Emerald Cut Diamond: Shape, Quality, and Color

Diamonds are fascinating, but the many ways they can be cut make them even more alluring. One cut that amazes many with its beauty and precision is the emerald-cut diamond. If you enjoy diamond jewelry that radiates luxury with its brilliant fine details, an emerald cut diamond may be for you. Whether you're new to diamond jewelry or you're no stranger to it, there's much to love about these precisely-cut stones. 

Common Questions About Emerald Cut Diamonds 

If this is your first time hearing about emerald cut jewelry, you may be wondering what gives it its name. Emeralds are a type of gem already, aren't they? Are emerald-cut diamonds unique from other geometric styles? 

Let's explore some of the questions you may be pondering about emerald-cut diamond jewelry. Then, we'll explore pieces of emerald-cut diamond jewelry that can elevate your everyday wardrobe. 

What Is an Emerald Cut Diamond? 

An emerald-cut diamond is entirely unique in the way it reflects light. It has been called a "hall of mirrors" for the way its cuts produce a light and dark effect throughout the stone. It creates this alternating light and dark pattern through a series of "step cuts," which are straight cuts made parallel to the stone's girdle.

Most diamond cuts result in a fiery, brilliant cut that reflects light vibrantly. By contrast, emerald cut diamonds are cleaner in their cut than others. What this cut may lack in fire and sparkle, it makes up in elegance and precision. 

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds More Expensive? 

You may be wondering how expensive this kind of diamond jewelry can be. Its precise step cutting yields an elegant result that's objectively stunning. You may think this would result in a higher price tag for this kind of diamond. Surprisingly, emerald-cut diamonds are no less affordable than their round-cut counterparts. When you choose a Noémie Emerald Cut Diamond ring, you can be assured that you're receiving the best quality diamond for a fair price. 

Is This Shape of Diamond Appropriate for an Engagement Ring? 

If you're planning an engagement, you may have questions about how appropriate an emerald cut diamond is for an engagement ring. Historically, some engagement ring styles may have been more popular throughout the years, but the truth is that you make the rules for your wedding. 

You're free to choose the type of stone that makes you happy. If you enjoy the step-cut radiance of an emerald cut diamond, you have every right to choose an engagement ring that features this kind of stone. 

How Can I Determine if an Emerald Cut Diamond Is Valuable? 

Emerald-cut diamonds have the largest table, making them more susceptible to visible inclusions. Because of this, you may have to be more careful to select an emerald cut diamond with a high clarity level. Here are a few more things to keep in mind when choosing a high-quality emerald cut diamond:

Shape:  When considering an emerald cut diamond's shape, you may want to pay attention to its length-to-width ratio. This ratio can affect your stone's appearance. It's ultimately up to your preference, but this factor influences the way your diamond looks in its setting. You'll also want to pay attention to a diamond's windowing and extinction. These phenomena occur when a diamond's proportions are off, creating large clear or dark portions within a stone. 

Quality: Another way to ensure your emerald cut diamond is high-quality is by paying attention to its affordability compared to the materials used. A low-quality diamond ring will feature an imperfect stone set in an inferior-quality metal base. When you choose Noémie Diamond Jewelry, you can be confident your VS clarity diamond is set in high-quality 18 karat gold. 

Color: Since an emerald cut diamond features a table that makes it quite visible, it's vital to ensure your stone has an excellent color grading. The Gemological Institute of America grades diamonds on a scale of D-Z for their color, with D being colorless. A quality emerald cut diamond will be nearly colorless, with a grade of higher than H. Noémie fine jewelry always uses diamonds with an F/G color grading so that you can be confident in the color of your diamond jewelry. 

How Can I Tell if My Emerald Diamond Is Real? 

If you search online, you'll find dozens of sites claiming you can test your diamond's hardness or authenticity in your own home with accuracy. Though these tests may help you to distinguish cheap, fake jewelry, they won't help you determine whether the piece you're thinking of buying online is worth its price. The surest way to ensure your diamond is authentic is to buy from a jeweler that guarantees an IGI certification detailing your stone's quality. 

Emerald Cut Jewelry Pieces to Adore 

Are you ready to dive into the world of beautifully cut emerald diamonds? Perhaps you adore what you've learned so far about emerald-cut diamond jewelry, but you need to see a few more pieces to know which is right for you. That's perfectly understandable. Let's explore four styles of emerald-cut diamond jewelry that will delight you each time you wear them. You may find one or multiple pieces that you adore.

Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band 

An eternity band is a timeless ring style that many have enjoyed for years. Whether you'd like this band style for a wedding band or an anniversary band, this is a classic style you can enjoy for years. 

Our Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band introduces radiant emerald-cut diamonds to this classic band. Each vertical sparkling white diamond glistens the whole way around the band. You can customize this piece by choosing 18k white gold or platinum for this fine ring.

Lab-Grown Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band 

Perhaps you love the emerald cut eternity band, and you've been considering purchasing one for your wedding jewelry. The natural-mined diamond option for this ring may be slightly out of your budget, but did you know you have a more affordable option? 

When you choose our Lab-Grown Emerald Cut Eternity Band, you'll notice a generous price reduction in your diamond band. You can enjoy the ring design you love for a fraction of the price. 

Emerald Cut Diamond Studs 

Perhaps you've been looking for the ideal pair of diamond studs to elevate your everyday apparel. If you enjoy geometric diamond jewelry that radiates elegance, our Composite Emerald Cut Studs may be perfect for you. 

In 18 karat white gold, these studs exude pure luxury in a one-carat total weight. Noémie jewelry always uses VS clarity diamonds with an F/G color grade so that you can be confident in your diamond jewelry's worth. 

Composite Emerald Cut Diamond Necklace 

Our Composite Emerald-Cut Diamond Necklace is a beautifully luxurious piece of diamond jewelry. If you've been looking for the right piece of fine jewelry to gift to a loved one, this is a perfect piece that will match many personal styles. This piece is crafted from nine emerald diamonds to create a dazzling center stone. 

In Conclusion 

Emerald-cut diamonds are a beautiful take on a well-loved stone. If you wish to have diamond jewelry with elegant step cuts, there's no better place to search than Noémie's fine jewelry

We handcraft each piece with care and attention to detail so that you can have a quality piece of jewelry for a price that works for you. You don't have to wait on luxury – you can treat yourself to a piece of emerald-cut diamond jewelry today.


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