things right for you, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure that the design is absolutely perfect.

When you order from us again in the future, you'll be happy to know we offer complimentary overnight delivery on all in-stock items. If you'd like to purchase a pair of stunning diamond hoops to accentuate your custom diamond ring, it will arrive at your door just after processing. 

6. Attach Pictures for Design Inspiration

The final step in this ring form is to attach pictures that inspire your design. You may be curious about if we can replicate a particular style you enjoy. Even if you're unsure, attach a photo of the ring. We'll be in contact about moving forward with your design inspiration.

Where To Gain Inspiration

Do you want a unique ring but don't know where to start with design inspiration? Perhaps you can see it in your mind, but you don't have any pictures of the idea you have. Maybe you had a picture at one time, but it's since been lost to the void. You don't need a fancy New York consultation or an impersonal diamond store to tell you what you want. There are several places you can peruse to gain inspiration for designing a flawless handcrafted Noémie ring.

If you've never visited this searchable web page, now is as good of a time as any to try it out. The website learns your tastes as you add inspiration to your boards. The longer you use it, the more you'll see the styles you already love.

In this case, try a text search for a ring style you're hoping to design. Search words like  'antique engagement rings' may be an appropriate place to start. You'll see an increasing number of ring photos curated to fit your vision.

Photos of Heirloom Rings

Another meaningful source of inspiration is family heirlooms. If someone you loved had a ring that you've captured in pictures, please attach it and send it to us. We may be able to include some of the details that made this heirloom so special. In any case, choose inspiration that's significant to your tastes for an extraordinary custom diamond ring. 

Other Pieces of Jewelry

Another way you can curate inspiration is by matching the motif of the jewelry you already own. Maybe you have a pair of vintage diamond earrings or a sapphire and gold ring that you'd like to compliment. You love the vintage feeling and geometric shapes. You may be desiring a ring that showcases this antique feeling as well. Try attaching clear photos of similar items that showcase the style you enjoy so much.

Noémie Diamond Rings

You can also browse fine jewelry stores and showrooms to gain inspiration and understand which styles you love the most. A visual search is sometimes the greatest tool. These Noémie diamond rings range in style, size, and more, so you can take what speaks to you and leave the rest behind.

Let These Rings Inspire You

Below, find some of our favorite Noémie diamond rings to inspire your custom jewelry creation journey. 

Two Carat Diamond Eternity Band

Our Two Carat Diamond Eternity Band displays larger diamonds while being perfect for everyday wear. The eternity band is a timeless style that has been well-loved by many. Ours displays two carats of round white diamonds around an 18-karat diamond band. 

This band makes a terrific gift for monumental life events that deserve celebration. Customize it in your choice of metal and gift it to someone who deserves to be honored. 

Lab-Grown Two Carat Diamond Eternity Band

Perhaps you adore the two-carat diamond eternity band, but you want to ensure your diamond jewelry stays within a specific budget. If so, our Lab-Grown Two-Carat Diamond Eternity Band alternative could be an ideal choice for you. This band features all the elegance of a typical two-carat diamond eternity band with lab-mined stones. 

It's virtually identical to a natural-mined diamond band with the finest quality stones handcrafted into a pure 18-karat band. Your loved one can wear it alone or next to a sparkling engagement ring. 

Round Diamond Halo Half Band Ring

Perhaps you're interested in a band that presents itself with all the glory of a large diamond ring. Our Round Diamond Halo Half Band Ring displays seven large round diamonds surrounded by clusters of smaller diamonds to equal seventy-nine stones in total. Though it looks like a two-carat diamond band, it totals under one carat in weight, making it a terrific choice for those seeking an impressive diamond band to wear with confidence. 

Five-Carat Diamond Eternity Band

Here's the most illustrious large diamond ring of all. When you're craving show-stopping diamonds, our Five Carat Diamond Eternity Band is your ideal choice. This ring is sure to attract compliments and radiate luxury in 18-karat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. 

Our diamonds are always VS clarity and F/G color to ensure the finest quality at an attractive price. Gift this eternity band to celebrate someone that's dear to you. 

Noémie's Lab-Grown Baguette Diamond Band Ring

Are you looking for an eternity band with extra personality? Our baguette diamond band includes beautiful geometric stones that add dimension and flair to your jewelry. Our Lab-Grown Baguette Diamond Band Ring is an attractive, cost-effective option for a wedding jewelry budget or anniversary gift. You're free to select your choice of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or a platinum band to showcase your impressive stones.

Noémie's Lab-Grown Five-Row White Diamond Band

Perhaps you're interested in buying your partner an anniversary gift that will leave them breathless. If you want to invest in lab-grown conflict-free diamonds, consider our Lab-Grown Five-Row White Diamond Band. This band features five beautiful layers of glittering diamonds with a combined 1.90-carat weight. It's an excellent way to show your beloved how much you adore them. You can spend the money you saved on a meaningful day trip to the sea. 

Noémie's Lab-Grown Oval-Cut Eternity Band Ring

Do you prefer rounder shapes and silhouettes in your diamond jewelry? Perhaps you find that circular diamonds have been done before, and you want a band that stands apart from the rest. Look to our Lab-Grown Oval-Cut Eternity Band Ring for inspiration. This band is lined with charming F/G color oval diamonds with a VS clarity grade. This sustainable band will shine just as splendidly as a band with natural stones. 

Lab-Grown Halo Pavé

Perhaps you're looking for an engagement ring that's attractive and bold. Our Lab-Grown Halo Pavé Band boasts a sparkling center stone surrounded by white pavé diamonds. It's set in 18K gold in the color of your choice. 

Noémie's Lab-Grown Solitaire Ring 

If you're looking for a timeless engagement ring that stuns, our Lab-Grown Solitaire ring is for you. This style has been adored for decades, featuring one central stone in one, one-point-five, or two carats. The diamond featured in this ring is conflict-free and sustainably made with the highest-quality materials. As with all of our diamond rings, our lab-created solitaire ring includes an IGI certificate to prove it's the real deal.

In Summary

There are so many reasons to choose custom engagement rings or other momentous occasions that merit the perfect jewelry for the perfect gift. Customization allows you to show off how well you know your soulmate. Every detail represents a nuance of intimacy. You can wow them by selecting exactly what they'd like without them having to tell you. 

You're worth custom jewelry, too. 'Engagement' may be a word far off your radar. Perhaps you'd like a custom diamond ring that celebrates how far you've traveled on your journey. You should have a fine, handcrafted ring that displays all the unique parts of you to the world. With these steps, creating one will take no time at all. 

Check out our website for our custom jewelry services, exclusive offers, promotions, customer services, and more! 


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