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Engagement Party Gift Ideas, Etiquette, and More Guide

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Engagement Party Gift Ideas, Etiquette, and More Guide

After the proposal has gone according to plan, those who love the newly engaged couple will likely want to celebrate. Engagement parties can range from intimate gatherings of a few loved ones to bustling houses full of congratulations. When you're going to be attending or hosting such a celebratory gathering, you may want to bring a gift to show your encouragement for the love birds. What kind of gift is appropriate, if any? 

Let's talk about the best engagement party gifts and other social guidelines for this joyful event.

Local Art for Their New Home 

Later on, the couple will likely register for all the home goods their hearts desire. At the engagement party, you're free to gift any fun home decor pieces that remind you of the in-love couple. One way to support your local economy and your engaged friends is by giving them locally made art. Such a personal gift can help transform their house into a home.

An Illustrated Photo of Their Family

On that note, you can make your gift even more personal. Consider finding a custom portrait artist online or locally and have them sketch an image of the happy couple. When they open it, they'll be thrilled to have a gift made just for them that uniquely captures their love. If you're creatively gifted, you may even consider making this gift on your own time.

A Custom-Made Candle

A candle is a gift idea that’s always well-loved. Several sites online can help you design a custom candle with the couple's name on the front, accompanied by their own personalized scent. It's a practical option for couples whose design tastes are different from your own. They can enjoy this gift for months and be reminded of your gesture all over again.

Gift Them a Session With a Well-Known Photographer

If your friends or family members are getting engaged, they'll likely want to book a photo session with a photographer to announce their engagement to the world. A thoughtful way to relieve some of their expenses is to find a reliable photographer they like and purchase a gift certificate so they can enjoy their session even more. 

A Couples' Massage Is Always a Good Idea 

As your newly engaged loved ones begin planning their wedding, they may be in for a few headaches. With modern wedding trends, planning can take a substantial amount of time on top of work or education. With that in mind, you may want to get them the gift of a couples' massage. If planning progresses and tensions run high, they'll find this gift valuable and refreshing.

Keep These Engagement Party Etiquette Tips in Mind 

Are you helping to plan an engagement party? You could be wondering how to properly accommodate those getting engaged and the guests who will celebrate. As a host or co-host, your job is to facilitate a festive environment where the newly engaged can celebrate with friends and family and have meaningful, exciting conversations. Here are a few ways you can make this party both enjoyable and polite. 

Consider the Guest List 

As you plan for this exceptional gathering, you'll want to keep in mind who is close to the couple. Play it safe with the list and try not to send invitations to anyone who the couple may not invite to the wedding. Keep in mind the personalities of the engaged couple, too. If they'd prefer a small gathering, it may be best to keep the guest list to a limited number. 

Don't Ask for Gifts on the Invites 

Customarily, an engagement party is a place where friends and family of the happy couple can come together to congratulate them on this exciting new life chapter. It's distinct from the wedding shower. While some may want to bring gifts, it's not necessary for this occasion. 

When sending out invitations, you may consider a "no gifts necessary" note on the bottom to let guests know they're not expected for this celebratory event. 

Decide Who Will Host 

Perhaps you recently learned of the future groom's plan to propose to his beloved. They might have asked you to help plan a party that will follow the engagement that evening. Where will this gathering take place? In some circles, either the bride or groom's parents host the engagement party. Others choose to have a dear friend host the event and invite friends who feel like family. 

Create a Comfortable Environment 

Often, an engagement party is the first place where extended friends and family of the couple will meet and share stories about the future bride and groom. With that in mind, do your best to create an environment in the host home that fosters natural conversation and connection. 

You'll want to choose a comfortable party location and delegate who will bring appetizers, meals, decorations, and other party necessities. Taking care of these details can make this party one the couple enjoys for years in the future. 

When to Buy Wedding Jewelry

Are you getting married? Let's move beyond the engagement party and talk about the engagement and the wedding. If you're dreaming up your engagement plans right now, you may be looking for the perfect band for proposing to the love of your life. 

Beyond that, you might consider giving gifts to those who help plan your engagement party, bachelor and bachelorette weekends, couples' shower, and wedding day. Let's take a look at the beautiful jewelry you can gift throughout your engagement and wedding planning.

The Engagement 

Your proposal should be one of the happiest events of your life. Propose with a stunning diamond ring to make it even more memorable. Here are our favorite engagement rings:

  • The Solitaire Pavé Band: You can't get any more classic than a solitaire engagement ring. Our handcrafted solitaire band features handset pavé diamonds around the entire band for enhanced beauty. 
  • The Criss Cross Engagement Band: The Criss Cross Band features a distinctive design twist set with pavé diamonds throughout the ring. It's the perfect engagement band for those who enjoy glamour. 

For the Bridal Party 

Your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guardians have worked hard to prepare for your wedding. You can show them your gratitude by giving them a gift on your wedding day to make them feel loved. 

If it's in your budget, consider tasteful diamond earrings or a Noémie tennis bracelet for those at your side on the big day. Your loved ones will be happy to know how much their friendship and wedding help means to you.

The Wedding Day 

When it's time to buy your wedding jewelry, you may want to coordinate styles to match your personalities as individuals and as a couple. We're happy to make this desire a reality with our custom ring designing experience. You can either use our Noémie custom ring builder to craft a band you adore or let us know your detailed plans for an even more unique design. 

Final Notes 

Engagements and weddings are exciting times for gift-giving. As you choose the perfect items and jewelry to represent your adoration and gratitude, remember the meaning behind them. Whether you're giving a piece of art to the happy couple or choosing elegant Noémie wedding bands to gift to your beloved on your wedding day, your intention behind the gift is what counts the most.


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