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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings: Ethical Buyer's Guide

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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings: Ethical Buyer's Guide

Have you ever visited an amusement park and entered a hall of mirrors? As you approach, you see a hundred visions in front of you, each one casting light and shadow. For a moment, the illusion takes your breath away and may even feel other-worldly. Emerald-cut diamonds feature a mesmerizing cut displaying facets that draw you into their brilliant design in wonder, similar to a hall of mirrors. 

If you're nearing engagement with your partner, you may be starting to browse rings. As you search through the myriad of cuts, settings, and details, you might wonder which style is most in line with who you are. 

If you're someone who enjoys jewelry that feels luxurious, perhaps an emerald-cut wedding ring is ideal for your engagement. Additionally, if you have a passion for leaving this world better than you found it, you may want to explore ethical diamond options for your band. Let's explore both these topics to find an engagement ring that's excellent for your values and taste. 

An Emerald Cut Diamond's Best Features

As you search for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, you'll likely observe quite a few designs. You should know that emerald-cut diamonds are famous for a variety of reasons. Let's explore the best features this cut has to offer you. 

It Has a Stunning Facet Design

As we mentioned, emerald diamonds are utterly singular in their appeal. This attractiveness is due primarily to this diamond's many facets that create a distinctive look. The chiseled step cuts inside a rectangular outline make this stone a wonder to behold. Parallel facets create an illusion of depth far beyond its literal measurements. 

While this diamond cut doesn't have the same scintillation as other cuts, it brings unique elegance to the table. What emerald-cut diamonds lack in reflecting light, they make up for in clarity. Their cut displays a prominent table that allows you to see the diamond's structure, unlike any other diamond style. This feature makes emerald diamonds one-of-a-kind, straightforward, and captivating. 

It's a Flattering Style 

Many love emerald-cut diamond engagement bands for the way they flatter one's fingers. When this rectangular-shaped diamond is positioned vertically on the band, it creates an appearance of delicate, long fingers for those that wear it. 

If you long for a style that complements your shorter digits, an emerald-cut engagement ring may be your ideal choice. You can wear it alone or opt to pair it with a petite eternity diamond band. 

It's Unique, yet Timeless 

Emerald-cut diamonds are by no means new. Fashion trends tend to come in cycles every 10-20 years. Still, some jewelry styles are so classic that they return again and again. During the Art Deco period, people celebrated geometric jewelry designs, and the emerald-cut diamond caught the attention of many. 

This diamond emulated the cut of an emerald gemstone, with long, parallel facets carved to reflect light in an attractive pattern. Since then, many have revisited this style for its straightforward, luxurious quality. 

Our Noémie Emerald-Cut Eternity Band 

Do you think an emerald-cut diamond band could be right for you? If you'd prefer an emerald-cut engagement ring, we may be able to accommodate you using our unique custom diamond ring experience

Once you've customized your budget, metal preference, and other details, you'll attach a photo of your inspiration. Then, one of our designers will be in touch with you about making your desired engagement ring a reality. 

Perhaps you'd prefer an emerald-cut eternity band in lieu of an engagement ring. Our Noémie Emerald-Cut Diamond Eternity Band displays stunning vertical emerald diamonds surrounding the ring's circumference. 

In total, this ring features 2.45 carats of high-quality Noémie diamonds. Each of these stones is hand-set in 18-karat white gold or platinum for a piece that's both timeless and elegant. 

Let's Talk About Ethical Diamonds

Have you ever heard the term "ethical" describing a piece of jewelry? If you haven't, you might be wondering why jewelry retailers would use this word to describe something such as diamond jewelry. 

In reality, not all diamonds are mined in the same way. Though the reasons for needing ethical diamonds in the first place are unfortunate, you can play a part in ending the trade of conflict diamonds by purchasing jewelry that is ethical or conflict-free 

Why There's a Need for Ethical Diamond Rings

Within the diamond mining industry, diamonds can change hands multiple times before reaching your possession. In addition, the conditions under which these diamonds are mined are not always ethical. To put it simply, ethical diamond mining is a solution to practices that may be unkind to human beings and the planet.

How To Ensure a Diamond Is Ethical 

When diamonds are unethical, they're called "conflict diamonds." You might be wondering how you can avoid such stones. Many countries agreed to a statement in 2003 called the Kimberley Process, which exists to prohibit the exchange of conflict diamonds between countries. 

Buying from jewelry retailers that claim to adhere to the Kimberley Process is one way to ensure that you're purchasing conflict-free diamonds. Here are a couple of additional options to ensure your diamond is ethical.

Consider opting for a jeweler that either has its own ethical mine or purchases diamonds directly from established, trustworthy suppliers who abide by the Kimberley Process. Doing this helps you identify your diamond's origins to better determine how conflict-free it may be. 

At Noémie, we proudly source our diamonds from reputable suppliers to ensure you receive high-quality, ethical diamond jewelry. Every piece of diamond jewelry you purchase from us is conflict-free by nature.

Lab-Grown Diamonds 

Ultimately, if you'd like to own a piece of diamond jewelry that's entirely conflict-free, the best modern option is a Lab-Grown diamond. Lab-grown stones are identical to earth-mined diamonds in every way. 

The chemical makeup of lab-mined stones matches that of earth-mined diamonds exactly. Within a lab, jewelers can mimic the earth's natural carbon-based process to grow diamonds in a fraction of the time it takes for nature to do the same thing. 

Here's another perk to lab-mined stones: they're more affordable. Let's imagine you've been dreaming of a solitaire engagement ring, but you know the one you have your eye on is slightly out of your budget. 

You can opt for a lab-mined solitaire stone and reduce the price significantly. The resulting piece is every bit as gorgeous and valuable. The only difference is that it was grown in a lab instead of in nature. 

Our Noémie Lab-Grown Emerald-Cut Eternity Band 

We're delighted to show you our Noémie Lab-Grown Emerald Diamond Eternity Band. This piece is available to you in 18-karat white gold or platinum, like our classic emerald-cut diamond band. 

Each of these beautiful stones is hand-set into a high-quality metal base for authentic beauty. Though the diamonds are lab-grown, their carat weight mirrors the natural emerald-cut diamond band's weight. This affordable option is a terrific way to save funds for your wedding while ensuring your wedding jewelry is still made with integrity. 

In Summary: Choose Ethical and Beautiful 

We hope you feel empowered to select emerald-cut diamond jewelry that stuns. As you approach your wedding, consider the emerald-cut diamond's timeless appeal and luxurious quality. 

Whether you opt for a lab-mined emerald-cut eternity band or a natural-mined diamond, we're confident that you'll adore the conflict-free wedding jewelry that reminds you of your favorite person. 


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