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Everyday Fine Jewelry You Should Have

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Everyday Fine Jewelry You Should Have

Every day holds a cause for celebration. You don't need extraordinary occasions on your calendar to justify wearing fine jewelry each day. There are certain pieces of jewelry you should have in your collection to enhance your wardrobe. 

Let's talk about what makes high-quality jewelry and which staple pieces you should have on-hand for everyday wear. 

What Makes a High-Quality Piece of Jewelry? 

When you're searching for quality jewelry, you might be wondering what factors elevate its wearability. Is it 14-karat gold? Sustainability? Ethics? Gold vermeil? Platinum? There are so many factors. 

You can diversify your jewelry box by adding pieces with a few essential elements. Here are a few characteristics to look for to ensure you wear quality jewelry.

Easy To Layer

Let's talk about your necklaces. You may have staple necklaces you can wear with anything (such as chain necklaces or pendant necklaces), or you might have a majority of statement pendants that only match a few things in your wardrobe. When you're searching for high-quality necklaces that you can wear with multiple outfits, you should ensure they layer well with the clothes you own. 

Are you someone who prefers a bohemian look? Perhaps you enjoy loose-fitting charms and jewels stacked next to other necklaces and pendants. It's a great idea to include pieces in your jewelry box that mesh well with your other jewelry (like your favorite hoop earrings or your diamond ring) for optimal daily wear. 

Perfect for Everyday Wear and Special Occasions 

Curating your jewelry selection can be exciting. How can you be sure you're selecting the proper pieces for your collection? If you find that you have too many statement pieces, try choosing timeless necklaces, bracelets, and rings that work for your everyday wear and special occasions that you will always be a fan of.

Last for a Lifetime 

Your life will be full of rich seasons that contain milestones and memories alike. You're worth jewelry that lasts throughout each new era you encounter. For that reason, choosing jewelry that includes the best quality materials and metals is essential. 

When you select jewelry with high-caliber materials, you can feel more assured that your favorite jewels will last through every significant moment. 

Timeless Through Trends 

Sometimes, owning trendy jewelry is a treat you should allow yourself. Why not keep up with the latest novel styles periodically? Splurge on that rainbow piece that’s super trendy right now.

Still, when it comes to curating a selection of fine jewelry, you may want to restrain yourself. Instead of choosing low-quality pieces that mirror the latest trends and break, try limiting your choice to the best affordable fine jewelry that will remain timeless through all kinds of trends, such as gold hoops. You could also opt for a classic pair of diamond flower earrings, which will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit without going out of style.

Seven Everyday Pieces You Should Have 

Now that you're more familiar with a few of the characteristics that make for high-quality jewelry, let's discuss which pieces you should include in your jewelry box. Here are seven iconic pieces you should consider adding to your curation of everyday jewelry. 

1. A Classic Diamond Necklace 

You don't need an elaborate excuse to wear diamonds. These stones are some of our earth's most delicate and most beautiful elements. You can wear them each day with a sense of gratitude for all the beauty tucked in hidden places throughout the planet.  

With that said, a diamond necklace is one of the best pieces you can include in your selection. Here are a few Noémie diamond Necklaces You can wear each day.

The Diamond Crescent Necklace:  This delicate necklace displays brilliant round diamonds in a crescent shape.

The Kathy Mera One Carat Diamond Necklace: This dainty diamond pendant displays one fine round diamond suspended from an 18-karat chain. It's ideal for daily wear.

The Five Diamond Necklace: This Noémie necklace displays five evenly-spaced dainty round diamonds set in bezel settings. 

2. A Tennis Bracelet 

Let's talk about another classic piece you should have in your jewelry box. The tennis bracelet is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in recent history. Formerly known as the diamond line bracelet, one tennis match changed the name and popularity of this accessory over the past few decades. 

When you're searching for the perfect diamond bracelet, opt for one that uses high-quality diamonds that will last for years. Our collection of diamond tennis bracelets is a terrific piece for those who love straightforward, elegant jewelry. Select your preference of white gold, rose gold, or black gold for a piece of jewelry that makes a statement.

3. A Timeless Strand of Pearls 

Some may see the strand of pearls as an accessory that had its prime in the mid-1900s. While this piece gained popularity in past decades, it has remained a timeless element that you can add to virtually any look, day or night. If you don't have a milky strand of pearls in your collection, consider adding one. 

4. Versatile Diamond Studs 

How does your earring selection look? Wearing trendy earrings can be a lot of fun. Still, it's a good idea to have studs and hoops that can transcend trends and complement any look. 

With that in mind, you should know that diamond earrings are another well-famed piece of jewelry in modern jewelry history. You can't go wrong with diamond studs. 

They look phenomenal on their own or paired with other earrings. When you're looking for the ideal everyday diamond studs, our Baguette Diamond Stud is one you'll want to add to your selection. 

5. Casual Bracelets 

Sometimes, you may want to add another more casual bracelet to your loungewear or daily attire. If you particularly love gemstones, you may want to add a sapphire and white diamond tennis bracelet to your collection. This is a terrific way to wear a fun piece of jewelry with more casual clothing. 

Our Noémie Sapphire and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet combines stunning pink sapphires with sparkling white diamonds throughout the bracelet. You can wear it with a fun going-out look or at home with your loungewear. 

6. Statement Pieces 

Some days call for making a statement with your jewelry. When selecting statement pieces, try to opt for those that you can layer with other jewelry for a cohesive look. 

A statement doesn't have to be loud. For example, you can wear a statement necklace or delicate statement ring that incorporates uncommon themes while coordinating it with your clothing and other jewelry. 

You can see one terrific illustration of this idea in our Noémie Crescent Moon Necklace. While the pendant displays an intriguing diamond crescent moon, it remains a gorgeous piece you can wear any day of the week. 

7. A Dependable Diamond Band 

Your rings should contain the best quality materials to last you for years. This idea is especially true of your engagement ring and wedding band. 

Opt for excellent quality materials when you're searching for wedding rings that will stand the test of time. You don't have to choose solid gold or sterling silver. 18-karat gold and platinum are excellent materials we use at Noémie to ensure your rings are beautiful and last for decades. 

Here are a few Noémie options to consider if you're searching for wedding rings or anniversary bands:

Pear-shaped Diamond Spiral Ring: Here's an anniversary band that's perfect for the eclectic jewelry lover in your life. 

Diamond Eternity Band Ring:  This eternity band is the perfect option for an everyday stackable ring or a delicate wedding band you can wear with a stunning engagement ring.

Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Band: This ring is an excellent wedding band option for those who love princess-cut stones. In VS clarity, each princess-cut diamond shines with exceptional clarity.

Why Noémie's Assortment of Fine Jewelry Stands Apart 

Not all jewelry is dependable because not all jewelry contains high-quality materials. At Noémie, we're passionate about creating an assortment of fine diamond jewelry that stands apart from the rest. We use 18-karat gold and platinum along with VS clarity and F/G color-graded diamonds to ensure that your Noémie jewelry is gorgeous and dependable.

Ethical Sourcing 

Another reason we stand apart is because of our ethical sourcing. Noémie jewelry proudly partakes in the Kimberley Process to provide you with diamond jewelry that looks beautiful and comes from ethical mining practices. 

We also offer lab-grown, conflict-free diamonds for many of our selections. When you select lab-grown stones for your diamond jewelry, you'll receive a piece that's stunning and affordable with entirely ethical stones.  

Noémie's Fine Jewelry Can Elevate Your Daily Style

Not all labels and fine jewelry lines offer trustworthy jewelry for everyday wear. When you're on the hunt for a fine jewelry brand that offers affordable pieces with the best quality materials, you can count on Noémie. 

You may be searching for a dainty diamond necklace, a timeless tennis bracelet, or long-lasting wedding jewelry. When you want fine jewelry that elevates your daily apparel, our selection at Noémie has everything you need. 


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