Lab Created Diamonds: The Ultimate Guide

What if you could change the world with the way you buy diamond jewelry? Lab-created diamonds are more than a cost-effective way to create a precious resource. Diamonds grown in a lab help combat the spread of unethical diamonds while providing beautiful stones at a more affordable price point.

If you're new to ethically-grown diamonds, this kind of jewelry may still be foreign to you. There's a lot to learn about ethical diamond mining and lab-grown diamonds, but this knowledge is worth discovering. Let's explore a few of the key facts you should know about conflict-free diamonds and their benefits.

Why Buying Conflict-Free Diamond Jewelry Is Essential 

It Can Be Better for The Environment 

One report funded by natural diamond miners suggested that mining diamonds naturally was more environmentally friendly than mining them in a lab. While that could be true in some cases, lab-mined diamonds also have an advantage over natural mining processes in their impact on the environment when it comes to land displacement. 

One such example of this is that mined processes displace thousands of tons of rock in the process of finding precious diamonds, sometimes leaving holes large enough to see from space.  

Conflict-Free Jewelry Ensures Diamond Miners Have Fair Work Conditions

Natural diamond mining processes are a mixed bag. On the one hand, countries with rich diamond resources can often benefit from the jobs that natural diamond mining brings to their land. On the other hand, natural mining processes in impoverished countries have been known to mistreat local economies and provide poor working conditions to diamond miners. 

One way to play a role in ensuring diamond mine workers have good working conditions is by buying diamond jewelry from retailers who abide by the Kimberley Process. 

Buying Conflict-Free Jewelry Helps Combat Blood Diamonds 

Unfortunately, because diamonds are such a precious resource, wars have been started in their name more than once. Ethically mined diamonds can help reduce the spread of diamonds that have been sourced unethically. Since these gems are created in a regulated setting or have a clean trading history, one can be certain that the diamond jewelry produced from these gems has no unethical history.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Diamond 

It's crucial to choose diamond jewelry that's made from ethically sourced diamonds. Thousands of jewelers have made efforts to comply with the Kimberley Process agreement that ensures diamonds are traded ethically worldwide. 

That being said, you have the choice between a natural-mined diamond and a lab-grown diamond since both can be created ethically. Let's look at a few benefits to choosing a lab-mined stone.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Ethical 

While naturally-mined diamonds can certainly be ethical, you could run the risk of a dishonest retailer lying about a diamond's trade history. When you buy lab-grown diamonds, this is not the case. Lab-mined diamonds are guaranteed to have a clean trade history, meaning you can confidently wear and buy these diamonds with a clean conscience. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Often Less Expensive 

Creating these diamonds in a lab cuts out the middleman of trading. The result of this more streamlined process is a more affordable stone. Of course, if you prefer a diamond that is from the earth, you're free to have that preference. However, it's worth noting that lab-mined diamonds are physically no different from natural diamonds in their beauty and quality.

Ten Pieces of Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry to Love 

If you were new to the idea of conflict-free jewelry, we hope that you've learned a bit about why it's vital to buy ethically sourced gems. Perhaps you also realized what a fantastic resource lab-mined diamonds genuinely are. 

Are you ready to take the plunge and try on a luxurious piece of lab-grown diamond jewelry? Let's explore our must-have pieces of lab-mined diamond jewelry to find the perfect one for you. 

1. The Lab-Grown One Carat Eternity Band 

Are you searching for an ethically conscious engagement ring? Our Lab-Grown One Carat Eternity Band provides every bit of classic glamour as a natural eternity ring. You can choose this ring in 18-karat rose gold, black gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. 

2. The Lab-Grown Halo Pavé Band 

If you're looking for an engagement ring that doesn't spare any sparkle, a halo pavé band may be perfect for you. Our Lab-Grown Halo Pavé Band features a glamourous central stone encircled by miniature white diamonds. 

This ring also displays brilliant diamonds around the band, making it a head-turning option. As always, Noémie diamond jewelry uses F/G color grade and VS clarity diamonds for a high-quality piece of jewelry.

3. The Lab-Grown Larger Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry today, and for a good reason. This diamond line bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry that can elevate any daytime or nighttime look. Our Lab-Grown Larger Tennis Bracelet exudes casual glamour at a reduced price you'll love. Wear it on a day-errand getting groceries or a grand evening adventure for an elevated essence.

4. The Lab-Grown Half Diamond band Ring 

Perhaps you enjoy the look of a diamond eternity band, but you would prefer your ring's diamonds to cover only half of the ring instead of the full band. In that case, our Lab-Grown Half Diamond Band Ring is an excellent option for you. Try it out in 18-karat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. You can choose to wear it with an engagement ring or wear it on its own as a beautiful diamond ring. 

5. The Lab-Grown Baguette Diamond Band Ring 

Do you love finding inspiration from past eras? If so, you may already love jewelry inspired by geometric shapes. Our Noémie Lab-Grown Baguette Cut Diamond Band Ring features gorgeous diamonds set in 18-karat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum band. You can wear it with your wedding jewelry or show it off individually.  

6. The Lab-Grown Pear Diamond Spiral Ring 

Are you searching for a diamond ring that's as unique as you are? Our Lab-Grown Pear Diamond Spiral Ring is perfect for the individualist spirit. It displays gorgeous shimmering pear-shaped diamonds set in a spiral shape. These brilliant white diamonds alternate throughout the twist, giving an asymmetrical appearance. It's a terrific option for those interested in one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry. 

7. The Lab-Grown Five Row Diamond Band 

Perhaps you're interested in an anniversary band that displays lab-grown diamonds. If so, our Lab-Grown Five Row Diamond Band may be a suitable ring for you. The five rows of white diamonds could be a terrific tribute to five decades together with your partner. 

In 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, this ring dazzles with nearly two carats of diamonds. Consider wearing it as an anniversary ring or showing it off just because.

In Summary 

The choice between a naturally-mined diamond and a lab-grown stone is entirely up to your preference. Regardless, we hope you've been able to see the benefits of lab-grown diamond jewelry. 

If you should choose to invest in a stunning Noémie lab-grown diamond ring, you'll know your diamond is both high-quality and ethically sourced. There's peace of mind in knowing Noémie made your gorgeous diamond jewelry with the good of the planet and the people in mind. 


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