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Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Ring: 4 Things To Know Before Buying

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Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Ring: 4 Things To Know Before Buying

You've been waiting for this moment. After years of dating and enjoying your partner, it finally clicked; you want to marry them. You're dreaming up ways to ask your person, thinking of locations and all the exciting details. There's just one thing that's still puzzling for you. Do you propose with a wedding ring or an engagement ring?

The terminology can be confusing. You may have heard people use these two terms interchangeably. Traditionally, these two rings serve specific purposes and will have varying price points. Let's explore how wedding rings and engagement rings are different and then discuss which rings might be right for you. 

What's The Difference Between the Two? 

Traditionally, an engagement ring is what the bride receives at the proposal. At the wedding ceremony, each person also exchanges meaningful wedding bands as a symbol of commitment. In this scenario, the bride has two rings after the ceremony, while the groom has just one. Typically, an engagement ring will cost more than a wedding ring, so it's wise to plan accordingly.  

Before You Buy 

Planning your wedding is exciting. Being well-prepared is one way to make your search for rings as easy as possible. As you explore your options for engagement rings and wedding bands for you and your partner, keep a few things in mind. These will keep you on the right track in your search. Let's look at four guiding principles that will help you find the rings of your dreams.  

1. Know Your Budget 

Money can be a tricky topic in relationships. It might be best to broach the subject intentionally so that you and your partner can understand your expectations and reality. When it comes to engagement rings, you'll usually want to save a few months' salary in expectation. Even so, there's no need to spend fifteen thousand dollars on an engagement ring if you can't afford it. We offer premium, handcrafted engagement rings at affordable prices for you. 

Wedding bands are generally less expensive than engagement rings. If you budget $10,000 for your wedding jewelry, you'll likely spend a fraction of that on bands. Ultimately, it's up to your taste and price point. If you're keeping costs low, we offer bands to suit your budget. If you'd prefer 2 Carats of sparkling diamonds in your ring, you're free to have them, too.

2. Know the Meaning Behind Your Rings 

Where did engagement rings originate? Surprisingly, these symbols of devotion date to ancient Roman culture. What was once a transactional piece of jewelry to signify a legal loyalty transformed into something beautiful. Today, we know it as a promise of future love and commitment. 

Wedding bands date back even further. Ancient Egyptian culture was the first place rings were exchanged as a sign of love. These bands signified eternal love, symbolized by an unending circle. Today, we still exchange them as promises of eternal affection. 

3. Know What Materials You Prefer

Do you like gold jewelry? Perhaps your partner has been interested in Platinum for their wedding band. Talking about what metal you both prefer is one way to ensure you stay within your price range when you shop for rings. You can choose to match metals or honor your individuality by choosing your own. 

4. Know Your Style 

Have you ever seen a surprise engagement? An engagement is an event with lifetime results. Discuss ring styles with your partner as you start to ponder engagement, so neither of you is shocked when the moment finally occurs. You'll know each other and yourselves more deeply, too. 

Engagement Rings Perfect for Your Taste 

After discussing the details, you and your beloved will more easily find an engagement ring to suit your taste. Is your partner delicate and whimsical? Does she enjoy vintage elements to her ring? Knowing your partner's personality and style can help you pick out a ring she'll love wearing throughout your engagement and marriage. Let's explore a few styles. 

The Criss Cross Engagement Ring

You can choose your own path. You may be desiring an engagement ring that's uniquely designed. Our Criss Cross Engagement ring is a bold style that combines originality with luxury. Choose white, yellow, or rose gold in 18 Karat value for a stunning engagement ring to show how much you treasure the one you adore.

Halo Pavé 

Perhaps you're the type who can't get enough of diamonds. If your ideal engagement ring consists of a prominent focal stone surrounded by a half-carat of white diamonds, the Halo Pave ring may be for you. It's an ideal choice for those who enjoy bold styles and glamour in their jewelry. The brilliance of our diamonds helps to memorialize the virtue of your engagement for years to come. 

Create Your Own 

Your relationship is entirely unique. You may wish to create your own engagement ring modeled after a family heirloom or an idea you had. We are happy to make this possible for you. Use our custom ring form to let us know your preferred budget, design, and carat weight. You can attach a photo to let us know your inspiration, and our specialists will review it to craft a ring just for you.

Wedding Bands You'll Love Wearing 

Let's talk about wedding bands. Though Noémie primarily creates feminine wedding bands, we also offer you the option of a men's wedding band through our custom ring form. While you're searching for the best wedding band to compliment your partner's engagement ring, remember your budget and style guidelines. Create a set of wedding jewelry your partner will admire. 

Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Band 

Perhaps you enjoy the combination of an understated engagement ring with a luxurious band. One wedding band option you may love is our Princess-Cut eternity band. It displays nearly one carat of beautiful princess-cut diamonds lined around the band. Wear it alone or pair it with a princess-cut engagement ring.

Micro-Pavé White Diamond Band 

Do you or your partner enjoy delicate luxury? Perhaps you find yourself enjoying styles that fall between highly glamorous and understated. You can have the best of both worlds. Our Micro-Pavé Band displays sparkling diamonds set in three rows, creating a luxurious, intricate design. Give it as an anniversary gift, or pair it with any engagement ring that suits you.

Perks of Shopping With Noémie 

As you shop, also consider the jeweler who will be crafting your wedding jewelry. For high-quality wedding jewelry you can afford, choose Noémie fine jewelry. We offer risk-free shopping, meaning you can return your pieces for any reason within thirty days. We are also happy to be one of the first fine jewelers to offer handcrafted pieces without unreasonable markups. 

To Sum it Up 

Your engagement is one of the most memorable times of your life. Knowing your budget and style preferences is a terrific way to bond as a couple. You'll be thrilled when you see how Noémie's wedding jewelry can make your dreams a reality. All that's left to do is propose with your dazzling engagement ring and exchange the bands that symbolize your love for one another. 


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